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Monday, May 15th

Coverage of the 29th annual Teen Symposium on the Holocaust in Scranton, including interviews with two survivors of the German concentration camps as well as a former U.S. Army Staff Sergeant who was a liberator.


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Welcome to a special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff. Management or sponsors and now here's your host soon Henry. On today show will listen to the stories of three individuals who were in Scranton this week. To give their firsthand accounts of the horrors of the Holocaust during World War II. Young people from school districts across northeastern Pennsylvania had the unique opportunity this week to hear the stories of men and women. Now in their eighty's and ninety's who are eyewitnesses to one of history's darkest times according to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. There were nine million Jews in Europe in 1933. By the time World War II ended in 1945. Nearly two out of three died at the hands of Germany's Nazi regime and its accomplices. Judged to be racially inferior they were rounded up from their homes. And taken to various concentration camps. Where families are separated and the week were murdered quickly those who lived existed in squalor the serve I Evers of this ordeal are dwindling these days however some who witnessed this brutal chapter in the world's history. Are insistent their testimony is heard firsthand. By those who will hopefully retell it in the future. This week in Scranton the 29 annual teen symposium on the Holocaust. Brought together students survivors and liberators some of the students attending were the same age as the speakers work. When they were spirited from their homes by German soldiers and their lives are ended forever. The keynote speaker for this event was a former attorney who is just weeks shy of his 91 birthday retired staff sergeant Allen mosque and a Rockland county New York served in the army from September of 1944. In till August of 1946. He was a member of the 66. Infantry 71 division part of general George patton's third army. He was involved in many combat missions during his service but the most difficult part of his tour was on May fourth 1945. When he and his comrades liberated the guns Kirk and concentration camp. He told us about that experience. Once you know eighteen Everyman that I noticed called draft notice and you reported for a physical exam if you pass the physical you went into the army and navy the air force the pending an issue what's your choice was but usually they put you were they wanted to. I want to get the navy but they Sammy fall on me and I forgot that I was up at Syracuse University time I started Syracuse when I just turned seventeen. The one year later on an eighteen I thought I notice and went down came planning which is an all of them are Florida for the three. Months of infantry basic training. I was you know and actually. And that all American boy it. I've been around and stuff for the but I never had a gun in my hands so's. Learning how to shoot an M one rifle and machine gun and sick abandoned somebody's belly it was a whole new experience. I learned and I picked up fest and a when it went overseas and liberty ship convoy. Everybody was deathly seasick Oregon get nor should you talk about it. Like role both in the ocean for eleven or twelve days. I found out later that some of the guys were over on the screen Elizabeth the queen Mary. Oh boy that I lose out on Iowa. But demanded Liverpool England won across the channel that difference. Went to replacement camp where they send jewel you know to the front lines to various outfits. I went up to join the 66 infantry regiment. Part of its 71 division which is also part of the famous third army. Led by old blood and guts are blood his costs of those George S Patton. He was a little flaky as by my cap continues to speak to me yes is that at some college he's always call me over the spent a little worried when pat would come up and Lisa called me over so you know what the old man says to me today college for it was my nickname. College boy he said captain you look at Napoleon really chronic on the pole I thought he was kidding if pat really thought that he was some general that came back and I don't wanna hear that that's why general iPhone is a little crazy enough. We Ford heavy combat in the Ryan in campaign essentially European campaign. And every one of these battles I lost. A lot of my close ones again I'm just one of the lucky ones. Additional time 200 meters from the right there are enemies of the lifted any given time I would be end. For fifty years I didn't speak to anybody I. PT EST that they did know what that was immoral war two they called shell shocked but if the fifty years I've moved up where I live now Rockland county from New Jersey. Toll from the holocaust museum power just told you would. For it to me. Missed a mosque and is that true yes shall we will boy and I want you to speak for the middle school high school students. I should know I'm not speaking originally that she kept. Pushing me please please it's so important. Let's try it once and it's too much on the wrist tees for you to speak again. Spoke for the first time fifteen years at the end of the war in Europe. On June 10 1995. Over nine when mole that and I was that rule it was like a catharsis it was like a person of war. In all that stuff I've bottled up inside. It's like if calling within wanna try to reach. As many of these young students in particular to speak that vote who's for mostly to the young who wanted to know the truth about what happened back then because. We have desires as you go out there and denying the Holocaust happened. And another 51015. Years when they didn't children in the survivors akin to transport it. The greatest like myself on gone and Duracell likely to talk like this but let's be realistic enough for the symposium is gonna have trouble finding speeches and number user. Getting older I'll be 91 and a few weeks and I was a kidney outfits so my main goal is to make sure that. What we experienced back then in some of these people I speak with you today and that the symposium here in Scranton where survivors they were very young. But we saw the hate in the losing today. Yeah lost their family members some of them had their fame is wiped out. We've got to make sure that doesn't happen again. So three weeks before your nineteenth birthday yeah you lock into a situation. Today people say oh that's unbelievable that you have no knowledge that that was going on that you walked into a situation that you had no knowledge ever it. President Franklin Delano rose from the guys up top they knew they had to know about those cancer because I found out later. They were going up in the thirties and forties so. But we on our level my captain month that we didn't have knowledge kids' history that a lot of it to its iPhone to know what to liberate. The Jews from the camps now we know we know room where you are Kitna wasn't fond of Jews fully Dubai concentration camps were. We walked into that place that some analysts think the body's discount like bodies that soars over the body that filthy pajama like things and non. If they wait seventy pounds doable emaciated. We we we were shocked because we know eyes seem cop bad and I did my share killing soldiers of these civilians. And deliberately the first thing that's densities. From the dead bodies in and who knows if left along on the in my heart my soul like I. It's tattooed on there I can't get rid of it and and I'm really so glad that if that fifty years for at least on the speech. Last count I've reached over 50000. High school and college should. Middle school students and that's you know I had a had a question the other some kids are extremist Hamas and how can anybody say they they say the Holocaust didn't happen. And they say that because you got the testimony of you looks so many of itchy eyes Jews and gentiles alike. The Nuremberg war crimes trials which I attended wanted to be lawyer and I wanted to see Robert Jackson. A prosecutor action I did go to 34 times the Folsom Eisenhower Patton. Reilly at or close showing the bodies I mean how can people. Say it the Holocaust a myth that if I mean is that ice and I can't answer that question I can only say the use. I guess there are some people who are so anti Semitic. That you could Shelvin black and white a thousand times they'll still say the Holocaust didn't happen. Well the Jews made it up so wiry and try to convince those people anymore you know it. So losing battle just a shame that there's still people out there that think that award by the way what date did you lock in and wearable make me play pool. 1945. And where did you want you know what did you see that major realized something was terribly wrong and if we're in the woods a farce the first thing. That smell then to the trees I sort. Bob wire big CONCACAF Miller com whatever that turn out to be the globes tradition login which is a concentration camp a sub camp. Of Bobby Allison in Austria v.s big camps like my house and then publishers are. And Bergen belts that book. They would have got filled up and these political death watches with the people going through what's it like a satellite or sub camp and and not house and had to sub camp. Good Kirsch and schools and Elaine I learned this later I didn't know at that time at that they can't. There was scalable like bodies on the left and the right those who are alive with so emaciated it defies description of the UA 6070 pounds. These filthy race it looked to be like pajamas gray and white. You don't feel tops bottoms put. I couldn't distinguish gender attack again. They all look alike to me a source over the body. Lice crawling out of open I mean this is very graphic but it I remember a bike it. Lice crawling out of the bodies. Dysentery tightness all over the place mammal like my captains that through screening in the Rea Wednesday we had walkie. Talkies my ability that they don't realise that's that that was the communication and walkie talkies it could get throw any risk premium and get help appeared dammit there's bodies all over it people are dying as I've talked a please get a couldn't get through when he was getting it was just so frustrated and I remember this was also setting. They said it shouldn't that there Aniston with Abbas said that this again that cigarettes I didn't I didn't spoke for a member of the guys handing out cigarettes. And the incentive they were little lighter and power but they and wanna smoke they pull the beat the wrapping off inside eating in fighting in chewing and that the you had a C a close by feel and the look it should of people solving what they did. And an amendment going that barracks and couldn't stay in the stench was so bad people begging us for help my buddies from Hilton's you mean. Help me help me they won't soul. Bony and sonic. Could stay in now announced screaming medics and as I get I sort of dead horse on the side of the road three of these inmates with a block of a tree. Digging and into the and we have to lead analyst now watching and pulling out I got civil war from biting. Please god help me in a blood squirting all over. Nominates failure. With starvation does to people it was it was fun seeing that would believe it. And that's the kind of things I just can never forget that everywhere you looked in the goods commercial like heroes iso I'm. Everywhere you look with a foul stench of the dead and dying and I am I just do the best I can it's like trying to describe the indescribable. What I soars as soon young eighteen year old American soldier and at some I can't forget and I don't want the people that I speak to forget it. Because sees some of these people lost their allies and I know a lot of survivors who lost their whole families in that. You know it's it's really it's a tragic thing would. I have to go back and we we have one of the jobs yet after the war ended. Was to try to find out at some of these survivors think in the way their parents swore when they siblings war there while married it was separated all over the and they give you some indication. The Germans who have very good on record keeping which came back to haunt and they were pretty good in keeping records and I went with this cap to that we look for mostly outfits for tonight. Most of those drizzle. You know that we found date their parents were dead at 90% was negative recruit. And radical back until something like this fourteen or fifteen year old as whole family is gone and it. To see you fall on the ground and almost collapsed I mean after what it's like hit the human over the head with how much. It and they went through it was taught my captain. Pulled rank on me says. College boy that was my nickname I can't tell I can do like it. So I'll go to pull rank Cohen is going to be your job film but I that was one of my. Jobs that some people Boyd. Nine that tells somebody that your whole family is wiped that the hold to the only connection that would possibly have a say at a relative. In the states. Or in England Canada later in Israel. That's the way they would eventually get back. And I see people. Sue Coleman case too if I think people today and a male life in this country. Children. And grant him myself if too they went through. There elderly people now it. Listen in my view of committees that are lady. I went back through Europe through march of the living. Is a group was two months ago the water vehicle as a liberator. This is in 2005. And they said that they wanted to be they go back and show and that wasn't much to show it. I met a lady there when I mentioned I glimpsed the my father was in good inspiration you've got to come up to Toronto. And me my father. Finally she may be Iran and I went up there and it's a number of years ago. Very emotional flaws he advised couple other people who had been in construction and it was obviously so thankful. Which he says to me and have a photo of it this way she should you know. You liberated life all the it wasn't just my father you I'm here because of you my brother consistency you won't see you. Our children here because if you immigrant. And as an expression be safe one to say the world is something like guys and I got very emotional because I never thought of it in terms of by liberating her father and others. That it created a hole. You know that they wouldn't be here. And fortunately no blank. I've seen others alive is because inspirations sense. This actually worn here today Mike first of its and his wife from Philadelphia he was. But fifteen and it's always emotional and I she's somebody from hell holes I accord includes Christian. They lived through that then they can live through anything so. That's some good and bad I guess and everything and I like to look more like it that good now. I was one of the lucky was to be able to save some people my only regret. I wish we have got this older you know a few days sooner or maybe we gonna sensible because they would from malnutrition news we got the people. We're dying in I think I did the best I could and a that's why you know I'm trying to talk radio people. Convey everything that I just about told you Rhode Island as my daughters has no right. If I get one kid every time my speech on the ahead of the game I hope I do better than that but that you know sometimes you can't reach all these kids east again. I don't know that I cholera story kid. Goes off in front of me and I don't. You know Obama. I'm ready go I guess hot side by doing you can't do it. Because you lose a whole group where you point out so I'm not gonna reach every kid but I tell you today when I spoke with this who opened that being ruled here. I can count I sense and I looked for a and I think this is the only irony. They all look like there rise to a wide open and I concede the so maybe I'm reaching more kids now with the emotions and stuff they get up. Community and it. Like if they get a positive outlook on the go one on everybody's rights here it. In Scranton and here is set for a number he has this respectful and so cordial. And I appreciate that very much. That's retired staff sergeant Allen mosque and a World War II liberator he spoke to students at the recent teen holocaust symposium in Scranton. Coming up next on special addition we'll hear the account of a woman who witnessed the horrors of four different concentration camps during the war. You were listening to special edition on intercom communications. Hosted by sue Henry. The Holocaust symposium in Scranton brings together school students from northeastern Pennsylvania who learned that firsthand accounts of those who suffered the brutality. A concentration camps were hidden children during the war or served in the military and became liberators lowest form Holtz of Monroe Township New Jersey. Was born in Czechoslovakia. Her experience includes her family being forced into a get out and then surviving for concentration camps. Prior to liberation by the British from Bergen bell said Willis spoke to us about the ordeal which tore her family apart. I grew up in the small town and could take in the mountains. On. A blog to Czechoslovakia. To 1989. And became part of hunger and but this afternoon in 1944. And 44. Who's a Jeep was Ford GM and showed just even topped town that bush semis or Germans showed that stopped by the police station. They told the police to round up all the Jews. And we have to go to this big town which was called moment cuts. To get done. Because except me to close by the post what they get hopeless and abandoned. Brick effect. And it rode in from all of the set big small towns. And two that the people in Tibet to get though. And Eric my five. Head assists. And her whole family that lived and piety. And a different area. And a small town. They were brought to the scene get adults. And so happened that this and don't mind. Had. Ford taught us that letters but my age I was a little bit younger at them the youngest ones I ain't. Wasn't quite succeed. I was sixteen while I was in. Concentration camp in effect that was eaten my. My Italian grandparents. Who lived with money and then they wouldn't say get to all so. My grandfather that was 89. And my grandma that I don't know she must have been just a little bit younger than my good and plug it. They came to get goes on that came with those options. We work and that capped off for six weeks. Land they have rounded up. Part of the get go. And borders and to capitol Cobbs and essentially going to work camp which have locked. That day and overnight. Until we got to displace lead they opened up the doors since yelling out out out and at the kettle got it was not a home for. Anybody to know what I found in bulk of people receiving it. Begging Kobe was we kept all out of processions where that's from that you know that took from home. And then shipped lineup that man to separate it and do women set to. I have had to insist that. Who was then used to go out and totaled about this one was six and one was pretty. And act I would hope that might see it wrote about that. And one of my classes was Houghton if you go about that because my good Emma. Was blind so much mud that in my hand but walking with Mike and let that. So there were these men that work and looking at the train to eighteen to stop oil from its funded chain. That Julie's. And as they were walking that it was scripted Julius. Young good looks she won a seat and nice to. Would the two and now so pit. You know but maybe if they think it that the younger had a child to know so that's why they would Keller and the output being. You know having. AB. Of course the mud this I do in my blood that took my little brook that lay and took that little boy as it would going. This what this. Office. At this point he. Didn't talk a toast separately it. From my mother insists that. Mind. And my conscience models except that it. So I was look at the middle school systems. My cousins in fact we went through all the time. We're together. I was bush you know and out with you and some but it can now. And one time I will look and work with nineteen the it's right at the crematorium. It out ditch. And to me it had like him are like quarter running many years income and to add pieces of eight but whatever it was in its app that. Oversee it over us. Was a Russian young person go war. And I spoke Russian. I've been in that. You know it's so can do. She she means and Sudan good. She's this long to get away. Get enough but he had a chance at getting shipments bush is issued and a couple of times because of the number of but of course lesson Julie's so they couldn't care what she was a mental war. While so it's wise to date it to stand up who spent on the line. It was obvious that only some X so that. Electing people we ever knew what this election. That's how fun. At this officer's name was back at gala. Because seeking to make some action. And found that that that was back that could add. To that point that don't you know it to go. And I was options. For about five weeks. That it should aid that would aid us. To need. Most scholars know what to dying. It's. Not at the five weeks. Again. This elected to them. Would pick him too bad how's. That plane first Cain. Went to this bad. What's that you know at that time at the bit. Asking come that instead of what. Just add that that has had to strip naked. Is owed to us and I'm watching. Young old. Fifteen. Shade that hits. And they gave everybody. A good chance now under way. And watched him to lose him. That was school bit and effect on the ad and it when it's. Women. That would take it at the ban that they would definitely. So. Mind once. It's once yet and so it was a fat so they wouldn't be able to see them. Then one of them was me. Once a year and see the smoke. That's what you pants and a that's that we found that led him to. So let's set at five weeks. Seles so miffed that. Selects. Him do it again wrote in to debate house. Given that nobody put a wooden train and went to work. And at work and it was like haven't done that they had she knows. Bathrooms. Because it used to be and that it to leak out. And I am dead but he had to elect him to blunt they. Live. Eighteen to let sleeping pills of one bump. No. Not that got them on the boards which supports. Woods and he got to deploy him. Everybody got a single. On it too broad and costs one foot Bynum who want to comedy set it was like. But what Todd I was picked. And but the group. They brought us and to a five us. That the cut back an old trees trimmed them. And that meant that boldly to cities and April and acts. And that it was said the hammers to but he kept those facts. And to small pieces to build a road. And let me finish building the grow. Atlas. Like I killed. We hit it. You know Dick that that. Make. Out. The the you know so it goes it would Brooklyn built. Don't vote but which quote but that it. And in this building that. It's in effect. And then. But. It's. A balance that the actions of a two way we have to leave them. So I asked them on separate sides. Of the king. Stop watching it in kilometers a day the first night. Lee got to a tie it at sun. Bonds has some you know some halo off. That's what put us the second night. And that was leading us you know one of Japan says. So the judge of the episode. Couldn't find any bones about anything. So it was an open field. And he wrote this happened that brought us on that open field. It was holding outside. Slept. And that was shot in our public to get. And it looks at assembly member I knew that February 2 was my Mother's Day. And I said to Mike cuts suffice. It to right. I was survived the war beat let's man up and she. Just said lots to like it. For six weeks. It's almost left Czechoslovakia. And looked at some pot of Yemeni conflict one day we would it though. Oh that looking at how schooled us then it would reflect the bombs falling them. It could compromise the planes. Flakes on the planes that it was a matter and you know that's how close they weren't. Think it will add a cop and goes in it costs. Watching. Watching or. Bombing. That town. It on the screen. As the bombs and for. Us and watch. I applaud at. The time. It's just at the time and slept and of course at which outlet for that league. And expect to watch you and and got to all of this Bob whatever state that it office. You know what that put this up if a fumble that was my eyes. He boiled some potatoes. What a bullet. Hit the flop it what's it. And the one that was leading us wouldn't it and it was some but it would eat proper thing. Human. It was us ahead it was. All so that's when. I'm. I've spoken. Catholic school and and judge. One of the kids asked me do it all that Simon's. Action now. Because it was good ones. Actors that would put them so that would have jammed and I've got it. Joseph Louis and it was a good Catholic summed up that at ethnic and me. Because some of them would mean that would look to pass the smell like content. Lot. Of people whom it would. What that would kill left. It's. Got to baton bills. Tibetan doubts. It today. I don't know what happened. So was explode mines. And it. And hit piracy check. And back to you know a woman. That was about as well it is that you don't hedge you know jones'. But at the back that he says. Some. Let it couldn't stand up. Thabeet and that two people had to pull me up a lot from the side. Because I said if quote two of them. So people helping me so it was good but it did write English. It'd everybody. They think it she in on the what does it and said this you know the ends of I mean to whatever and now. On the east and anything. And everybody cut pennies. And that's on us out of my hands because it was just you know eating it. Act and act sick. One that the that was dying. But if it. Went to a hospital. Took a little. All of my questions today stick by then. It went to one hospital. And it causes. Me to apply the constitution I went to a different house but. And that's it the old close alignment as it died in my mom's award and well wouldn't it. And that can't him without that aid to look at us a hospital. Being sent with edit suite. So you would able to act permission to go that. This is how I went with my cousins. To Sweden. I was at 21 refugees. It took a long time and mine that has to listen and ask aimless. Celine has spent on books from America. And I looked flushing. Pages. And just ups and don't know what just I uncles. After a long time by accident that has somebody. That funds them. On me in. My uncles brought to America. And he did that pick me up at the ship. And one of them took to the Bronx. By subway. Got out of the subway. The smoke was about this high. That cabbage and on top of the snow. So this is America going back to Sweden. Some uncles aunts and so tune it to the next eight to Times Square. To show me dead not automatic it's like to hunt each. Let's. It went to school to an English of them house them and got married. I have children. Five and showed them and then get it and she. So. It's that. That's lowest one Holtz of Monroe Township New Jersey coming up next on special edition will meet a man who was living a regular life with his family in Czechoslovakia. And till the Germans appeared suddenly in his family's village and changed their lives for ever. You were listening to special edition on the intercom communications. Hosted by sue him ring. In the 1940s. As the influence of the German spread through other countries. The first time Jews knew something was terribly wrong was not from a newspaper or the radio. But from the appearance of soldiers in their towns. In the spring of 1943. The family of Michael Hurst of vets. Was forced from their home with very few belongings beginning their nightmare at the hands of their captors. Michael spoke to students at the 29 annual teen symposium on the Holocaust in Scranton and he told a story to us. Hope orange had taught him. One of the quote it's. Who on the home. Community through an Iowa. Put these engines. In one who's you who really. I mean nobody even knew. Who uses blood oozes into this community to a Hillary it's oh. The other girls who's. Usually. In the minutes. And Jews is a root. Whose poverty. From business school we had the Jews whose column and they used responded that can mean. No I realize that community then that through charge and who's really to thank you or. Won the game into the school. Tomorrow. You mother. Who like. Permanent exclusion of other religions. And didn't mention. On this show. And my the approach. Who do well crude aluminum. Gonna pay. Do you have planned Columbia and the duty him. We could then there's a close to vote. He never had that I'm released. Everybody laughed at home than the schooner the unit is the time his scuba it is there was no room. 200 consumed for millions on Ernie says the morning. And destroy you Google the walk you and I mean they knew exactly. 200 reduce home. And unity through hoosiers who. Do one on the I'm in this Hong Kong. The well into the sea plume. The in the that is going to mean. And the cash at problems. Whom the president rec room news. Unity movement. Becomes permanent. Investments like who want peace and you can take we could really care and they came up reduced quality Hungary's. Who have. The story. Zooms in the entire towns like that keep me in the news.com. We're because then it has two grown through. And room to. That I was in some cases in the computer penalties. Who do you when he was turned who question to go pillowcase and packed up. And you can crucial to progress. This new poem. The territories it. And it took us to when and if that means the you appeared and then he had. And thank you renewed campaign. And you know only and nobody knew anything humans on the Germans and you know he beat. Pete on the he has to wait and the there was the get go. You can get so you. And then the into us whose music has to extinction. And stationed. Six whom want cost. And use EB. It took us there was a cause and put us in the cause. And they're movement six than. To the cause proved them. And then came who usually it is totally and then came by the equipment to. To the car we continue to go. Nobody knew. Anything greater gloom that then can ghost of the news station. You screw dual. He. In the panic in the throwing just collect and cute girl named him a long thing. Yes it goes it has its things. In the streets. Nothing. Screaming. It's a long. Korean news. I won't ask you because my opinion piece that it. Has to come home. Mean do you really. Next to do this and the captain. Currently the community among them and you warn. Let's not keep them it looked to them this afternoon. So we'll load. Two of the groups. And even use the new amendments. And then one day and week. I'm momentum or you it's poet. And even that he walked that you lead the it and do it. So he you. The eleven months for you still. Scheme these dueling views to. Through that and you want kimonos grew roots. I'm usually Google this. I grew up in the I was pretty solid. Close and you haven't a clue before you view the ages of peaks have and put them aside mix of demand. Otherwise. And then ask enough if you want you to look into a true rooting. No it's there were long they respect and he they've fixed opinion who. She moved on that they will explode. Just killed him and take care and just type front screws into the pit to reject. Who walks who took to improving the color here. There were Paula those on pole run. Through before Paul moon moon on the we put by the this hopefully that's. Stunt again missed the extent because who you can lose pollute the human kind you now on the news. And exchange you close so I'm gonna gentleman whose school. London Pete I lookup to the June June month close do you reuse have put you sort of reminds them. Clothing that's Thomas human proud of that that is and so you know it's just like and you poem. And you couldn't that doesn't mean you when your mom who are actually an and they put us in the bed next. Next at community to bongo. Sixteen moons. 62. Others you really had like a walk great. Couldn't go and they closed the key element gates. And you understood it used to remove. At nine under its king. The food. Slowed. In the morning. You want them to do worse. To stay in line of whom and you need to be one. Grown up and it took to work. Who you need just one use. He's rhetoric has concrete won't. And you usually use the use of homes washed up or reduce reuse screeched and this will host TV his job. One they didn't have enough good pitch and work. And again I guess you have an. Whom put to use imported clothes so they've picked me three times to go to duke. That's fuel and the key to be cute. I'll talk one aspect of it to jump of one told him through germs on your reserves in the world so. And then there was to work. He meant to work through all that. And then just talks. This is stopped and the only to a real about it and do. Did you know bullets alone you know. Who have it and you groups you've done it through germs Hoosier. The German shepherd and they were wounded two as well convict him or who can. Hold your spare room but it shouldn't rumba. I was and one source here. So we view of them because they museum person who vanished. Expletive quoted on. And so. I let me recruit kids. The did not have to Helen disk. Unique camp that she's cute kid you need to whether it's long. One you wonder if other people who came in the morning who did not torn to have things. This does happen every. Through grueling it is. We pitchers women who have them and bank and you seen you then you can. They'd be cute who did she do then mean that. Then mean that so from there well and I was in those groups a few months. And then to work and back through it when you get food. That you. I don't really vehemently over home. I've seen the movie she need it if you realistic couple to couple us toward. That he that you work. And they do challenges. Compost. Every morning and reading. To poke a hole when he got it I don't even though these. And the thing you did did you. Foolish reasons you been to vote to well whom it was soon and that can. From what goes into two groups can. And skid and in my eyes if you have reported in newspapers. Have been reported in the competitive. These through it. It's hooked Reid did can. I'm scared and soon. So brilliant. The moment that you couldn't even vote. If somebody couldn't stand stood in the Reagan. You know. And that is what they can. And reminds. You read seems a little Lillian and his objective news. She knew them you have to buy than the moon you and the team and secondly. One thing. Then he was on these do you go and community from that. A movement who work and his country's. Human mode and you. Just see them. And moments and meaningful and then. Who was and communities and buy things. Than a minute movies and too much and realist public and the two. Months recruit. Climb and then you're you're two. Yeah I mean street. Phillips and an eight guns and and and stopped. And it took him Greek. And the current and in. Ken lay. Can you and a quick and it gives him or you can read. So it you look to what those millions and in this in their community and the means to me. Do that walked. Outdoor play into it read. And being reached and then that's in your room. Who community. Hospital. I'm into. Much of treatment. And then. You US I've. Then there's tons of humidity we. This and they close at home. It. The Rio took real well and and minds as fish and meat to them through. Who have this week via the via. This two me. Then I don't connect and took me home and my mom and he's human and your brother. That poem and you look now and again it stronger. And in the homeland he's. And I was there for ten years. In the these countries and then Fifth Amendment and an interest in. The bottom him. Mcewing business. Long gestation. Who intranet. Soon lines and union. Community. And to the media through K it's important. Seven ingredients of life goes on. I'm getting close mind these. A unanimous vote. Michael Hurst habits was a native of Czechoslovakia. And was a teenager when he was an eyewitness to history's darkest hour. He now lives in Philadelphia with his wife. He was a speaker at the 29 annual teen symposium on the Holocaust in Scranton. Sponsored by the Holocaust education resource center you are listening to special addition. On Entercom communications. Thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping historians.