Sen Scott Wagner

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Monday, June 19th

Senator Scott Wagner (R-28th) talks with WILK's Sue Henry


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It's Monday morning at support at stake your pants bring. Yes it really is and I'm glad they decided to join us because I'm very interested in your campaign for governor. For a long time I I thought that you really have that the goods to become the governor of Pennsylvania am glad we finally got to have you on the show so for people who haven't. Followed your career can you tells a little bit about your background and in your accomplishments thus far. We're also who thank you and I again thank you per line mile showed today. I'm 61 years old this start and business when I was nineteen years old. So stressed or two today. I'm in the waste there's several. Waste company with a little over 400 employees have a trucking company dump trucks don't trail first. And not have an interest in another waste coming so I'm a private sector business guy have been action sitting at my. That might waste company this morning to talk to a stop on meet the couple managers for an hour. And up Palmer private sector person. And out the end 2013. Senate seat opened up down your counted twenty senate district. And dies after being an ATM machine for many many years. Or politicians you kept stopping by. Telling me that run do just do that image stop by two years later they have accomplished I think it just it just wanted more money the next time. But it also regulations and my business and they're just. A lot of things and I tour became very setup except 2013 under run up a run for the senate. So I ended up wrapping up my campaign to thirteen. Went for four months and not I I really believe I might scare. That's a good leader senate majority leader at the time of Senate Leadership. This guy's gonna win and you know I've just not have a I have a good relationship with so people in my community so them yeah. Just where 2014. The senator signed. The later that day the lieutenant governor out came out and set a special election date stand out. Which was 68 later and a march 18 2014. I won the first ever write in campaign in the state of Pennsylvania in its first in history. So. Got to 111000. Votes that day and one that's special Election Day and the the other Democrat Republican got 111400. Sworn into the senate in April of two April 2 2004. I just finished the and the marks my third year in Harrisburg. And I'll tell you I do is complete and I've now I get to Harrisburg and and I I just salt stop immediately I'm I'm a private sector business guns to make and as civilians. And it's bet so. We went through you know I'm very detailed and a governor or the administration. In fourteen and then we have. You know governor wolfman and playing golf or what went into the budget impasse for an encore which we we really to. It could but in past that. We don't we have got to go opposite just think she's smarter than ever did Olsen know they hit the answer is to raise taxes. Stuff like that. So you know I I made the decision actually back in that it back during the impasse I just said you know we can do better and it worked many many ways we're powerless in the house and senate the governor governor surely that person sets the agenda. It's time that we put a private sector business sky Ian. You know in the governor's office. Soon. I will tell you the longer the single largest problem that we haven't Harrisburg as we do not have a revenue problem. The other spending and mismanagement problem. And when you get to mismanagement you get to zero accountability so we can do a lot better so I made a decision. You know way back when when I ran for the senate and I was on a mission to Cadillac with whom I got to elect and out. Nor private sector business guy I don't take no for an answer not backing down. And you are proud of over my 35. Plus there's this career private sector business career you know I've created thousands of jobs and I am proud of the fact that I've probably signed. The front of more than one million paychecks. So I just know what to Harrisburg because I got fed up with we can't get done and people need to know we are not gonna change Harrisburg until we changed governors. So. I think I want to go to Harrisburg and I want to represent the people Pennsylvania and I wanna help. People put more more money in their own while it's and and status have the skills to do so with that to our got a long winter but I Abuja. Or it was it was a good. Background and a dissertation about to what you what you want to do now you say that the governor controls this agenda in the state of Pennsylvania and that's why you want to seek the office. And you also say the kind of won that cut through the year a red tape then Malays if you of Harrisburg frustrates you the most. Senator Wagner about what you see because seem to be somebody who wants to get stuff done. Right away quick. To rip probably my my biggest. I looked and I don't get frustrated and just become more determined. What I achieve a just baffles me is the speed and everything and Harrisburg. You know it's bad enough when you try to pork cane syrup out of a bottle. There have been at room temperature but just imagine put it in the freezer or try to port often happens. We are sorely lack. Gain a strong leader you have in any organization you have to have. Big strong leader who provides leadership. A person who provides vision. So we don't have that and again and I you know I don't like debate governor Walt skills but he doesn't have the skills to be the governor unfortunately. And we have this we have to change. The way we're doing its most of our sport so it's the speech sir that's that just. Just lease senator Wagner isn't it great that the state would be able to shut down our phone call. Well I mentioned governor wolf Sean and I guess the meteorologist that east and 400002 probably has switched. In his office somewhere he you know you know it turned on lightning or shuts down radius. Yeah it lingle stun is nowhere near sped away just one point tour but did. Pick up you're not where you were about so they had at how to change this. I dynamic in Harrisburg and get somebody in in the chair the knows how to lead. Sure this is what I found and Harrisburg there are there 80000 state employees at those include the school teachers and I will tell you that I have talked to a lot of people. And they wanna do a good job and I I would believe that there are people labor and industry that wanna do a good job but. Those people it was it was repeal through an auto with the auditor general that the computer system that running over labor ministry was put in in 1958. Could you imagine operating in Europe in your business world private sector with a computer from 1958. If they wanna people are starting for leadership people are starving to have someone. Who. Oh. I'm it's becoming a little comical Bullock and I say send your Wagner. Well. Saw. We're good yeah we're good. That's. It's still the place is starving for leadership. And that's and I IE I have respect. I have respect for turning and I just how long conversation with a plan to mine wasn't turning birch just were turning. And I should you know did you go to law school. And take leadership class is that you lost won't take finance classes did you go lost we'll take relationship classes negotiating classes and the answer is no. We were you know we need the private sector businessperson eight true. Private sector business person. Governor wolf represented to us that he wants a private sector business got it. You know I have a lot of respect for multi generational this is the governor wolf came in you know he was a six generation. Business owner of his business. He wasn't on the operational side he was more like the nonprofit guy he you know he served on boards and act on the stop but the place to serve its is just starving her leadership and so I actually. And then. The amount of money that's waist and up there we may we wish there were 400 million on a computer system upgraded labor and industry knows nothing to show what's going on. Wait so almost a billion dollars on a statewide radio system. And if money's gone in and way back when when when the up state police substitute. Troopers were ambushed by body air trying to open Pike County. When the state police went out you know we had a manhunt of him Pike County the system didn't work we actually had a brain. Motorola and set up a temporary system so. It's time it's time to it's time to balance your checkbook. And and so the first thing I would do is I would go to Europe based budgeting. A lot of though every nickel that is being spent in every department a lot of how much each department spent all their light bill on how much they spent on pencils paper clips. We want strongly that we do it in this private sector every single day and sure I talk about Euro based budgeting. 80% of the families of Pennsylvania reduce your based budgeting they sit down at their kitchen table or whoever they say that their kitchen island. And whether it's weekly. Monthly or quarterly they sit down and they look what their income is for that period and then look what their expenses. Or for that period and the rule number one has never spend more than you bring in. So that's 80% of Pennsylvania where they're already doing Europe based budgeting the other 20% the producer based budgeting or the people are. Their homes are being foreclosed longer they have other problems because they spend more than they may so. This is not. This is not rocket science tree. But you know governor wolf promised to change. Wait until you get those businesses but you know again even his own running mate. Lieutenant governor Mike the package abusing taxpayers. And the message I want people of Pennsylvania. I will be there warrior and Harrisburg. To put more money in their wallets. Very. And that's so that's. That's my story don't stick until it. Aaron here's a question or sometimes I've been getting some very very disappointing feedback from people who. Are either in leadership in the Republican Party or running for governor and it's. I'm gonna tell you right now where we live this is an issue a may not be an issue in other parts of Pennsylvania. It's property taxes I mean I live I have properties at and adjacent to my properties those homes are on by the bank and they're falling into disrepair. What what how do you see crappy sex reform being done in the state of Pennsylvania and isn't an issue he will take seriously if we put you in the governor's mansion. So here's my answer to this. I I will I will never tell you are now would never tell people that I promise you that I will eliminate property taxes. What would not sure if I would go to Harrisburg that will be mine number one priority and I will do everything sort of like you know. You know wrecking my car against a wall I will do everything. Humanly in my popped in my power to eliminate. School tax on real state and I believe it can be done. And I know how to do it and it's going to be we're gonna have to potentially look at taxing things aren't taxed. I don't wanna raise the sales tax from six to 7% but maybe there are some things that that need to be taxed and are currently taxed. We have the make up. We have to make up that revenues somewhere which flew in short of saying I've promised. Are we push for you I guarantee you that I will do my best to eliminate school taxes in the state of Pennsylvania. Because if I make to work and if fight if I get 80% there I don't want somebody come back saying he lied to us. I think I will tell you genuinely. I will port 5000%. Of my energy and to eliminating. School taxes on real state. Styling means I. Only got about finally. Somebody's saying that they hear the cries of the people I applaud you for that because we've had people on who made their eight including the head of the GOP of Pennsylvania and on and I feel about that back. But he literally gave every excuse the book like this can't be done that's not what the people want to hear. They wanna hear how it will be done now that it can't be done. You remember I I told Jim on a mission I don't take no for an answer and I'm not gonna back down and I believe that the house and the senate have enough conservative members that we can get this done. Absolutely you get it done but you have to be a governor you have to beat governor. Listen so I don't know how to say this I have a wonderful career I love what I do. But I with the Harrisburg. Because I was fed up okay I was tired of being abused by byte by regulatory agencies I was tired of being abused by. Career politicians using me as an ATM machine I went to Harrisburg. And now sue I you know I also should be SRC see the senate Republican campaign committee and I'm also proud to tell you when I joined the senate and it brought fourteen we only had 27 Republican senators to date we have 34. We are we are locked and loaded and we're ready to do things. So why travel the state last year what really for the last two years and I have. Not probably have almost a hundred events so far this year when I announced. You know I'm I'm I'm I am I am energized by the people like me I've met so many great people across Pennsylvania assume I've met people who are veterans. People who you know have worked for generations in up you know in a steel mill phonetic back closed down you'll in the coal mining industry. There are a lot of good people in Pennsylvania they just won a warrior who is gonna go to Harrisburg and fight for them. And and suitable when I tell you that I have a career. I think it's a diplomatically saying the best I can I don't need this job and I don't need the money. But because of the people I've met that's why I wanna do this let me be your warrior and I will go to Harrisburg. And I guarantee we're gonna get more things done. In probably the first two years we've never seen an alliance statements and we're gonna get our well we're gonna get our our checkbook in order we have to do that. I as senator Scott ignore at a time and I'm sad about it because we had on those weather interruptions but I would love to have you on the show him we come back. Absolutely soon I IA. Ever but I have a lot of friends and I'm spent a lot time from the northeast and make tell me that you are. You part of the radio lady there. So while it's good that they're listening in and I'm glad you did this Saturday it is our pleasure to have beyond Scott Wagner and now please come accent. Thanks a great day.