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Maximize Your Health
Saturday, May 6th

Saturday May 6, 2017


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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WYOK. Staff management or sponsors this is doctor dollar chassis just is a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SE. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now maximize your health with the doctor Dan ghoulish ASCII. Welcome to maximize your help with your health coach doctor Dan malicious ski here to coach you. Guide you and inspire you. To reach your full health potential so whether you're currently struggling with pain or an illness or you're looking to make improvements in your lifestyle. I'm here to help you an answer your health questions here during the next hour you can call and live at 57083. 0098. Or 1804370098. Also feel free to send your questions or email at PWR Cairo. At And that's PWR CH IRO. At So maybe you wanna know what is the best vitamin intake or. Best fitness program that began. Or maybe you have a question about headaches or lower back pain or. So arthritis pain how you can properly conservatively manage these symptoms. And not only managed to symptoms and also to help boost your health at in the the same time. So while I'm here to take your questions of the email or through the phone until we have a great program planned here today there are so many events going on right now folks there is a I'm going to be announcing hearings at home and it's dinner a free healthy dinner with the dock with myself that's going to be coming up on Tuesday may sixteenth. We have healers in the kitchen happening next Saturday may thirteenth the power chiropractic with certified holistic health coach Patricia Dallas man. We're going to be talking we have Chelsea Ming and narrow with us she's going to be coming on a little bit later in the program we're gonna be discussing. And talking about what you can expect to. Experience at this year's any PA yoga fast set montage it's on Saturday June 10. So this program we're doing to be a lot of announcements is a lot going on a lot of things you can begin to experience to get plugged into so that you could continue to maximize your health. And I do have a couple of topics are gonna share today were to talk about fad diets. And how typically they don't work and rather than just jumping on a diet bandwagon than jumping off. And usually not having any success I'm gonna give you some strategies of how you can make. Healthy eating more of a lifestyle practice rather than just a short term. Dad also a little bit later in the hour hour we're gonna talk about fitness or talk about running and how running can actually increase longevity and quality of life does that have been a few studies done on that. So get a few health questions that help answers you can call in 570830098. Or 1804370098. Also feel free to check me out on the web. Maximize your health podcasts are now available at any PA doctor Dan dot com. And EPA eight GR DA and dot com you click on the radio there's information about the program information about myself our practice power chiropractic health center at 113 Weston road in wilkes-barre. So again get plugged in you could reits and testimonials on theirs there's some some health transformation that took place for some of our practices members. But get connect to get plug in were also on social media FaceBook Twitter in sir Graham. We have our YouTube fitness channel available at any PA doctor Dan as well so bookmark us follow us on social media. We look forward to connecting with you and seeing you very soon itself. Kicking off the show today we have I have an awesome event that air recently has been I've been thinking about this some and wanting to put something like this together for awhile but it's going to be a full read. Healthy dinner with the doc myself doctor go Chesapeake. And it will be held at nucleus raw foods says 63 main street in luz earn on Tuesday may sixteenth at 7:30 PM. Okay all you need to do if you're interested in attending you cannot be current practice member and power chiropractic health center this is open to the community. Can cash so you're gonna come there's going to be a few different options there's going to be a first course an entree and dessert so it's going to be a total of three courses. And you're going to learn Ammon to be doing a brief health presentation on how you can radically improve your health and energy in three easy steps. Seating is limited to only 25 people for this event OK we already had a few people register and sign up. So if you wanna register you need to call power chiropractic health center our staff. Will register you with the last few few questions but again you this is not for current practice members they know we've a lot of listeners here to maximize your health. If your practice member. You don't qualify for this dinner this is open to the community again nucleus Ross foods Tuesday may sixteenth 7:30 PM. It is a free event all you need to do is register and show up to it. The number to call the registers 5708293580. That's 570829. 358. To zero and next Saturday. Patricia Dell American certified holistic health coach is going to be leading a free. Seminar called Steelers in the kitchen you're gonna learn. How you can begin to certain create foods. How the foods in your kitchen can help you recover from illness that Saturday may thirteenth at 10:30 AM that's a power chiropractic health center a 113 Weston road. You need to call to register again for the cement 570829. 35 aides or this events already about half full at this point. So call now today to sign up for this it's a free event Saturday may thirteenth. 10:30 AM healers in the kitchen how you can begin to make foods in your kitchen and how those can help begin to reverse your illness. Called an 85708293580. That's 570829. 3515. To zero and again maybe you're you're at a point in your health we're just getting by. And you're struggling and you know your following your doctor's advice which are not telling you not to follow. But you feel that there's something more than can be done. That's why I'm here and I'm here to educate you I'm here to empower you don't have I'm here to help you gain victory in your health not just eke out an existence because health is wealth. And for many people out there health is your greatest asset if you lose your health you can't work if you can't be an effective parent grandparent you know leader in your community. Anything it starts with being healthy in reaching your full health potential. So. Again you're lifestyles where begins is about being proactive. And not necessarily the reactive. So give health questions you can email me your questions right now it PWR Cairo at PWR. CH IRO at Gmail. Dot com and then I'd be happy to get back Q usually with an a day or two. To get your questions answered that so this week's recipe of the week is 48 Sheikh peace out with the heating dressing in this is one of my personal favorites. And I'll do a chickpea salad two to three days per week. So this recipe and again if you would like to subscribe for our weekly emails and our recipes of the week all you need to do send us an email right now to PWR Cairo and Gmail icon and we will keep you subscribe for these recipes of the week and our health tips. The chick pea salad with teenage resting calls for one clove of garlic minced one tablespoon of to Jeannie Boehner which is ground sesame seeds. Packed with calcium. Two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice which is water Theo vitamin C a water soluble anti oxidant great for the immune system. One teaspoon of honey we wanna make sure it's unpasteurized. Raw honey which again is an abundant source of antioxidants. Next one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil great source of healthy fats one tablespoon water. 115 ounce can of organic chickpeas drained and rants. One organic red or orange bell pepper seeded and dice. One cup of diced red onions and then one cup of parsley Cahill or spinach shopped. Sea salt to taste and then black pepper to taste and what you'll do is you'll take a mixing moment you first put in the garlic to Jeannie lemon juice and raw honey and then you add in the extra virgin olive oil. Whisk until combined and then add the water liquefied. Finally you add the chick peas bell pepper and onion parsley and toss to coat season with the salt pepper and then you could serve immediately. Or you can refrigerated. Should be able lasts up to two days not spoil so again if you want this chick pea salad with a he's dressing you sent me an email but again you're getting. Healthy good clean plant based protein you're getting healthy fiber you're getting healthy fats you're getting Omega nine mono unsaturated fats from the extra virgin olive oil and you're getting healthy fat from the T he year getting lots of minerals calcium magnesium you're getting vitamin C antioxidants. So it would it's really all there are folks so look at the Latin food beer medicine medicine be your food in this current this particular recipe is it's it does just that it is. Food as medicine so if you want this a recipe you can send me an email right now PWR Cairo on. That the That's PWR CH IR out at Gmail. Dot com so what do you talk now before we go to break about fad diets. So many people out there buy into the miss that a diet and how many of which are fad diets. Which typically don't work is their solution to losing weight and not only losing weight but may be mean to building and restoring their health. Which I'm here to tell you is in which it did it they typically do not work so there's diet pills. Detox diets. It could be a macro dynamic diet Atkins or Zone Diet South Beach diet. Dash diet even things like pay Leo and gluten free diet that you have become increasingly popular. In the past five to ten years these are considered to be fads because they're short term it's it's. It's it's the mental approach that many people Kerry in to a diet Delhi's many of them unsuccessful adequate. So the bottom line is instead of turning to a fad diet to lose weight. I recommend practicing patience importing your effort toward taking the long term approach to developing healthy. Sustainable eating habits so. Again there's many fad diets out there according to the association. Of ED UK dietitians a fad diet is the kind of plan where you eat a very restrictive diet with few foods or an unusual combination of foods. For a short period of time and often lose weight very quickly however most people then get fed up and they start over eating and she's less healthy foods and then. They pile the pounds back on. Bad guys are considered those that tend to become popular for given period of time such as several years or decades and then become replaced by yet another dietary theory. Which might even be very different. Compared in the preceding diet fad diets typically fall in TE a low carb high protein or high carb low fat diet. And then again just a kind of reiterate here of fat foods. Which are typically the magical fat burning foods which quickly and easily eludes you lose the lead to weight loss or health improvements. One example many of these folks glued in a whole food group like a Mac religion like if it eliminate fat eliminate carbohydrates. But I'm here to tell you that an all or none approach like that typically doesn't work in the long term and explain why here in a minute number one. It could only end up leaving you fatigued hungry and weak you know they can put your body into starvation mode. And again just because the number on the scale might drop it doesn't mean that's a good thing all the time. A reduction in. Fat body fat is associate with improvements in markers like insulin sensitivity but weight loss alone might mean that you're losing mass with such as muscle from other areas that you don't want to loose. And that can lead to fatigue. Chronic hunger and even weakness but many studies found that chronic diet mean and over exercising having negative effects on your metabolism hunger levels. Energy mood sleep hormone and reproductive health as wells body weight that number two dangers of fad diets. These can negatively impact hormone rule health and your metabolism. So when you under eat or if you restrict certain food group or if you restrict calories. It's a kid it can affect hormone help we can do they can decrease your metabolism. And that can actually lead to weight gain rather than losing weight. So it. That can also cause trouble sleeping it can lead to infertility weekly day acne break outs increases in body fat reducer muscle mass and even depression. Third danger of a fad diets can increase stress guilt and anxiety and a lot of people you know psychologically. Believe that there on V. Premier diet of the moment and end that can lead to judgment. Of other people who aren't currently on their program or on their diets and they can even lead to self judgment as well and where they're always feeling guilty if they slip up if they cheat and then they just end up giving up all together. And then that leads to an elevation of stress hormones which can lead to weight gain that can lead to a weak immune systems that can be getting sick more frequently so it's a slippery slope and it's a pattern you don't wanna get into that happens to many people not everybody that many people who get onto one of these guys have their wagons in the number four danger here is. It can become ineffective and a waste your time. If you food sensitivity is something like include or Derry. You wanna avoid those foods but it's sending divided the idea that one particular way of eating one food grouper won formed die dietary restriction is good. It's the answer you've been looking for a while others are bad it's a lot smarter to keep an open mind and remain flexible so not beating yourself up not striving for nutritional perfection. But rather just making good healthy conscious choices. Long term on a daily basis the impact. So what can you look to instead so you can do as some type of elimination diet short term for three to four weeks. Or maybe your just eliminating processed food so foods that come into a come into a box that includes cereals. Snack foods salty foods sweet foods. And seeking to whole foods vegetables fruits raw nuts seeds beans lagoons and organic meats and lots of good clean filtered water. There's some other diets out there but the key agenda diet that can work well for you short term and that can help stimulate your body's fat burning ability. Some people follow this up to several months even if you're in a disease state diabetes obesity. And even certain types of cancer Keenan Janet diets have shown to be effective against. Q did you think diets are our low carb diets you are restricting carbohydrates by essentially tricking the buy into thinking it is faster and three strict elimination of glucose it's found a carbohydrate foods but many of these people again apologies to Gerry diets will lose weight on the neck and also help to rebalance insulin. Levels as well. Other types of diets include anti inflammatory diet such as the Mediterranean diet or the Okinawan diet. These are great against and conditions like osteoporosis diabetes dementia and even certain types of cancer. Foods that you wanna consume on these anti inflammatory diets include lots of fresh organic vegetables see vegetables. Certain fruits like berries. Herbs spices a 100% whole grains while efficiency foods which are high in Omega three fats. Real extra virgin call press olive oil raw nuts and seasonally small amounts of organic meats. Dairy and pastor eggs. So again just to kind of reiterate here. Or not promoting I'm here not to promote any specific type diet but rather ally itself healthy eating so maybe for some of these short term as your transitioning from a fad diets. Or maybe you lost weight you gain weight you're currently experiencing symptoms of chronic fatigue maybe you gain more weight but they do you have a thyroid imbalance or another type of hormonal imbalance going on. That's a sign that you're eating habits can be improved. And I work with people on a 101 consulting basis so if you like this setting nutritional consultation with myself at my clinic in wilkes-barre. You can call the clinic today 5708293580. And we get this Kara and discover determine what is the best course for you because there is no one size fits all. Approach for everybody out there are so I would need to sit down with you wanna I wanna ask you some questions get some feedback from you and then offer recommendations. Specifically for you but again to reiterate here maybe for somebody transitioning eliminate elimination diet like Conchita Jana diet. Short term we restrict carbohydrates. You're eating good clean healthy protein and healthy fats. That could be the solution before you transition back into adding the carbohydrates back from the right carbohydrate. Sources like organic vegetables and at some. Fruits well folks it's time for a quick commercial break when I get back I'll be introducing today's guest Chelsea Meng an arrow from near me yoga where she's going to begin. To promote. This year's third annual any PA yoga festival on you want to mark your calendars for Saturday June 10 we're going to be talking all about this event coming up and if you have health questions you can call in at 570830098. Or 180437. 0098. And will be back in just a minute to help you maximize your health power chiropractic health center. Is northeastern Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when icons of building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor dang I'll just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializing corrective chiropractic care for all ages ago Leo this is rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and not synthetic wholesome. Based startup life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro my onyx and coach you tap this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and build health for the future of the power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit the need. Doctor BM dot com and EPA URG a NN dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 Weston road looks very rural. And I mean can the and tallying. Or socialist scam. She hurts me and free today. Edu and see the cons. And her. Yeah. I only did he. Think recording is uncomfortable to think about how they feel there are more than 40000 child abuse case is sure. Each year in Pennsylvania. Just. Reported to make the call 1809320313. To report child abuse or neglect coming local Pennsylvania Tom Wolfe. Governor people with Pennsylvania taxpayer about if you or someone you know was addicted to drugs or alcohol please stored this number or call right now 1804177740. That's 1804177740. By calling the addiction rehab specialist you're taking the first steps to recovery there advisors are -- a match you with a proven five star treatment senator we'll help you and your drug or alcohol addiction once and for all don't waste any more time with drugs or alcohol your future is still a bright place let the addiction rehab specialist help you break your addiction to drugs and alcohol before it's too late this call is completely confidential and if you have private insurance they'll be little or no cost feel even if you've already been into treatment give us a call there's no need to lead drugs and alcohol ruin your life take the first step now called the addiction rehab specialist at 18041777. For all that's 18041777401804177740. Hey. Don't old Susie what's up I know you like wind what does that mean oh stop. Everyone knows it and you post about it all the time online but montage nodded having a Y festival next Saturday may thirteenth we shouldn't tell you got online you shop they knew flying. Well I music oh yeah. Can more lion goes asked about that the spring festival a month highs Mallon on Saturday may thirteenth right. There's definitely mine I'm in the tickets at an early the early nineteen ducks. So weak that's you and me but I wonder if I hit three tickets can get more wine. Yet the tickets any PA spring festival next Saturday at monetize now and your week. The northeast Pennsylvania street fast celebrating the return the springtime in our area on May thirteenth starting at 1 PM with a client entertainment uniquely. Cuisine and any other vendors can be sort of finding good time on montage mountain to north these companies bring fast. Wine food and art. Guess. This season maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dane Galicia ski. All your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. Welcome back to maximize your health I'm your health coach doctor Danny call us just you know one I think everyone tuning in for the first time this is this is your first time tuning into the program we're here every Saturday NW IOK news radio from 11 AM to 12 PM to help you gain victory in your health by becoming more proactive. And not simply reactive with your health. So it's about. Waking up looking to food is your medicine moving your body effectively taking care of your your your posture taken care of your core your framework for your thoughts your emotions at all ties in mind body and spirit folks. So I and in just a minute we're going to be introducing Chelsea Ming an arrow she is the creator and founder of the any PA yoga fassel she's also the owner and founder of nearly yoga musik impact felt. And so she's going to be with us here talking about this event and how we you know one amiss that this year if you haven't been. The past two years but I wanted to first think that's sponsors of this week. House of nutrition third alternative grocery organic vegan bakery and Kraft Foods green cleaning supplies natural supplements and remedies and fairly trying to guess. House and nutrition inspires healthy living. With healthy choices are located at fifteen main street in loses earned. Also be sure to like them on FaceBook house and nutrition I know they have. They just stocked up on fresh herbs such as soleil show parsley. Rosemary thyme and be sure to get those. To Bay's old. They have all top of the line whole food based nutritional supplements they have fresh prep foods may dip the daily including fake goods by Cary. Who is phenomenal. I was actually over there yesterday checking them out in my mouth is watering as I was going through the coolers and just seeing all the amazing. Lead delicious food but not just delicious but healthy at the same time so food that is actually. Medicinal for you so if you haven't visited house of nutrition before making a priority get their today. Fifty main street reserved as exits six from the 309 expressway in Missouri county. We wanna just think house and nutrition again for sponsoring this program. Of maximize your health. Well Chelsea here we are again it sits inside yoga festival season it's just about a month away and that's coming up at the montage water park. And what do we got going on this year I know you we have a fantastic lineup is always how I've you know we I've been there are offering. You remember did health talk the first year on on the sly and the nerve system and then we were they're doing. Educating people on on their on their nervousness among their spines into offering free adjustments for folks. So I know you actually added this year so it again give us just an idea. First of all when is it. Who Wear isn't endless is go through the basic sir. I'm its June 10 as you mentioned before it's a montage Mallon at the water park. So on the event goes all day rain or shine doors open at 8 AM first class starts at nine with myself and an opening ceremony. I'm just sick pulling everyone together and then we have teachers all day from. From actually throughout the whole country. This year which is which is no so we expanded much more outside of the any PO that air that any GA area so it is. Half a day that pretty much anyone regardless of how much younger you have how much background having you know that you can come and experience is a wonderful day. We have a healing ten which is new this year and that's sponsored by thrive wellness. And we also have. Some some really awesome vendors that are coming and we'll be all over the grounds of the water park. Right and local artists will be surrounding the healing tendon shares. And so this is this is a family friendly event so you can bring your kids sense there's going to be payments are here face paying in Henna tattoo is available. All sorts of vendors so what kind of vendors I know he says for all all yoga if you're yogi out there obviously this is for you like you don't even have to be a need help attendance. Yes so you don't have to practice yoga. It's surrounded around that but we have the so much other events that are going on surrounding it so we also have inspirational speakers all day so I think you're mentioning before. And the shopping and the water parks open so the water park will be open from twelve to six can we also have a kids' area. So the classes that kids will will be nine to twelve and the water parks open so they're not really interest at. You can eat and yelled at that plane. But but yes you can bring any family member that's interest and whether their beginner and yelled at our weather. They're very advanced and as in this is a Rainer China manages to make it clear if it is raining there is you're going to be. So do you weigh cut out in the middle need a rainstorm inside them exactly so it's a you know we we can't they have the montage water park if if you've been there before you're you're familiar with but if you haven't been there. Take. The road all the way up to the top of the mountain and there's a big parking area there is pretty easy to get sale. In addition to it being a family events and there's a new life music yes I'm from want to look satellite music. We have local artists from all over an EPA that will be there Paul Mara and ms. potentially. And we have also a hand pan musicians so really interesting. Yeah really interesting music so. It it surrounds everything that's. Throughout promoting rent and overall healthy lifestyle so. Then again if you're busy that day maybe you have a communion her birthday party or something it's all day long folks so begins at 8 AM until 7 PM and it's also good for people who are just may be you've never done yoga before and you wanna just tennis you know learn more about how you can. Expand upon healthy lifestyle kept. Yep so we have a lot of EO classes including even Yasser Kundun meanie restore our video guy shocker of flow act grow DNA. And meditation so a lot of these classes are things that maybe you've never tried before so it's a good day come and experience different levels of yoga that maybe weren't sure what even when it was but now I can try out for the same price right so that's what's awesome about about this event. And in addition you can kind of mapped out so we are you put this schedule out there you can map out what classes you want to take which class you're not interested in taking what inspirational speakers are looking. I'm so listen to when you want to take your lunch when you want to go to the water parks. You're on your own I mean does come he could go about where you wanna go about your knowledge Glock didn't anything else and now they're relaxed so you just kind of popping into which classes that you want to take. You don't have to pre register. So it's a relaxed day but you'll probably be sore the next. Yeah I think that's and that's soreness is always a bad thing right because you know you're using things your proving yourself and the and that's what we want so I remember being in the last two years and you had the you know between 50750. Yelled he's fighting. Maybe a couple thousand people yeah. So they're for the water park. And and it you know more where we're sticking it to be even bigger and better this year seemed actually added to it mr. what do you what do we added this year that maybe wasn't there in the first two years. So we have a healing tent which is. And much more structured in that. People that are there are doing reiki massage on chiropractic care and and it won't be there you have free for adjustments readjustment so. Angel card readings. Anything that is geared towards like how to based practice. They healing temple will be housing all of that so. That's one acts aspect that we didn't have prior so we're we're expanding over the whole grounds. But the festivals so we'll have vendors kind of making their way all the way through. Even where the lazy river is and then down in the back for the first listed that's for the healing tens will be and surrounding the healing tents are all local artists that are there promoting their work in selling their work. On that maybe we didn't even know where we're around here so you really. Really awesome that we can get such and a good dynamic group of different people that are promoting the overall health in our backyard. And I am honored to be a part of us that this is I know every year I come as I leave their feeling empowered again and meet new people. And these are like a like minded people like EU we live here in northeastern Pennsylvania like at times feels like a bubble and it feels like a behind the times and you know healthy restaurants and healthy you know and natural health practices and things like that it seems like they're few and far between here. But when you come in this event you surround yourselves with like minded individuals. You leave feeling empowered and you feel motivated and and that's is going to help you maximize your health and continued to sic improve and expand yourself. So again it's Saturday June 10 it's the third annual any PA yoga festival it's the montage now water park rain or shine. And it fell if people wanna register what what else should people know about them as far as registering costs things like that. So if you wait until the day of the event at 69 dollars so but if you. Pre register then you'll be able to register right now it's about sixty dollars so I'll also add a promo. For anyone listening to the radio station and which will be PWR. Cairo and put that promo code and and you'll be able to take 20% off your tickets again folks PWR Cairo PWR. CH IRO you're gonna get 20% off. If you go to the website right and put that in the event Brey website or you can find us on FaceBook everything is linked together can also find it from our web say. Any PA yoga festival dot com and then. When you go to the event by brave let's say to purchase the ticket you'll put in the promo card coating get 20% off the tickets so that's awesome. And I mean this event is there's nothing compare ball in this area to this event. And I know isn't dead it's last year is doing and they're there really isn't the first it's kind of like okay you know I because because I'm involved in the community do a lot of things in this event it really. It's a huge event is a really well put together sit is I mean Aaron Brown press that was when I when they make you until two years ago and you know got involved with this it really it's been a huge success in his tracks thousands of people every year so be sure not to miss it this year yes any final words huh. That's pretty much got and so I'm here he's distraught the contact you for Michigan the promo code again if you want 20% if you wanna save money or your tickets are you wanna pre register and your promo code. PWR. CH IRO. OK and what are what are the ways he can do that FaceBook event bright website just yet John and Alomar. Kind of phase (%expletive) is an EPA yoga festival. And we're also on NC Graham we have a giveaway going on right now which is it for a VIP 600 dollar value which is an am an awesome. Giveaways and that's also on our web say where you can purchase the tickets as well which is any PA yoga festival dot com so make sure that you. Blake is unfazed that follow us on instead Graham just see what's going on who will be there. If you have any additional questions my cell phone number is linked to everything. And it's 5708403220. Any questions you should have just give me a shout out so. Again FaceBook any PA yoga fast. In to grab any PO a fast. And the web say any PA yoga festival dot com so any other additional questions give me a call 5708. For a 03220. Fantastic and also Chelsea is the owner founder near me Albania have two locations I do yes so one and mosaic which is right after the anyone exit and one and pets so it's just right off 106 nexus that you're looking to get -- involved into your life salary and your fitness program it's a great thing to improve flexibility mind body balance strength is everything asked shoppers a wider range of classes so you can be sure to look for near me I'll go look for on FaceBook or just simply Google near me no -- -- -- on can be able to find more information there. Thanks so much Chelsea for being with us today again that any PA yelled offense is going to be the third annual any PA younger fast. Saturday June 10 at the montage mountain water park from 8 AM until. 7 PM we're gonna take another commercial break when I get back we're gonna be talking about fitness and I'm gonna be referencing a case study. And how chiropractic adjustments helped one elderly man lowering his blood pressure naturally. If you have health questions I have dealt answers you can call and right now 570830098. Or 18043720098. I'll be back in just a minute to help you maximize. Your health. Power chiropractic health center is northeaster pets. Sylvain these leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health owned and operated by myself doctor -- I'll just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages goalie else's rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and not synthetic fulsome. Based startup life. Nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium probe by onyx and coach you tap this. Did you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to invest and build health for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is a call 8293580. Or visit need us. Doctor DN dot com and EPA DR EEN dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 west and wrote wilkes-barre. Did you know slow Internet can actually hold your business back. Say goodbye to slow downloads slow bat helps slow everything. Comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable Internet it's over six times faster than slogan from the phone company. Say hello to fast Internet speeds up to 250 megabit per second. Plus did you know that in addition to the fast Internet you can also led TV and don't freely. For just an additional thirty porn idea months. Comcast business TV helps keep your employees informed and you give full featured phone service with unlimited local and long distance calls. 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Wyoming avenue Kingston logo free library is now than for everyone and they have her range as stock. Uncertain picture books for children teens and novels for adults may help not only surmise those who luxury to a variety of bugs you but also encouraging everyone in the community to read the free library is not just for they're sure it's for everyone who comes doing mauling Janney Lutheran Church 813 my ailing avenue Kingston PA 18704. And I don't just bring playing coy answer all your questions you have about the building or buying process and one afternoon. Also discussed all the floor plans and options Juno offers. At times and indeed the ceilings. Visit came Manger dot com for more from. This is double BYOK. Powered by Sherwood Chevrolet Buick GM CE online it sure would Chevrolet dot com. Now back to maximize your health with your health coach. Doctor Dana Galicia SD. Welcome back to maximize your health I am your health coach doctor Deanna gul assessed he helping you. To reach your full health potential so what you're struggling with heart disease cancer diabetes looking to lose a few pounds. Or overcome pain and stiffness you've come to the right place and here to give you action steps. That you could begin to apply to your lifestyle that will help you. Build and restore your health. Naturally and in a minute I have an empowering case any wanna share with you of how. Chiropractic care not only helped an elderly gentlemen overcome his neck pain stiffness but also helps him. To lower his blood pressure nationally and there's been other studies out there. Citing in reference seeing how specific adjustments in the upper cervical spine. To correct and remove interference to the nervous system in that area and can help lower blood pressure the same way. If there's if not more effective as to blood pressure medications combined so powerful saying there. But I did what I think today's sponsors one more time house of nutrition they're located at fifty main street in Lucerne. There an alternative grocery organic vegan bakery prepped foods green cleaning supplies. Natural supplements or remedies fairly turn against house of nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices to be sure to like them on FaceBook house of nutrition. For updates and specials and discounts and there's always so much going on their whole food based supplements essential oils. Daily baked goods and trapped foods they have wraps they have salads and side dishes they carry organic. I'll pass your eggs in good grass fed beef and prearranged paltry. They have unpasteurized dairy and cheese there. I mean yeah you're going to get a dog house nutrition I was actually just there yesterday in my mouth is watering because not only is the food delicious. But it's actually food as medicine and it's it's good for you is actually going to support provide you with all the essential vitamins and minerals in new entries are due by is reliant upon. Never saw any people on us for deficient because week. Subject our students over consuming processed food and empty calories. And that a lot of times leaves us tired. Who we don't have any energy. Or overweight. That leads to stress and inflammation which can lead to high blood pressure and high cholesterol and metabolic syndrome and headaches. And the list goes on on on some by simply changing your diet looking to food is your medicine. That can begin to improve your health right then and there is to begin to follow that consistently. Or the course. It's of healthy lifestyle. So be sure to check out house in nutrition at fifty mainstream we thank you house and attrition for sponsoring this program. Of maximize your health all cell. The first ever annual free dinner with the doc is going to be taking place on Tuesday may sixteenth at 730 this is going to be taking place at nucleus raw foods. So I'm inviting anyone who is not currently a practice member of power chiropractic health center to attend this event. We can seat up to 25 people access I'm going to be buying you a healthy get three course dinner there's going to be two options at each course. And down I'm also going to be doing a brief brief health tock on how you can learn. How are radically improve your health and energy in three easy steps. Very simple and straightforward so come on out all you need to do. You need to call and register please do not just show up for the sweet you know if you're coming again you can not the only caveat here is you cannot currently be a practice member of power chiropractic health center. This is for this is open to people in the community and it's a listeners sheriff maximize your health it's for the first 25 people who register. The event is at 63 main street in luz earn at nucleus raw foods on Tuesday may sixteenth at. 7:30 PM should be about an hour long for the dinner it's a free event you need to calm outer register because seats are filling up fast. 5708293580. That's 570829. 358. There I hope to see many of you out at the first ever free. Healthy dinner with the dock Tuesday may sixteenth at nucleus raw foods to register for this free event please call 570. 829. 3580. Today. When wanted to talk about now about reducing blood pressure. OK how can you reduce blood pressure we know that there is different supplements out there we know that exercise and diet are pivotal and reducing your blood pressure and actually. We know there's a slew of medications on the market today pharmaceuticals. That many people go on for. Years even decades to keep their blood pressure under control but did you know that if you're in that reactive frame of mind you're only masking it. So your body consuming inflamed and if you were to go off the blood pressure medication your blood pressure would shoot up again. It's just keeping the numbers under control by taking medication so rather than just managing the affections symptom doesn't it make more sense. Tell looked and it took to the cause or causes. So yes it could be due to a poured diet they could be due to a lack of of vital nutrients vitamins and minerals and dioxins. They could be because you're not getting enough oxygen into your body in your blood vessels in your circulation is adversely affected. But did you know death structural missile Imus in the upper cervical area in your neck can also be causing high blood pressure as well. The annals of virtue April sub looks issue research published a case study with a review of pertinent literature on March 6 when he seventeenth. Document in a positive effect chiropractic has on people with hypertension. And again what hypertension is is a blood pressure of 140 over ninety or no brainer. Hypertension itself is not the major concern more concerned health and chipped issues that come from long term hypertension. Which can be serious or even deli and what they did in this case it took a fifty year old man he went to the chiropractor with no health complaints other than hypertension. He had been diagnosed with hypertension 24 years prior so back in his. Thirties early late twenties early thirties. His only other history cancer was resolved. Back in neck pain five years earlier he was pretty easily taking hypertensive medication which he self discontinued due to his observation. That it was not working. He had previously been under chiropractic care with seeking care on this occasion for wellness purposes. They chiropractic in general examination was perform on this gentleman at the time of the examination his blood pressure was measured at 155 over 100. Additional findings of the exam showed he restricted cervical range of motion. Demography of spinal how patient also showed spinal areas of concern that led to the diagnosis. Of multiple misalignment in the cervical thoracic and Lamar spines. The man began receiving specific chiropractic adjustments at the rate of one visit per week. Blood pressure was measured before and after the chiropractic adjustments to record any changes but how patient and tomography were also performed regularly to assess. Progress of care. And this case study reported that there was an average of eight Millen man millimeters per Mercury dropping our Sasaki blood pressure. And three and a half Millen would grant millimeters per Mercury dropped in diastolic blood pressure measured pre and post adjustments award there was a decreased. Every time. After this man received his specific adjustment that was necessary for him. And they found that there's an ill according to research there's forty articles currently. Under the umbrella of chiropractic adjustments. Spinal manipulative therapy and osteopathic manipulation affect some blood pressure. So what they're beginning to conclude in the research is continually expanding each and every year. Go dating back ten years ago did you to a 2007 study done at the University of Chicago by a cardiologist. Where they went and they checked that whenever the spine is missile winder out of place secondly he distressed. Tension in interferes directly to the nervous system which is the source of all it's the intelligence it's the computer your body in its tension and stress is left there. That's going to diminish the nerve and put B instead threw to the blood vessels to the heart to things that affect blood pressure stress hormones get out of balance when your spine is stress and when you develop crypt we you know. Pain and headaches so all of what headaches and pain are are just your body's warning signs. It's not normal to have those although it is common it's not normal so it's critical that you get your spine chat. If you're taking blood pressure medication if you get a headache every now and then if you neck stiffness a few of limited range of motion again these are all warning signs he threw things at. Chiropractic care at our clinic power chiropractic health center. Can help you with that we've had success with our practice members who. Have to have transition from corrective care until meat is scared we develop a specific customized treatment plan for you at our clinic. We may take X rays if necessary. And we offered to computerized tomography would you spinal outpatient apostles Sosa is well we'll do a detailed. I health history in case valuation with you is also be like to set an appoint with us we are accepting new patients at this time at power chiropractic health center. We're located at 113 west and wrote in wilkes-barre our number is 5708293580. 570. 8293580. If you wish to set an appointment also if you would like to subscribe for our weekly recipes of the week. Our health history so now weekly emails he could send us an email today app PWR Cairo at That's PWR CH IR oh at Gmail. Dot com and and also be sure to check is on the web triple W dot neat but doctor Dan dot com. Any PA GR DA and dot com you can get connected with us on social media. FaceBook Twitter and so Graham we have our YouTube. High intensity interval. Fitness videos available there as well so we have a lot of great information there if you wanna become inspired and read some of our practice members testimonials of how chiropractic care and some of them are. Attendants who are our monthly health workshops has changed their lives and help them gain victory in their health and be inspired bookmark our web site check this out triple W dot need book doctor Dan dot com. That's any PA GR GA and dot com well I wanted to wrap up today's program talking about exercise fit. Is in running in what they discovered here in us 20s17 studied. In cell metabolism for the examine Seve to healthy but sedentary men and women who were thirty or younger. Or older than 64 for twelve weeks and they were these people or signed into one of four groups. What they found was that the group. Who performs high intensity interval training. This improved age related decline in muscle mitochondria which are just see energy component of all of your gear trillions of cells within your body. Training adaptations occur with increased gene transcription write his own proteins. Changes to RNA with training a little overlap with corresponding approaching abundance enhance trying to stumble abundance of protein synthesis explained gains in mitochondria. What this means. Accords and head researcher of the study he's an endocrinologist from the Mayo Clinic. One of the top. Medical clinics in the world he says quote it seems as if the decline in the cellular health the muscles associated with aging was corrected. With exercise. Especially if it was intense for short periods. In fact older people's cells responded in some ways more robust leak too intense exercise in the cells of the young did suggesting that is never too late. To benefit from exercise. Short bursts of exercise folks go a long way I've been doing this method called hits HI IT. It's an acronym for high intensity interval training. A lot of health clubs such is life health and fitness in Kingston. Other jams and the most gyms and health clubs here in north received either northeastern Pennsylvania. Offer hit classes so be sure to check with your gym if you're a current member of the health cupboard Jim or if you're looking to get plugged and be sure to check out by health and fitness a chinks in their and a third avenue in Kingston PA I'm a member there I love it there is a very clean Genesis in the art. Immaculate facility with a ton of of classes available on the hit training there is phenomenally offers so much they offer free weights they do. That's GR expands they have the inner when they had the training is certainly a private training area and they do offer one on one personal training as well. So I highly recommend incorporating this hit training tear like sell only a maximum of two times a week. And you wanna allow a day of recovery arrests in between. The maximum period of this work I should only be thirty minutes. So if you're looking for ideas or if you're currently not a member of the health club you don't need to go up my equipment you don't even need to join a gym. You could simply go to our website at triple W dot need a doctor Dan dot com click the YouTube link and there you'll find our. High intensity interval training. Fitness figures to give you some of the ideas of how you can perform these exercises. There's demonstrations there. So that you can begin to do these is at home as little as ten to fifteen minutes out of time folks will be back next Saturday 11 AM to 12 PM. Same time same place right here on WI OK to help you. Maximize. Your healthy well. He's safe and I'll see you soon.