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Friday, May 5th

A visit to the dedication of the new Miner's Memorial in Wilkes-Barre, a discussion about ethics with the Society of Professional Journalists and a discussion about getting the most out of retirement. 


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Welcome to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff. Management or sponsors and now here's your host soon Henry. On today's program will attend the dedication of a long overdue monument in wilkes-barre. Will hear about how a professional journalism organization is addressing ethics within its ranks. And we'll hear from may recently retired author who has a new book. About properly planning your golden years they're days were spent toiling underground in dangerous conditions. Some went to work in ages that were in the single digits others spent their twilight years trying to overcome the effects of an occupation. That few today would likely choose. It is only fitting than. That the descendants of area coal miners braved a raw April day to attend the dedication ceremony. Honoring the men of the mines. The site Heritage Foundation and king's college of wilkes-barre have joined forces to put together the miners' memorial wall of honor on public square. A dedication and blessing service was held earlier this month and hundreds brave the elements to see the names of their loved ones unveiled at the ceremony. Robert carruthers of west Pittston and his extended family turnout for the event to honor his father. Talk to me about your dad what was his name then and where did he work which mind almighty my dad was Robert James carruthers. And he worked pretty uber break Greek. We back after the service that paratroopers. Got a job coal miners. And it was advocates say a word hell okayed it was self. Remember him telling you that made it seem like his work so hard well he told me a story about the rats in the coal mines were. They actually phantom. To keep them around so they would know lifting gas was in error. And that that's one story told me. I know there's another story about a canary. And I never heard that story for him who's always about the rats. What do you remember most about you know when you would go to work in the morning and so on. Do you remember like woody war or what he told do besides part about the rats well what did he say about the work besides it was hell. Well it at one time he told me he would fill the box carts of coal and it would actually get out of work early. So that was the better part of it all but other times to come home communities face he was so black. EC 82. Two. Maybe discourage you from following his path of I mean it was it was the mining Erica and ending by the time you were young person. Now he actually told me to get try to get an education. So you don't end up right did he suffer in in his life from the effects of being in the mind. Yes he did. Little sentimental about it is but he actually did you he was on oxygen. And he had black. And he did suffer. Is that likely to be heard and know that his name is is on that while I seen his name monologue and I took a picture of it and it was touching. Very touch. And our entire fan here again my sister here my nephew and niece. And my granddaughter. And my done wrong. Here Bernadette drew B of wilkes-barre recalled the sacrifice of her grandfather. While waiting for the ceremony to commence. My grandfather pigments and Netscape was a minor. Is killed in explosion in the Franklin caller a in 1947. He was only 57 years old I never got to know him unfortunately. I was only a baby. He had died and explosive and lit along with I believe it was seven married another man at the time. And my grandmother was left to widow and it was. Very hard time for. Many women like her who are left on their own two with a home to take care of them. She ended up having to rent out rooms in her home to other people in the family and even handed taken orders to keep her home. What's it like nine and use his name is on this law and I what do you think admitted to some unlike your grandmother to to know that. I think it's a wonderful tribute to the man who gave their lives for king Cole. And it's just a nice way to remember them they're not forgotten. King's College in Wilkes-Barre was found with the purpose of educating the children of miners father Thomas looney recited a prayer at the dedication. Reflective of the challenges faced by the man who twelve long hours underground to provide for their families. A coal miner's prayer. Each day I descend into the hole earn my living digging coal. I prayed to my father in heaven about that I may return to those I'd love. It somehow. I should meet. I want to wait and godspeed. I want my loved ones to be sure that in god lawns. I am secure. Doctor Robert Woolen ski ace warriors and all native and professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. Gave historical perspective at the events. In his remarks were Lansky paid tribute to the late Jim Burke. A member of the first graduating class of King's College whose generosity and devotion to Anther site history made the miners' memorial a reality. Weather may not be the best but our. Our intentions are and our purposes are and I'm sure that we'll keep our hearts warm and dry because this is not just. Ordinary in my mind. Blessing and inauguration. This is downtown Wilkes Ferris first attempt. To acknowledge the mine workers are among humans up and down the valley Pittston Clement in the coat. Up with a black one valley not fair finally has done it it's so appropriate that King's College is disliked this as John mentioned the scholar was established to educate. The suns. And other relatives of coal miners in 1946. I wanted to make two points in my remarks here this afternoon I know professor slept professed that'll be fairly brief timber. Used to say that we need to have an attitude of gratitude. For what our fore bearers did to create. And maintain the anthracite industry. And the society and culture that grew up around it coal cracker. As Harold or Rand the professor from Penn State patience and called his book on the subject coal cracker culture it's a great book published about ten years ago. Now this idea. It's a simple idea. An attitude gratitude doesn't sound too profound. But it what is what motivated Jim is what motivated other members of the anthracite Heritage Foundation but Jim was the leader of this board. And we have we pushed forward with this idea of an attitude of gratitude it's not just a simple idea it's a deeply immoral. Idea. It's got deep moral meanings. Such as gratitude and a simple thank you way this is being. These are people who came a long long way into the unknown who lived very simple lives. Typically in Europe although we do that African American miners appears well so we were just beginning to discover and talk about. There's gonna talk last January it looks about African American ones they were here coming out of the south but most of them came from Europe. From 26 different lands 26 or so different languages spoken. It was a tremendous audience were on the biggest and greatest song is in American history because at the site was the fuel that fire the industrial revolution. It was east of the Allegheny in the 1830s we couldn't wait for the bitumen is coal to come in. From points west including Western Pennsylvania and Ohio and so forth but to win this or soft goal was found. In 32 different states. Lots of bituminous. Anthracite is only found here. In the eastern counties these ten counties have. 95%. Of these hard colts gold sparkles oppose it's awful hard coal in this hemisphere this is the mother. And it was used to fire the industrialist. 1830s and forties. England already they are already in the industrial revolution so was Germany and so was France. We were late comers to it and it was heart poll that fired as it was so close in the eastern seaboard. The quote get their Gregory easily relatively easily despite the mount and hundreds of thousands came here. You're ancestors my ancestors most likely I know Jim always talked about this and and as bad as it was here are some time strikes. And violence. And accidents and disasters was still typically better here than it was there. So this attitude of gratitude is all about that history. That huge movement one of the biggest movements population movements in in recent centuries. Between 1830 and forty when the Irish sort coming in Welsh of course and Germans English we hear quite early. And and after the civil war. In the 1870s. Especially on the eastern and southern Europeans. I guarantee you if your polish descent. What Ukrainian descent your relatives came between the median 1920s because we shut the door in the twenties. We passed three laws in the twenties. To stop the eastern and southern Europeans coming in because congress and my fellow sociologist who testified warned us. At these eastern and southern Europeans were to looting the genetic and morals stock. Of the nation these are inferior peoples. In 191. So we passed three laws and we week cut back on the immigration. From southern and eastern that we increase it from Northern Europe. We also show about the Chinese losses have a lot of money so again this is a big legacy and we need to appreciate that legacy including the struggles. Because here we are the beneficiaries of that legacy. Our lives are a whole lot better than theirs and they'd be very happy about our lives are a lot because this is what they wanted this they wanna they want our lives better than theirs. King's College certainly expressed an attitude of gratitude by having this won't hear so we have an institutionalized. Attitude gratitude we have in our hearts. We also evident. The place behind me. And that's the second point I won the second point is this idea of a legacy place. A legacy place though the legacy of place places are very important. Because they symbolize. Who we are and when we come from and what's meaningful life. When anthropologist with the human beings are meaning seekers we seek to provide meaning to realize he can't do very long without meaning you. And forcefully today a lot of folks find meaning in things that are not very healthier very productive and are very short term. Very consumers oriented in worse this place provides a legacy of meaning for a long war that forever oh. Long as we're around his name's gonna keep on going up. I think you're breaker was that was a place that's racist symbol of so many things historical preservation is all about this. The battle Wyoming monuments and there's a place that is very important to us so it's it's elect is via in the home disaster memorial in Plymouth township. But not disastrous flight you've seen them walk along the river by the eighth street bridge in so beautiful walk. Rails to trails conversion you could see the site there's a marker with a with a record broken that site for the Whitman came easily shift these numbers came out there are twelve men still wondered brown still on the river. It's there it's they're very they're 55 and in Pittston. At the twin shaft there's still buried there at those places there are sacred places places are very important. This place in back of me the miners' memorial park. In the wall honoring side provide meaning Ellis who we are. Remind us that we are not merely individuals pursuing our own interest rather were part of a community where part of history. Part tradition part of the legacy northeastern piano is nice as I say has one heck of this talk in detail. As my one friend used to say. When we are playing cards are playing sports you'd willingly tied us but they never beat us it was a real optimist. Would run often beaten anyway. I will say that our history is is good isn't it mr. they might times. But they won't be news. When you look into it when you scratch below the surface of this history it is one whale of a history and it is it is our history so ladies and gentlemen. We're proud of these men and back of us who were on the wall on we probably the ones that are coming soon I'm proud to vehicle cracker and I'm sure that you are. And I'm sure these guys on the wall are. This is our legacy this is who we are this wall commemorates that it's like say it's a deeply moral in that sense occasion. After the service we spoke to Tom Burke. The son of benefactor Jim Burke about his father's unwavering support for the areas mining history or. We're sad that he's not here see it. He passed that two years ago but. He was here when that when the ribbon cutting. Ceremony to open the park occurred and this was this this this this this phase two. And guy he would have been so delighted. I think I think to be here. Feel the vibe that was going on I mean you know he. He always said that. It's in the DNA of the folks from the valley. Mining history and it's history it's that's being lost and that's what this park was all about it was too. Not only. Commemorate the lives of miners but to educate. Just. About the sacrifices that they they need to make this country really what is what is it since. The tutorials around the park that was the education piece. And the commemoration peace is the wall of on there. And we had 807. The five names on there now we hope to get you know many thousands more. And it couldn't be in a better better place public square books there. Where so many people will be able to enjoy this you know my father. Was it was a very. I think successful man in business and and in various things but he never forgot where he came. And he was a native of Wilkes-Barre. And and he always. Felt that this was his home. And he had uncles who worked in the mines relatives who worked in the mines. And he he always believed and taught his six children never forget where where you came from and and how you got there and and I remember his speech here. We stand on the shoulders of those that came before us and he's right. And and that's what this was all about his views to honor those that that sacrifice and and deserve. Are our gratitude list. We're delighted to be here it's great that. Court dale mayor Dorothy dues alert came to the wall of honor dedication to see her father's name unveiled. My dad starred in the mind as a breaker for me at eight years old. And from there he became a main nerve and did get to use. License to set up charge set out charges. But he Ali's. Knew when their worst under the cave and he would get this man now there's justice in stinky yet and until he died he said of the minds open Tamar. I'm gone back just kidding no. A lot of people sent back. He did he did he talk about in a breaker Boyle not too much. I mean came from a Dick and me either steal this. So he had it you know go to work against him. That's why it was a very actively what did you feel when you saw his name on the spot wonderful. I was the boy he never had so I restrict them all the time and we have four girls from the them. And he just taught me so much. Like quick repairs and doing things I miss and so much. Caron yeah amorous of Dallas was also there to see the name of her father frank PE amorous little bit about your dad. He was our Superman. He worked in the mines we were actually just trying to figure out. This afternoon how long he worked in the mines we think it was probably like thirty years. So he'd miss a hard work. It started I think he quit school when he is anything. Because he has to go to work in mines to support his family. And he worked there but his sentencing for thirty years. What did he tell you that you remember the most about that kind of experience. You know he didn't really talk to me on the youngest. And all of the kids so he didn't really talk to me a lot about it so my older siblings and no more they've lived with him. I reaction did you have seen his name her today I love that his I am the one who did this on my family I saw it. I think I saw an advertisement. And I called right away and got the so organized so it's been a long time coming identity. Did this like a year and a half ago so it's so cool to see it finally happened for more information. Visit WWW. Dot eight HF DN dot org or call 570851. 0537. You're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. It's good you were listening to special edition on intercom communications. Hosted by sue Henry. The Society of Professional Journalists just wrapped up the notation on ethics week. And it seems as though this concept is needed now more than ever in the trade. A recent Gallup poll shows trust in journalists. Is that the lowest point in the organization's history. Gallup began asking about the media in 1972. And trust among the public stood at 72%. In 1976. It's now at just 32%. We spoke this week to any PA native Andrew Seaman. Our senior medical writer for Reuters and the ethics committee chairperson. For the Society of Professional Journalists. Epics we haven't been around for quite a lie we got on aspects. All around forward Sam you know it it's pretty much like one of Michael I'm jobs now I answer questions from journalists on the about you know what Terkel start doing wider view and everybody circus spend time out sort of the bridge between. Journalists and the public. I think it came about several years ago sort of patch yet we're split that in over the past few leaders it's always spend the last week of April. And it kind of port eighty factional colonel Richard the nation's largest professional journalism organization should really settle it on abdicating and educating people about ethical responsible journal what I hear it by. So try and get some events they got there without help are headquartered in Indianapolis. And with our membership and leadership to get attention and sort of the aspects which you can't get around some forms of 1920s and then also it's about what's going on in the world maternal and you know now it's a very interest in crime in general terms. You have you know president trump would not stand the media or is it treating or at least the domestic. And he has sort of leaning trapped in the so I think you know that here was a very important here too so I ran out so it'll be a bit here we're cabbie. I'll billboard in Times Square there cookie here in New York City and here I popped into your crops that. The word out GOP. He gave epic code displayed on the big screen and then I'll be a mother and going on in the current according to cap media. That we quit some letters to congress and every member of congress will be getting any code of ethics apart without a letter from. Now that the hot topic Sanders is you're very well aware. Is this blanket. Of the news I mean is thrown out all the time now it's kind of distressing for people I believe. Who are trying to act ethically and and do their jobs right aid and and so on and so forth to be called out as peaks are phonies but the definition of who is a journalist. I think is is clearly in transition. I don't think so you know one of the things I always sort of put forward is that back. At the development of the country the word journalist Latin pop a good term we've let those people who made up beards so yeah they need to put a very big problem. And over time what happened is the performance areas in the 1920 the nineteenth on good. You saw in your stars aren't taking shape so you started seeing. Jay put out a code and much other journal and organizations that are currently. And that you saw that (%expletive) to you sort of that very focus on aspects and accuracy true. In the need to know hundreds. Through the digital. What's interesting about the Internet if anyone can be your journal and look at things that you all put me on as well is that person internal or not. One of the really interesting thing about the United States that the First Amendment. That wouldn't say that as what it's it doesn't that's fine look at it just has that ever one has the ability and the freedom of the it's not meet its patent a journalist but what I am saying is that what we all get together. These are standards and the abstract says that we believe. Make good internal about. So I guess they look good journalists to order bat journalist or maybe an expert care but you know great leader is not a sense. So founding partners sort of put everyone be eternal. Man and it certainly you don't have the latitude. To go out and disparage. Anybody and say listen and to add not a journalist I mean they're there for this tough thing because. I think there is this grouping are lumping together. Of all kinds of people under the banner of the term. Journalist to be somewhat frustrating for you. Definitely and I biting cable computer but it sort of burdened that I have to error because when you look at the different cable news channel you have Fox News that you have Sean Hannity and definitely on that putting a shepherd Smith does really great turtle meat or eight beat a great incur the same equipment and eat the unit are you out. Chris meant is you're upon it but then you have like Tom's Robert shoot under in the patent also great anchor it's typical because when they look them altogether in that circuit could cheer as people. And I think one of the problems when it comes to trapped in media is that the media environment got very complex very quickly. So even though like the 1980 I went to a child like and we're not old by I am I so remember went screened or at an afternoon paper. I'm and that was before the Internet so you had a morning paper you have the stage show you had the afternoon and broadcaster and afternoon paper and on the evening broadcasts but you didn't happy. And then on the Internet came along you had new all the time. And I can't say that it anymore or enact here I think you should be just because I think the numbers are just a lot bigger so it's noticeable. And think are a lot more transparent. Hiding it that would mark and you recruit people that you know there's so many options and it's it's like well. Should I believe that your turning them up news.com. Lynn bit web site looks exactly like the other web site at saint coming completely beside it that we computing. Indeed it is also in the aero. That we're in right now with the president trump the the media often and gets that ridiculed release of truth they. And if fact he's been and kind of somebody who's been instrumental. In making people have terrible few things about the media who. The things that he does talk about have a little bit of justification. But at the same time. He is also somebody who makes the job a little bit difficult but what's happened to. The the crash after the profession since he was sworn in. That you believe needs to kind of be rectified because people are yelling based mostly about about things. I bet I'm very happy where journalists so far stop I'm you know waiting when we passed the White House passport com I am pretty happy with there. Their actions around because back in Iraq I think a lot of people say under Obama the past let loose to and hear things like that and I think that's on some level true I think the press for a very long time even before Obama will they were a little bit too comfortable. Military routine for them so when. Your routine sort of rest on your laurels but. I think would triumph. Because good news hit administration came in and basically said. Literally you're the opposition party I don't think oppressive acting like the opposition party but I think what they are acting it is. People need to find stuff out. So I hope that continues even after the term administration whether it's in pretty years sir eighty years or however long it up that car but cycle back heats up what they. Well I don't want to see. Continued it in a lot of use of anonymous source. I think. Just from talking to people within government because it is all administration the Obama administration that Barry. Unmet if I get to be the term you know you need it's beyond their message in the controlled and so in the administration are sort of feel like it's mostly like. Don't speak out against match message order you might find about it jobs so it obviously people don't want to be speaking now. So they asked for anonymity. You know I'm sure people within the administration request anonymity that it Joba journalist to push back against that because what the speed. We CNET and president comes out that our president as you can sort of just disregard. Sorely anonymous source that because if you don't know who they are. What is the rate of their. So it's an amount per cent do they really important. I think what you see anonymous sources in the larger public feature like watching a coast in the your Colleen. They are bad at and they don't bring that lightly but at the time I I don't think it should be printed as an asset is. I think that that kind of sourcing seems to be a bit. In an evolutionary puree it though because I believe in the past that some of the best stories ever put out had to calm. From people who were anonymous but known. In other hours I guess I want a clarification honest with you. Just because the paper says that a source is anonymous doesn't mean that the source is unknown to the new recorder. And I hope you are really again good reporters. Put their credibility. On the line. When they decide to use these type of sources I don't think that they should be. Diminished in any way shape or form. If the information needs to get out from some one. Who cannot. Have their name put in the story now I. That that is. Completely cracks are usually part fault or anonymous source that large public turn it before you use an anonymous source you actually get permission from your ear and get some heat at the top editor of the news organization said the good identity of the source needs to be now paltry. And you're correct that a lot of stories will not happen and you know some of the most important stories what happened without anonymous sort of look at what happened. Live side general Mike Flynt that would not have come out if it were not for anonymous sources and similar or better. Large stories sort of half the time span. My issued earlier too and you know if you're getting an anonymous source as saying that you know president from block surrounding that out sounding like that. It's not really bicycle you're sort of the national conversation. Down from anonymous sources are control certitude at all of them it's just that we need to use them. Morse air in Myanmar appropriately. In this day and a disease it's you and I both know Andrew people go to FaceBook for news and that has changed a lot. Mostly because some of the things that you see on FaceBook are just blatantly. Faults and you have people spreading them like you know somebody's dad that's a celebrity in its. Yeah beach her look this kind of stuff when the general public gets involved with that kind of the spreading of stuff this week. It's really a problem for everyone is and it. Definitely and it's it's been a problem for democracy you don't want to oversell the thing at the same time you need to hear. Sort of step back and realize that the role paternalism and admiration dissemination players. Isn't that you know we don't have a direct democracy we have you know the system where. We send people to Washington DC resent people stir already. And you rely on journalists in the reliant people to go to air and say OK well here's what they're cute curious what they're not. When you get people who are purposely putting out the separation and he never threatened that system because it's their body count just going in line and sometimes you know collider or typing the people than the truth you know it's it's the government's plodding and something against that so people person for the government put out a new bill for the environmental. And administration. Which one to beat people usually quick click and it's definitely a problem because then when people go in the voting group and they don't have quality information to equality actually sit. And the cold Turkey as a journalist found it to get people that the best information possible. And not to tell them what to do it but it just give them beer army shot and and say. Go out and do what you think is fast and when you have an inspirational player around the saints got that sorted jeopardize her bat so. It really the people to sort of be a little bit more. Critical of what they'd be on FaceBook click through and compare it to other web site and he's a legitimate news source. Work is something completely are Regis don't click through lottery might get a virus in your computer. But it if the sourcing. The name of the source looks weird than maybe that's a thing would be and finally Gallup poll shows that journalists have a long way to go. To gain trust. With the public how does the SPJ take that issue op. And what are the things that you do day in and day out to increase public trust. One of the good things about TJ that we have chapters all across the country. So we can't journal and we have. Chapter in northeastern Pennsylvania keystone state chapter so what we're urging chapters dispute it's reached out to the public so I think STJ for a long time and the organization that's focused on journalist and the development of journalist and we'll still do that but we definitely now have a role where do you recharge the community say it. Here's what journalism. And here are dilemma trend here are the benefits and get the people across the country mobilized to sort of educate people about what we gave I think that'll go a long way on to building trust because the senate having heard of those. She years in the distance on the manner at the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. Com or even in your local community like the time of year assessment or the times leader you know. How more community engagement so that people know that your state know that they're out they're working report. Not been tracking it fixed salary and they have been problems and everyone else. And bridging the gaps but also realize that the stakes will be like in any profession. And one of the things that I like to remind people out is that. Charger and all of them but at the same our name on it we can hardly sit for good. Com we can actually get more for eternal. More than likely now that you know Walter Cronkite equipment apple you know most men in America to the plate and thinking tricky cute she bugged. A committee rhythm at the national curve up there national convention and you re shot interviews which are spent to make himself to a person about it. Something like that probably would not to notice these days. So we have the tools to make turtle and better and hopefully it will be their new bridge the gap in guide people. After Andrew Seaman a graduate of Wilkes University. Senior medical writer for Reuters and the ethics committee chairman for the Society of Professional Journalists you're listening to special addition. On Entercom communications. You were listening to special edition on intercom communications. Hosted by so Henry. Although our retirement is an important life goal seven out of ten adults are concerned they won't have enough money for their golden years. Others want financial guidance yet may be hesitant to reach out for help selling vaults her mean knows better than others about strategies for retirement. First she recently met that milestone. And seconds she's the author of a new book get the most out of retirement. Checklist for happiness health purpose and financial security. She spent more than twenty years as an attorney and told us about travel housing and financial preparedness. One of the things that made me feel comfortable that I can. Sort of stepped into retirement a little bit earlier that I had planned. Why is that. All along that I had been saving in my IRA. And working can make sure that I had a comfortable cushion. Because one of the keys. Saying steady is kind of frightening about retirement either staff are longing and saving. Looking forward to it social security and whatever else income you might have fallen. And that you've got to move from. Saving to spending. About. K that you and building so a calm and found not as long as possible can be. Saving for retirement and then realize and you need to start. And then huge savings. There ever a moment when people. Can no longer. Get involved in some kind of saving because they received a message from somebody that's ads too many people were really ends. Have our only will have Social Security is person says they prepare taxes. And they see many people. Do not contribute to their pensions or future and we'll have nothing but when they do retire so what advise is people soon. At least try to do some. Yeah well I am marine. Don't think you've paid for help because. You were working because. Of the benefit of compound being entrenched. There that you saved. Continued to grow it hard and very frequently find that extra money kept them away in this saving. But having bad if you. At any way you can pink Sox some money away will make your retirement much more comfortable. There are a lot of people who weren't wearing. Only on their Social Security benefit. And no matter how much spent Social Security benefit might be it is never it's never been intended. Can you Foley made to your retirement. They're comfortable. Another important thing to do as you are approaching retirement. Is too. I had down and at least not build your desk and start working on paying it down a magician cans because they interest that you have to pay on debts. Work against you because. It is just more moment that you have to pay. Get rid of principle on form. NASA get to aggressive play I guess what that debt payment because that could be. Costs you burden and retirement if you so carrying up a lot of that in you're like maybe scaled down a tad when you're looking toward the finish Scion brand. Yes we want to have the least amount of debt going into. The parent initiatives pin is always managed. Because. Don't get payments that you have to pay would restricted funds during retirement in more catastrophic. And the debt that you're paying now. Okay and your book talks so a lot and there are great places where people can. Frank notes and then end and things like that it's it's very very well organized and could see your little bit of a control freak which I admire. Autopsy. The wrong. Thank you you tell people to get the most of their retirement by using a fifteen. Key steps it in order to achieve the goal to people selling get to retirement and in kind of aware where there. Driving through an airline sent to seventy miles an hour and suddenly they're going zero and it's a huge. Huge adjustment that they hadn't expected. I didn't want more painful requirement should not be a shame yeah you're our opponent who owns about iPhone. I encourage people to do in thinking about what they're going to do in every parent. Ali we have had made. Too many people. Do you kind of flowed down side. It doesn't necessarily mean what can come to a full stop. Planning on what you want to do you want to do all this owe more on moral thinking about. How you can continue to contribute. In new York community. However you define that committee that community. It's really. A significant part planning for how retirement going to be fun how it's going to be beneficial. Can you. Our infinity doesn't change when you step Allison. The working world. And in many. Circumstances the best thing to do in retirement can still strive for a new identity. And bought a school and during next travel he wanted to do. Contributing. Through volunteer activity is. Spending time with your family these are all things that can make sure that your retirement is not a full stop. That is in new directions. In terms of the people making decisions about where they will live. When they retire and this is part of fast I would call in what you also call the adventure. That happens after retirement are people Sally deciding. That they do want to make a significant move. Aaron retirement and I guess that there are places. In the United States that says they can do so may be it economically that are a little bit more feasible for them and maybe where they live now but also I. Out of the country. Can't talk about so that trend or that kind of movement with retirees. Moving out of the country it's certainly. An interest in adventure. It is something that I have compassion. I would certainly make sure you stay and some time in their new possible location. Particularly if it's a dramatic change of environment blow in the worst feed them and make sure they had. I am. The other thing you've been a non insurance each team can use your your life thing. I encourage people that and then extend a mom up on my own brand name or or leads them. Property book or actually. Making that more permanent some. Moving. Permanently moving and changing your residence you need to be sure that you have a clear idea. Up to four. What kind of at the daily living expenses they're going to be are you going to have sufficient funds to. Support your lifestyle. That you're considering to. High property. You need to be sure that you check with the embassy. The new country as any restrictions. On foreigners. Owning property. Are you all so. A good idea. Is to make sure that you have a very good conversation. We'll see. Embassy officials. As you've got kind. He you would be able to obtain. Some countries in irons I retirees to come. Others are concerned. That they you're not going to become a drag on their society. And we want. To be sure that you have. Sufficient ongoing resource which can be able to maintain. Yourself and not become a burden on the new society it's also important to check out whether that. How clear that you will need. He is going to be available and how much a phone that are sometimes I'm a health care in and other countries do it. A credible and or and maybe even cheaper then I'll let me in the United States but. Everybody have to keep in mind durable retirement age. That Medicare is not going to cover you if you move out all night in full. Ten though those are really good things to remember Sally is there a place in the United States right now that is such kind of hot for a retirement is their place this become very high. Popular and a Florida out where we live obviously seems like a great option because it's I had another statement somewhere where we live some people get done a little bit. Sick and then we live in a northeastern Pennsylvania and it's cold and a lot is there another part of the country where people are finding. And affordable place to go and community's social and other individuals. Who are also retirees. Welcome Blair wants to call off. I think people are not so much moving forward on a ball so much and all they need soon. Com. All the rural location loans are loan at a lot of studies showed poor people. Why mold for pop to a mall good vibrant community to fetch and off a whole range along the home. Carlos came down. I walk all. Art and entertainment. In the option to. Play. Class since. So I would say that's probably one of C. Two Robinson or read tire eat into into. College communities that may fifth generation the vibrant. And then says oh see. Multiple opportunities. For. Culture and education. And intergenerational experience this probably is one in a magnet. I know. Communities in North Carolina. And in Colorado. I have been. I attracted to god. Loves to play it on the web two of sad happy you know best places to retire. That are perhaps. Not so normal for ferret go to Saint Petersburg Orlando kind of a drive. Well I'm I'm good to see that there is so little bit of an evolution on them I think it sounds like a great idea. Chaos and a chapter in your book. About money in and finances. And prom and how important is it so that's. Do you do you think NH it's it's just it's very touchy. But how important is it if you do have some assets that you think beyond your own life. Actually the point of retirement and protect some of those assets. So maybe they don't get sent turned over to the government at some point instead of to your ears and a lot of people never wanna have this conversation. I don't particularly true ARP clearly show that there Q primary goal that people have. We need is to make sure that they have enough money from them solve pollute the apparent in the lifestyle that they wish. So that they really want to do how. The opportunity to leave. Some sort of legacy. Can there of their children or to their grandchildren. Or two. Particular charity care implications for the and meaningful. Phone or in their life. So it believed that in mind you I'm on the beach it's my money from needed and can make sure that I can live the life and retirement that I wish. I also. You want to be sure that I have. Enough money that I can leave at least some lasting legacy came my kid. Kool Aid panic attacks. What I have a laugh and a significant amount of money to escape. 08 conference. No only really. See very wealthy those that have over a million dollars that need to. Could be actively concerned about particular for a savings strategies. To avoid it happened. The government came share from what you wish to pass it to your input or your grand kids. That is doctor Sally bouts Humi who wrote a new book get the most out of retirement. Checklist for happiness health purpose and security you're listening to special edition. On Entercom communications. Thanks for listening to special edition. 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