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Maximize Your Health
Saturday, July 8th

Saturday July 8, 2017


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The following is a paid program the views or claims made it or not necessarily those of W Ohio case staff management or sponsors this is doctor gosh -- just is a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment. Also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SE. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now maximize your health with doctor Dan Galicia ski. This isn't maximize. Your health with your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish ST here to delivered the truth. When it comes to building and restoring your health. Naturally. That's something we all have the capability empower control to some degree so that's about getting our vice functioning right Mickey Sherman he's working properly on the inside putting the right food in our body now you easy a lot of these you know local news that that food can actually be equated to Madison to help promote function healing in an overall general health. And prevention disease us fitness oxygen reading your body getting your by moving or sitting at a desk furlong peers is time for 79 hours today and then going home eating. You would be burning you and be moving unit be using your muscles so that your body is fit and you have energy and you have stamina or performed those god given purpose he were called to do and then getting enough rest getting enough sleep that's something that I know myself I can even afford to get get more of tonight's only get six hours seven hours but I feel like 78 hours I thrive on if you're not getting sleep in your body isn't going to perform as well and I'm going to stay wells can be more prone to sickness disease degeneration. And so on so this is maximize your help the show is about you it's for you it's about your health in your life so I'm here to answer your health questions during the next hour 5708300981804370098. You can call with any general health related question maybe you're just given a diagnosis. If you're taking. Over the counter medication for pain and you know what other alternatives are out there what other natural health roots are are available to you. I can we be happy to help and in guiding you down the right pad there and human dietary question may be years someone who would be you know you're reliant on supplements and vitamins you and aware of the best brands out there what should I be taking what should I be taking. That's a question maybe it's your sunny your daughter maybe they're experiencing ear infections. Port I just have trouble or maybe they're just aired more having some attention deficit. Issues you know focus concentration memory problems. It was a cough I Simoneau 830098. Or 1804370098. I appreciate all your feedback I appreciate those you who tune in here every week on WI OK it's. Maximize your helper currently in the. Believe our seven year and it seems like time has just formed by here at the shelf and if this is your first time tuning in I wanna encourage you to visit our web site triple W dot Nepa doctored and dot com that's my website I'm not only the voice of maximize your health but I am the owner and founder of power chiropractic health center in Wilkes-Barre. And any PA doctor Dan dot com isn't just about maximize your health very confined all of the previously recorded podcast a maximize yourself maximize your health over the past seven seasons. You can learn more about power chiropractic health certain how low power chiropractic might be able to change your health and change your life. So on there you'll find testimonials to find a welcome video with myself just introducing myself to get a little bit of an inside of what power chiropractic tests offer. And there's also a link to some fitness videos some some work out videos that you can actually do at home with little or no equipment and I'm very little time. And then there's a bio myself and a little bit more explaining what chiropractors actually do sound a little bit later during the hour I have an article here and be talking about. Postures specifically forward had posture of the my sons doesn't resemble any morning signs like pain stiffness numbness tingling things that. In or is that there's a problem so but that's something that we have power chiropractic pride ourselves in trading awareness of correcting and preventing from getting worse over time so we're going to be talking about that a little bit later on the program. I'm here today we arrest to be the week coming up here in just a bit but I wanted to start off this show today. Tucker just cheering extort us studied actually I've found FaceBook here in the last couple days and it's actually posted on our FaceBook page so when you visit our website. For the podcasts to the radio link you don't think you're right to podcaster maximizing healthy in the web sites triple W dot any PA. GR DA in dot com that's neat but doctor Dan dot com book that bookmark them on your Smartphone on your desktop computer. On your tablet and so that we were easily accessible for you by. Also be sure to follow us on social media were on insert grand power underscore chiropractic. Power underscore chiropractic unanswered Graham FaceBook or power chiropractic health center Wilkes-Barre PA. And there were also on Twitter at power underscore chiropractic and EPA power Paris so if you just do a general search. If you type in power chiropractic more than likely you know you'll get a listens of of of similar names should be able to find is pretty easily. Just for doing a general search on the social media outlets. FaceBook Twitter and instead Graham be sure to check this out and get connected with us because for posting these articles there's a lot of times they get emails he calls diss semi article a lot of times is he's he's just following us on social media he'll he'll get them during the week when I post some to this article. Is linked to heartburn medication so. Though the conclusions of the study are that long term heartburn medication. Use is tied to higher risk of early death. This is is well again one of many articles is already out there showing that if you're dependent on medication if you believe that Dole's. Are the solution to creating better health long term. Then you're actually setting yourself up for an early death of an and it actually pore health outcomes and that's across the board that's only with harper medication there's a lot of other studies. And with other medications out there citing the same thing so in some cases addressing the root cause of heartburn can reduce symptoms without the need for medication at some point wanna drive home near do you think if you're taking a proton pump inhibitor. That's that this classification of harper medications are Calder called PPIs are proton pump and hinders. Millions of Americans are taking these drugs to reduce the symptoms of heartburn ulcers and other gastrointestinal problems. But lowering the amount of acid and stomach. This these these medications work by turning off pumps that produce stunning dash is basically. So doctors Diane Allen Lee an assistant professor of medicine at Washington university school of medicine in Saint Louis. And his colleagues checked to see if the drugs are also associated with higher risk of death. They quantified risk of death and they said that it was about 25%. In greater if you're taking these medications long term. Doctor a leak called the risk small but significant since such a large number of people in the United States. Are depend upon these medications and they're being so wily prescribed. End. This thing here is she says doctor releases short term they can be beneficial they can help stabilize. The levels on the gas and because there's higher levels yes I can create a problem that can cause more health complications. So once you get. The problem under control short term you would've come up with a better plan long term because being on these medications long term can actually have detrimental effects here gastrointestinal system. You wanna get to the root cause is so the medications in the right context. Can save lives. But long term you get yourself in the troubled cell. You don't wanna be on a proton pump and hit their long term for gastrointestinal symptoms or acid reflux or heartburn. Addressing the root cause according to this this MD doctor relieved. And says like he. Reducing alcohol consumption quitting smoking. Making diet changes particularly cutting back on foods a produce greater levels of ass and that's obviously going to be your soft drinks foods that are high in processed sugar. Artificial sweeteners. These are all going to cause a higher level of of stomach acid production if you're consuming. These foods Sanofi switch over to more of an organic whole food on processed diet. Vegetables fruits run at sea is not the fruit juices that data there that come from concentrate. And are highly processed let's let's sugars and sugar derivatives and artificial sweeteners but it's fresh squeezed. Your own orange juice lemon juice is doing a green drink every day then you're gonna keep your ear loop if you're not going to be triggering higher levels some audacity. Drinking enough water that's so critical. Balancing the the the apple any need to sit acidic PH in your body is important as well so. A lot of times if you just go to your doctor and you tell him I feel like alligator burning sensation when I swallow laureate you know any in the center of your chest. Immediately they're only that it didn't they may do it further tests just to determine the diagnosis but they're just gonna he knew that a script for a one of these medications. So now that you know and this is not my opinion folks this is not just doctor Dan he's a natural health nut out there in northeastern Pennsylvania saying stop taking drugs. There is a an appropriate time place for medication but this is is to simply raise awareness for some on the other maybe even taking these long term then all of a sudden another set of symptoms. Developed. Because you're still eating poorly you're still smoking. Is still consuming too much alcohol you're under high levels of stress you're not getting enough rest you're not functioning properly so all of these things the doctor doesn't even look at. Don't have time for that the sign their scope of practice so that's where we excel power chiropractic rumor we sell here on the program maximize your health or take the time out to teach you common sense health principles but you can become more aware of and you can learn more about over time and begin to make small subtle changes. Your lifestyle degree more and healthier lifestyle so this article again is on our social media pages. FaceBook where power chiropractic health center wilkes-barre she is a Graham were active and EPA power Cairo. And on it's a grand power underscore chiropractic. Follow us like us sick connect with us we're here to help you gain victory in your health. And in your life also if you subscribe for our weekly emails he's sent out an email. With the rest of the week similarly to covering here just no minutes. And we send these out. Get subscribe to. PWR Tyrell and PWR CH IR oh access And again if you health. Questions that help answers coming up five Simoneau 83009801804370098. The recipe of the week this weekend slim down slash created this recipe came from on our assistant Patti element she's also a certified holistic health coach. On her website is www. Alternate path healing dot com alternate path healing dot com and you can find more recipes there you can find articles there inspirational quotes and blogs and things of that nature. And as more cut information do you like to contact patty Delaware and directly to inquire about her service is but she's a team member of ours are honored to have her on Martina power chiropractic if this is her recipe this we slimmed down slash so perfect on a hot summer day like today. Okay so you're out you're in the garden you're working in the garage you're sweating you're tired you're feeling you need to drink something refreshing and cool. Why not make you healthy folks to the search should inform people so you're gonna take eight cups of watermelon cubes. You customize. A quarter cup of mint or one teaspoon of peppermint extract. And then water just a the way helpful in every minute everything together put everything into a blender or vita mix serve food processor. And anyone a blender until smooth you can also freeze into a popsicle mall. So I a lot of times we give kids particles it's a loaded with food coloring and preservatives and artificial sweeteners and high levels of processed sugar. That is dangerous to their health long term if they ethos. OK so this recipe here this slimmed down sauces great for kids two kids love this. So watermelon is super high dream cleansing provides much you electoral I think minerals in the body. Packed with minerals. And K very refreshing very hydrating. So again eight cups of watermelon to customize a quarter cup amends all he's watermelon mint water and ice cubes and there you go. Pretty simple easy to make you feel like to copy this recipe did go out yesterday so Jahri subscribed. Check your email inbox. You should have to see your inbox but if you're not subscribe and like to subscribe for our weekly emails sent us an email today at PWR Cairo. And As PWR. CH IR. At It's time to go to the phone lines we have Linda from evoke a tuning in today. Linda I Hornaday and. I'm great thank you can't help wondering well I I yeah I am oh wait being in an anxiety issues and a fight all week. More helpful or can get. It's a product called and oh yeah and get a good thing that reporters are European auto body that. I think they're both fantastic what I would do first don't look to any specific whether it's a prescription or even if it's natural supplement. Don't look to as a cure rather you look to it as something that can supplement and just help boost your health. So that the key pillars of health are going to be how how good is how clean is your diet. Are you living an active lifestyle or do you have a job where you maybe you're sitting in your sedentary and are you getting enough rest how much stress or you wonder how well your body function so once you get all those main pillars and order that's for this supplements like tumor can sing now can come in you know we are here it's gonna amplify the facts when you take them. Well I hate I don't get a lot of regret I just added depth in the family and Paul is a lot of stress I'm retired I'm six feet thick and definitely Trier. I'm sorry for your lives but if you're looking someone a kind of coach you along and work with you because Argentina powered car bragged he would be happy. To sit down with you and and to see how we can help in any way to help create a more balanced healthy life so maybe help and distressing things like that but your question the tumor can singing or re worried reckoning picking it up is over house nutrition since they're a sponsor of our show here or there where. Are. There in Lucerne so if you take you're revoked even if he wants outs in the 309 expressway and probably from you it's about a 1520 minute drive and set top. Gritty little town hall Lucerne. I'm gonna be plugging them here after the break here a few minutes. But there is a main street. So 50 eastern Missouri it's not have a GPS or like it's map quest RI a good. I do an. Yeah I do have want. Ads plugging the main street Lucerne house of nutrition and you should take you right great they're door. Church thank well thank you a much freer verdict increase. Awesome awesome weren't they sort of tuning in and let us know if anything we can do free in the future it's important sticky quick commercial break when I get back we're going to be talking about foreign head posture gonna talk about the imports importance of posture. And direct effects and how your body functions. Of Yemen desk job if you're under a lot of if you if you're getting aches and pains and numbness and tingling in your shoulders your hands. Maybe you're having shortness of breath asthma like symptoms trouble breathing and you may have forehead posture and I'm going to be giving you some actions of some what you can do about it stay tuned you're listening to maximize your health. With doctor Dan polish ASCII. Power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your cell phone and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in the corrected chiropractic care for all ages Williams is rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and -- synthetic Paulson. They started life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro by onyx can coach you tap this. Did you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to invest and build healthy for the future of the power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so. Call 8293580. Or visit need doctor BM dot com and EP ADR ga N dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 west and wrote wilkes-barre. Summer is in full swing and one in our region must popular parents festival this year saint Patrick's very summer festival is tonight starting at 5 PM. I think Patrick parish grounds on Jackson street in spring chicken. There's no need to cook because he'll love the delicious ethnic food live entertainment for many old friends and I don't surgeons aim for the kids. Each night for one of the highlights from the entire summer saint Patrick's parents summer festival I think Patrick on Jackson street constraints and. Introducing a new coaching podcast now that's a mouthful. This weekly program explores the shared experience of cooking and the challenges of preparing new and different recipes. Discover something new whether you're rob beginner gore does seasoned pro in the kitchen. New episodes of now that's a mouthful are available every Wednesday. 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Health potential. We're going straight to the phone lines are gonna mention our sponsors here in a minute. But we have Roberta from Kingston and she has a question about. App recliner is detrimental when you have back issues. So Roberta welcome to the program how can I help you today. Yes well I can adapt operations from my neck down capital and the mice dietary change collapsed got all wired together. To get their message now. I can known to put the walker I'm getting therapy but I can't just recently got a recliner. Campaign it's tree mode and I put it all the way back and I put storm pushed so Amare button and that comes up in my back. Cracks all the way down crack crack crack crack crack. I do that a bunch of times for Dana makes it feel better or doing any harm by going. No laps actually this year and if you're not taking your spine. Through eighteenth through over a full range of motion and some actually exists it's releasing pressure within the joints and that's completely okay especially if it's providing relief for him. That shouldn't really cause you prob. Okay. How many times I do it and I would be RA did. Domestically just so I can have them get a little bit of a visual you have it's a reclining chair and are sitting the company goes all the way to its back in the comes back up. Indefinite although Omar I think you push just how pop felt in the clear back as Israeli aircraft stealing. You supply although laid out loud when I can't stand up it goes comp comp comp drop Ford times all the way up. OK okay feeling right at the bottom where you have she's a decent surgeries infusions on your spine as well. Yeah if I can't find my mom met back there everything collapsed. TSX so. How long ago did you have that surgery. About eight years ago. So yeah I bought it walking with a walker but I am getting therapy aid kit is oh boy then be helpful for me to come and do you. He wait a good idea and now I can't do anything you can do any adjustments your spyware you had surgery but we X ray you when we wouldn't treat you the first this is so. To determine if we can help in chiropractic agenda might be something that can help and it's something that's specific and if you had some underlying insurgents some complications and you had previous surgery and then you know we'll we'll be able to see where he had that done. Oh we can't work on and then we'll let you know what were we are able to work. And my yeah well it certainly wandered off I don't know what I do about it. For cheering and I look forward to meeting you in the future Roberta all right still much you are great day so we are talking there about the spying are talking about being held can that help and I just iPad comrades had probably multiple conversations practice it was last week you know. To shy is okay for me cracked my own Acker cracked my own back and I don't advise him because it's very nonspecific. You should leave that job. Two professional like a chiropractor or physical therapist who is licensed and trained to do that because they're gonna do more of a specific assessment and evaluation and your spine. All right. If you. Column out of the bad news failure lower back for your middle back just released pressure here a little popping sound. And that's just happens naturally and that's okay that's bad section you know provide relief because you're not taking that joint beyond its. And range of motion phew well so you're just it's just releasing a little bit of pressure things are locked up. You know maybe slightly somewhat saner misalignment. And things just kind of reset and that that popping sound it's a combination of air and fluid in the joint space cults and O'Neal floated so it's completely natural normal and get that sometimes people crack their knuckles. If that's the same type thing that you leave the same type of joints within your spinal column to be here that I wouldn't be alarmed me word but I wouldn't be some wouldn't you like twisted. Hyper rotate to one side or the other side just try to make that sound like younger people are more likely to do that some older people have gotten that have a when they're younger and so do it so that's using right now. Please don't do that because there is a story that my our other key number was sharing with us a spot this past week she was across they're she ended up. She self adjusting south cracker Mac and she immediately had radiating shooting pain and numbness going down our arms. So she had to be admitted to the ER and you know they had embraced didn't they found that she had some type of neurological and Benjamin because she was self adjusting. A bone that didn't need to be adjusted so leave it to the professionals folks we got your back no pun intended so viewed your existing getting its final and I wish you. Cost of power chiropractic torn wilkes-barre 57082935805708293580. So let's go to our sponsors we just recently picked up our second sponsor. The ride wellness center in Kingston to we had the owner found amber summer's drugs she was on our show. Last week in the week before. This month they're having a weekly nutrition and well support and so for thrived wellness. They offer I'm just gonna probably touched the tip of the iceberg of all the services they offer their pulse electromagnetic frequency does an open house on Thursday July 13 from 9 AM until 8 PM. You've tried the PE MF it's great for detox defying week fifteen dollars or reduces inflammation and docs is an ace tissues improves strange emotion. You do need an appointment for this to the phone number as thrive wellness is 5702830111. 5702830111. Or visit their website ride wellness Kingston dot com. The arrival on this case not common in this and that they offered Chinese medicine. Integrative wellness exams. They do nutritional coaching they do massage therapy deep tissue massage lymphatic drainage shiatsu reflexology cranial say early therapy it's essential oils. I detox foot bass and again the PM half the pulse electromagnetic frequency. And then the acupressure in the popping so the topping is ever one that remembers the Olympics from last year Michael Phelps had those red bumps all over his shoulders as a back in. That's the carping technique. So you can learn more about that by contacting. Thrive while listener we think thrive while us. For sponsoring maximize your health there are thriving wellness Kingston dot com. Or 57028301211. And we also want to thank house of nutrition they are an alternative grocery organic vegan bakery. Kraft Foods green cleaning supplies natural supplements and remedies and fairly trading guest house of nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices. Their phone number 5707140436. Or you don't like him on FaceBook house of nutrition also be sure likes thrive wellness center in Kingston on face. Is well connected. It's about. Building in restoring health and northeastern Pennsylvania so housing nutrition provides all the top of the line supplements whole food based. I'm great grabbing go snack foods they have rod Jerry they have organic pasture eggs organic free range means grass fed beef. Wild caught salmon. They have. Protein you know plant based protein they have fresh organic produce these support local. Be sure to visit them there at fifty main street in Lucerne thrive wellness is okay you know Wyoming avenue in Kingston so we think both thrive Wallace senator and house of nutrition for sponsoring this. Program of maximize your health so I wanna challenge all you now you know starting with me how I I can definitely. I haven't reached a level where I feel like I've hit my cheek health potential or my peak fitness potential cell. I can deal worked out three to five days a week. You know work in radio and a busy office we serve you know. A lot of people during the week you know from kids to adults to keep it to teenagers and everyone in between. So. It's important for me to take care my my health and my fitness so. I wanna talk now about a challenge and 120 AD playing challenge and it only takes a few minutes a day. You do this point challenge which the number one in ten years to help strengthen your core. So this is for anybody out there where you have a history of lower back problems sciatica hip pain knee pain. Or maybe you currently don't participate in any type of fitness challenge or any type of fitness program. To maintain a level and and achieve a level of fitness so core strength it's more than just a a buzz term that I've heard in the fitness community. Core strength assures vs strength of deep muscle groups in your abdomen back in your boots. The three muscle groups that are essential to supporting your spine and helping you maintain your balance if what you do involves sitting for a large part of your day this is. For everyone who has a desk job we got a computer or you're on a Smartphone you tech's senior emailing all day long for seven hours for even 56 hours a day. Then you may not have to have that strong core that's required helping maintain healthy spine. So by strengthening your core can help supporters find tremendous pain and pour posture that comes from sitting slumped over your desk all day long or most people don't know is that working your core means more than just your abdominal muscles. This goes beyond just crunches and sit ups alone folks that can actually cause more harm your spine. It's especially important for anyone who's hot pad these you know anyone who has again you're at risk you strain your back regularly. Fortunately a full core work out to mean much more physically engaging in middle assimilating then sit ups along so wire plagues so helpful. Planks if you simply go on YouTube or if you just go to our website triple W dot any PA doctor Dan dot com click our YouTube link. You'll find. Sample video how to properly perform a plank. Okay a plank is not only going to help strengthen your core and your your side core but it's also going to help strengthen your shoulders you chess in your arms. OK and there's ways you can modify it you can you go into it basically you can just simply go into a push up position with just your toes your hands touching or you can go down your forearm is bring your elbows and about shoulder width apart. Or if you're if you don't have that global core strength developed yet your beginner out there you can drop from your toast your knees and just had your your knee caps. And your forms or your hands and push up position and that's a good place to start your beginner out there if you're more of an intermediate moderate advance fitness person and you've done plays before we should come and get into the Tony big challenge here how to time and you're basically holding the position it's called an iso metric exercise your hole in the plane business and part time and the long we're able to hold that position for a time. The stronger your core becomes. And that's a whole intent here is develop a stronger core. Not only have a nice six pack and have a nice nicer looking so ads. Not only to help lose weight to help you generate and in speed up your metabolism again but also. To help support a strong help the lower back in good posture that's what it's all about so. Planks the plane challenge here is folks. Day 120 seconds hold the position when he sect. That's day one and a two by. Day five years 42 day six your off day 74545. So you're gonna do this you're gonna keep increasing that time so be in the Smartphone if you timers of a watch or something just time yourself and put their right next to you as you do in the place he could see how long you're holding the position for. And again if you're beginners start off your knees made by. And you're gonna go from your hands down your elbows which makes it a little more challenging. So you can be constantly challenging yourself throughout this when he did challenge sell by date 28. Your holding it for four minutes. That is tough Kyle see for myself and I consider myself. You know moderate to advanced our fitness moderate mental fitness level Hormuz is even tough for me to hold I know my arms my shoulders are burning a little bit and if you wanna change positions in between during the four minutes to welcome to do that as well even if you may be don't make its performance maybe you're starting at at. Fiber ten seconds. And you work up to a minute by Tony is guess what folks that's better than not doing anything at all. A lot you're gonna just hear me and you're just gonna say if that sounds like good information you're not gonna do anything you're not gonna change anything you're not gonna take any action. I guess that K there's just certain people who dislike like to hear things but it don't like to apply things and that's okay. I get that up for those you are saying you know what. This is exactly what I needed here but now I'm gonna hear this what he said on the radio show. And I'm gonna start that I'm gonna get down the floor here today and put a timer next to me for twenty seconds I'm gonna try to hold up my position for Tony sex and again if you don't know how to do planking. Go to YouTube YouTube dot com. How to perform a plan to type in the search box. And you'll get an instruction deal there or go to our website at www. Any PA doctor Dan dot com any PA DRD and dot com click the YouTube challenge you to see David. Okay so it's out there YouTube and see how to do you concede the variations the ways to modify it but you wanna be challenging yourself so it's easy then you're probably not challenging yourself so it should be getting harder over the course of twenty days. So for more information you question about planking if you if you question about the Tony big challenge consume me an email PWR Cairo and That's PWR. CH IR oh. At Or what is shared now he and talk a few minutes about four head posture or forwards had posture and your health. Ever catch yourself or your kids with their head buried in their phone tablet or laptop. You're not alone. I'm one of these people to want. With technology in with you know the millennial generation is out there where word now we were all more or just can't constantly from the moment we get out of bed in the morning till tomorrow moment our head hits the pillow at night or plug in north phones are plugged in north tablets for plug in social media. Or or emailing we're taxiing all day long. We are head there and our position. So that could potentially lead to more spy upon them for not doing if we're not aware that we're not correctly taken care of that and managing that so forehead posture it's a condition where the head moves forward from the center of gravity in your body a simple tests to check for head posture is to have a friend looked straight ahead and put a pencil over the center of their shoulder. To see if the front of their ear is an alignment with a pencil. Ford have positioned our posture is due to misalignment. In the spine. And can lead to many health concerns some concerns are obvious such as increased neck pain and strained. It's not by a small amount in fact researchers demonstrated any straightening in the neck. TE equate to 810 fold increase. In the mechanical stresses of joints leading to early disk. And neck injury so if you have herniated discs in your neck or bulbs discs in your neck. Has the doctor ever once said you have a loss of curve or of a lot eat or you have misalignment in your spine. He should be seeing a chiropractor correctness. And due traction exercise and spinal molding at home to restore that curved back so it helps remove stress from those discs. If you haven't you should contact us immediately because we can help you or power chiropractic health cern wilkes-barre at 113 Wesson row. 5708293580. 5708293. Fates are because if you had this or ahead position if you had this trouble in the long term complications from this are. As much stress on the nurse your lungs your heart. Your stomach. It can affect your balance it in effect it can even be having symptoms of vertigo he could be getting sick more frequently you can even had issues like high blood pressure. Or heightened stress your memory loss because the nerves and spinal cord when they're under constant tension and stress. You know even symptoms like carpal tunnel real pain numbness and tingling in your arms your hands often it's not carpal tunnel. Its problems and connect our never you know never properly address. So we can help be would that if it's so if it's a missile wind spine in your neck. We have exercise and specific adjustments second help restore better aligned with your spine there. To help your body function better. So we look forward to hearing from you we'll enforce certain you if you look. Question about pour head posture. For a posh and do that pencil tests have some looking at you or look yourself in the mirror have you spouse or your loved one or another family member or friend. You don't tell it to see if you're in your ear is in front your shoulder because it it only takes half insurgents. Where there's there's more stress created on the disks on the whole spine all the way down your lower back and if that condition that forehead postures and address again the long term effects that can be much more debilitating. And problematic if you're not taking care of that wealth. Time for another commercial break but if you have health questions. I have help answers you can call in right now 570. 830098. Or 1804370098. We'll be back in just a minute help you. Maximize your health. Power chiropractic health center. 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Back to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dana ghoulish SD yeah. You are listening to maximize your health with your health coach doctored and those pesky here to deliver the truth when it comes to building in restoring. Health. Actually for more information about the maximize your health podcasts are available on the web site triple W gotten need a doctored and dot com. And EPA DRD AN dot com click on the radio tab and then the podcast stab you should find all. Radio podcasts there if you miss something that I mentioned a from a past show Aureus wanna go back in kind of learn more of this and one of the first times you're tuning in here but we are here at WI OK every Saturday from 11 AM to 12 PM health friends tell family about the program if it's a tough time and they would they need some help and improvement in their lifestyle in their health. And just send a link to a pod casts. 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Loose leaf teas are available there as well fresh organic produce in season. And a whole lot more house of nutrition and also if you're looking for help heal the desert alternatives to carry either baker is out of this world organic mean in that makes you goods are now available house nutrition again there and fifteen main street whose errant. You can like their page on FaceBook for specials and special discounted items house of nutrition. They're often exits six and for the three and an expressway in Lucerne county house of nutrition inspires healthier living with healthy choices and I also wanted to thank thrive. Wellness center in case and there are brand new sponsors. And they are your one stop shop for all your holistic needs. This month they are offering a weekly nutrition and wellness support group. They meet Wednesday nights from 630 until 730 their located on Wyoming avenue Kingston and for the exact address you can visit their web site. Thrive wellness Kingston dot com or you can call them today. 5702830111. And also there's an open house at thrive Wallace if you wanna learn more about the services they offer to see if. They can help you with your health needs. Thursday July 13 all day from 9 AM until 8 PM. They're also going to be offering PEM after he heard of PM math that's a pulse electromagnetic frequency. I helps to reduce inflammation and oxygen they tissues and improve range of motion if you do need an appointment for that but it's only fifteen dollars on Thursday July 13 for their open house. Again thrive wellness Kingston dot com visit the website. Or call 5702830111. Also there's acupressure massage therapy. Copying. Detox foot bass and a whole lot more offered at thrive while some meat steak fry Wallace for sponsoring this program of maximize. Your health. So I wanted to talk now. And just share of you know if we don't already understand why we should all starting with me strive to eat more fresh. Whole organic vegetables and fruits there's another new reason why we should and that is. Came out from Dartmouth college and university of Warrick. They analyze. The eating habits and almost 80000 people. And according to resurgent fuel large depressed sir if you feel like you're your spirits are down. Or in the dumps. Eating more organic fruits and vegetables can actually make you more happier according to research. The study found a psychological well being rose with the number of daily servings of fruits invest these these 280000 some people a. And what they report it was you need about 78 servings a day yet the average American only eats just three servings a day. Missing out on both a source of joy any amazing how the cornucopia of health benefits that. Organic vegetables and fruits have to offer we know vegetables and fruits are number one on the nutrient density scale so it's going to be your dark green leafy vegetables these are packed with Fido nutrients enzymes. Vitamins and minerals. These also veggies and fruits also contained. Disease fighting properties to them contain anti boxes which helps lower oxidant stress pretty radical production in the buy a house from a brain health helps lower inflammation. That could be triggered can eventually lead to cardiovascular disease. The anti toxins are nutritional powerhouses. Especially though the fruits and vegetables that have abundant callers who like your blueberries. Your greens your tomatoes. These hellfire off oxidant stress free radical damage so I'm gonna highlight just a few here you berries are mentioned blueberries. These can help reduce the risk of alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia. This study taking 161000 women ages seven year older who ate the most berries. If they had the slowest rate of aids related memory decline. So they actually any help your brain because they consume more of these anti oxidant. Packed various. The next one is avocados all the 'cause Tammy Greene is yellowish color to them. And these are packed with healthy fats packed with fiber. But they also help improve blood flow and oxygen nation to the brain to Syria more oxygen to the tissues your brain according to a Villanova University study decks are pumpkin seeds pumpkin seeds can actually fallen not only under a fruit vegetable category but pumpkin seeds. Up pumpkin seed oil specifically. Helps improve mood swings it reduces hot flashes in women. I compared to a control group of women who were given we turmoil also tried using pumpkin seed oil more now I know wegmans a house in nutrition have pumpkin seed oil available to tomatoes tomatoes are fantastic for men. Wanna help. And reduce inflammation in the prostate if you win a large processor history of prostate problems viewing consumers so he's out proving that the beta carotene and lycopene which are two antioxidants. Found in tomatoes. Can help. Also lower the risk of stroke. Oh a diet high in Al organic tomatoes. Because of these healthy. Lycopene and beta carotene compounds cut stroke risk by 55%. According to research finally run nuts. A study published in new England journal of medicine found that eating us along with the diet high in fish. Wild caught fish not farm raised fish like to lobby we wanna stay away from the Columbia. And the farm raised stuff because this is loaded with toxins and pollutants. You want to minimize bottom dweller consumption like lobster crab once in awhile so okay. But fresh cold water fish mackerel Sar Deans of wild caught salmon. Cod. Sea bass things like that are going to be much. And the more health producing. And also vegetables we know are dark green leafy vegetables like organic kale Swiss chard Collard greens in Spanish he's going to be number one on the new entry intensity scale. Followed by your Christopher's vegetables it's going to be broccoli cauliflower asparagus. Just below that are going to be food C veggies more on the starchy vegetables with artichokes. And avocados. And then your berries are going to be your top fruits of your thing you know if you're wondering about fruit the only caveat to fruit is you don't wanna consumed fruit after 12 PM because it does have more effect on blood sugar levels and you don't wanna keep your blood sugar levels elevated all day long especially right before bedtime because that's gonna disrupt sleep it's gonna interfere with the ingestion. And whatever sugar that you don't burned gets converted a fast second actually lead to weight gain. So you wanna make sure you're not consuming too much sugar special effort 12 PM if you're on a regular schedule. So a few more questions about diet nutrition we do offer nutritional counseling. At power chiropractic health center at 113 Weston road wilkes-barre for more information about scheduling and interest from console for yourself you can call us today at 570829. 3580. That's 570829. 3580. Well in the few minutes remaining wanna go through six benefits of consuming red. Wine and also don't go crazy folks if you're like year. He's a red wine is good for me there's a couple of caveats organ had those wells number one red wine helps boost heart health because of its high poly feet all risen very strong person in concentrations. This party of protective properties there number to do it helps improve cholesterol helps lower the back cholesterol boost the good cholesterol numbers three red wine. Fights free radical damage helps for oxidant stress into his high antioxidant concentration. But before it helps manage diabetes by balancing blood sugar levels. Number five can help purge that and fight obesity and weight gainers say thank you now from Purdue University. The blueberries passion fruit there's a there's AM. Antioxidant compound that blocks immature fat cells and according to researching how to run a metabolism number six can help prevent alzheimer's. Disease and age related dementia. It's CNN oxen sabaya flab annoys the course and then it's there is very strong that. Are they healing compounds. There are found in the red wine red or is probably best known. Sorcerer's bear toss into the fermentation process turns grape juice alcohol when red wine is produce great seasons instrument in the grades juices but has a positive effect on the levels of the availability of the risen very trough. So again there's a host of benefits. But it's. There are some downsides. To port a note that more wind doesn't mean greater health benefits despite the healthy properties and red wine in the benefits of red wind the alcohol itself is actually a neuro toxin meaning it can poison your brain intact your liver among other bodily systems although light to moderate drinking can be beneficial chronic heavy drinking. Can damage your brain and your liver. Okay so especially if you're selecting cheaper wines and came fortify wants don't have as much nutritional value to do the benefits outweigh the risk it's clear there's pros and cons but the key is to keep your consumption levels to a minimum that means having a glass of red wine every now and then not all the time. Studies consistently shown a light drinkers have lower coronary artery disease risk the life long and seniors leading many recent. To conclude that red wine consumption exerts a positive effect against coronary artery disease and many other. This is so what are we wanna do here folks we wanna do this takes a letter my surgery may have no more than five glasses of wine per week. And don't treat more than two glasses in one day. So that's it folks I'm at a time I'll be back next Saturday's same time same place right here on W I can't help you. Dean victory in your health by maximizing your health should be well be safe and I'll see you soon.