From The Bar To Behind Bars

The attorney for the attorney who has had her lawyer license suspended made a pitch to keep her from going to prison.  But Federal Judge A. Richard Caputo stayed within the sentencing guidelines that called for a 10 to 16 month stretch for Danielle Ross. Ross has been sentenced to a year in prison after pleading guilty to a single count of attempted tax evasion.

A Liquor Privatization Alternative

Many members of the same chamber that passed liquor privatization a year ago now appear to be embracing an alternative plan while the issue has been stalled in the senate. Representative Gene DiGirolomo has introduced his alternative to privatization, and House Bill 2184 has over 90 co-signers from both parties. DiGirolomo is among Republicans who oppose privatization and says his bill would give

Wilkes-Barre Fire A Fatal

A fire that started late last night in Wilkes-Barre has turned out to be a deadly one. 51 year old Laurie Merritt was unconscious when she was taken from her home at 276 Wyoming Street and she was pronounced dead early this morning at Wilkes-Barre General. The woman was found in the attic of the home. An autopsy will be performed and the cause of the fire is under

School Property Tax Elimination In Spotlight Again

A bill to eliminate school property taxes could see action in the State Senate this spring, even though a similar measure failed to gain traction in the house. The house has approved a targeted approach that would leave the decision up to school districts on whether to keep, reduce or replace their property taxes. But the sponsor of a senate plan says there's bipartisan backing in his chamber

Doc Supply Adequate So Far

The increased demand for primary care physicians by the newly insured under the Affordable Care Act does not appear to be placing a strain on Pennsylvania yet, but  the state has not seen the full effect. Until the Corbett Administration and federal government come to terms over Healthy PA, there are still people uninsured. But a University of Pennsylvania study that examined primary care

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