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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend. And now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Morning good morning. How are you in this. And wonderful how are you have. I'm fine thanks I'm. Looking forward to getting through these this patch so. For rainy days. And getting to some nice Mayweather. Yes because why isn't brain and then I don't like to brain but I have to say I don't and it just started running as I was coming in as you can see if you can see that CNN. I'm now while that was yet faster and. Putt I'm. And but I don't mind the coolness I just go as long as the sun is out my hand and like it was ten. When I was like cooking outside less than it was ten after rain like yes it's still laid out like I love it had seen everything is after you get to like June 21 or whatever then you start losing it day so I always loved to lake and I don't care. Every minute that you get to. Like I had some nice month. Could sell its anyway again. What else. Grammy show announcer thanked. Well it's funny I don't know this gentleman's name and maybe I should. Well I was in mass at cathedral which I belonged to think Peterson downtown Scranton. And I was there and last Saturday I'm. Saturday night at 4 o'clock mass and the gentleman was in front of me. And when he was leaving he said listen to your show this morning I think she did because I listened to all the time I said nope it was it was a good he say yes it was they said okay thanks. And I should just said because he looks really I think I should know what his name is so. Please forgive me if you're listening to just know that it means the world to West Bank USA and of course it was a gentleman. We say all the time rate yep. You guys listen. Fell. But. Into somebody else in town not to think of it as we go about. There's. Interest and when people tell you that. Tennis since come on tell us so we weren't together. My only thought. And you said I said this is Lynn we Holler oh yeah AM New England where we NL frayed us with Kathy yet they. Yes it was it was a the Brian Williams. I know hey CNN news that's right so we have to give a shout out to him there. And I am. Anyway well into another I was our our shame apparently reaches down and some concern to our shame our fan I'm not a thought for sure it's not. Infamy well that's true but it. Think it's it's tough I was at an event of fancy. I never remember the name of this place though the montage country club what succumb. Glenn morrow when Mario I think Leno called time I know that's fraud is another one yells let Glenn Mara. And I think it was whose team and they forget we stand there all blurred together. With the circle 200 group and wailing and there was a woman there who. Was it a new member and we were standing at some of those. I forget what they call those kind of tables. Where you have cocktails you know there's a table yet the guy I Kiley is buzzing again that's another comment this. So we had cocktail tables an Irish Iverson's swollen standing around and she waited known so I introduce myself and I said hi you know whenever you send blob of mine. And this woman says a poll I hear you on the radio. I said he spoke well yes there. There were five other women standing there all of whom I know. So they knew what this photo was talking about and I said I can't believe he actually that's how you know me. She says yeah I know it because you're part of blurry but its job. Then I got some good shoes you guys think your person and I wanna say Hillis and mr. Jones and so if she's listening I was was saying. Thank you for listening to. It's amazing I just I just honeymoon to realize that people do remember the names but what is funny like you says is that remember her voice. Lewis yes that tells you that lady at the farmer's market yeah I thought that voice so familiar with the city and baby are poised oilseed Tesla. So. I saw a bunch of RW. IOK peeps yeah I am the other day. At sounds even you find food or minus the cultural center because I'm in and a congressman NB media partners. So we had Nancy came in and fast Freddie and I'm Carol Lazio breasts were helped out so that was nice to see the Molly and fullback voice yeah it's fun it was a great event to great event and was honorary chaired by minor rarely charities how would you say hi Mary. I rarely chaired by Judy and I don't know that's true Judy and show. Joseph price and they did a wonderful job so we're happy with bats and so it was nice turn on a nice night feeling nice marriage to my fair people how much I love them they are doing their best they are. And I am. The Thursday last Thursday night we had a little program at the historical cider that's just society. At the camp on house to honor judge Michael. He can which we talked about and that was beautifully done we had. Justice Supreme Court Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice and I'm Kevin doctor and he and Mike Brey spoke and Margie busy nanny more layoffs. And Gerri my AE and caddie he yen and I'm an extremist law clerks where they are judge Mon may I have a federal judge GM. I'm John me Shelly and John McClain and it was so nice because they all got up to the Podemus spoke. So highly of him and what it was like to clerk Foreman now has sort of different stories so it was kind of nice it day and then we have proclamations from. I'm senator Casey and Matt cart congressman's car right and it's and mayor court right to get cart right core rate sheet and from man. The commissioners Larry Cummings was there and was wonderful we had and I'm really nice nice tribute to. Find guy so bad that. You know he always cross your fingers on all these things. CQ so good so we had a really good times good. Fancy one and and now some relationship between how well I am I said that I is a very proud that I am the mother of two. Fine young man who why the great grandchildren of Chief Justice might need an in the end it's a privilege he was a wonderful guy and I loved and in my kids. Who never got to me in my you know. It's just always good to remind them how. People before you keep that memory going when he met them or not so important. Yeah and Friday night Linda yes we had a little. Show performance did we get wrestles you. Yanks. Hammer. So it was Brendan this dopey and heavy were felt good McNulty and yours truly and Lyn Evans. And Patrick gave to Napoli and Meyer mask and it's in the book in little in the little milk off the bar at Brussels Friday night and it was a performance. Was it or not. It was the farm for. So we'll never be repeating because is so it was gone completely encrypted but that there was no lack of any kind of repartee that wow. Had a nice it was and it's just insane I mean it's the muscles in your face from marrying her hurt we have left yes. Yes we had somehow. Oh fun they're not crazy and I flew by the way it was X and yet every night and was wow you really it until we know that you had you had the I had to help us for the halibut yes yeah Iran. I know Patrick I. Am just saying. I guess so yeah I had helmet and we had red beads and tennis and that's salad that they put together with baby arugula. And some other stuff that was just. Delightful amid every aspect demo was good command of course I'm Russell came out to CA says he always is just like his father with that it was again. It was nice yeah we had a good time with ten and we have to give shout out to speaking of Reno's. Two I miss Mary Joseph pray you know because the other last week. Mary Joseph she won't care turns the big six south she looks like a baby so who cares. I'm so happy happy birth day Mary Joseph pre nup if you Sears give her a big smoke she's so cute she's. Yes so hats off I love her. Plumber yes that's great time hunt. You know Linda I'm she was Mary Joseph was Smart in her life you know she married a west side does not bad idea singer and her husband are. God he was the greatest Joliet Shas is what a love of logs and of course he's no longer with us but they were so in love and he was so such a wonderful man and I always say to remain yours when you pick didn't you pick the right when he got to west side. The strain so shall we says that I'm not a question about a new one okay near anything. Think that herein that. Well I. Understand that. She's also a graduate. I'm citrus college tally sheets and I don't know I didn't know that until I saw something about it and I said well that's another alone I didn't know things system over your. It now I don't know and that another woman who's right around the corner from her. I can't remember what her full name is now because she's married but her maiden name is Lucy they her father was. The guy who did those concrete steps and all he was involved with Jamie and I think. Yeah probably Nancy okay yeah Hank he and she'll also visit Cedar Crest College graduate and they're both on the board. Of Johnson. Kyle Collins Snowe and so I saw and Penske are retiring austere and Netscape. Seven website or yes and see. So I said doors so and before you leave you promised been that you would get us all together with your two board members and me as. The college she said I know I know I know. I certainly is and I really do it you better get it correct what I said very get go girl her. So I also have a few shows you're my make sure again in I was says Cooper's. Thursday no Wednesday today's Thursday Wednesday for lunch. And my headlines with Marty Woolfolk. Wonderful guys behind. Cruz was so Marty wolf business solutions. He and I both have podcasts so whale is. Several months while we get together and trade notes and I'm what we find that is working in an actually prefer guests to each other so. We had a wonderful luncheon as we relieve anyone under the parking lot and I saw three guys stand there and I thought. And they're too far away from me I can't say that they are as I got closer real place. They probably just had this when there. Rotary. Erica was meetings I forget which when I wanna say there kulana I have to honest. Hump and it was my plan yep. It was said praising yep and it lets refer real outcome so where they are there then they weren't. So I I had a bus the mall and carry on then. And it was funny and I told mark that I was going to make sure that I did a shout out and he said OK yeah because he can no longer call in like he's due on the united I don't yes. So there we are but anyway I. I did that okay so we have the showdown. Thing you know we should shout out to just hope we never did those young girls in eighth grade from west Scranton middle school who won that seaspan. I think the deceased and that science award out of the whole country they came in first place. Yeah I wanna go interview them for my TV show sighing in a deep do we meth sounds before they leave but. I'm that is just amazing and in their west script and I of course you know my claim to fame. May first none none of my first graduating class from the brand new. At that time away Scranton intermediate score we are doing and first in a crazy year. Our class and then we we were the first trip to finish. South I love that score probably since kinda neat it was new concept with all the different houses in the planetarium. In it was just really a really cool place when you work. A young kid and you the school was brand new and all the bells and whistles it was really neat when you really need but congratulations and are all girls and congratulations to them. Yeah a little bit late but never hurts concern. So what else to half. But nothing I just. That's all I had today I have I have some other stories that stories or articles we'll get into the next phase section 1215. Tawny kind aka. I so we are going to take eight. Could break. And without we'll be right back you're listening to the Lorena and show you Saturday morning with the Korean lady and now. L'Oreal. Good morning good morning. How Horry. Stocky and he's. Still may well I know for the and raining so yeah I know. My name is Linda Evans I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit I'm also the author of a book. Call power of the purse fear free finances her baby boomer women. It's available on And Lari can be honored glory can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special events business. So we're I have some articles here about baby boomer women again it's a via web savvy hopefuls had that in up up up up. The study of relief program or about how many women eat yes. Curry so. What are these I I I looked at this and I just said this is very sad town now yet set an and I think frankly it's wrong. Tell mom because it equal you know you can take. Results from a survey and spin them any way you want to spend them yeah well this one that I just think is a very sad. Response to things that are just it's cute it's not even correct but you can make up your own mind anyway I say hey all right so. This woman Olivia Mitchell who is. Have to discount this professor of insurance and risk management as well as business economics and public policy that's a lot. And director of the Pension Research Council all The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania on how. I know that you're gonna send us she was she wrote this article and then it was published on Wall Street Journal. So anyhow here naming campaign is Olivea mental okay. Baby boomer women now on their fifties and sixties are doing worse financially than older women in the 1990s. My new research with professor of loose RD explains why. Using national represented a survey data from health and retirement study. And the national financial capability study now remember these are academics who like says. Playing in this nonsense ferries so they just do studies. We tracked changes and older women's work plans and debt burdens along with links to financial literacy and debt distressed serves. The reason their worst shape is that older women today hold more dead than their peers dead in the past. That's a pretty and why is that why is that true even. I don't apparently is on any given their resurgence credit is more available to win well you may not. They can do now is your house on the reasons why else he's done rumors. But more expensive houses during the real estate prime up. At the same time took on larger mortgages with smaller down payments. The result this band that more women are reaching their sixties and deaths and the amount of their debt has also soared to. Is worrisome of this I'll make them particularly susceptible to rising interest on adjustable rate mortgages. When the Fed decides to boost rates now let's stop right there. So let's look at that first of all. We bought a lot of expensive houses because we could just. All right that the day you can't just buy the houses. Because you can't qualify for the house for the mortgages if you couldn't afford it right so. I don't understand is an end first of all. How we've been riding on these adjustable rate mortgages Favre now what is it ten years. I mean when you aren't we bought a house. At the lake and did it and I just Lorrie Morgan's hunt and it's been let it have been ridiculous hello this is the first time you know this year things and I added that one out exactly our rights so. But you know this three months in advance. Of the of the increase that's what you're they have to do that courage so now if I am financially literate which I would hope to god would say I came out and. And Iowa now goes shopping and go look for either refinancing. Or a fixed pretty right okay. Why is this such a big issue of I knew this when I was as old as I was at the time that I bought this house. That I took got a thirty year mortgage. I knew that because that was the way I could get into the house yes and I didn't really believe that my income would be cut off. At 65. Like most people. Think so when she's looking at this and saying they have so much death. Yes they do have depth but it's intentional. It's not knows he can't afford it it's intentional. I am not gonna take the money that I would normally have paid out. So by the house and cash out of what I would consider to be my retirement fund and then had no great awesome man. He's opened it is good for dead. But they don't make. The distinction between good and bad day I think this is all hump and desert and they think it's bad knows how can carry. The the study also shows that less financially. Financially. Literate women. Aren't likely to plan for retirement. Rendering them financially fragile. This is an important result and it adds to the growing body of research showing that the financially illiterate do less well. In managing their credit cards pay more in financial service fees and spend more on interest and late fees. I don't think that's a link I'm sorry but I don't buy that. Indeed financial literacy is Tito enhancing women's well being in their later years Melissa is but. It doesn't mean that because you have debt you're illiterate. I'm. Just doesn't make sense. So in these higher fractions of older women say it aren't financially fragile circumstances compared to two decades ago we define as fragile. Having less than 25000. In savings and a full third of the boomers we've surveyed. Reported having this this little vs 15 of the women and prior decades. A large number of boomers reported they did not regularly pay their credit card balances in full and many paid only the minimum do. Use their cards for cash advances were charged fees for late payments or exceeded their credit limits. I don't have. That's not my eighth experienced baby boomer women I just don't understand what this is all coming from but the thing I just think. They're way off base here and and I think this is a very depressing. Thing to read. And I think that a lot of women looking at retirement with debts are gonna say all now I got a new title I'm considered to be financially fragile. And I have to do something about this. No because what it does not take into account is the fact that women in retirement are still working. Break a big issue here right that's not even but that's I'm saying. You can you can make numbers you can spin those things and make them sound anywhere you want to make comes sound. But when you look at the other pieces of this reality if if it's not an issue. And yes there are people out there who have these problems but I do not think that having debt going into retirement is a bad thing. Clint how much can you make after a certain age. While your collecting Social Security. Between 62 and 65. Not 66 a 67 which is your normal retirement date but sixty twos 65. If you take Social Security you can't earn more than about 161000 year. Or they start taking recasting your band write it right for once in his 65. It makes no difference when that you take your benefit when you are fully. Been soared as the term they are kind you can make any amount of money you want after you sit avionics in fact so you can take your money of the day your safety 665. Birthday or 66 in Burbank. At that insists is 650. That means that it's the day after your 65 birthday yeah you can make an open mind that I think you might also be in that tax year. How are right because that's usually when I look at so it might be. You know if you're born January 1 yeah yeah real wait till April 15 sixteenth and so yeah whatever it is so I mean the thing is. The Social Security can act as a piece of retirement. But that was an incentive to try to make people not take the money is sixty true that business of taking the money back. But people are so tight unit is sixty deals still believe you should take in at 62 I think it depends on the circumstances than my case I. I had I'm 65 I have not taken Social Security I don't have any reasons so. Tonight so I can leave it there because every year you leave it there before you've taken it gained 8% right. So why not I don't neither right now. So let's I'll just let that ride and say fine now Patrick on the other hand. I had wanted him to take it at 62. Because he was not able to get it a job so he was not going to be able to. Postpone it for any purpose he needed the money is spent time so he started taking his Social Security is 62 can't. Fastow. So I'm the other one is a little bit. More positive. This is called single female baby boomers are not interested in retirement. I think these people think though it didn't never latest single is and never been married now single single day for hours whenever right now I'm Mary Blake. Exactly currently marry guests. And this is an interview by I don't know if Casey Dow is a woman or man. This is KCK she's related to Maher Marines and could face. But he has been courting this survey that she found 50%. A single female boomers today are still working and for many is simply because they enjoy it. In fact nearly 80% of these were two women are satisfied with their current job position. Unlike the generation before us these empowered women will be a force to be reckoned with. According to a 2015. Delaware that baby boomers survey among single female boomers working full time. 20% plan to use their retirement years to begin an encore career. OK let's close the book on that one and start a brand new and so this woman Casey down I think it's a woman I spoke with estate planning attorney Anna Margaret cried so. About the impact these female boomers may have in the workforce and retirement and here's what she had to say. Sit at and they you. The end interviewers. Who she calls herself boomer. What advantage is to single female baby boomers have remaining in the work force into retirement. And the attorney says there are clear financial advantages of postponing retirement a delayed even two to three years we'll give one's investments. More time to compound plus the same time for reducing the number of retirement years to find. Newly single women may also wish to remain in the workforce in order to meet new people strengthen social networks. What advice would you give female tourism barking and I know career. Baby boomers embarking on new career sure rely heavily on their extensive networks of contacts which is your strength. Built over the decades this is an invaluable resource that a twenty something can only hope of having. It's probable that many of these relationships have languished to some degree while a marriage and or kids. Took center stage that's okay. Don't write anyone off as you seek to reemerge in a new life chapter in my career consider thrown a networking type cocktail party. Dust off your high school yearbooks. You may be surprised who shows up then commit to maintaining and building upon these connections through social media. And then makes she asked the question for the newly single female boomers that find themselves having to get back in the workforce. How can they fast forward their retirement savings. She said the best way jumpstart retirement savings is to reduce expenditures if you live in the city seriously consider ditching the car. Take a moment to add up repair cost of gas insurance registration and inspections. Compare this with the costs of public transportation supplemented by an occasional taxi and me of my head and over. If you can sell your car Anderson make a nice addition to your retirement savings. And then she also asked how women because sometimes women are four times as likely to outlive their husbands. And this is the key point all of this as far as I'm concerned. Where do we are single by choice. Divorce our way to blend the vast majority of women who will at some point in their adult lives be single. This requires us to focus on payments sources for future of future possible long term care needs. Investigating long term care insurance options is a must. Next is the selection of people who'll make medical and financial decisions in the event one loses out capacity. If there are no no ideal power of attorney candidate suspend their mind and I encourage women start recruiting because I care planning team. This process can take several years and should always be viewed as a work in progress. I think that's that's very valuable for people and you know I've said many times you've heard me speak that the majority of women who are. It widowed and over the age 65 live in poverty. That's unbelievable tennis it's shocking because they have no. Idea it's. So less wise up women yeah. Highs today trying to take a quick break we'll be right fast with a lovely need show amber are you listening to Larry and mention. It's Saturday morning a little Korean DeLeon and Hillary inland. Welcome back everybody we are listening to Lari Elaine chow I'm Lori Kaplan the owner Larry can enterprises. Which is a fundraising PR and special events business. And I am Linda Evans I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. I also the author of a book called power of the purse fear free finances for baby boomer women. Available on Food and we are here. Today with a lovely as they said before elite Banesha Amaro was General Counsel for. To meet. What ERA one source realty. Need shut I had isn't. Has the latter underplayed because there happens to be about a hundred. Real estate agents in the ERA franchise there are seven offices and ten counties and lots goes I need amnesia he had no need a nation having name in the book and sank today nation so I am. Keep it at all strange everything happening it's springtime and real estate is why it's. Hot big Lee Manning is the man is going to be like that. It's I know I say this every month that I am on the show but it actually if you are thinking about selling your house really give us a call because. Listing inventory is that an historical low wow and buyers are. Probably at the highest level had been in the past two years. And this is buying season and that this is the while selling season I guess is what the realtors Colin. But every agent who's you know full time regular baby Jack is saying we have too many buyers and not enough listings to sell them. Who so if you're thinking Scranton and selling if you have rarely rains continue running gear and I'm happy to sit at closing. Yesterday for some time buying that and I saw. Multi unit in Scranton dirt they're really could reasonably priced under current McEnroe today you're ready to sell you're gonna make a million dollar profit off your property. But things that are priced. Within market can. Parameters. Are flying like me we're talking like houses on the market for two days Monday five days. And they're selling so it's like the fact that. Not to be exactly the glory days of bidding wars but. At least things are moving and you see. A lot of people actually moving into our area which is I'm something new from my. Her classroom hours kindest people treating not treating down this is a lot of new people coming in from new hire can. A lot have kids getting back to be home with their families think I see kids but. You've grown children one month however children there only be with the grandparents them. Uncles and aunts and everything. I'm so it's pretty interesting. Time in the real estate market. Tunisia I remember the first closing that I had. Went when I was with you where. Moms firm. So that was ten years and now they share. Well this mafia this in July. 7 on 62007. I stayed only may now learn. Now I know this but I'm sitting this year and another on sedition after you know I think this year I really annoying and I credit cards and his time. And the backup. And I remember Edinburgh I had a multi unit property on Luzon. In street in Scranton. There are three Jonas. And they got an appraisal first so we based it on the appraisals of the sale and I had food aid agency and and in two days and I had. Seven offers from aid agents from eight people side. All over. The asking price. Wow it was the most bizarre yeah people announce their car wrote them and came back in the house deliver and I was on the real estate is the greatest career ever allowed for and then I didn't think Dan among officers at a high priced house either but nonetheless it's still. It was like oh my god and so. Then you know you watch it he could I would Tamiflu freak of each Comcast's 53 ME DH GTV and you watch those property Brothers yeah last and I was on and I was. Screaming at him at the TV as that's not how this is I know it's TV so it's stage since but it drives me crazy because it makes people think. That's how I can't tell what is and isn't in these people these are all they worry all of their house they RD pick to the house before they even obviously do their selfish. It's all. After the fact so it's just in Norway and there's a really funny I mean on fees spot. Link last week I think and analyze. Who makes him one of our agents posed today and it was. HT TV house hunters. I them. Harvest honey for electing and a beekeeper iron my husband is micro brews beer and our budget is one point five million we have cash don't you financially and a it's it's easy yeah ended like it tell it it's just. It I know what's saw past some of it has to because of the way it is but it's drives me it's own act truth if she's he's like a fast is growing now work now nine. Regular network cable that workers I comes out for an I imagine all the time I really do but I just it's. It's it's infuriating mostly because I wanna know what what comes out of that that just doesn't solve intro I'm. OK so let our real estate conference as stale as they tell us you know like everyone's incessant HTT Niemi timing could. Damn car Brett Blogosphere is and I'm at I'm multinational company actually so there's Garrett franchise's all throughout the world and parent company really G owns. I'm on another realty companies have franchises right I was right so they always you know they really have their pulse on the real estate market and they advertised in different brands I mean she TV everything. But today the joke in these daily this is a really happy ends and any sponsors and Michelle is a tough. But I guess two Salomon chipping JoAnne. I found common tactic I think we. I'm Eric Brown our advertising yeah I think so they don't you don't get the furniture are no kidding he may take America back absolutely and the other thing that's funny is there was one on recently and it would they did age how rough it was an old and are no one. Where they did it. For a veteran and his wife and did so the inside was absolutely beautiful they were an older couple. And then at the end when they show people in the house sometimes they do that's why I'm assuming you're people who keep some of the furniture. These people all you saw afterwards it was they were out in the yard grilling because I thought oh all the furniture so I'm not a Big Ten I don't really blame him I hit yeah. Aaron yeah yeah outside of the big warehouse and used to I know it's so it's all staged just to present and then so really it's just the work that they Joseph. It isn't so hot and some of those specialty things they these get about elaborate but the rest of the stuff dissolved her stuff that you put it. I don't understand that though because you remember in the very beginning they always talk about they have a budget. I thin budget and the fact is for construct that's what I'm saying so then when they they go back in the that house after it's all done. That doesn't include the cost of although now I wanted to buy the furniture. It always in I know there's budgets and I know people have to file them but when people get crazy. When they say oh it's gonna cost another 800 Dallas. Now if you're spending that kind of money and you don't you have some kinda big it is still knowing that that could happen the other thing is they never do inspections so no one. Ever knows what they're dying and then they get into 00. Oh really to a big problem. Now that's all you're all of so lottery like. Did you see it just so that's how does and what happen is people who don't know how but I don't understand that. Don't they think the same thing and it becomes a reality. Wherever they are. And that's the only thing men infuriates me I love the decorations I love to see the different houses now I love to see nudity and nobody out behind the what you're teaching these people is not what those shows are doing at all. Because it's an athlete Allison what happens if Allen Sanderson and I know this is TV now I'm saying it is I don't know it's up practical person in me. Watching get yeah. And you watch some when they rolled a big silly thing in front. As the house vote for you you little IKEA and they want to do you really done like they are beautifully done flicks since then I think we shudder. Right a panic stations TV tape you are aren't very aren't sure they are very into an answer yes passing either right man I mean Waco and screens and am pretty yeah I'm at least in my town yeah let's go to college and on an owner houses any town found OS and every time I mean I wish there was. A company in Scranton that does that. Our in our area that would say. Okay let's go do this and here's what it is here is that I think what I love is when she comes back with a computer screen yeah and shows some what she would do. I would love to see somebody do that with all they can all have to be able to do bad it's just stood but they don't package that they know now aren't as like mad and I think anybody who's got some smarts. Might say hey you know you tune in Dana. So that casts all its backup for Salazar now I don't that there's an open house on Sunday actually what's funny cool here's what I don't understand how much Sudan itself for a while now I don't know like talk NASA no winners today and if so you think it was I don't know I don't have no reason its ordinance. That means they're married they announced back on for three something and I mean Sandra force on force something what do they don't they redid everything what meaningful everything knowledge and needed she redone they updated hourly paying my electric and everything. I think actor coming parent I'm place is going to be in it I gas. Ever on who who looked at it sat out would be great turn into condos but it would really be ashamed that I. I'm helping us turn into hundreds yes so beautiful said people who bought it didn't they capped it house and I think it's. In the high floors I forget I don't. Analysts say. I'm George Simien doesn't count I want an only wondering what was planning the last I wasn't sure who were okay and he's doing an she's open house I think it's going to be the Sunday. But it's in it's been a featured listings and our son at an all time. Program content out that's going to time you spend my dad is. It didn't amend their place is magnificent play that so many like that health sexuality and this one is really special I know Miley would be cool as a reminder focused on just remodeling homes on and then I'll get away. The attitude every one hour slower economy and they're gorgeous to me would be to our phones that so much that this town has to offer knowing that if the white beach and net and that's did this thing Indonesia is. What. He if you just take just take the hill section because that's where that is gaffe some of their houses. In the hell. While a lot of them are absolutely. Gorgeous and their state did the boy and work towards this day and I love is the double and cheese yeah like a way that there's a glass door and then yes your other yet what and to the boy Erica. I'm truthful lawyer. How may be retired and living in Washington DC skewers a double entry yet that there. And all of the houses in the like Philadelphia hustled yeah umbrella again there's there's a little messy meal and then you walk through that. Going to be other round in the binary I upgrade ears tab yes. I don't blame. There's so for some of those are still pretty if you look at the work computer and their beautiful wife and everybody covered dumb yes you know because they've had six but some of them are beautiful claim it would. Police fear I think man people do and maimed by house is a flat and that radiators and I'm thinking to myself her paint. I can't say they'll literally highlighted his estranged debate yet Canberra they were originally McNabb not but I have to tell you that I I don't think you enjoy Allen like that so yeah. I think you could see some of that I have in my house because I enforce tight there. So I have all a lot of different ones in my house that old greats yeah yeah are there now are generally beautiful and I have been painted. Which they muted golds. Step Rouse it's a Ralph Lauren dad gold and they are absolutely gorgeous I'm integrated. Our project pensions and he's teaching him Shaq and are doing and how much I know must work in Hollywood and and a bit. He can US ally Indonesia tell everyone if they want to cause you or someone there someone talk about their house we'll how to begin testimony continues blessing you Jonathan Piniella anybody oh yeah. We have faces for television yeah yeah I'm joking I'm so you can check out our. Our website www. ERA the number one dot com it's very user friendly uneasy time for surgeries. God corporate office in clarks summit at 5705879999. Did you ask for any shots. And I'm I can track team to an easy and you can help you. Fell one purchase all of your dreams came into thank you very much. OK everyone Flynt and a good weekend he she you took thanks for how are we supporting us and thank you out there for listening. We must talk to you next week please have a wonderful wonderful what this weekend and now coming forward. So everybody thanks beat safe and please be nice I.