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Monday, May 15th

A discussion of services available for those who served in combat with Joseph May, counselor at The Vet Center of Scranton.  An interview with Val Digiorgio, chairman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania. And, and interview with Cathy Scott, one of the authors of “The Crime Book.”


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Welcome to special edition. A weekly look at the issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff. Management or sponsors. Now here's your host sue Henry. On today's program will learn about the services offered to veterans in a low key sitting in Scranton. Will hear from Pennsylvania's chair of the Republican Party about president trounced recent visit to Harrisburg and what's planned to capitalize on his historic win. Will also discuss the allure of crime with an author who's part of a team with a new book on the oft discussed subject. The aftermath of the Vietnam War illustrated how difficult tick could be for veterans returning home. After a very personal and sometimes traumatic experience. In 1979. The vet center program was authorized by congress to make a re entry into civilian life easier. In 1991. Congress widened eligibility to those who served in the post Vietnam era. Later veterans of world war two and Korea were included. Services were also extend it to grieving families as well. Descriptions vet center on Pittston avenue. Is a welcoming facility with they laid back vibe. Any litany of programs to aid in many areas including resume building individual and group counseling. To get insight into the work of the center we recently sat down with Joseph may readjustment counselor and therapist. I during the National Guard in 2000 and I deploy to Iraq in 2004. Wish bone when a mine field artillery we were attached to second when author of Groupon to mark or I was in Iraq in 20042005. Foot camp slayer what the directory group. We came back in march of 2005. And sort of working at the vets and in March 2006. Tell me about. Though that sent her what it is in May be what it isn't. We are an outpatient clinic where a branch of the VA. That specifically deals with veterans' readjustment issues they have from returning from deployment we work with veterans that have combat trauma military sexual trauma. Bereavement counseling family counseling drug and alcohol counseling we offer a wide range of services vary. Non clinical setting rates for people don't know a non clinical setting as you talk about. The atmosphere that you have here when I first at the vets and we had this kind of like. Coffee shop motif force a little more laid back and it doesn't look at the hospital when you walk again remember when I first came here I'm actually came in here. After my deployment actually came in thinking this was like arm like a veterans resource where that's kind of how they started. The bread back in the early eighties was kind of a one stop shop for veterans before we got a little more specific and started doing a lot more mental health counseling. I came here because when I came back I quit my job on my deployment. I came here thinking I think it helped me do some Reza may building to some workshops and stuff they did help me do that. At that point we were just you know we trying to help veterans anyway we can a guy walks in the door. You don't wanna help with the VA loaner 10 with you know possibly getting service officer work on its claim GI bill information. We offer all those different things we can help veterans went but I mean focuses. Help counsel and you offer mental health counseling. For veterans going all the way back to World War II. Yes our services pretty much cover. Anybody who is deployed will work to Korea Vietnam. Grenada Lebanon. The Yugoslavian operations to include Bosnia. Desert storm. Iraq and Afghanistan and originally they were started in 1979. It was Vietnam vets that was Vietnam vets for Vietnam vets that was the original that's an experiment and the expanded the eligibility over the years. But from all wireless mostly Vietnam vets and Andy included Korea World War II. Palm desert storm and in Iraq Afghanistan and you know early two thousands you have. Groups that meet here these various patterns are they section opt according to. The wars or conflicts they the men and women were in yet we we found from just through you know experience over the years that. Just having each veteran group kind of specific to their time period just seem to work a little better. We have a couple mixed groups we tried we found we'd be used to do a mix better group and we had a purple heart veteran group that we tried. The bettors seem to kind of have a little bit. They stick better together when we happen and there's separate groups we only do it just because it makes them more comfortable you know were open you know we of open groups trying to do things a lot we do that we use of missile revert group we did with veterans with sobriety issues the group that I do is probably one of the most you know most encompassing groups have ranges from. I'm desert storm you know 1991. Through Bosnia. Kosovo. Iraq Afghanistan so I mean that's a pretty pretty wide time range Vietnam groups that are you know mostly for veterans are Vietnam. And we had a World War II Korea group that we kind of combined only because the numbers the law or we discuss those factions together. Want to start groups all time I mean I do and incarcerate veterans group up some of the prisons. We actually have groups out in the community we have some places we have called the media axis club where we actually do groups not here it's been bought out in the community work veterans are a little more comfortable just. Haven't drawn an hour from there. He's going on the road looking at this experience. For returning home from Iraq Afghanistan and at Sutter. And that the people that you see can you give us a little bit of a window. Because a lot of us surges civilians and we don't have veterans and our family and me we don't understand what are the issues that are the most prominent that you take care. It's the biggest thing that we work on news. Breaking on the stigma. Readjustment counseling. Any kind of post traumatic stress to me you experiencing. Just breaking down that. Stigma of its okay coming and talk to somebody a lot of people do it. But exit of the listeners have a B arm we we we really pride ourselves confidentiality. Like a lot of times like sometimes I wish I could have you know poster at the into the hall show the faces on people that have been here exit Felix sometimes that's the biggest problem is sky as a command and say O excellence only knew I was here. I'm sitting here thinking so also was just here. Because this circus we can't divulge that information circular a lot of times that's the biggest fear we have to break down our. Part of my job is to do outreach and I used to go to the armories and go to the reserves and his. And I would talk to these individuals and grope and Alec tell them all all the wonderful things that the in the that's an off and they also apparent. All of us on that sounds good you know. I was always called planting a seed and I would always kind of plant that seed of education explainable we can do it is kind of sit back and all we care to our beautiful awesome. Boy it's hard in a group setting to get you know the correct information out to people and kind of how does that look at that a lot of murderous look and see what's available to them. There's a lot of misconceptions about who did the Acer about the listeners. A lot of people mostly just because there veteran can go to the VA if any can help me point line and there are certain eligibility in certain criteria they need to be ordered or the VA medical center. And I think a big thing that people mean in the biggest thing the veterans these education. On what their roles for Poland of these are on what kind of treatment they're looking for they're looking for treatment for themselves and family. Exactly what they're looking for because it's such a wide umbrella and people just assume they can go there forever. We do a lot of outreach with our mobile unit we have a big 44 Winnebago traveling. And it's in nine out of ten people like mob boss just wanna know what miles pour salt on an. And we give them that information and a lot of times it just makes it gave me one of the commuter plane to veer back and see us for something else once and a while Jerusalem coming sensing some issues from a recent deployment or something. But a lot of time which is giving a good good information and that could of promotional travel for their soul and a sample off somebody else. I think that. Gives veterans you know that's. I guess the best accomplishment now sees them again we were all. More satisfied. It's just you know because people just think all the and it's going to be anything while I Tbilisi while you can't if this were if that trying giving misinformation. Or your interest in counseling can do right here it's right down while harper. Talk a little bit about re adjustment. Counseling I think a lot of us have this perception that when someone's loved one returns from a deployment that it is. Overwhelmingly joyful that they actually made it back but from their perspective there's a huge adjustment that's under way that may be some of us just. Don't understand because we haven't been there to talk a little bit about what you do. The things things we work on with people is they go from. Being in a very high tempo. Very camaraderie filled very active lifestyle when their deployment status. In coming home to coming back to their home a lot of times the unique thing about this area is that. A majority of our veterans are more returner verbal combat veterans are National Guard or reserves because we don't have an active duty polls close by. So Scranton differs from city Fort Drum New York or you know somewhere down in Virginia that's like maybe your supplement that northeast PA kind of has a unique situation where a lot of our deployed veterans are National Guard reservists were they go from you know are working every day job at a nine to five job. Julie on the weekends. And all the sudden they get a call to get alerts artists are going away they go away for a certain amount of time depending when they went you know my deployment was little longer but in the short and action some of them were longer a matter. But in the shorten it down to. Exactly one year which takes the national heart felt that was acceptable. So they go from the other lifestyle completely changes the gulf from you know being a guy who went away once a month all the sudden other going outdo itself every day. And a lot of the veterans have a hard time kind of stepping back from that. Active status you know kind of like can we talk about you know pumping the brakes a little bit having someone kind of like come home. A lot of the things that I hear each usually not the veteran who election coming and say hey I wanna talk to somebody it's usually a brother or sister or wife. A mother father somebody else I hate that really was soon talk to somebody about these different things. And it's just getting someone to talk about their experiences and talk about what is changing what's different and you know what is my wife expected me now what they think I should do. And a lot of times this is trying to explain to them that you know you're not broke you just changed some things changed and now you're just trying to figure out who you are now this deployment change you and trying to talk about different things and you know I don't really go right and duel well everyone has posttraumatic stress that's a whole other topic you know they experienced trauma and there's symptoms of post Max just a we can talk about that but I usually trying just try and make it very generalized and talk about what do you think what is your wife going to come and measure measure your mother father and huge commitment talks was what do you think is change what you wanna change would like in the C won't let them to know about deployment. What you heard home a lot of guys feel like the old wanna tell their fair remembers things physical scared about what the man men have gone with the experience of what they saw. And they feel like they can we can tell that to me they could tell that to one of the therapists at the day because we're a little more. Trained for that and I think a lot of assist in getting an open up become comfortable with that and one from there we can enroll in different directions and what they need. There was. A little bit about posttraumatic stress disorder and I would imagine that manifests itself in a lot of different ways that can you talk generally about it. One of the biggest things people automatically assume just because there's a problem and it's automatically. Punishment sore and that's our atmosphere exactly what was diagnosed. And from there we go from treatment to one work. And treatments that one do. Some prolonged exposure treatment ones you want park there he'd won medications do we have to work with the V a lot of times. Most of our patients who come here 401. On one weekly sessions groups Russians and don't go to V for. Bimonthly appointments for the medications. That a lot of currency you know bald Eagles were the best. You know talk therapies and medication were the best individually they worker. Communications workers to together we found that there's good recovery. A lot of times insists on in my experience just kind of putting names and labels a lot of things that everyone. Experiences. One of the biggest ones through hyper vigilance is having that when veterans here in the you know and deployments that they had 360 awareness are always council was looking for something. In the home hyper vigilance is very hard to take a way to use fossil fuel for the next opportunity in the big thing about post traumatic stress. Is that it's basically your body's reaction. To the next trauma that you me experience. Recovering from that trauma that you experienced. Your body ages waiting for the next. So it's kind of weird thing because it may never happen your body's console missed you if it does. So its use trying to tell someone you know well if Robert your back. And on the highway in Amy's sees them and it's the road. And automatically think that might be and do quick ground. Wear them. What might drive and where might. Lose these little. Techniques these little things we talked move in a lot of illnesses categorize something yours ought to be feeling and explain them what it is. Explaining them. React to it in just. Trying to normalize basically. We hear a lot in the media about veterans who decide to take on lives. In this area in your outreach. Is that something that to family members can look for certain science world that are. Suicide is as the president of the epidemic seeing the numbers before. It's something that night you know personally tried to talk about her work on every day the biggest thing I think people have to know is it's it's it's it's good to talk. People need to talk about it more not talking about it not calling somebody not reaching offer hope that's not the answer remember. Years ago when I went back to school one of my professors it was two class because I want to know more about it felt that night there was so much noise just couldn't wrap my brain around why this was the answers somebody wanna professor says you know suicide as a a permanent solution to a temporary problem and it was just one of those things that I trying to trust the people and I know. There's people that you know experience. Arm loss and they don't know how to cope with things. But there's always someone out there now. And you know they should always trying to reach out talk to somebody. There's lots of veterans I want help there's lots of different veteran organizations there's lots of phone numbers I hope there's lots of different people who can just answer a phone call. And talk to a veteran and give them some information and just trying. Help from to a situation. I know our new secretary has on a new suicide prevention program launching new program called it getting to zero initiative timely identification. Reached out risk on its. I know the VA has its crisis prevention coordinators. That work full time on there were put them on a regular basis you know from veteran mentions certain things you'll talk to the veteran. You know set their appointments of this fall with us that we have veterans that we feel are at risk we will call the VA's mission that they are being seen it there arm. A weekly call list will be called and follow with the but it's one of those things that I feel so that way you know so then I wish we can work harder are so that we can you know take terror because they believe that. You know the numbers. You know don't justify everything is simply something that I. First got into this. Works you know scared knows. Naive. Actually there really wanted to get more involved in the more heard about it the more veterans whose eyes are more that he became. A bigger topic. I became more moral and talking factions. It's one of the first questions via expressions orders screening. Are the losses but losses and you know plan just seeing keywords just seeing those words. Doesn't make any worse. So you're saying is that oh it it seems taboo to talk about it if there is an opportunity. Through either a brochure or some we have hanging on your bulletin board a book that some people will actually open up because the Y. To be out absolutely. That's a good point and we use a taboo was perfect because feeling that is that is a lot of times. I'll have someone may meet someone and that's on their mind that they won't mention it and like do or until they see the opportunity in the opening. Talk about it if they see you brochure please see something hanging on ACU book on the wall or book emotional fuel crisis or crisis or give your scenario on. I have a friend. Mayor map I think about that but I feel like once that. What's that doors opened the can talk about it they become more comfortable talking about it and you get out of them a lot of times. Problems where we live there are many many people who suffer from drug and alcohol addictions it's not only veterans it's a lot of people. Is that something that is a big part of your work working with those kinds of issues. Particularly during that senator Tom we have some people that are dual diagnosis when they do have a drug and alcohol problem and have now problem. Majority of our veterans who do drugs now drug treatment will do to will spear VA either inpatient outpatient. On some of the veterans I work with between the veterans' treatment courts may have known drug and alcohol problems now problems. We focus more on the mental health problems here. And Sylvia sober that group over the ice box for the veterans in this area and an avid hoops the race as we work well. I think it just depends on the keys slows sometimes have more veterans at mammy in the recovery of matches you know work in the program through their treatment court. Have you know quite a few of them just because they happened. Abdul night. History court. For you know possibly a small mom on offense. And do the crew McCourt that you referred to the VA in the create public sentences avail for the vets in there. And comfortably mostly feels more like the mental health aspects. If so is listening to this and they haven't reached out to you what what are the criteria. In a brief. Synopsys. And if they if their interest in in speaking to someone to they have to be from. Aquatic downy or can they be from somewhere else and what what else. Do they need to know if they want to reach out to you. Okay and all of them that senators are VA program on there are all 300 throughout the entire country is 300 broken more nervous which is the office office in Strasbourg and more. We also have a bought hundred mobile stars which is our big fancy Winnebago driver on we have three of those in Pennsylvania and the mobile listeners are in Erie. Harrisburg Scranton and we pretty much despite this the tree we travel all over the place and we talked veterans. In rural areas in the mobile vets and programs that little bit more global initiative we try to get out to areas where veterans don't necessarily have. A quick ride to do a quick arm community clinic. Or arm via medical center. The vet centers pretty much a program or any better common ask any questions they want it any kind of information you want any veteran in the air any time for a minute pretty much get. Basic VA information you know we don't turn anyone away we trying to help anybody we can. And but to get our services to get the mental health counseling services. Through the best senator you have to be at war theater veteran which is beans you were deployed even if you're National Guard reservists deployed this year. Yeah you're one criteria began military sexual trauma any error can commend her counseling and we also do bereavement counseling for. Veterans families who were killed in action. Our services you on the mobile that's in there are provided Altria service. Lifetime Prius services no time limit there's no holds them all of them have been a comment the eligibility requirements. On the can be Vietnam they can be Korea. In the desert storm they can have gotten home yesterday that. Vet center of Scranton readjustment counselor and therapist Joseph may. For more information on the center's programs visit www. Vet center dot VA dot gov. You are listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You're listening to special edition on intercom communications. Hosted by sue Henry. Donald Trump surprising victory in unpredictable Pennsylvania gave the State's Republican Party and unexpected boost as many voters registered to become part of the grand old party. Because of the candidate trump marked his 100 day in office with they rally in Harrisburg. Val di Giorgio chair of the Pennsylvania Republican Party was there he spoke to us this week about the events and other issues of interest in the keystone state. Including next year's election which will be highlighted by eight gubernatorial contest. I would rather than confirm their for the program or top 121000 people I'm in the front sure arena and it was it was electric. And down. Into the great speech except the real problem before his speech. Very appreciate of Pennsylvania he was happy to spend his bit extended a hundred days with us as opposed to inside the beltway at the white house correspondents' dinner I think except it's really good message for what he's all about. If he is appreciated for what these state of Pennsylvania did for him on now what are some of the things that she might be able to do through the that the government. Too but he's come how would do something about this the stagnation that the Pennsylvania is undergoing at the moment. Well he talked about that was in the end he is already doing which is cutting the size of the regulatory state innocent things that I can't. If you want to introduce a new regulation you have to get rid of too old wanted to and protect the size. You know the big deal that it be happy to overreach. In two and then there are increasing regulations which affect our ability to do to have call. Called my league increased scale job to fight fat is where he started focusing that's already having that. The broad effect no doubt he went and visited grab a copy and which has been around since seven consent before making gardening equipment you buy their stuff hope and The Home Depot and lows you know deep the owners of that business. Executives there were just thrilled happened varies it's already having a positive effect diamond cutter inside it's the regulations in the Washington. Yeah I think that that's great and I would like to obviously I ask you about that kind of manufacturing I mean here's accompanied. It's been in Pennsylvania since 1774. Making this gardening equipment and war what else is on the horizon or what do you think may come our way a if these regulatory. Constraints are suns ended in other words. What is attractive. To businesses when they see the state of Pennsylvania because who we see this day in and we'll get into it that there is a budget shortfall in the state because everything looks so fairly flat so what is attractive what. What can happen here in your opinion. And so he's got it done unique set of challenges a lot of that we have to handle locally at the estate bubble but getting the president and the tone in Washington where you are doing very. A coal mine you know coal company the company you're buying America first. After years belittle your current environment where we can yeah fit the PGA tour can meet our needs in the shell can help make America energy independent and. People who can help keep. And I didn't cost. And simply costing him Pennsylvania which will attract new businesses can't you know let you convert the federal government state government just completely out of our way. And that's stay at home that the president getting out as targets. You know well we have Republican leaders who understand this we need a governor or understand there's well because they're the rest deep blue. Making it very difficult for us as he harness that energy underneath our feet he. Feel like an additional Pakistan an industry that's already on its energy industry. Because it will blow this very prices so it's yeah every rebel who understand the challenge is. Yeah and I know in and out of town here I earlier this week there was and hearing that was held about a severance tax. On the Marcellus Shale and there are people here now who are saying and then when you hear it it makes sense cheery here day. If Pennsylvania. How. House this rich resource that can be. Tapped and exported. Why you would we not want to repay a benefit. Through a tax within I think when that crashes poll that way a lot of people sick. Why wouldn't we so yeah why wouldn't we. And we have to stop seeking a private enterprise in this country as did you call yeah they you know to satisfy what it. It and so incredible demand that the last. More government mapping. That's number one but I couldn't. Just a certain question why the week after week you already don't act it is we have the highest. Actually the second high equal protection in the position. The company European tax and that not to mention didn't actually which goes through it goes to local government so there remains intact but. Preferably an intriguing offers it to be different but the thing about you know they've only additional taxes ought to. So the comparison to Texas where they had that an extraction tax on oil and cats but. I would have been in contact that we had to. So you know we'll tell about double and triple actually in the in the industry that for recruitment in the states. Pretty graphic even further and further create jobs that would let others have create revenue we will keep our young people home in Pennsylvania and it would bring. Broke open manufacturers who want access to live their energy at a cheaper and easier to Pennsylvania. I think you could create more revenue I think he's completing the hike taxes are missing intrigue especially from the start. There's a stray from the Associated Press that indicates the state department of revenue here in Pennsylvania reported it as a shortfall in excess of one billion dollars. In the first ten months of our fiscal year. And and that is so more than 4% of bigger margin at this point than any fiscal year. Since Tony's hand is going on economically. In the state that has sent created this. I'm many as the word Malays I don't know what else to say but it doesn't sound good and we know that the budget is being put together and though we understand that this day is certainly creates an additional air problems. What you think about this. It's like you know we have a spending problem Pennsylvania. Veterans like increases in the size of government one that continent especially in health care area. We got there have been spending number one the second Pennsylvania needs. I have to decide that pension pension their big big driver that. How did the increase in the 63 in pass. And I sixty billion plus unfunded liability. That we have is driving up the cost of government as well as they get Medicare Medicaid expansion. Well Nintendo and all the spending that we are threatened economic problems and pennsylvanians questioner is. Two weeks I was problems by becoming married org or California or New Jersey would and you know I was happy the way. Try to get different sort of budget. It affects our budget each do we truly croak that's. The decision that he can he made. The decision has apparently you have to make over the next fed cup and a couple months. A lot of people about where we live from our are hurting and one of those things that really gets under understanding is that student leadership in Harrisburg. Is not willing to do anything about they reformation. The property tax system. And we know all the schools need to be paid for we get that we know Lipton constitutionally. People are entitled to a good education we know that but we also now. Dead dead grandma's. Has paved property taxes for sixty plus years and says she's financially strapped. Does the GOP leadership in Pennsylvania recognize the gravity. Of that's tax payments not only to seniors but to people. Considering possibly getting a house somewhere in the stayed and they look at that and look we know it's not as high isn't all I don't know New Jersey. But for people who lived here it's real burden. The taxes a little birdie at the top speedway and collecting taxes to fund schools. The captain and the and urged readers to understand the problem there is no consensus and that there's not a new issue this is. The mission that's been around 4050 years have been trying to work on this and has that I worked for state senator. In the ninety's who as chairman of the finance committee at the time and we're trying to grapple with the issue at the conclusion. You know Guzman in the property taxes is which is being proposed I'm not saying I'm against the proposed budget but the polls are. Yeah you know take over control school right now. Scoreboards are able to control the curriculum and everything good and the bad in the school district because they had the power that the purse and if you tell them that they can no longer drop Levy property taxes you effectively make it. Legislators to see Brooke scoreboard. And decision will no matter Harrisburg. And and local control of schools has worked with in this country for you know two over 200 years. One thing we have to be mindful of everything that. We are released and he was the debt debt burden well after the initial you don't see the people younger people were ready. I was educated here I don't even if they try to opportunity. So that we can crawl in you know in a generational shift in taxation. But out from under the weather can bet that we'll have a telling effect. And this is very complicated issue it's not. If I don't know who doesn't get counted because there's. So many town are another issue what happened to all those bonds that are being backed up I property tax or at least that's scoreboards at issue that's you know how you handle that. What is that intrude on markedly toward local school district's ability to Africa important capital projects. Did you just some of the issues that we're faced with so let's truly decent but they're not. Include producing property taxes is that this is an issue that probably spell. The different kind of mailing political of course. I'm thinking that because of the don't know wade into Pennsylvania's moving and some some of the things happening the Republicans most certainly. Have further agreed to greet greatest chance. To get a candidate for governor next year. Who. Takes down Tom wolf I I think that this though the possibilities are are terrific. And I'm hoping that there is a primary that is old then and the voters get to select. A gubernatorial candidate of their choice how do you see that. The decision of whether for dramatic endorsement of revenue sources one mistake committee members need to make. I assure you rejected the premise is that it's because they committee endorsed it closed primary and need to look at our. And defender. He is back up back about security guy now five years ago when the Republican Party endorsed candidate. But five other candidates land and it one count since it was not endorse. An endorsement closes a primary let dad at this instant committee members may. The message that's been you know Scott Wagner and the hardest working guys have ever seen live a great populist message. I'm we have Bob Hope we can announce shortly LA after the primaries Smart guy. I'm and that as a possible yeah house beat the military I state that can't get them. Education reform and and energy and I did you know these are energy tip to bring Pennsylvania back. That's some good some good candidates expressing interest. I know certainly is where we live sometimes there is lack of fortitude to put up. Republican candidate against some pretty powerful. I'm reference state wraps since setter there have been times when. Those opportunities have for us slipped by the wayside but I understand your philosophy is that if you believe someone is. Is a good strong candidate you're going to be in it to win their right. That's. Dramatic challenge around and Chester county. I've supporter races were going to give us the chance to win including. 16% performing Obama he district. Where we won that seat by recruiting that you know that really great. And it African American lifelong Republican. Former principal on track coach we won that he and I know once we can win it. How do we typical working hard to assure our our ideals. I'll lift and Metropolit until the end. That's Val di Giorgio chair of the Pennsylvania Republican Party you are listening to special edition on Entercom communications. You're listening to special edition on intercom communications. Hosted by sue Henry. Our fascination with crime seemingly knows no bounds judging by the number of television shows. Films and books about notorious lawbreakers. The current book recently came out and it's both they narrative history of characters like Jack the Ripper Bonnie and Clyde and Jeffrey Dahmer. As well as they graphically pleasing experience with charts photos and illustrations to complement the text. Cathy Scott is a contributor and she spoke to us recently about her work covering crime. It's something most people aren't touched. I that's a crime to me I think I needed just sort of this attack almost everybody at some point and now lives but I think you know we need our lives and people plot along their own men in his career both Al window into. A subculture. That people absolutely fascinated within can't get enough of that it's like driving down a car crash and you can you had to Lutz. Net young lady what made you fascinated because you burned a couple books besides. That murky done on the senate to pox sykora and biggie what attracted to those two subjects. They declined nighter that the timing of her newspaper when it went to park your car was shot down 1% on my watch it and been covering crime and understand and she. I'd really like to to file is being underdogs just and this and and multi car. Should court case and achy bones this post will be underdogs faith. Unless they're kind unsolved and for me to period as good showing I'm confident to principal attraction for the cal pine street gangs such. I'm for different reasons. I can't describe it really I just felt like I am in my element when I'm writing about it and women covering this time. Actually no doubt crime tanker burns turned up. And I'm glad I'm responding to this but can can was controlled content and can and help excited trying to integrate. It's a great study in Tamil community have the kind of care. It's a constant agents and around the world. For sure and I do want to talk about just some of the things discussed in this book some of them that obviously. We do know little about because they've then. Glamour I'm gonna say Bonnie and Clyde most certainly have been glamorized in and then don't ask them wonderful movie and I just remember that one part where I'm Bonnie says we rob banks and it's just one of these things that. It's just a sure romanticized story made in your experience so where Bonnie and Clyde really all that well. They want glamorous at all and when David Taylor I I'm just kind of origin candidate and they can't pin collection going through some days can stay because they work. The cancel on them on their tail I want simply. They count if you think all along the way camp she initially didn't need some broad daylight kind catching never she never believe it comes did anything like Scott Dixon certainly like a participant. And and in any normal that in but nowadays they were ordered not glamorous but that is that the media has seldom been years since it's become quite requirements are and you know people back then. Top down they helped him get the way they can improve page. Sometimes Kagan someplace between taught them on the lamb and it said there are harder and killers I think it's it's. Number it's not like it said most people aren't. A part that's been followed their captain needed season by inherited intrigued by what goes on behind scenes. Also in DB Cooper Kathy here's a guy out that is solo. And mystical and it almost makes it seemed to sum this crime I am number one does pay and number two you can get away with it because I. I think a lot of must have the imagery in our mind that he simply disappeared with all that money and I lived happily ever after is an indication that there might be true. I'm proud of the plane. But they never found the bodies they did find the money that. But not all of it had a big chunk of that was mentioned senator turned out as I I think there's a there's an entitlement of course with a criminal they do you know that they can do essentially you keep alienating essentially they are church and she's not going to get costs as. I'm with somebody like Kim I think part of the reason he's thrown out of try and then they can do didn't get away with don't intensive care agenda and there hand. Incentive. There's no ending queuing up like times cites people to this story I think conspiracy. Then they can come out of the camp. England came and went unsolved crime. I gather canola and won't catch me if you can't it's only good things and only minutes and you want torture I understand after he got cots. Yeah and I think that didn't so it'll look at data and they're they're mystified because they see somebody. Literally switch sides and they wonder. How the feds could actually welcome in somebody who is unknown to spell it. They have patented I think he's he's he's got it and he kind of queen being off in exchange for Atlanta for an extra time than president sure they ran down a little early so he can go to work for them because stated if they needed to know how you get what you do and how they can help solve a UConn. And he's actually. Down quite a debt in solving a crime I think it's kind of backed. They had to hold their nose solo while waiting for astronomy and bad and I think it's better I'd be a community. At large in tri band. He's gotten captain Faldo their convent and that's how the concern is OK do I. You also talk in your book huh. About organized crime under the banner and offend not only in the mafia which where we live in northeastern Pennsylvania Kathy is certain that that's a known commodity just because we actually have enough we had to share we had done some of these big kiss and and most well known figures including Russell muffle Leno who some say ordered the hit. I'm Jimmy Hoffa so we see it in an area where this is there aren't answer really set us and I guess and other parts of the country as well we're. It can take and fell into thinking and they can't. Yeah often say stuff like why don't know mock fear Iran stopped at least we had an indication of but the parameters of what you could do what you couldn't you find other parts of the country where that is the case. The payments they get sick don't plan data base amount actually being there can't pretend that at least they were in and because no one else there is going in do anything on monetary incentive council valid they would stage extra period you you know got in the continental the monster. It's an experiment to try and is well does the mob is still alive and well it's just indifferent then it seems now. No not how much he and English in fact. The Libyan conflict he's a non anonymous and I think. It's you know this kind of TV show it's a fine example on a forward. It's almost they've become moment. Sympathetic characters Sinatra drive people came down Tony Soprano when things really likable kind. And he's trying to assert that the representation. Want to mob boss since. Troop when a kid in the seventies the other thing that was sort of romanticized. Here was the kidnapping of Patty Hearst because for a watch all during her kidnapping she was held an in northeastern Pennsylvania and this is another thing where people look at this and you also and Jeff jump I'll get in the third where they I believe cut off part of busier and sentenced to that is yes as a symbol of that they really add up this and I how to Kennedy -- yeah this the things again are such Lorie especially with the with Patty Hearst because of her conversion. And you know with the SLA where she seemed to take their side. That's the stock and tender and the thought we do there are examples for others and in the book can we do get into the hype you've got that of the people who commit crimes. And N dot com we came very sympathetic to them more than others say how scared she. I'm shouldn't dependent on them and then she she started turned on to their tried and you know there's that famous song don't turn and stand in a game. I would collide fall so when she first sometime and I'm for an experiment potentially a dark but I hit a bad term there is fact that unlike the Bonnie and Clyde and they were you know people like and has been helping them and helping them and had people. People can. Maybe it's sort of I think they've been doing there is that they doubted that they they can be laid tend to criminal friend from level. Absolutely and you also have in the book many murder cases which she obviously continues. Two. Be a fixation and fascination to people where it. Things Kathy they just seem to relate to where we live for some weird reason and well we've had in an area so many cases that are very notorious none letter in your book. But what we look back at sit somebody like. Lizzie Borden for instance found she has her own moment she has that this mythology bled. Is true that there are some real doubts about whether or not she was really the murderer. Well I'm on the fence I'm on the bandstand and I think. You know it better when people start pointing the finger you know there's not a lot. That guy the Christian accused. You can do and that's play back there and and I'm seeing land. The and I'm not I'm not convinced that she did that. Well let's get the black Dahlia case that's you know in Los Angeles and I think partly these stories continue because they're not quite sure who did it stand without glass Dario of course someone can call. Well it's in the book and it's. I can only be barred and then of course do cash and and I think that if it's a factor to our people to those kind it crime series as well don't you think. Absolutely and that notion. I think Kathy that people believe that there is a real chance. That they can actually get away with murder we know across the country out there of there are probably thousands of cold cases where people actually have gone away within Eleanor how much that plays instead they. Romanticized version yet I can do this and then maybe because of all these examples leave point two I can I can just walk away from my Clements. It it seems with today's modern technology DNA. Avid fans. Cell phone cotton on FDR Todd its debt. The window a narrow but if somebody could get by and made they would sit down and and think about all the ways to the cheap. Those situations that they might actually be able to. To do an end across the country like we saw a dead there are thousands of cases that have not been solved and they seem to be piling up to the point where investigators may be frustrated. Well I think there aren't enough investigators side there's sometimes enough I end up with a lot of cold cases actually and you know they're there. They had their workload is just being on that stat I think also. You know with somebody may be a one time only content in knowing especially when it's a compassionate. You know passion involved. I'm back. With the others when they they can't get away with a and then turn around and won't commit a crime again and and it and I've been told by. I use it for years I contract. Forward thinking they're so Smart but there's stupid and they do essentially get caught. And doubts that that they can that their god given how she you know. I'm going to do get a little too grave and then rule both chew up any can't tell a friend can eventually Barakaat. We have a story today about it. The missing JFK files from Politico it looks like there may be more. I'm a revelation that troll of thousands of long secret government files. About the assassination. Of of JFK. As senate. And I came out and we and need. In this study that was done on a go to be quite that they had it with those don't want a part of that. There's 3600. Finals. That are unwound seal. Act a bit in the end national archives and they may come work within a couple of weeks for so like you that must be super excited. Only thing that I love my research that's the change and challenge the beauty of this Buckley in these states stench. That needed to be done on a minute I just elaborate this tragic end of that and crouch down love pouring over federal documents. I will be fascinating to see within those. Documents it's anything jump out you know stand for anything anymore actually if I want to conduct because people essentially a general direction. You know conspiracy. And whatnot downtown. That's ensemble and the captain came on to and I've you know it was coming up. That's Kathy Scott one of the contributing writers of the crime book you're listening to special addition. On Entercom communications. Thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories.