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PSP- We're getting closer to Frein, search area narrowing

The Pa. State Police are acting on numerous tips and intensifying their search of the northern Monroe Co/Pike Co area looking for suspected killer Eric Frein.  Gov. Tom Corbett announced that progress is being made, and Lt. Col. George Bivens of the PSP says hundreds are now in the search and they are 'close to him'.  Listen to WILK for more on this breaking news.
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Toomey Amendment Attacks Flood Insurance Costs

Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey's amendment, offered to a bill on flood insurance reform would ease otherwise drastic increases in premiums. US Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) has offered an amendment to a bill that would otherwise delay for up to four years, controversial flood insurance rate increases set to phase in next year. Senator Toomey says his amendment is an alternative to the bill that would stagnate a program already headed for bankruptcy. Toomey's amendment calls for a $40 surcharge on flood insurance and a gradual phase in of 25 percent increases.

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