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The following is a paid program the views or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend ranks and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Know every many good. Good morning you're listening to Larry they're. Hello Larry hadn't in years Lyn Evans. And yeah. Hey you like oh my week is kind of wild and crazy I mean and a good way. That's very very busy and made a lot of progress on some things I've been working out the business so it was good it was very good. And I don't think we really did much of anything except that we went to Blake over that they a long weekend. And we actually got the boats in the water in the dock that. Yeah may. It's not good. And does so it's going back though because. If we paid for it to be. Details I guess they do that's the thing college and then they didn't do such a good job so we're gonna take it back and they promised they would take care for the and that's fine so this weekend. On Saturday. When you lists after your listing of us we are going to a family wedding. My cousin's. Daughter who have been my second cousin. I'm Emily Carr is marrying Michael Mayer. And my sister and brother Maher will be coming from Philadelphia. So will be. Will be in with the Fam. And they nice somewhat in Florence that. Good. And two or three things CF. I went to center at Wednesday night I went to the. Each NPR special. Woo him with Michel Martin from she's an award winning journalist and NPR she does the all things considered did. And she does a series called Michel Martin and going there actually didn't on. How to be a good citizen yeah I am. And I have to say we was at the royal theater and a McDade senator at the University of Scranton. Again partnered with WT IAA and about they the newspaper said about 200 that's probably accurate. And we wrap stairs or to who Apple's. I'm and it was great you know Andrea mall Ryan was on the panel and of course I lover but I have to say there was so many. It was so interesting to hear from the perspective of all of the panelists there were five of them and then of course we shall moderates. And she I got there a couple minutes beyond when it started. And she again she's talking about Joseph Biden in saying meant you know the thing you should do is introduce yourself to somebody new or wherever you go I mean thank. And I'm in which was kind of need and I'm so of course I did that she and. It just went into interest is out of ten. I'm a guy that I was standing next to he was sitting down and he he I wanted to say they benches on the tap a real high and then allow one and I was on that. Real high when as I said he had a Pall mall to get up to and it was so. Yes the so anyway he was sitting IC do you mind if I sick as he was standing neutral tall guy. She and they said he said no not on the simple thank you and by the way out large and think just it's sad because you know I thought well belly is supposed to do that. But it was so good and what I loved this one woman who was a schoolteacher in the strawberry mansion. Section of Philadelphia. An exciting she was a prince Biden I don't have all of there's. Credentials in front of it but she. Considered the end you know they said lectured you were gonna Michelle some really be homework you know you take away these lessons. And a lot of that was volunteer is and get out bounty and the other was. Vote and be part of you know show up and and be part of an a greater cause and a greater for the greater good. End this in this woman has said that he opened that we never should forget that we are. We have the role Arab citizen I'm trying to think the exact term I'm that you're. You were elected as yet and now elected but you're appointed as a citizen and that is that something and that search you can not beat. I'm. Voted out of office as a as a citizen and that people should take a hit the exact feeling offices really varied from moving. But she she was so I on the money without because. Then is your role and these and other words take part and in as a citizen take part of something. That as of interest she finds something that your interest in and join him belonged. And and be part of that and that is what she was sailing boat what how to become a better citizen do those kind of things. It's just can't wait for a tap in you have to deal with and all lined like. I'm mad as well do it 'cause no one else is gonna do it kind of thing. So it was very very good I was very quick cash they had just two people from the blooms berg. And theater doing. Little it was on numbers letters to the editor. It in bits and to the blooms are newspaper. This one was red from 1970 and they were tiny amount the year 2002000. And they're like its thirty years from now I think that. Only yeah. You know and then and then was great and they had the choir from Bethel AME sentencing so it was it was entertaining it was funny it was. In interest staying in the PL was great and so anyway I got it was she does this continued series called going there. And then you know we hate you we're gonna go there are so let's talk about it and it was still it was lovely. And again I'm you know from coming from my perspective I think everybody. Afterwards we went Alfredo Senna was mired snack nobody joined us later in a Michael lynch Katie and not I don't Martin. Where with they were sitting somewhere else but we are out there and done. It did we all agreed it was it was wonderful untried it was an hour and a half and went by very very and she stayed right to them right to the time green at 830 minute hello. Ice cream social am I we didn't stay but they had that would take that was really needs so it was of course I'm VI. Friends like Eric a funky and Chris Norton and police amassed around they were all that it was so good to see them because. They're just such good people. Some anyway it shout out because it was straight. When he says something about being a citizen and being involved that the first thing they came to my mind was changed in March. Because that's exactly what she did she does and says I am sick and tired of those in the way it is and I'm gonna get involved and Shia involved got elected wow. Yeah and I. After a minute but also Andrea mom and was saying that about like women which she wants more women stepping up to run for elected office and am. EE have to you have to beat the it in its not easy. As Katie could you it's just begin got to do we have to do with that and but it's if you could put everything into it it happened south. It was great. That's good yeah from what. And they are talking to it was in the newspaper I guess is sort of partnered with the Scranton times and they had written an article on a photo Jason farmer was they're taking the photograph. And down they had seven at bad. You know stay asked that woman Cindy her name was about done do you think there's specifics are still tied in high school and she said they are but not to the level what they used to pay. Because I guess why. 'cause of the standardized testing that is now taking time away from some other one other studies I mean it does take up on their Karen. Sosa makes isn't included standardized test the well that's not point the thought the point is is teach having the time to teach the things that you need to tease so it's not they said that they did it is not at the level used to be taught. And they were in the showroom I Martin's saying that so many people can even name the 53 executive branches. I mean it didn't. I think she says something else in an astounding I can't I can't remember when it was now. And she said people didn't know this quest. We you saw I don't think it was a joke we remember when Jay Leno did. A but before I went to a team for you live here you should know this yet and that was a picture of Joseph Biden. And there was three of four Airbus a three of us came from the three were picked in and we picked on from the audience be part of bench and Joseph Biden's picture can map as bad as the current. Vice president who is this guy from Scranton and they had no idea how we want a while. They're sincere so we learn to do that is that's true I mean and I and all used to do and ask the questions like who's the first president of the United States and and I mean you know that's really stretch chipping and people and I thank you have to get used to be joke or they know they're on camera so they're kidding now. But there I guess it's not the people just don't pay attention it was. Very funny but it but the same time was very sick and the and it clearly so I think I'd they know they're saying that just to look like. In on now. But I don't think so because based on some of these statistics say they don't get it. Well speaking of all that stuff with the media only says that more people become citizens of the United States no more action in the weeds always get Ali high school seniors should have done the test at the end up on her senior year. It's always been term I think of the of the guy who. At his son. When at the Democratic National Convention at the man who was from Saudi Arabia I think originally and his wife their son was killed yes and he. Held up there and copy his copy via of the constitution yes. And sick at and I I thought when I was looking at and saying you know. I know I I know the first couple parts of it because they've always been talked about but. I don't know that I could sit here and talk and but you know went in the constitution. And what. Because these people who've done this who have actually gone through the process of becoming citizens. No far more about what really trust their recently studying his own family don't even study and now. Now how because it's so familiar it's just like an old should eat what I used to tell people I work to spread across the street from the liberty bell and I'm an independent so I'm Molly do you think I eight went to visit the liberty bell while I was living and working their you know. Because she it becomes. So common beer right scary thing on your right here and I. I mean I have seen it several times but that wasn't my focus. Odd that the whale has stressed to our remember going to Atlantic City we are kids. And just loving being at the shore and the whole thing and people are all send us where you're from only tell mummy is and they say odious ski I said no now. Why should we go out there earlier. And that's. But that's I'll listen it's the same thing it's right here I I don't you guiding my sanity to do that well. And that made me I can't I don't like it cold and I ninety because I talk to the time I went skiing I went under a bus. That's right through the line in right right NB a this little broken drain under had met her again now. And then a lot of bunnies loves idol not until her head and Antonio I would get an. Thank clearly would have been one of America's funniest and none and under this big speech the buses let's stuck in the well that's one where is this okay. I was okay that's on that Livni I'll say bring you OK you know you laughed and said. You were OK any video I knew you were OK god I. And Sean. Can fully know I tape at this. Our because he's ringing my phony and as we speak. Who better by the way you can give big shout out you're girl. Police cannot Emma because M a listens all the time Emma Connolly okay. And we're going to visit them this weekend night we're take sun is coming into take the LA SAT. Hi. Again it took it once he wants to do moved when you get a little bit tired he's taking in at the university this time never see Scranton. On Monday a tank and I'm so weird my iron and going down to peak month Friday and we're having dinner with Emma and shine and then bringing Shonn back. Some Ambien for four days I'm very happy and then housing getting back he's taking my sister's car for the month because then he's coming back for the fourth of July. Okay and by the way Fran is a new year and guy friend Terry Randall Terry Annie and your how bizarre was that I was really aware. That was from January nephew I didn't get a better tempo yeah. That's them Ani a new city top spot steamed come on and what does he say about I told army the other day I said this kid is dear friend of France and here is who wins now feel. I said it's the world's us to suss column thing about the same town hall is that when. She and and his sister. Would come up to visit my mom. That was one of the things they always wanted to do they always wanted to sell well I was so he must ask him to another scene tell us cause or was stores that they used to go to Tehran teaches they love that his kids' faces I loved the place I'm in. How many. Malls are there around I know Philadelphia but for some reason they tell us what they love that it was the train and the holes and it's I. Dan yeah I don't know why hasn't. Don't know lady as more than just loved the stores and they love to garner. So that's how do what he's talking about. I love it so anyway we're going to take a quick break you're listening this morning to Mario and show and we will be right back it's Saturday morning a little Korean Lin now. I don't worry it'll end. I have something that was very interesting. Here this is so I'm from. A site called it elevates. Spelled with two l.s. And it's. It's a very. Let's say jobs centric kind of plays its all about emotions than. Issues there arrive arrives for women in the workforce who are trying to. Elevate themselves learn and get someplace else so there was an interesting aren't clear that I never even thought about. But this is. That this should be interesting to see how this plays out in the future. And then that was called as men's jobs this here what will happen to women. In the work force is still very much segregated. I sacks which is why it's a pretty big deal but jobs typically occupied by men are disappearing. But there's an increase in demand for physicians traditionally held by women. This man Jack called coat the chief economist and indeed which is that the new website for job searches. He said they publish an article this past week detailing his findings. Reports of 31% of women work in fields there at least 80% female. And 36% of men worked in industries that are at least 80% male but this will gradually changed. The labor market continues to shift away from traditionally male jobs towards traditionally female jobs. The two broad sectors are projected to lose jobs over the next decade. Manufacturing. And agriculture. Both majority mail. While the fastest growing sector health care is dominated by women. If this is the case why aren't men pursuing more traditionally female jobs one reason which we which we find particularly interesting. And the way this is rent is mad men. Is because I'm a little thing called the gender pay gap. The jobs that are hyped if that are in higher demand don't tend to pay as well as more traditionally men's jobs still. There are other explanations true one I'm server has said that men might not be good at them. Another recently argued that being told to take traditionally female dogs can be perceived as a Boston has mailed dignity. Central thing. I remember what does retirement manufacturing. And agriculture ESA so they're they're tends to be more traditional. Role of definitions and that world's been there would be in maybe a more. Executive type position so you said that. Men or less educated. Well they most influenced by these patterns because with the lower level of education. In higher tendency to work in male dominated industries. For women. The opposite is true the more educated woman is the more she is more prone she has to work in a female dominated fields. Of course this is that the trend for every industry. The specific occupations are expected to grow fastest. Such as occupational therapy assistants physical therapy assistants and nurse practitioners. Are still held by women. Plenty of traditionally male jobs we'll expand its true. Among occupation sir at least 60% male ambulance drivers are expensive to have the fastest growth. And another health care related occupation emergency medical technician is also on the top ten list. Several computer and finance related occupations like personal financial advisor. And web developer are predicted to grow quickly as well. Of course the gender mix severe male dominated or female dominated jobs might change in the future. Don't due to changing job seeker interest. Of course some jobs traditionally held by women like telephone up. Barriers and travel agents will disappear. There are really. I mean how many travel agencies in now I know a couple and a few oh yeah but they used to being massive in and then out now you have. Expedia. In all those online sites that can do a lot of the same stuff you did you know what I don't care you can do it I can't stand them. Although some today but I am what I am saying is that that the opportunity for that to flourish and and like telephone operators. It says something meant. It is the I don't should be back that's should come and round again because it's so much easier. So many answering your phone who is I human being I nurses stupid apes. Yeah come on and everything need I hate it I YouTube. I really want to talk to a real big person now the differences and the reason that'll change. Is because millennia Els. Don't have any idea what it's like to not deal with the computer and wanted to say. I'd rather do this and that we're weak and as you know baby boomers NI CD and the boomer camp for May is that. And we we know the difference. And the difference is profound moment. And this year and I think what's interesting about what you just said is that there's one company discover. They're pretty cardinal Manning that's what they promote is that when you call constantly also learn and I really I can't and that is such a distinguishing factor yeah. How you do. US could just what I don't show did you ever. Did you do your calling in you're dealing with these computer everything and you're saying and you yell at them all the time what. Because. I'd just sit there and I wanted you didn't hear it like it it I would never do that. In took to a human I only knew ET don't hero right they say Dick I think you said this speak to those who want that so I owe it. It's just. Yeah I don't like I am I annoying person answering the. I'd change they want an animal and those with. When they come robot operator oh yeah. As things can't heats and then I'm people come from other rooms are saying are you OK yes as you like I'm just talked into the machine on the. And I now I'm mark I just hang up then arises is so frustrating it really else is there. Things candidly TV hit the zero you think you get a customer service and they say you hit an incorrect yes trying to hit me right back to nearest butt brace it. How old are how old ones that the ones that say. I'm. This phone is not a good guy and they hang why am I knew I know. And it anybody who put steps service and thinks that's okay too don't. Maybe they don't care. I told you that guy called me again remember. Those prank calls a tone today they call about the IRS and say you're going to be a rash and it's it's called again and again they called my house and again. I eat let the guys have it. And I'm right. On the back to see how they would answer the phone you know breaks and they say internal revenue. They are all right all right let you know when isn't and I know we you stop this BS you are scaring people should you call people who are afraid this is ridiculous I'm reporting your number or blab a blocks and and then hang up I'm so you know it's but. But and so. And my dad and my gig crank call vigilante or something I'm. Chance and they because it to its gears. Older people or people who are afraid of things it scares and it's not it's not right and that's how they get the information from them because they're afraid. On the conclusion to this article which is interesting we talked to me it's not over and I butted in Leno show. You tell you that's a good point I mean it is bad. Those jobs that are traditionally held by women like you talked about the telephone operators and travel agents. Will disappear because of of photo technology. Now whether that's better thing or not at. I don't know I mean I suppose if your company lets look at the bottom line yes it is cheaper to have a voice come on the phone now an entire human being should I get that. So he says tomorrow or the workforce look like as this plays out. The man said that some suggest trying to bring back the male dominated jobs. To be phasing out but that's probably impossible. Because every manufacturing output and even if every manufacturing. Output increased. It still would now provide as many of the same kind as it did in the past. And it will. It will eventually. Leads through automation and globalization. So looks like some men and they like it or not we'll find themselves sewing this so called women's jobs. And what will that mean for the pay gap. And this person just said to be determined. As Elizabeth king writes I'm Brit and company. It's I can't really Rihanna it's possible. That female industries will pay more. Once men and two of them and the possible current gap will narrow not because women are making more. But that they will be making the same wages as men. Whom. So it is said he anyway it's going to be interesting to see how this plays out in the job market. That's that is an interesting dynamic I never thought about that. But we always complain about you know leap in equity. Of women and men getting paid different amounts for the same exact job with the same education the same experience. This might be the thing that causes and to shift because of men are now taking on the jobs traditionally held by women better and in demand negotiate. Want. More money. And that will be helpful I think O'Meara as women should demand actually I don't want my money they don't even think about it which is this crazy huh. I know what you think they're really is because you are not we are tied to be nice and not make any noise. We are taught to be that way. To be a player to be if not stand out not to do anything different spirit type to be part of the group. And to make this little boys think now eight women event. There's that there have been some interesting studies on that it depends on what the job this. If it's a very competitive world and what women are doing they still tend to show up and say nothing because what they want is the opportunity take time off. LA for chair giving frolic kind of stuff and they feel if they do that's they're gonna that they're gonna ruffle some feathers and they won't. They should get more money. And it's it's ridiculous but it depends so few places like below apple where they're all very young people. That issue is not even a problem because there's a pace element followed. Also wanna tell you two before we close at a congratulations to my nephew Matthew caddied he's graduating and this weekend from done more and he had his graduation party. Last Sunday we had a very nice time so congratulations. Mr. Matthew captain. And also on a standard known I much more said well this isn't that Nance was wonderful but on a sad note. My buddy Tony Brown. Passed away this week and so I wanted to send my condolences to his family and his little girl Abby. And many years ago when she was much younger obviously I'm but he was a wonderful guy he always funny to know is kind of to laugh and make you smile and he just was sun. It is just I'm really special guy so I wanna. Just let him know if Europe they're listening Tony did you listen toe so I am. God bless thank god bless the family we're thinking of him. So anyway we're going to take a break because we have the lovely as doctor Nicole denoble with us next. We will be right back with our guest experts from the veterinary referral and emergency center and you're listening to our human child we'll be right back. Here Gloria and Lynn. Inside. He's turned financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm clarks summit. Am also the author of the book called power of the purse. Your free finances her baby boomer women. Unveiled. On And my name is Larry can I am the owner Larry can enterprises which is fundraising PR and special in Memphis this. And we have our guest expert today actor Nicole de Novo Ku is the thumb she calls itself a crime from marsh. His head honcho and chief surgeon in Holland and I are good stuff yes of veterinary referral and emergency center in clarks summit Pennsylvania. Welcome. I'm going to call Kathleen high noon. You talk about this morning the record I think you called me in front from my spot but I don't think you called me to be content management and you kinda turned into French friends and that's what parents but it wasn't her. But I like them better and fish and it just sounds so much. Better dad does Laura well let's teasing. And anything can. So we have some issues here about people getting human medications. To their fur babies. So tell us about. What's wrong with that why is that a bad thing rice is a good thing and some of the wonderful things you've experience. At the hospital as people who've tried to do that and really messed us up well I will say luckily because I'm a surge and the. I don't see too much of this not like emergency service. I do see some things for example. And it is not uncommon. If your dog has a injured limb and you wanna try and help. You know it's sort of intuitive you think well let me go into my pharmacy cabinet non give. You know fluffy what I would take. The problem without as things like baby aspirin even though I have lots of clients hates me. My veterinarian told me to do about. On things like aspirin baby aspirin those are great on the human side. They. Our medication that will cope platelets which are indeed. Red blood cell like that create clots. But they're not very good as a anti inflammatory. So the First Lady being giving your dog aspirin or baby aspirin and it comes to see me and does end up needing surgery. We're dealing with the dog who tends to bleed more and that's not what you want and surgeries so we do advise don't give aspirin. I'm the anti inflammatory side of things as suns actually not a very great anti inflammatory. No monster royal anti inflammatory things like you know. Naproxen and or relieve I can go out end exactly how they're all drugs that are incredibly. Toxic for dot com. And so even a very small amount of those medications can lead to kidney failure liver failure an and push an emergency side. You know well intended owners can unfortunate cause a great deal of harm. So if you've got a concern about something just go to see your best don't just reach for human medication. Or at least make a phone call and say. In my cabinet what my negev or how can I get a hold of something that I can get and here's what's going on then and hope they can give you some assistance though isn't there also a difference. And the and I'm sore sympathy. Availability. On the body to deal with that between cats and dogs absolutely. Tell us about that so as an example. And non journal anti inflammatory there's a chemical called. Only in the liver and something called peace. 540 end. Who died is aid. Manner in which animals costs dogs cats breakdown of certain types of materials. In a cat. It takes about three to four times as long to break down certain chemical components as a dog. So their livers don't function in the same way that dogs livers do and it's also part of the reason that cats can get a disease called the paddock let the doses. Fatty liver disease so they are different type carnivore the way that the process proteins and fats are very different. So if you give a cat the same drug that you get it done you would give that same drug at a much lower dosage you might give it every fourth day. To have the same type of reaction that it would have been a dog every single thing every action you want to correct yeah. But it's just that they can't break it down so there's certain medications that can be quite deadly and a cat almost instantly in comparisons about the dogs. I'm at and I just as a resource I want and I'm people to know from the top ten Sheehan and medications. At least top ten right now currently reported in veterinary. Referral or emergency centers. So non earls are the absolute number one. Toxin so those are either because they were administered with good intent but administered unfortunately by parents or. Dogs just get into things you have to keep your man little plastic containers there's a lot Aggies. That's an easy access point for them so Israel anti inflammatory is acetaminophen which is like Tylenol very very toxic shown. Anti depressants are the number three must commons a drug like effects source involved time prozac blacks are prone. I'm ADHD medications. Ben's own days Japan's so you know Valium xanax sleep aids such as. Believe it or not we see a lot of these birth control. Estrogen supplements those types of things can cause a fax. Cardiac medications things like ace inhibitors beta blockers. I'm an out final two or tyra medications and then our famous cholesterol changing medications those are all that's the top ten humans. The vast majority of those are the ones that dog's just a function of my own dogs and I think on my person. You know bottle in my hand I get Arabs in his Joshua open prank that almost does a pretty robust budget and not. Making get into it and you know most important thing this is another thing to share if you ever have a concern when you know that there was ingestion or not. And our hospital uses this every single time a patient comes end the AS BCA has a toxin poison hotline. On the phone number is 888. Four to 64435. And every time we have a patient that comes in with a toxic a fact of no matter wise even if we know or don't know we always call and start an open case file. Even if we know exactly how to treat as we still do not because they have a body of veterinarians but that is all that they do is toxicology. And so if we start to see signs of something that's just not quite the norm and they are the resource to go to. And so even if we are very experienced and injection of that drug we still open a case file and work with them in conjunction to make sure not missing any. I called them once or something because the Lulu my little bummed. Who last so bad into what I was afraid she got something fun like a chemical from under my sink I don't know what happened that left the door open I. I don't remember. And when I calmed and they tell me to give her peroxide. For something well. And the big. The big message to this is don't anybody out there just do you job because I'll talk about it but you know we get somebody to tell you when to do that there's certain things at once there ingested you don't want them coming back up because they will be more. And told guests coming back up. But peroxide if you swallow a couple good you know serving speeds of peroxide mutual vomit write us a reaction inside it's so irritating to the lining of your stomach it will make you. The vomit so a dog would vomit because I thought. And that's what they said they wanted it hurt to deal right and that and was that it was the pipe did call should know and just so you know my dog liked the trackside. Not to do. I clearly did yeah and guess what nothing happened she didn't. Actually in jest but dad TM dog and like I know there's some dogs that mama mama and no. Yeah I think I like I've that's a quick shoot. Sounds sort of home remedy we have got to see other medications that we can get to produce vomiting. And then the last comment to make everybody is. You know please know that if you ever come in and then we. We ask you questions about abnormal. You know we think that your dog is acting abnormally or neurological me suspect injection. We're not there to judge somewhere not gonna turn you into the police but you know we see that we just had a the last is just two days ago pod injection dogs will find somebody's collection of marijuana. It's pretty her pressure to have to watch them go through that they need to be treated. This is not something that you can say that I was just gonna ride it out. They don't want to ride this out so you know if you have to wait we ask pretty openly. And it's always money's on situations where I case out of. You know the dog have gotten into something no no there's nothing in the house and on the wife goes did you check the whole house. It's you know sort of obvious that there was something going on or. I've had cases where young kids are sitting with their moms and their moms finally get up to leave to go to the bathroom and on the kid does okay I can't tell ya. You know don't you just hear god it's for the health and safety and welfare it's like if a little kid taken something and I aren't supposed to use them. I happen super strong amount that's literally came and I guess yeah. I have no idea. I know what you talked them I have some pretty had served as fun but it's a mini is that I can share showing you you know the effects it has on dogs it's just not. It is. Pulse. While you I don't questions or you're going through the list of the kinds of medications that are really very harmful to animals. I was wondering though when. If I'd done this before with prescriptions from veterinarians. So when you have it in my chaser cats but. They're that they have a hard time with. Driving. You know are riding in the car and they get very anxious and nervous and and they start doing all the usual junk like vomiting and everything else so. When you get them tranquilizers. Those are tranquilizers that are. That is that the dosage that's different for the animals at the same stuff human scatters in different ES so let me be clear there are definitely a large number of medications that are used both human and veterinary medicine. So some of those drugs resemble ice and in the top three you know something I value our xanax. And a terribly talks us. Thumb but we use those drugs all the time in our patients. So it is a difference in dosage of the depends on the species over using an end frequency is definitely very different. You know we have non journal anti inflammatory is very specific to dogs. So I'm not suggesting you cannot use them and they're all toxic to every drug kind of have a potential side effect but things like Ibuprofen. Absolutely toxic to dogs rym don't you are not gonna take as a human it's made for dogs specifically and it works wonders. Ontario we do definitely share a lot of you know there's tons of drugs that we call into pharmacies all the time human pharmacies that you can go pick up trucks. Really I'm calling you call drugs and humans are absolutely coming into cardiac medications often are the same and it's one of those things they amaze you let's say Collins is CBS and it says. Fido Smith. And a pharmacist is accustomed to that end she's gonna call us back in San calling about Fido because it obviously says Kahne nine you know rounds yeah. Some yeah so we we definitely used human pharmacies I didn't know because I mean I had stuff from my dogs. I traps or something I got it right from their pharmacy home and had canine Ryan Annette and I've always known but my advanced to since you go to those. That's office and pick them up in every year realized yeah it could do that. As early Nino like that yes actually one bet because one they were places that did have one. We needed churn and had a habit in and it went right to beat. Our regular pharmacist found is it's it's it's a drug that we use in him and Madison and we can call an entry into. See that's went out with very nice for something I had to do that's exactly what it wasn't I remember that now. But if it's a medication that is just centenary specifics if for example I non struggle anti inflammatory you're gonna have to think about I. And I learned a soft as they can call a script into. A ordering company that does compound in for veterinary medicine and Lawrence you know 1800 pet bands or something like bath but otherwise. If it's shared between humans and animals you can certainly have I called and Arianna and we see we do a lot of those medications. Now how can people get in touch. I'm any questions for the hospital. Which is an emergency medicine and surgery internal medicine cardiology. A critical care and that's on numbers 5705877777. We have a web site and a FaceBook page and they are both under VE RE CPA. And then the web site its dot com. Mother okay and a break and we'll thank you yes thank you keep your pets safe absolutely. I'd everybody have a wonderful weekend. I am we thank you again for the sink every week and we'll see you next week eat safe and.