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DCNR Grant Will Help North Branch Land Trust Conserve Mocanaqua Mountain

State Sen. John Yudichak (D-Luzerne/Carbon) recently joined Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) Secretary Ellen Ferretti, local legislators and officials from the North Branch Land Trust and Earth Conservancy at the trailhead to the Mocanaqua Loop Trail to announce a $4 million grant that will expand the Lackawanna State Forest to include Mocanaqua Mountain.

The state invested $4 million in Keystone Land Trust and Oil and Gas Lease funding through DCNR’s Community Conservation Partnerships Program to purchase the land. The North Branch Land Trust facilitated the purchase from Earth Conservancy, which agreed to sell the 3,000 acre Mocanaqua land tract in Conyngham and Newport Townships at half its worth....

04/18/2014 08:24:43am
Dirty Dozen

Every year the Environmental Working Group launches their list of the Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15 of produce. These two lists are helpful in assisting you in finding which fruits and veggies you should prioritize in your organic food budget and which are safer to "cheat" on.

The first is a list of 12 or more produce items that contain the highest pesticide residues among conventional produce. The second lists the fifteen items that contain the least.

Visit Sustainable Baby Steps to view the lists....

04/16/2014 02:50:30pm
Celebrate Earth Day with ‘Bears’.

Bears is a new movie coming out this weekend & For every ticket sold during BEARS Opening Week, April 18-24, Disneynature will make a contribution to the National Park Foundation to protect wildlife and wild places across America’s National Park System. Watch the trailer now.

More info here:  http://www.nationalparks.org/bears...

04/15/2014 09:26:45am

The National Park Service, in partnership with the National Park Foundation, announced that the nation’s 401 national parks will celebrate National Park Week April 19-27 with a free admission weekend and special events nationwide.

The theme for this year’s National Park Week invites visitors to “Go Wild” for history, nature, culture, wildlife, and fun in America’s national parks. Additional information, including a list of National Park Week events nationwide can be found online at www.nationalparkweek.org.

“National Park Week is a great time to discover the diverse wildlife, iconic landscapes, vibrant culture, and rich history found in our national parks,” said National Park Service Director Jonathan B....

04/14/2014 08:22:25am
Susquehanna River Not on ‘Most Endangered’ List

How does a Pennsylvania river considered the most endangered in the nation in a 2011 report manage to drop off the list altogether?

Three years ago, when the group American Rivers issued its annual list of America's Ten Most Endangered Rivers, the Susquehanna sat at the very top.

There were questions about the effects of hydraulic fracturing in the Marcellus Shale, over which the Susquehanna and its tributaries flow.

Liz Deardorff, director of the American Rivers Clean Water Program Pennsylvania, says in the time since, there have been opportunities to learn more about fracking, as it's called, but that's not to say there aren't still concerns....

04/11/2014 09:21:32am
A Green Spider-Man?

Spider-man is all about saving the planet and the folks behind The Amazing Spider-Man 2 did just that during the making of the film. 

According to the Environmental Media Association, throughout pre-production and principal photography, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 focused on implementing environmental best practices on set as the production became the most eco-friendly tentpole in the history of Columbia Pictures.  From script to screen, everyone involved in the making of the film contributed, and limited their impact both individually and collectively....

04/08/2014 12:11:40pm
Create Your Own Energy Efficient City of the Future

You try to do your best to conserve energy.  You use CFL bulbs.  You have energy efficient appliances and you unplug them when they're not in use.  You lower your thermostat when you're not at home.  Well, National Geographic,  the Center for Science (a network of leading science centers), and General Electric have come up with an online game that puts your energy-saving skills to good use. 

Plan It Green, the Big Switch is an online game that allows players to design and create their own energy-efficient city of the future! ...

04/08/2014 09:47:19am
New Showtime Series Tackles Climate Change

showtimeSunday, April 13th, Showtime will launch an ambitious and novel documentary series called  "Years of Living Dangerously." The ambitious part: It's a 10-part series that aims to examine climate change through a number of personal stories.

The novel part is the people telling those stories. A few journalists, including "60 Minutes" correspondent  Lesley Stahl and MSNBC host Chris Hayes, report segments of the show, but the bulk of the series' correspondents are well-known actors, including  Matt Damon, Jessica Alba, Don Cheadle and  "Vampire Diaries" star  Ian Somerhalder. ...

04/03/2014 09:45:05am
Japan ordered to immediately stop whaling in Antarctic as International Court of Justice rules program was not carried out for scientific purposes

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ruled Japan must immediately stop its whaling program in the Antarctic.

The ICJ's 16-judge panel ruled 12 votes to four in favour of Australia's argument that Japan's whaling program was not in fact designed and carried out for scientific purposes.

The court ruled that Japan must revoke current whaling permits and refrain from issuing any more.

Japan has used the 1946 International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling, which permits killing for research, to justify killing whales in the Antarctic....

04/03/2014 08:36:55am
Celebrate National Garden Month

garden monthDid you know that April is National Garden Month?  The National Gardening Association has put together a list of plenty of ways to celebrate.  Here are just a few:

Plant a Row for the Hungry

In this land of abundance it's hard to imagine not having access to good quality food at a reasonable price. However, for millions of Americans, finding a healthy meal is not always easy. It's estimated almost 33 million people, including 13 million children, resort to emergency food because they cannot afford to purchase the food they need....

04/02/2014 11:10:25am
DEP Reminds Pennsylvanians to “Pick it up” During Earth Month

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) remindes residents that April is Earth Month. The theme for Earth Month is “Pick it up PA,” encouraging residents to take time to pick up litter around their homes and in public areas.

Many cleanup events will be taking place across the state throughout the month. DEP recommends that residents find a cleanup event in their area by checking out the Great American Cleanup of Pennsylvania’s website at www.gacofpa.org. Residents also have the option to start their own cleanup event and list it on the website....

04/01/2014 10:34:36am
Home heating Aid Deadline Extended to April 18

LIHEAPIf you need help with heating bills, here’s important news: The filing deadline for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) has been extended from April 4 to April 18. 

Cash grants are based on household income, family size, type of heating fuel and region. In addition to proof of income and household size, applicants must provide a recent bill or a statement from their fuel dealer verifying their customer status and the type of fuel used. 

Since the beginning of the LIHEAP season on Nov....

03/27/2014 11:18:15am
Report Explores Extreme Weather and PA’s Carbon Pollution Concerns

Pennsylvania is lagging behind other states when it comes to cutting carbon pollution, according to a new report from the environmental advocacy group PennEnvironment.

Elowyn Corby, a global warming and clean energy associate with PennEnvironment, says Pennsylvania could be playing a bigger role in the fight against global warming by boosting its clean energy standards, as many states already have.

"Right now we require 8 percent renewable resources, and we need to increase that substantially," she stresses.  "We know that we can reach 30 percent renewables by the year 2030....

03/27/2014 09:20:10am
Report Reveals The Real Cost Of The Fish We Eat

That fish dish at your favorite neighborhood bistro may be hiding a gruesome secret. fish

"When you buy fish at a grocery store or restaurant, you might also be getting a side order of sea turtle or dolphin to go with it," said Dominique Cano-Stocco, Oceana‘s campaign director of responsible fishing, referring to the large number of dead sea creatures tossed by fishermen each year.

According to a new Oceana report, United States fisheries discard about 17 percent to 22 percent of everything they catch every year....

03/25/2014 11:14:29am
What Makes Raw Denim Different From All The Rest?

Raw denim has been around for a while, but this season it made a splash on the runways. Now that spring is here, more designers are releasing styles made from the material. 

The Sierra Club explains how this fashion trend could help out the earth:

But how green is raw denim, really?

Raw denim is more sustainable than the pre-washed denims on the market because it is durable, doesn't need to be washed frequently, and isn't sand-blasted. But there are still issues with cotton as a crop....

03/25/2014 10:03:56am
What is GreenScaping and Why Should You Do It?

greenscapeMarch is the time of year when you start to think of being outdoors again and improving your garden, lawn, and yard.  These spaces are your outdoor home: fun, beautiful, great places for relaxing.  You can save money, time, and help the environment by taking care of your lawn and garden properly.  So, how exactly do you take proper care of your lawns and gardens?  You do that by GreenScaping! 

What is GreenScaping?  Well, it encompasses a set of landscaping practices that can improve the health and appearance of lawns and gardens; prevent waste and pollution; and protect and preserve natural resources....

03/24/2014 04:16:48pm
Who wants to be Katy Perry's Assistant?

Looks like Katy Perry is trying to be nicer to the planet.  According to the Daily Mail, she recently purchased electric cars for her assisants:

Pop star Katy Perry may have a schedule which sees her travel the world with a team of staff.

But the 29 year-old star is increasingly conscious of her carbon footprint and - to combat this - has splashed out on a batch of electric cars for her assistants.

According to a report in the Daily  Star, Perry spent £300,000 on a troupe of vehicles which will make her considerably ‘greener'....

03/24/2014 12:53:14pm
Community Gardens: Sowing Seeds to Help Soup Kitchens

GARDENWith the arrival of spring, a network of community gardens in Pennsylvania is prepping for another growing season, and for providing fresh, locally grown produce to low-income individuals and residents.

The Cultivating Communities Campaign (CCC) has been producing a healthy harvest in Montgomery County since 2011.

Christina Miller is a senior program director with the Health Promotion Council, which oversees the program.

She says the Council refuses to let a lack of resources or rides to the store get in the way of giving people who need help, access to good nutrition....

03/21/2014 10:23:48am
PennDOT & DEP Invite Volunteers to Join Statewide Spring Cleaning

LogoPennDOT and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) are seeking volunteers for this year’s Great American Cleanup of Pennsylvania effort that runs through May 31.

The statewide cleanup is an annual effort sponsored by PennDOT, DEP, Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful and other partners through which interested individuals and groups can create cleanup events. Groups involved in PennDOT’s Adopt-A-Highway (AAH) program, which involves volunteers cleaning roadsides year round, are also encouraged to participate in the cleanup.

In addition to the statewide cleanup, registered events have access to free disposal at participating landfills during “Pick it Up PA Days” from April 12 to May 5....

03/19/2014 03:28:47pm
Report: National Parks Bring $444 Million to Pennsylvania

140px-US-NationalParkService-ShadedLogo_svgNational parks, monuments, trails and historic sites are pumping more than $444 million into Pennsylvania's economy each year. Numbers from the National Park Service show more than 9 million visits to Park Service lands in Pennsylvania in 2013.

While there's often criticism that public lands don't generate local income unless they're drilled or harvested for timber, the report outlines other income streams, said Craig Dalby, chief of public information programs for the Park Service.

"The flight to a place, renting a car, getting to the place - and then, of course, spending money at the location or near the park," he said....

03/19/2014 10:41:03am