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12-19-14 WILK Friday Beer Buzz

Beer: Anchor Brewing Christmas Ale 2014

Beer Details: Anchor Christmas Ale 2014

ABV: 5.5%

Style: Dark Spiced Ale

Hops: Whole Cone

San Francisco, CA

Brewery: Anchor Brewing

Brewmaster: Mark Carpenter

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Andy Mehalshick with LA Tarone on 911

Andy Mehalshick with LA Tarone on 911
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12-16-14 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

Listen to WILK 103.1FM, each Tuesday at 6:35am and 8:35am for Tinfoil Hat Tuesday!

Still image from YouTube video as posted by Mikronesien05

A perfect stone sphere on an island in the Arctic Circle and others like it discovered around the world. Read more at Ghost Hunting Theories.

Image Ian Ransley

1974, Scranton, PA. He was the only one watching the Little League outfielder when a blue light shot out of the woods and knocked the boy over. It's on

YouTube video as posted by Top10Media

The top ten fake photos that everyone thought were real!

Image Ben Francis

Is the Smithsonian hiding the records that show it destroyed thousands of giant, human skeletons in the early 1900's? The WorldNewsDailyReport story with pictures is on

Image Lima Pix

Something in the hay field and little people walking around it? He was 6 years old in 1967 but he remembers it every day. Read about MUFON case #61909 at Open Minds.
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12-12-14 St. Feuillien Speciale

ABV: 9%
Style: Strong Dark Ale
Malt: Roasted

Brewery: Brasserie St. Feuillien
Brewmaster: Alexi Briole
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12-09-14 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

It's Tuesday and that means we pile up a short stack of Tinfoil Hat Tuesday stories for you! Listen each week at 6:35am and 8:35am on WILK 103.1FM,!

YouTube video as posted at Strange Mysteries

Last Saturday people in Buffalo, NY and Edinburgh, Scotland suddenly found themselves wondering, "What was that?" Residents of upstate New York and parts of the UK report a loud boom heard at the same time but 3000 miles apart. The story is in the DailyMailOnline.

Image NASA on the Commons

Astronaut James McDivitt said he looked out the window of his Gemini IV spacecraft in orbit around the Earth in June of 1965 and what he saw wasn't the second-stage booster rocket that NASA later suggested he saw. Read more at

YouTube video as posted at Mileán Ó Raghallaigh

Aztec warriors used hundreds of these to create the sound of a sea of people shrieking and crying in agony. The story is on Click the video to listen to the Aztec Death Whistle.

YouTube video as posted at Andy Bell

If Charles Hall is telling the truth, what happens in Vegas doesn't stay there anymore. It might not even stay on this planet! Aliens in human suits in Las Vegas casinos? Read it at Metro.

Image Mike Licht

There's a campaign underway in Washington to get the President to admit that the government is aware of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth! There's more at OpenMinds.
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12-5-14 Flying Dog Holiday Collection


ABV: 6.6% / 5% / 7.8% / 7.4%
Frederick, MD
Brewery: Flying Dog
Brewmaster & COO: Matt Brophy
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Hector The Turkey Deserved Better

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hector was more than just a turkey.

For weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, the live bird meandered up and down the streets of Tunkhannock, spreading a spirit of good old-fashioned fun throughout the little town.

Hector stopped traffic. Hector ate Cheerios and M&Ms. Hector pecked at the doors of a motel and a bank and ate pretzels right from the hand of an admirer. People went looking for Hector just to show their kids. Parents, grandparents and strangers all laughed together.

Traditional hometown feelings that the good people of Tunkhannock successfully work so hard to maintain – that special safe and secure feeling that so many little towns miss – seemed all the more powerful.

Hector made Tunkhannock homier than it already is.

Mayor Norman Ball even pardoned Hector for Thanksgiving.

Whenever you caught a glimpsed of Hector you suddenly forgot the terrible trouble in the world and briefly, just briefly, thought that everything was all right.

Of course everybody knew that most people would sit down to a Thursday feast that included Hector's cousins as part of the menu.

But Hector would be spared.

Like Rudolf- the red-nosed reindeer, Hector was one of a kind. Dressed in nothing but traditional gobbler dignity, Hector offered the townspeople a goofy kind of gobbler love that only Hector could show.

Then state Game Commission agents killed him.


So long Hector.

Commission agents claimed Hector was a "traffic hazard," nothing but trouble, an accident waiting to happen, a catastrophe instead of a celebration.

Mayor Ball said a man with a gun took Hector out along a stretch of otherwise serene rural road.

A woman called the show Monday and said she saw flashing lights at the scene of the slaughter and wonders how a commission officer could even legally discharge a weapon that close to a highway teeming with people on the road for holiday shopping.

A Tunkhannock resident said that game commission apologists were now spreading the tale that Hector was sick and that he – or she, since Hector's turkey gender is in dispute – even attacked somebody.

Oh yeah?

Show me the paperwork. Did state officials test poor Hector's carcass for disease? Did witnesses see the alleged attack? Even so, how hard is it to throw an Army blanket over a friendly and trusting turkey's head before shuffling him or her off to a sanctuary for safe-keeping and care?

I'll bet the 9-year-old girl whose mother called the show and said her daughter has been crying for two days over Hector's loss could have figured out a way to keep a fine-feathered fowl alive and well.

Instead, enter the giblet goon squad.

I didn't know that turkey sanctuaries exist. But people who know such things in Tunkhannock tell me they do, and not very far away. But I do know that something as simple as a wild turkey can and did bring joy to a town where not everybody is doing as well economically as they deserve to be doing and could use a little simple cheer to help make them happy.

The sad lesson here is that too many public servants serve nobody but themselves. They act before they think. They sometimes don't even think. Their search for common sense is continually hunting without a license.

Hector's legacy is forever free because Hector taught us something nice.

The state game commission taught us something foul.

Their legacy is for the birds.

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12-02-14 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

Tinfoil Hat Tuesday, every...yes...Tuesday at 6:35am and 8:35am on WILK 103.1FM,!

Image Andrew "FastLizard4" Adams

Has a German company discovered how to turn water into gasoline? Read more at

A Swedish rapper called Elliphant talks extraterrestrial whoopee with Rolling Stone magazine.

YouTube video as posted by Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)

Dan Aykroyd is helping to raise money for MUFON. It's on!


The Air Force says it was a meteor. But the Air Force doesn't usually scramble fighter jets when there's a meteor. The story is at

Image Indi Samarajiva

It's just a game. Right? Exorcists and paranormal investigators say it's not a good idea to give a Ouija board as a gift this Christmas. Read more at
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11-25 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

screenshot KCCI 8 News
Image of Virgin Mary grows on Iowa Tree

screenshot: KCCI 8 News


Mysterious Dayton Area Booms Still Unexplained

A series of loud booms were reported the night of November 16 along the Montgomery-Warren county line in Springboro, a northern suburb of Dayton. Anywhere from one to three booms were reported to various authorities between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. As usual, exploding transformers got the initial blame, but Duke Energy and Dayton Power & Light said no incidents showed up on their equipment. Firefighters in the area found no evidence of any explosions or meteorite impacts.  Read the FULL STORY HERE

Doctors baffled by 'resurrected' woman

Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 erpete/deviantART

A woman who stopped breathing for over two hours suddenly woke up long after all hope had been lost.

Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro had undergone a successful C-section in a Florida hospital when she unexpectedly collapsed due to a rare complication known as an amniotic fluid embolism.

Doctors worked tirelessly to revive her using chest compressions and a defibrillator but after more than two hours without breathing and forty-five minutes without a pulse her outlook looked grim and the medical team took the difficult decision to stop.

As doctors were about to record the time of death however Cassimiro's heart monitor suddenly stirred back in to life and a short time later she had even regained consciousness.  Read the FULL STORY HERE.

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11-21-14 Prairie Artisanal Ales- Prairie Hop

ABV:  8%
Style:  Dry-Hopped Belgian-Style Ale

Size:  Approaching 3000bbls per year
Brewmaster:  CHASE HEALEY
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Locations : West Tulsa

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