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Saturday May 13, 2017


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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and it's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend ranks and now Gloria weigh in on double Eli okay. Fine. Yes and I'm just thinking that today. Is of a really nice day considering the garbage we've been through in the last couple conferences how was awful I mean yeah moment. With solid the winds with a rain with a tornado was with the trees all over the place. It's just a nice yes strained to say nice calm spring day it's very nice message of course are those who would say. You couldn't appreciate it unless you had those crappy days that's where are fine I'll buy that. Tom IDF so what's going on your world. So lots of stuff but today. I am driving kills. I'm. Philadelphia because I'm having a little early. Mother's Day with my youngest child who will be coming in from DC to Philly. And we're going to. Have dinner and many young and can RN. Yours truly admire and I'm Sean and his girlfriend Emma Connolly and who listens to a solid time on her I am at all. And a friend Ontario Ernie will join us and we're surprising to you can hear and discuss it will be afterwards. But we're surprising dram by bringing sooner Terry Annie with us so she can have dinner with us true. Her friends he doesn't know but that's what we're doing. John is in good I'm feeling because I did not talk about this for China will be I'm. I guess it's and doc did in 25 beta kappa. Society. And an indication didn't know which I re I knew what it was but I wasn't sure so. But it is is the oldest honor society for liberal arts and sciences in the United States it's widely recognizing considers as the nation's most prestigious. Honor society. Tried beta kappa yet aims to promote an advocate advocates. Excellence in the liberal arts and sciences and twin duct the most outstanding students of arts and sciences. I'm American college American colleges and universities. It was founded in lady here that's next 1776. On December 5. It is so old at the College of William and Mary. And it was the first collegiate Greek lettered fraternity was among the earliest collegiate fraternal societies and remains the boldest. Existing American academy and a society. I'm so. It I love and it says it means. There which means the Latin letters which mean love of learning is the guide of life or philosophy is the governor of one's life. So he and you how do you get any you have to be nominated by one of your professors half and heat. If you can you be nominated. Isn't she your software your junior senior or your first year out of power in China. And so shy and one of science teachers he thinks it's whiny they don't really tell you but he thinks it is. I mean he when his thesis was done then this professor so he waited until we actually graduated so we can have. All of that to put forth for shines nomination from home and sell. T. Is being inducted on the Tway which were geared taping we're taping on Thursday saw Friday the twelfth of may you will be inducted at Penn. And this year out of all of the children who graduated and good people should say who graduated from Penn in all four of the colleges. I'm only 136. People out of thousands and thousands got in from parents Katherine so he learned. He's very excited and it it is a big diner so we are grateful and you had said to me why do you say happy for and I forgot so since it's actually happening now. We talk isolation and yes on that is really quite comprehend. He I think that's it is an account pennies and it is doing great he really is where. Claim at least as much as for me have your masterpiece now get on a lot of smokes and have since come I'm very proud and yes I. Now somebody who's and I know island hole and when we told Patrick your Patrick the other night you've heard him he's like why how that's terrific camp south. Yes PA plaques. Think that's asking for a little flies flew so what are you doing you view have you heard. Sun coming in for the weekend I hear though that's silence and that's thanks for Andre say yeah so what are you doing we. Are just selling out I am very happy to and I have to do anything yeah and that's okay. I'm gonna and we also want to say we were over and then tallies on Saturday night last week. Wonderful restaurants wonderful. Neighborhood restaurant that really the quality of the food is just superb. And we also ranked the Ice-T way mayor there yes yes and especially good the other night even yesterday was there something about Adams really good. It was only last Jewish shadows to them it's at Tony alone it sounds we go there every now and then and we like it we'll sell you generally go to them for. I have a story you read this morning yes. Well. Esther. It's a 59 year old gynecologist. With a burning desire. To ever try to retire from the madness of Madison. As it is practiced today. She remembers the good old times when you could take as much time as you wanted to visit with a patient and to have the time to hold her hand. With the business and the medicine being what it is and the alphabet soup of codes and accountability is she feels philosopher passion to help others. Being drowned by the mountains of paperwork and the secrecy of the profession. Her longing is fueled by her desire to have more time spent with her grandchildren. OC fearsome will grow up man knowing here. They live a plane right away and it's tough to get that kind of time off to decompress and then they fully with them before she has to board a plane to come home. Her granddaughter KD he's growing into a beautiful young girl with a great aspirations. She wants to champion. Her grandson Kyle this is starting to develop his musical talents with a gaggle of guys they Cohen group. And he's so eager for heard him play the drums. The poll is very strong to move to their home town of being with them before they go off to college and forget her. Her husband Dave has been retired for some years now has been begging her to take some time with him to visit the grandkids more offense. The medical practice is depending on her to keep their numbers are so they all continue to get their bonuses and benefits. What should she do. Typical of most women Esther wants to please everyone else and her voice is her last on the list. She saw some outside help on this one I came to see me. I could see the stress written all over her face. Once we had a chance to talk and put it all out on the table she saw how her desires. For being compromised. I miss begun believes that her purpose in life was to make everybody happy. When this became clear she had the guts to declare her own desire. Tim moved to the warmer climates so the house to live din in the northeast way too big for the two of them. And move to a Condo with maintenance services provided by association. All in an effort to be near her daughter son in law and grandchildren. Shay given over 35 years to the medical practice. And believes she could be brought out by the corporate giants who told her she would have that option of whence she reads sixty. She would love to work with a smaller group and a smaller city workers' skills would be more appreciated by a less hectic population. She would be talking to a recruiter in the next two weeks. I looked at her retirement situation shared the good news. Where their 401K balance her pension from the old practice. Her social security and her husband's retirement income. They could choose to forgo any income producing responsibilities. On her part. That's brought huge smile to her face that was not what she was ready to do what she loved knowing she had the option. Her homework was to begin looking for condos in the town near where her daughter's family lives and get her monstrous home ready for sale. The end. Yes OK they react. And I don't that's meant that ms. doctor tester. Panic and how someone tell you to last Thursday night we had eight. Black anti commission for women panel discussion on hoping your aid abuse when I was great nicely attended we had to. Flowering Cummings commissioner coming back on account means we had John Knowles from clear broke. We had build damn seat after bill Dempsey from the right senator Scott constant teeny from the right center. Julia money from the who is I'm buckle can't comment please let won a county judge and it from a busy day for him yeah. And good idea and let my county district attorney Shane Scanlon so it was very nice nicely down I was at the cultural center. And it was it'll be re aired uneasy TV and it was scary good some bad and then Sunday. We went to a dead Peterson and I went to K Gil Martin's. I'm rally or brunch at posh and that was a beautifully done well attended and Katie as we know is running for a school board. I Scranton school. District and school board and so wasn't very nice so. When you've been to several of her events and I'm there was great sounds yeah AK AD consider though Katie. Can't go OK. So maybe cookie eating out for me and it's not start so what so what else. I know I excuse. May hear a method for us. Pollen out there. I was asked to Vienna panel. And next week not next week yes next week. In New Jersey come upon women and philanthropy. I see prayer ten valley community college. And they it will have to panel discussions. I'm back to back. Starting in the morning. And the first one will be about the people in the field of philanthropy. Cool are professional fundraisers and planned development kind of people. And then the second half vote will be where I will be involved which is part of three of us. And we are all people who are on them money management wealth management side of things and we're going to discuss. Our panel leaves we'll discuss some of the ways that. The men and women choose to give and why do they choose together and is there in my case is there a difference. Between. What motivates a woman. To do some planned giving vs a man. And we did some research prior to this weeks it's always good thing. Yeah it's a good thing and we found that there are some very interesting pieces so that's on the screen a couple of hundred. And there's I knew relatively new sub class. People who give which is what we call. I'm single women at the single in quotes because it's not women who have never heard just women who've never married. But women who are single because they've been widowed or divorced. And those who choose to be single so we are finding that with those women. They tend to give it 89%. More money than their male counterparts. Which is. Eight or 989%. Death princess green thing. And then what they are motivated by is. Things that as you would suspect are things more involved with social issues like hunger for children. The children who need. Housing which would be things like. Habitat for humanity things along those lines. And that's where they focus their time and attention even things like god domestic violence whatever the issues are that are relative to women and children. That's what appeals to these single women more. Then the environmental issues or giving to colleges just turned back and it. But they had their fairy focused on the costs. And once you can identify what their cause is. And that they do. Contribute a significant amount more than their male counterparts. Fed millions so. It's an amazing statistic because this sub class of women didn't really exist before and I think a lot of it has to do with I would go away out on a limb here and say a lot of it has to do defense that they don't have to ask anybody's permission at Warner decision. Or collaborate with someone and say she could we do it this is what I might you don't have to listen to somebody else he just make those decisions yourself and it's an aspirin really often. Determined by the tax. Relief that it would guess that it's not an issue for a lot of women. Thought for a minute yes yes a tremendous debt is loaded and that's okay that's fine and I'm sure how you give give yes exactly give south. All right. Okay so we are how I'm going to take a break next up we have as least we always say the lovely and talented. Attorney Barbara. Here lowering inland. Good morning. Good morning. How are you. Just Jim dandy thank you don't. Finance hon Jim dandy all the way around. Can't tell you later tonight and I'm Paterson. Yeah me. Okay my name is Linda Evans and the president and CEO northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. I'm also the author of the book called power of the purse fear freeze finances for baby boomer women available on And I Larry and the owner of my ten enterprise isn't just fundraising PR especially bad business and we are here with the lovely and talented. She makes me sick that doesn't she amendment he wrestles me when she won every week. Pharma. 36 years. Favre is a partner with Hughes Nickels and O'Hara I'm drinkers street Dunbar all the way up drinkers straight. And she's been doing the salon time he Aussie better listen up. Today. Hi our hi how are you I'm great how are you oh good nice to be here. Did you noticed it before we start did Lynn did pray tell you we gave big shout out your husband of many many years now Wendy last week. Where we came on the care and and I gave a big shout out to break. Mark so mark hello my Achilles tendon it's a day OK Anderson preaching so so. Everybody can't raise the way for fire one of our sponsors that are he's the husband has been to the people and just watch. Understood it. And I went barbed what are we talking about a talking about their expectations in divorce and I and started this before. And we were gone and so much and we ran time so her so we're not gonna pick it up in Khartoum. About I don't see signs already stepped in months on any of these months ago and there. So. Some of the things we had he had discussed before it was found. Don't expect to come away with it with a windfall and people do expect to come away with things they don't have to and I've. Had a hand Valentine's where people say well I want a brand new car. Floor I want it Mercedes. Hey if you don't have a Mercedes in America pot to divide up I think you're not going to get you if you did it does not trying to have it now exactly exactly but I've had. Women so it and you do like an idiot you my answer don't think that it's the female gender that will say. I was on what I know month. Or I am one lady asked for tummy tuck I had one lady. Asked for her. A Mercedes they didn't have a Mercedes. I had. Another lady has her plastic surgery. And at that you know when you're not going to get a parting gift. So this if I don't ask your attorney to come up with things that you. Haven't I thought they were all down on the jam trump might as angry eyes secondly we aren't against it don't you don't try to hide any money we would Eminem the. Four because there's always a trail event and you are divorcing the person that knows the most about how you manage funny how you would hide money. How you would spend money. So the whole idea of oh will be able to do this will be reduced that number one year when he because it's something F unethical. Or or or commit perjury. Number one and secondly he knows he can't. Already where she knows it. Already and the people who hide money. In that I've had people like Lenny lane cinder blocks in the car in the garage yeah that we're also amended up. I mean there are plenty of places where people will try to hide things you're living with a person who you tell that to. You're limit with the person you knew when you're going out and Heidi you know and that kind. And cinder blocks so you know what kids today and pretend like it never existed is ridiculous. Support to really things happen. Where people think like kids age family business and they know this things aren't goods they started. Taking stuff I like giving putting money somewhere else for yet again GAAP and does have an inch and it's also very very tough. To prove that because people say well I had a downturn in business so how Andrea Andrea that was an NSR and a guy happening mark. Account for that right now I really ranks because it if if you're squarely money away from your business right. What I'm seeing is a lot of people get in trouble doing that OK so I was trying to keep it away from a spouse and divorce. And now. What ended up happening I didn't reported on in trouble with the IRS did trail okay so you know why have you start doing things like that not only is unethical. And perhaps perjury. But you also could be getting yourself into an even deeper water. Okay how black. There the next was done don't you think sounds byte and although that sounds very. Like our rational mind say oh of course she would do to satisfy people do things I don't time so it not only does get in the simplest of things that you think. Yeah yes you know I don't go mountain and counts the car don't go into card here initials are or what you want but you know what you think of your spouse in their lead in the leather in the seeds. Where you encountered in iron done that. And you end up paying for it it's just not worth it feels so no and please don't say tear attorney. But it's a principle no it's the money so so you know what you're you're looking at this and say OK sign that he should be making good rational business decisions. Based on what's in your best interest you should not be doing things out of spite. Because number one it accelerates a divorced beyond where it should ever gone. And you will end up paying for an in the end and looking bad doing it. Some. Next was don't compare divorces people do this all the time Weathers said they hair salon or a bar stool they'll say but. This is what this person had to pay their wife or this is what this woman got in support. Thank you don't know what they make and you can't say well they got so much per kid how come I'm not getting so much perfect for kids. Number one you don't know what to make and it's all of basis of what they make of what you can prove. So yes if you're underreporting income and you a file joint tax return which is gone you under reports income for the list. Fifteen years and you've signed a joint tax return can now say well I should be able to get 2000 a month in child support. When your only report anything else. Okay that's not going to be realistic expectation and don't tell me that your neighbor next door. Or the lady and the beauty salon or is there a guy sit next to on a bar stool said this is what you should have to pay for this is what. What you should be getting OK because he can't really compare. There's a lot of different variables and you don't know their situation here. Found. Next is don't try to surprise your spouse by serving in the public I have people who. You know I asked me did you miss well let's try it embarrass him or her you know will bring the process server to their place of business or earn whenever. When you started divorce. Judge. That ugly. Because the G Anglia to be ugly turn and cannot settle down right so when you look back in hindsight and saying boy was that really a good move. And did dad benefit me. Thank. And that's for this fight comes and there's a lot of times people say well you know like all the guys and to shop will be. You know or will see him getting served by the sharper constable or whenever. Honesty can use that really isn't worth neon and there retribution if you're gonna get. So I try to dissuade people from doing that because if the divorce starts out an ugly level it doesn't come down from ugly very fast. Instead he'll stay ugly or he gets uglier. So but if it's not something I I typically do. And it. Usually. If my clients got he served in public either by constable or. Before it disturbed by the other spouse it's just the wrong way again. And yeah. A lot of the we want some want the kind of some kind of cut death. I'm powering a city optimum way to the optimal and play nice and I'll learn by mail CN okay are viewing your post man. OK meant he's not looking inside the envelope he just launches signing green card. And help get on his way right now because he doesn't care what's in the envelope right and he's not going to pass judgment. Looks like you just got served funny but the people at work. For the people that. You know. Your teacher they call you down to the office because they're serving US school all of those people now. And the rumor goes out throughout the whole school factory business office whenever. It's. Even need to do that. And Elisa purse is evading service at their residence or won't tell you where they live they're the only time so we do to. Her tank found. Lastly. Don't fight everything she don't care about. That you'd be surprised how many people say. I wanna get back it is usually other personal properties like your your household furnishings things like that. Well I say well I wanna get this TV back but you know what I needed and I'm just give it away anyway. And then you look and say what's the cost benefit of this because we're gonna spend what a couple of thousand dollars fighting every TV dance now. Not something you want it's not something you need as something you're gonna give away and you look at it and say that's not a good business decision. And that the tough part about a lot of these sources is that. People are very emotional this is a spouse that I heard them cheat on them ruin their reputation. Or earth. Literally just lessened because see they didn't wanna be with them anymore so there's a lot of pain in her. And that I understand but then to translate that and say OK sign because that person hurt me now when did you guess. Number one it doesn't help you it runs a good legal fees and someday soon you'll say to your attorney why am I paying you all this money. Clear attorney's doing and because you asked him to do. You know like we're good running after personal property in the house to be honest with you never something that's worth your while unless you have. Grade a class antiques and I haven't seen one yet. Not always young hangs just personal and your family yes burst onto your family can't and to be honest he's you he's the person who who dislike you the most in the world. No she was personal to your family earned. And people. You know without any good reason. We'll give them a waste destroy them sell them in yards he'll sell among Craig's list to all of those things because they know you like Kenseth. Great I'll get rid of that stuff. And Greeley I tell clients never did you net because they're the things that people want value that was worth a thousand dollars and you sold within a yard sale for fifty. Well maybe we should charging that that amount of money what it was worth very difficult to prove what used furniture use appliances use. Some electronics or worse. But you know when he creates. That's just such a horrible. And vengeful kind of situation that people are saying well he did this to me or she did this to me what are we gonna do to get back. And instead of settling your divorce and putting it behind you and moving on to something happier for you know. You know 88 year caught in this retribution. They did disarmed doing that fiber in your opinion of all these years doing this do you still find an old senate. Thought process that. Men don't believe that marriage unless there's someone else and a woman will do it regardless. It's generally I still find out because I. And I know this is never generalization is certainly nine certainly every idea but a lot of guys aren't gonna leave even a bad marriage I as long as they're comfortable enough via. OK so. And it I think I could chalk it up to inertia. I mean there's some people that say curt I'm just not moving you know semi happy no we have been happy for years but I was and and do anything until. She filed or until I found somebody aware or whenever and you see in some marriages for people we're just kind of complacent said okay we're right now. And were they happy now they weren't happy but I think a lot of people just kind of are complacent cut. And eight I if you're asking me genders yeah I find that more says if you talk to men about how happy they work we just not a conversation usually initiate. But it was a simple divorce do I need to do a happiness meter I don't can't. But it could put television on how they can get in touch if you get in touch with me and 570. 3447171. And I'm located in Dunn more at 14:21 eastern her street in Denmark and I eat. Do you divorce is divorce because he support in lack alana Lucerne Susquehanna Wayne and my only thing you know yeah. Thank you Barbara will always nice to be here thanks and we will be re back here listening to this morning till our human shop. Here Gloria and Lynn. Good morning how are you know I'm fine how are you great. My name is Linda Evans I'm the president and CEO. From northeastern financial consultants for a fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse carefree finances for baby boomer women. Available on thank you because I think I was drinking I. I'm sorry academy and have learned ten enterprise is a just a fundraising appearance special event business and the reason I just said to Barbara. About the time. Kim Gandy is and how apropos was because. He rack. Who is our next guest. Has is on the old site. Jim dandy so that's the reason I senate Barbie got it she said. She said third place that's me whats Hussein's anyway. Hello and introduce our legs so I don't know maybe. Many emotions came from veterinary referral and emergencies at center otherwise I was theories say. And clarks summit Pennsylvania she attended Johnson college Scranton Pennsylvania. They're rotating intern ship thank Cornell university hospital for animals. Worked in intensive care unit emergency. And anesthesia and surgery department and physical rehab department. She's Bennett the lead surgical technician and dairy C sends. He since it started and she's. Has a great interest since surgery but also. Has the desire to help in the recovery process. This is where rehab comes in the place so welcoming and thank you for having me. I intruder here so we want to talk about some of the stuff that's going on in VR EC's new. And about your role in the insisting. Doctrine called Sonoma who is. For Chicago's south head cheese and things something but I brought it from I should not that I saw was granted to prove yes I went through. Big waved a hand job. Now that's a ship ask. Yes that's it and she is chief of surgery to land so that she and you are you worked directly with her yep Megan on everything that's great tennis so where did you two meet. Queen man and and other local emergency clinic unpack. I'm cheese if need be said many years ago and then she ended up opening Vieri C and I ended up going with her there. Come and then that's our story we've been together and ever since and so how many of tons of people that were working. Wish you and the other hospital. I'm are now part of what we would maybe call the veterans the people who gun into a handful of us via PM because the couple and so. You went from that to I am now how many employees are now or six I lost strength yes well there's controversy if you think about it. Very very short period of time yes seven years is not affect us at the last round to win Leona pulling down my antenna yeah. Congratulations. So tired and over for seven years and have since they are easy and some believe about him. So what is funny here. Most favorite. You're collections. A situation where you had a dog or cat that came and everybody thought that for a thing was. Today until the world's mom and you guys did something percent trust and animal facts well I can just think of since forgotten can talk a little bit about. Rehab today ink and a aware that all fits into the whole recovery process we had a little dog. Who actually was outside in the yard and god somehow into the show and and a bunch of wood fell on her whole. Damaged her brain. He had brain damage and spent several days in the hospital kind of on just supportive care and oxygen to couldn't walk she couldn't feed herself she couldn't stand. Do any of that and so what I ended up doing was kind getting involved with the owners and kind of setting up a little rehab plan. And after me be a month of seeing her three to four times a week. She's walking. She kind of made a full recovery. She was ten and if I want. What if any effect it was stunningly Americana. Now and how little Don Bennett but come and we just saw her recently she came in. For something completely. It's not related to what happened to her a year ago but she kind of just made a visit into the hospital. And she ended up just kind of fallen off the couch and just. Had a little blue though but it was nice to see her you know we healed and like nothing can ever have what kind what type of dog a little Pekingese. Famous secrecy and they live lives obviously this little the smaller the online they lived at in general but. I'm that some believe it ten years old man was able to read I am now that wow yeah high so he's probably like my favorite story I think oh yeah. BM so another rehab is something that's an informal program that you just do that right now yes. Rehab itself kind of lower in the last ten years this kind of alarming it's relatively new to the veterinary settings on IBC humans they do it all the time for. Surgeries then Khamenei sort of injury but I'm kind of on the imaginary worlds. In the last probably five years. It's kind of just the new cranes. And everybody's kind of into that it's an alternative to email some surgeries here. You know we do a formal rehab program was either embrace or something if there's any injuries. More than another big reason behind it is dogs with our trade us. Are they going to a rehab program and it's getting laid off of them it's kind of doing a mall similar approach where there. You know in decreasing the amount of men they're getting I have to stay comfortable and in doing a lot of these exercises help keep them mobile and moving. That's what ultimately owners are looking for is just a better quality of life for them thank you do they also get those like it's like if you would gong get an injection of some kind of steroid Anderson did just that work for dogs yeah yeah they have injection site that. And we and I and they do it into the if there's a joint that's affected iron into that joint. Floor like I said just kind of long term medications almost like an Ibuprofen. Comment when Don Yankee trophy and I he would. I used. Is trying to help them get around her get through you know if there's a painful event or something in my time. Round so that's kind of a new and upcoming thing. Tennis or something of that you really actually have to have rooms I was disarm the faces seen Gary. You don't know I mean he is a space rehab I am yeah. The thing. Money portion is there's a lot of the Clinton a win it there is treadmill underwater treadmill swimming pool and run. I love it isn't running around ten meals and then I'll kind of balance equipment like you would normally if you weren't and ally badly for us. Africa and the human not kind of balancing sixteen under and I thought that this is thought to be ray hi about it. Walking into a hospital with dogs on treadmills. Yeah like we. Dogs in cars like go didn't go dugout and then it should come and that is that some believe the ball moved and so current tiny little. Alex yeah. Or think hey guys they like Hugh there's son knows there's yeah of their non human eye system and long. And that's mainly their longer because the dog stride is different than humans constantly kind of just compensate for that sell well I mean how. I can says I'm just thinking of my two cats around and I. She is shining and geared towards dogs but a piano player aren't really. Can't spell well do a lot in the exercises might not be the underwater treadmill in the water child but. Yeah you can get them to do a lot of other exercises for injuries and other B a broken bone or any sentinels arthritic counter. You know a lot of things we see would dogs as Kris she cares enough of rehab is unfortunately a big part of the recovery process that helps them heal faster. And so they're not laid up as long. Prior to this so prior to having had a formal program. What what did you do four of animals that. Really need that can be just gave like you said. Calmer than joins that are affected so you actually bring the animal through the hospital and you have a formal. Flaw is formal thing I guess it's a formal. From rehab appointment. And that's what you do. His work with them on treadmills or whatever it is yet not so much at this point at the hospital yeah you're eating a little bit SP driver that thumb but it's definitely something that I know I'm interested in Anaheim currently enrolled there is a program through the University of Tennessee. And it's about a year long program my hands through a bunch of fun online classes and tests. Come on have to submit some peace studies and then and then I will take an exam next year to become certified in China I had a camera and I think and it's creating synthetic Cole came married now maybe you need to add a thought about Manson Mormon message. He wrecked car do you need to be back from rehab yes the RE CI. Adding and adding an ad. Other stop continent. A serious candidate bowel Flynn. He said and another about let me consummate the foot of the ER EC RE. He managed to meet Megan. So what went so I'm good how many other people then we'll be getting that designation that other people going through an assist you. Ottawa they're going to be all you can do whole rehab department you look at twelve. And that's a lot of you are calling that I always kind of wanted to do it means when you look at my bio yeah I graduated from Johnson in 2000 eat. The Cisco have always been in the back of my name. Fines and it's now kind of my opportunity to kind of go and do what I why do and did you know you always wanted to work with Danielle your listened your little girl and you said your mom this is an affiliate unsound Vienna how many animals do you have. I have three dogs and one cat. What kind of dogs three Border Collie. Basically eating. I am iron. Think our. So when when did you decide that you wanted to be a veterinarian and I mean I've got a veterinarian but they. A technician technician. Probably back in high school you know and just doing a couple classes man you know wine do you kind of figure out what you wanted to do in life and I don't mind and it kind of going around and doing just some shadowing and some local veterinarians. Is going and spending the day there are trends seen what they do and how. They're technicians at that point kind of help them on what their role was and that's kind of how it all started for me. It's Ethan Johnson offers that he can be right here M. And do different did you grow up ran outside air raid offense instead. Okay you know yeah smaller local kid did you ever think that you might wanna be veterinarian. I did but I can link the nursing aspect of an hour and aware of the technicians come and I'm. I don't wanna throw a turnaround because sometimes it can be a little. But we are aware of the ordinary nurses her hands what we do. We're kind DI engineers of the doctor or the ones taking care of the patients and were learning and I'm pain there's an issue here there's an issue there. How many of you are very scary thing. Narcissism I nurses. Probably in all of those apartments meet meet when he signed the thirty mile hike where we're at the core of the hospital on the hunt. Yeah wow. I didn't realize there than anything it felt my. I mean well you said they sixty almost six Conway is raped and then probably average about three nurses and one off yeah. We'll fill in the nitty gritty there yeah yeah around fat right now tactic known as the only search in common can't. Well. A lot of work I. Just toothpicks and her eyes and. I'd like that within a day at a time amber and do you remember that I was at Fred Flintstones once yeah because he mistress they gave the wrong medicine and really wasn't the run medicine in thome had to keep the maps so Wilma put. It's two picks in his eyes it. I can't might basket and that would hurt. Anyway I'm math so if anyone needed or wanted to. Your services or to know more about the possibilities coming up meg NL or anything about. The REC how can they get in touch slushy or anything hospital phone number is by seven. 05877777. Or we have a website which is www. ER EE CPA. Dot com and OK everybody we thank you Megan thanks for joining us today and you're great Amy Lynn who receives zone and we'd like to wish everybody out there. I'm very very happy Mother's Day happy Mother's Day too and can RN land. Loving mother and into all of the mothers out there whether you're a mother you act act as one where you take care of anyone who you consider. To be a mother meanwhile we wish him the best day so we'll see you soon thanks for more listening. We'll see you next week eat safe and please be nice happy Mother's Day Mother's Day IA yeah.