Mike Lombardo

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Wednesday, June 14th

Former and upcoming Pittston Mayor Mike Lombardo with WILK's Sue Henry


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Former Pittston mayor in future Pittston mayor Michael Lombardo. Wrote says that he was sending prayers to his friend. Steve Scully so I reached out to him so we could talk about the story behind. Is saying in his family's French ship with these police family how iMac Lombardo. I am I'm so sorry about your friend. Thank you very much we're all thinking about him and hopefully everything will go well and also the others. That were injured in this terrible event. Miked for for us it's hard to believe that you have confines of Pittston because you're so well known for for being there but for a time and your life you and your family lived in Louisiana right. Yet in the late in the late take these my dad was in Europe he beat her college. Commands the result. Then called upon worsened duty at the end of the Vietnam War and he was actually station in an induction dinner in Louisiana. We treat quote ship stopped the but my mom was acting as a sign my brother count him. I became very ill don't edit shipping them over these states. Move and went from tanner it happened in Louisiana. A crock degree from up and we got an oil well in the police's. And say it in relationship. To you and and Steve's police might or what what is euros a year age difference or are or how did you two know each other. Steven is about years younger than me and down you know so we spent time grownup. I'm playing on the street in front of our house. The inspection teams parent. Or my brother John Scott-Heron when he was baptized. So we eat we remain friends over the years. They were empty station down in Portland. It is bleak gramley. And even his brother his sister. I'm probably in the late seventy mile and spent about a week and a half what dot wearing. Rob Norton part of the country. And over the years we just stayed in touch and. That in our our lights sort of slighted again beat the ball got involved in politics. Look people what they wrap our. On the net for a very short period the editor and been ineffectual. That collect congress. Not feel the need of now governor or gamble our league will there though or meat they can puck over a year a he actually actually think that ever happened really what that was down. It thinks are important in your knee and I think we were even going at that boat that was standing in the hallway. Outside Aybar rating and the vote. And these and. Members of we adopt the name walking in and within their part in the fall and he stopped for awhile and it even encumbered and our letter very different than. When we're Maynard the same time though there are there's a lot of ways that are outline that crop but I spoke to about a month and a goat that was added that the the and we're gonna hook up for lunch and then it yet but would not go out for. When you heard this good news this morning I'm sure that you were deeply troubled on a couple different levels number one because your friends and number two because. Of Powell was you know you think being a politician. That today you might be safe but I guess no one is safe. I don't think they are and yes you know first but that but. It was really a terrible time in the country where I've never seen at least in my lifetime. It but by and large. That continues to seeing it what he continues the widening and and not closing would not bode well Darren and after we herald well I think that. All I say look this is terrible there with this note was focused or that we need to work together. And I think that's the local level I'm even more than ever we can demonstrate good examples of how. It will no matter what party you're with encore elect who are the days of the year. These are or will be different. Well what Dylan and them. But I think there could be a wake up all the written since the work together and I know a body and and impacting people I'm getting hurt work. But low level of what will we thought our foundation and sell Lou the ways and you know I think going forward currently need to do the hard. So when it crack the verbal and realize that. No American. We are lit and a great country so. We start the work that work for the right popular governor quite like it certainly not an answer any form. Yeah and my tan guy and look at this and none of the year you're known Democrat to Steve's release obviously a Republican in new to our friends see. It doesn't work. Behind the scenes and pod people like yourself by the way who take on the responsibility. Of fun being mayor because I look at used just to get him just a good job I mean that's that's what I see when I look at you and it's it's interesting that. You know you and Steve are on opposite ends of the aisle so to speak for your your lifelong friends. I think that our I appreciate the compliment. But you know. Over the years I've learned you know when I took up and start sitting governor Rick governor ridge goes Republican in and I have great respect for governor ridge and you would agree how light the city and then lieutenant governor Mark White and we are in your governor corporate parent aren't here. Well in the wee wee bit patent titled the flight. In the other idol or any other you know important we put people in and get hung up on. That are really are we about what the issue dark whether at a local level or whether their national level and all it would. Let's try to work. And find outwardly mean and they're not they're earth that your belt the perfect. Couple a couple of want to go right. I wind to a invite you speak on at the Baptist church and then and I walked into the church thinking and looking around. How everything was different. From from what Apple's Kirk I'd go to. In a couple dozen or what you're really doing what looked look or I'll think we're all for a moment like this that they're really comparable. Forehand. I hope you hit it where are we going Batman could battle. Think we're seeing. That morning that being. Matt Matt the same as the Mac but I don't you and I think that the real import oil from that. You know we need to learn and move forward and politic and a former club. But not need to be so violent that it will actually never be. We disagree we will scream we were out and bang Arctic but it shouldn't ever be elevated. And it level mid level of violence and blame all site for that. We are a bit they think they need to be the perk they have that there. Hope it is smacked a bar I hope that did it weakened and take a look at at what has happened here realized. How detrimental this isn't. How are awful the situation is and and try to come together just like AEU. And so many other people in new York community I mean living example of that I'm sure when you guys are getting together and you're trying to fix Pittston. You don't really give Maria who's hunt that's right you're just dinner for the greater good. I want everybody on our side and OK I'm not sitting here thinking about. But Republican congressman from Louisiana I'm sitting here thinking about my friend. You know that I known for over forty years she doesn't matter where you came from her. How he speaks a little differently than eight. You know say all. Or what his party is what he's a person in nineteen that there were all people. Not only remember who. I think the sooner we do that the federal. Barrera. Always a pleasure to talk to I'm sorry about the circumstances stint today. And we understand that although you're your friends Steve's release has been injured that he will make a recovery and were grateful for that. It's very much do I even pop and I have no doubt that he'll be back in doing what he needs to do. Thank you that's my.