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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend ranks and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. We're back. My name is slim as sentiments and I am the president and CEO northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. I'm also the author of the book called power of the purse carefree finances for baby boomer women available on And I am here today doing a solo act. One half of the Lori -- show is that with us I felt that you can guess which one. And C is often a wonderful vacation with a lovely mired. And I hope they're having a great time. So today and landed talk about a couple things that I think are specific to baby boomer women. Because it seems to me though since I wrote the book about it we need to talk a little bit more about. Who are baby boomer women so women and what are there. Habits they're buying power types of things they do the types of things they need so the first thing I want to talk about. Where baby boomer women and e-commerce. Hi sir most of you understand what I mean by e-commerce but that's buying things online should simple way to say it. Women over the age of fifty have a combined net worth. That's nineteen trillion dollars. They're becoming super consumers. In addition to controlling household spending decisions voice Laurie would. When did collaborate with me because she says that all the time that we're the biggest consumers. And we are. There also let it be to control their parents purse strings through which is a whole other. I'm layer of monies that women are spending online. Here's five things. About baby boomer women. First of all books sees a digital. Diva over thirty million women fifty years and older are on line that's a lot of people 32 million women. They account for 9%. Of all online users and the United States and of the fastest growing demographic. About 18% of them consider themselves digital divas. Cord completely comfortable with using the Internet in fact. 22%. Of digital divas shop online at least once a day. And 92% of them pass along information about deals to others. I can vouch for that. I say that they number one. Ways that I do any kind of shopping is because I get emails and other offers to. Either on FaceBook or through email. Telling me about some special arrangements for this day only on places like clans and Chico's soma. But they've got me on their mailing list and I see it all the time and that there honestly are some good deals that I have been able to. Benefits from faith they advertising that they've done a social media. Number two's she's an and then online shopper baby boomer women spend upwards of twenty billion dollars that the bees and boy. Each year on clothing alone. That's statistic explains why the fastest growing segment of e-commerce is apparel and accessories. With an average growth of 20% per year for middle aged adults make up the largest percentage of online shoppers. And this includes baby boomers. I don't know if you've notices but it's it just seems I have spent far less time going to stores over the last ten years than I ever did. And I do all my Christmas shopping. Online. May be just one or two things I go looking for but. It is wonderful to have everything delivered to my house. I also noticed the by product of all of this is that I have. Huge amounts of boxes in my basement. And a very wonderful offer came to me this week from what I am by neighbors who happen deceive them when I was standing by my car. In the garage and said. I have a box cutter that's raring to go here can I come over and displace up all those boxes and get an out of the the curve for the garbage tomorrow I said please just get a little. So thanks so my friend shocks Ron knows who came in yesterday. And took care of all those wonderful boxes. Number three CO spends young adults. The average American boomers spent roughly 1650. Dollars online annually. And e-commerce. When looking online spending and a per capita basis boomers outspend younger adults to a 21. And women over the age of fifty spent over four billion dollars online according to a Nielsen report. The average online purchase price for a woman in his 51 dollars and 84 cents. So online retailers that have price points in the fifty dollar range. Tend to be the most successful I can vouch for that. The Internet is the best way to reach her. The Internet is an everyday part of Americans over the age of fifty. Is the top source for information on topics of interest outpacing. TV and print media buys substantial margin. The number one reason for online activity is email which I just mentioned. Over 90% of Americans over the age of fifty prefer email. Over any other method or Britain communication they've truly got my number on that one. She's social. Social networking is the cause second most common online activity among boomer women. It's more common for women over fifty that is from man over fifty. In fact about three quarters of adult women in the United States use FaceBook. Compared to two thirds of the adult man. Those of Tesoro and ten tourist we know that we outnumber men 33%. For a Twitter is 18%. Women 17% men pretty even. And women are also more likely to use social media several times today outpacing men 30%. And women are more likely to interact with brands of social media as well some 53% of adult women access our first. Does that's me I'm social media compared to 36% of men. So did she take away years women over the age of fish in your becoming super consumers. Who control nearly 75%. Of the wealth in America. And it licenses and take a moment to explain that. It may say that we controls 75%. Of the wealth we actually that's a lot of that is in name only. Because one of the other interest in things which is probably not anything new to most of the slowest thing is that women still outlive their husbands. So therefore by eight default in many cases. Enjoyed property. Women become the owners of a lot of property and that's why we have 70% of the so called wealth. But do we control it. Not really it's. They're the fastest growing demographic I'm mind. Other than email they spend more time on social media than anywhere else online with the majority of that time on FaceBook. So interesting things to know about us I think Gary knew that but isn't just into C says fathers spend some. Surveys done panic corroborates that so yay for rest. Let's go to another little. Conversation here found. So baby boomer women facing retirement because as I just mentioned. Most of us. Well fortunately or unfortunately depending how you look at it well survivor spouses so we have about an interesting set of problems that. It's. Men don't have. And it's probably worth talking about because. We have we have to account for the best and most of us don't. And many financial planners just assumed that the planning that was done for the husband we'll also be appropriate for the wife. Not so here's the point women's planning requires more of life planning than men for both health and economic reasons. So the women's plan must account for these differences. We live longer on average than men so their risk of running out of money are out living the money. Is much greater for women than men and must be put in that plan. A second example is that even while women are living longer they do have additional health concerns later in life that cost money. One area of concern. Is the end of life long term care they can be quite expensive to. So women must plan for the health care cost shifting more so than men and other example is that women experience widow hood. More often than men and have to deal with the financial strain. Of the loss of a dual income. And Social Security benefit more than men that's one of things I know of talked about many times on this show. That when people plan for retirement they make the assumption. But there are two Social Security checks. And it's those twos Social Security checks represent more than 50%. The income they anticipate. And then there's a death I could have a serious. What will have a serious impact. On the financial. Planning that was done prior to that point because so many people just don't even think about that. Personal finances have gotten much more complicated in the last three decades. They have baby boomer women been able to keep up with the changes. Many baby boomer women have left the financial picture up to their husbands or significant other. And may not be as familiar with these financial circumstances says they should be. Additionally we're starting to see changes to social security and Medicare. Which has not been the case for the last forty years. Due to the sheer number of baby boomers moving on to these programs. On top of all this they extensively large volatile swings we've seen in the market. Since the beginning of 2000. Is creating a new normal and must be addressed in any planned retirement. As the volatility is the retirement income killer. Women have left these areas of their spouse. Or who have handled the finances but have not addressed these issues needed to discuss with them that it was a quiet a qualified professional. And I can't stress that enough. The fact of the matter is that most people assumed that if you. It's just take 4%. Of the value of your investments every year that number is going to be fine. Well it isn't going to be fine if you happen to start doing that when the stock market isn't a downswing. You'll never make that up so it's not okay just to assume that things would just continue to be as they are. If you're looking and what is it that I need to plan for in retirement. As far as my income is concerned. And I think you need to look at a couple different ways. Of generating income other than just taking the money out of your retirement plans. That's a really important piece that people have to look at. Are there any text saving techniques that work better for women. Taxes are gender neutral book women have to plan around future taxes more than men simply because they live longer. Therefore having all of a portfolio in pretax accounts. Which we consider to be retirement accounts. What adversely affect women. To a greater extent than men. Since we expect. Long term tax rates the rates to increase. And every time any planning has ever done. And the sales pace is made for why you should consider putting all of your money aren't crude good portion of your money. If your 401K plans and IRA plans. It's on the assumption that when you retired your tax bracket will be lower. That may have been so thirty or forty years ago but it's not the case now. And we all know that with the federal deficit being what it is. The federal government is gonna continue to try to find ways. Does generate new tax revenue and what you thought was going to be a low income tax environment when you retire and going to be that way. So you need to have a combination. Of both its non tax a bush. Tax deferred and tax free what's the biggest sustained planning mistakes. It's that easy baby boomer women make and I think that's that this is this on the assumption that they will avoid the estate tax entirely. This is not the case because. Given what's happening and I just mentioned those. There's going to be I down words bumped. And that that amount of money that you are able to pass through your heirs. Without any estate taxes. Count on it's it's gonna happen. And let's set for a minute take a break here and we'll be back actually ask. Mary and Corey and see full blown icon and a free trees tasks you're listening Delorean Lin show will be right back. Here Florian wins. Good morning my name is Lynn Evans cyanide. My president of northeastern financial consultants where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse. Fear free finances for baby boomer women and I am doing a solo act today on the Lori and Lin show because miss quarry is off on a wonderful vacation. With her fabulous fiance. Mr. Meyer. And and I'm hoping they have a wonderful time I hope the weather's great because thing or two people are really confuse a good vacation. So today. I am here. With Mary and Cory who is and I just tell me you're using executive director is that which you call yourself. Yeah yeah all those things is chief bottle Shrek. Yeah Marianne Carissa is involve winds the portable play house and the portable Playhouse has developed into something. That is really quite an event. Then bonds and quite a project bigger and better than just what she originally intended it to BM and this kind of move loss to the side here where she's doing another project called the lonely Connor retreat which isn't really wonderful place. That is in the phase of being. Still a great idea in the sense that there's 64 acres of property that she would like to purchased. And make it into a really wonderful place for women and children who are experiencing cancer so Marian tell us first about. How this came about where to where the idea for a long iconic come from to. Canning again until our idols actually came I would volunteering on pop ups or a woman can't just center in New Jersey and I think I had com where I lived on you know Upton and the mountains and I think he. And it would separate the Larry it was so beautiful island we know that even with a knife and she should look in pushing something that we can treatment work out making our arms some beautiful jewelry not so we actually get old enough to hospitals. The East Coast I'm often dumped into the Memphis and do it now for seventeen years com. So until pierce he's still a big time home I totally did. I know I thought we get bitten off you can even thought about all of my own it fated blob shaped because they had beautiful get beautiful home dedicated volunteer hop off because once that we all you have rounds and makes over the last few could well join with the women and children. I do treatment and recovery. Economy it is a little bright eyed and full orchestra and a little it's always something a little bit more normal all of whom hopefully he'll a little quicker. It's. Always talk I thought we have a volunteer at a volunteer at our. Paul something to honor in my arms good feet and I was so looking back on I was really well. I live in she couldn't buy gold well over two hours to come and volunteer but it is not part of but now he ran. Only way I was Obama we gotta make you suffer all the patient and I was driving home and I I think you know looking pretty weak Pakistan army and start building is about a 118 years old on main street fight that is. And got my I wouldn't be probably walk you know we add a third of our building with and people like sixty years and thought it would. I think it would be nice you could do much good at what we do promote wellness and I talked to my husband and I said. How about it. We asked. That's Q and you wrap and every minute well you got checked up. You know our. I think that's at did so they can about what a week. You that we keep that saves for women to come with the mothers and daughters in the chicken adult fun. I went out on the weekend economy charge and rejuvenate their spirits a little bit. Forward tonight in memory and we opened. On the part of that building about five years ago and we. A woman right now we cut its current that they now and it's sweet and tried to look I asked. A common thought. Armed also moved homemade cinnamon coffee cake and they'll think reading with fresh flowers in their room and a look at some of it going and you look at 25 mile radius I'm here and I think they. I think here's the progressed from a room hoping that we know it you know as well the problem is that when that handicap accessible. Our building is no old. Unable to achieve due to bad we have to beat. We've got knocked abduction and I. Enjoy it just I don't want you would integrity of the building a bullet charm umpire. That we all children and always wanted to copy and it's really set at Oklahoma this would just stepping our retirement quote quote. Songs com we decided that. We would not get emotional stress and light streaming service. Continue to expect enrollment on a true. I guess calm and so we look looking at property become a beautiful piece of copy may mark Pennsylvania. All a few miles from our current location. And yeah. Wanna build a bomb an extra food and have a bigger price for that women can come. And then. Not open it chew. Can tell children and their families because there's no price should have to go boom at people now. People that are who are going to be room treatment and up. I think outrageous and hit a home but only get so disconnected. When the child sick the mother had the focus on the baby who illness simply trying to get to buy. And take a new role in the family and loved the tried the whole battle and togethers. We just wanted to play for them to come. And I'll be able to spend a week and we can do we have. Portable cutting till people to come that will give them pony ride the shot. We try. He can run well also interviewed them off balance for you write themselves. And we have friend and artist but like it's hard when it's funny you old fashioned liberal countries things like educate a for the extra nice loving and lasting memory before the children pass away. And now candy at this and this is something that does not at this moment exist right. We have all right we mom we played a down payment on a piece of property. A room and they might like I said and which hurt in the practice as we have a three page we need to raise. I won't be crotch 448000. And the but each one into a cottage and that's eschewed that in true bathroom. They'll all be handicap accessible. Only to be nice foolishly. Each room bedroom and TrueCrypt guys fed and the and the giant great room. How much they can hurt eight people each cottage if necessary. I'm not trying arm and no I don't think our. Farm yeah and I mean condoning Jessica to make calm and all the people sort of relax and just chopped onion. And stop it didn't go out and do whatever they want to get on. You know it was that we don't ever discuss their element that's not our business our businesses that help them. You know once diagnosed those you know people you know it's cheap talk and it isn't your mind 24 hours a day seven days a week. We just wanted to play where they can you know just get away extra little bit thanks and rest and recharge their batteries so to speak on down. Sure I would looking well right now. For all some corporate sponsors Chiu owns the business maybe possibly if you'd like action arm just a jerk outrage there a 140000. And that's completely from the foundation. Two completely tarnished but then when you then. Catechism television and everything. No if you had a corporate sponsor who wanted to do that. Yep how would they get in touch with him. Can go right to a lot of content dot org. LO NHK eight and won't stop or. And I think I would choose I'd be happy to keep the gunman shot them all have a complete poem. Plan a business plan and try to that we got from building company. For me anyway. You know looking at Angel donation. Yeah it secure the property will get Bobby put it we will get this building up for sale at the minute we secured a property. Can we get on the building what paper are one of the cottages. Tell her we need the money towards paying more but properties on whichever comes first. Now where you go. I'm sorry again where you can lose. Your real quick and properties where owners to actually manage the property I've been lucky. On the property now there's a big. Aren't and for the bond is actually how can buy it at how her every second up. Made it perfect. You know we don't need anymore we had six grown children import rental may all live. In on their home all grown up he happened and I'm married yet Obama not yet it's. And got a fellow at the web an actual would have been the amount of fat in my home I happen to be able to manage the property might well. Com and look again at home. And Laura themselves. Your page is still fun to me. Dot com loan a comet LO NN AK okay and that day and you have a goal is 960000. Dollars. You aren't as good on the steps you pray that they want well you know what I you know it's funny like and we unless. We idiot idiot it we can doubt and I thought well if the 250000. People are listening. Yeah how might you offer and that's one dollar. Well I don't have an idea. And I notice they're gonna end if you have raised 6620. Dollars so far but the interesting thing is. That's a 185. People so. I ceded the than the denomination memo that the contributions are five dollars ten dollars five dollars yeah sure so I think W one and currency. Absolutely absolutely you know we want anybody because they put into effect everybody that I mean unfortunately. This now and I know that it hasn't affected them yeah you know I'm just wanted to create a place. Mom but to come and does the makes it nice memory and enough about it the beautiful area and I've had not only come from here and the Pennsylvania Philadelphia area we have. Come on new York city New Jersey. Connecticut Marilyn. All we can't shoot what do you have been keep setup up probably and I think Jude hospital and there and good at organizing the program once or open. You don't have people sponsored family can get lucky and I can come for a week at a time. Yeah. Show. It and I mean probably the open believe it's going to be beautiful and of course it's probably because football up. The dedicated people and to keep the professional caregivers and are. And I volunteered we have we as a truly blessed with that and and energy it's. Yeah and I hope they had to quit in the construction business for 38 at Sierra but I was a real benefit right there shaking yeah. Bet that they have a little bit yeah absolutely it's so Murdoch you know let me more now on site. We're gonna make sure that we keep in touch with you and find out how you're doing and even that's. We do nothing else but just do periodic updates and lots and let let people know that you know we've got of the 916. We got this. So we're gonna get go and that's a good. And admit I'm an eight I'm not telling the first pick out color you spot carry out the Anaconda a BP and keep building and Scranton. Mentally but not this old lady is throwing out the first pitch. It. I practiced with my son is is my mascara you practice so we get into. So then that's yes I totally wanted it umpire and I had a thought. The little scary just butt out a little bit and. Another doing this they're doing now salute you can highlight loan contract ends and that will give you would there be anything up fondly. Whatever they call everything. That misses so we're trying or whenever yeah yet. That will be there will be there we haven't seen the people be handing out our odds of that wet but it people who want to contact it didn't. Our house but you know I didn't and that any group any group still group women got caught in OT is. Whoever won but how about it that this condition negative in their local Internet. I mean how did they could. Our organizations LS that is music until all bite every one at all levels anyone who's been affected. And now we keep saying well we hope they have any questions you contact me through our site. A lot of common dot org it's opened up our hospital program our retreat for nothing and wait for help ourselves you know. Okay well Marion thanks so much for being a part of this is there are appreciated and everybody should know even if it's a dollar go contribute golf funds may dot com wanna cup and I. Thanks Andrea was us and I'll be right back we're gonna take a quick break you're listening to the Lari and when show. Here Florian wins. Well we're back hi everybody my name is Linda Evans I am the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where she only financial planning firm clarks summit. I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse carefree finances for baby boomer women available on And as you know my cohost Lorie cannon is not here today he's taking a well needed vacation. So they'll just be neat and our guest expert. Doctor Barbara Tuchman at an advanced gynecology associates in Scranton. Welcome doctor. I'm great thanks happy don't eat dirt and then you cut him Nash so hopefully the weather has given us a little break and we're headed in the right direction. And hopefully he'll really be spurring the right you got a couple of don't even. It out should know more. So what are we gonna talk about today. Late visit revisit actually growth hormone and we have done I'm a little chat at a couple months ago. More in the fall all the talk about growth hormone deficiency and different things that you might see that. And then catch a hot topic in the press that I thought we should come back I know you had some questions about it he had thought we could be visit and see what I haven't you know you can't just more of those things. So growth hormone it'll hormone made an hour. Our brain. There are things that stimulate our pituitary a little center in our brain. To be at least growth hormone it in and initially rumored children's it does exactly what it's supposed to do it. It's supposed to make a squelched. Until when people talk about growth hormone deficiency. That they're usually talking about children who are short in stature. In or had different genetic diseases and things of that sort. There's not many people that have. As adults have growth hormone deficiency that had a recent for a decade or just as there's an injury whether it can be in that part of the brain that make it grow Papon. We've had surgery or radiation or trauma that sort. Towards persisted since childhood. But. Growth hormone naturally declined. With age. So we see our peaked at about in the twentieth and that when it would enable slowly decline after that time. And so growth hormone has many benefits to less until we started as they eat to level declines we start to notice these things. And if so what will noticing that we may no longer have. I'm good muscle strain that we may not be able to lose weight. We may find that our ball there are showing signs of us GOP email or osteoporosis. A bone thinning or Belmont. We may notice that our cholesterol levels are where they need to be that we have and some heart disease. And then might noted that they have erectile dysfunction. Between Maine and mostly what we know this is actually the slalom beats. We don't get good quality sleep anymore. Nrgreen Internet strong we don't have the recall only you know we can't. Have we don't have good mood to go with it helps kill all the teams are seen by a lot of people I mean I can't tell you how many people commit every day with a lot of those different symptoms. It's hard to pin high pinpoint what one problem they may pass on the growth hormone decline. As opposed to deficiency. It may be a role have may have a role in all of these things. And so importantly he can't just guess that you have a growth hormone decline or deficiency there actually is attesting that can be done. There's markers in that we use that. Will be laid to condition than practitioners. And those that level in your bloodstream and and the cat that we used to that is an I AG ass. One which is an insulin like growth factor. And this. Is what happens after AD. Growth hormone go to the liver and it converts into gross factors. So this insulin like growth factor. Is what we measure in the blood. We also measure the binding protein to make sure that there well balanced as a people command with levels there ID DF one and there's tennis there's. Get at that standard in the blood age ranges that we look at. And if the level is lower in the range we can get that they have a decline and in some cases the deficiency of that hormone. And so that it really is you know will what do we do about how do we get that level to come back up. Because people are people want to have increased muscle strength we want to have better. Healing we wanna have better recovered from our our workouts we certainly want weight loss we don't want. You know we don't wanna turn into fat we wanna keep lock solid match that the word that we usually that is called SRI LP media openly builder fat instead of muscle. And nobody wants that. So we all know you don't want to make sure that we don't have time there was a term we use it's called visceral fat which is not pump. Something that you can visualize but it's fat around the organs inside are abdomen. The visceral their visceral organs. And so that that becomes a very unhealthy situation when we have surrounding our organ that we can't really keep that. So a lot of men struggle with erectile dysfunction one of the things that week that we concern ourselves with is that they could ever testosterone and human growth hormone and it definitely related to testosterone levels it's and I think you know the biggest thing is is silly you know most people have sleep abnormalities whether speech hormone Amylin nature you know course. Met a pod Terri met a type of a lot of things abnormalities but growth hormone deficiency does as well. I so you know I don't one of the questions that you had posed was you have you seen advertisements for. Growth hormone and and what does that mean to. And I think that you know everybody's on the growth hormone bandwagon these days that you know at the -- it's the new hit saying oh wait a lot and and anti aging you know the town that market and you'll see it advertised in anti aging magazines and well unfortunately they do tend to market to women because we we don't wanna age we are we wanna age gracefully and so they're trying to get our attention by advertising in those magazines. So what I would suggest is that you know there is no such thing is knowing you have growth hormone deficiency without an appropriate evaluation. Which means. Blood work done by somebody who can we don't levels we deal and a captures symptoms as if that's an appropriate day. The other thing is if we're talking about growth hormone itself. It doesn't come at a simple pill there's no. Easy good solution to the growth hormone deficiency gaga growth hormone is usually an injection. And it's usually a daily injection. Most of the time it's into the dubbed QE the fatty tissue. But it is the daily injection and and needs to be monitored which follow up blood work. And there are many many different forms of human growth hormone. Like substances they're not actually human growth hormone but what they do it they. Stimulate their brain goes to the brain is stimulated that growth hormone releasing new venture in your brain. To release more growth hormone and it held your body can make more growth hormone. So listen something that you have to duke it started. You're doing it on the basis of a daily injection this is something that people. Can do to them selves like a lot of diabetics joke or is that something that you have to go to. Practitioner every day to get beyond. No it is very much like diabetic medication and it comes with needle much like diabetic side showed and it caught an insulin Neil because of the very very small. And it's the same idea you get attention and surround your belly and you injecting race into that area so most people especially motivated people tolerate this quite well. And and they do see results with this step push you cannot use growth hormone and anybody that has any kind of a tumor malignancy. On the does need to be watched in people that are diabetic and it will Alter their blood sugars in things of that sort. Also you might make sure that you're monitoring you can see. Side effects that will give you swelling group. Fluid retention and swelling so sometimes people will notice things like carpal tunnel. And things of that sort so that there are side effects there's things can be monitored. But I have seen good response is to be growth hormone like substances such spelled the word that we used to that if they trumpet neck TR a PI and so a lot of the growth hormone substantive incorporates Tropez in into their name. Because it goes to the brain and stimulate those centers. So you might see product advertised that sound like at some control but it's. And a lot of the product that I use up for this to have for open at the end of it is well. Now I do have access to a liquid form so you get away from the injection but it's a daily liquid and that the entire they know it's the only liquid on the market. It has been well studied for a people that have a growth hormone deficiency. And implemented at this compare really a fine line between the decision thing. And that the natural aging process are people who really want their skin to look green or whatever the issue is here. Anyone of these you mention. What good would they be peaking that's for cosmetic purpose send and end okay rather than just some medicinal purposes. So yes they're very distinct difference between people that have a true growth hormone deficiency. And there are saying you know short stature or things of that sort and people that gets one Q. Improve their quality of life whether that be by a good night's sleep. Having a better work out and stay healthier. The other many regions at some people noted that. Go to the mood tell mood memory loss lack of concentration. You know we're talking about people that are working well into their seventies. No picnic scene mind. Trying to keep up with your younger peers is important to people. So if you're. 65 year old hoping to keep your job another five years and you've got thirty year old coming in and you know we can diagnose your growth Armitage is in the lower end of the range. They're value for those people getting that back up there. I'm feeling that they can get back their memory their concentration. And they can maintain their weight they stay healthier they're sleeping better that they've got their edge back. And so you know if aging means many things and many people it's not just about looking good. But it's about feeling good and performing at the level you expect to perform for however many years do you think that that's appropriate. Yeah well after it sounds like the her I found reviewed. So quiet that the more people aren't. Doing so well because there is there are risks there's always bet I mean we are playing with you know positive to negative on hormone balances and they have to be measured very you know closely and followed closely. Is so. It in and it got it it's not cheap by any means I you know I usually quote it's about 300 dollars a month before replace world exactly and you know the couple of product that I hate you know you have you know affect access to would have used. That run impatient about 300 dollars a month readily. I don't really its impact on the motivation of the patient the client. As to whether it's really worth it for them. Now I don't know I haven't priced the things that are advertised online my cannot use those types of products they go to reputable pharmacies to get the product that. I don't they'll you know they'll be cheaper. Or or what might you know what you might seem that bad but. They're they're really not not a cheap thing to deal. Well vanish if you do have that she didn't take then the tests. The idea one. And you do discovered that there is a deficiency. And an adult which is he says prayer. But it if that is the case then if that's something that covered by insurance. So if you had a true human growth hormone deficiency in documented. Short stature you had pituitary or brain. Damage trauma surgery radiation things of that sort those case this should be covered by insurance. But the patent where there's just been a natural decline and now you're levels lower in the range in your simply wishing to supplement these things. That is not going to be covered it it sold under the range of supplement now I will step back and and take and take back my words on the liquid product the liquid product is considered a medical food. How so that product into your policy covered medical foods. Might be covered. But the rest of the products are not considered that. Well I guess I think that's a fascination at. I'm just a hole that I have to go down for a lot of people because. When I think of all these things you're talking about that are symptoms. Of natural aging and if there's something else there even if it costs 300 dollars a month there will be people we'll say we're doing fine. Directed and I guess I think that the wave is now you know maybe I'm gonna do a preventive. Realm and set about treatment Salman you know people insurance rates going up and they have bad. Some people are opting. Can take much slower policy than just pay out of pocket for the care that they need to have. Term. Yeah that is. A trend in Madison has to do this thing it's so I'm outline just thinking about you know what. I can just imagine that this is something that and you said you can get it online so. Do you really need. A prescription to get involved enough. I say yes I absolutely you need to be evaluated by someone who understand the lab understand the person that they're talking killed. The symptom complex that you're trying to correct it. And is willing to follow the patience for those symptoms Imation that you're not causing heart you know this this medication doesn't exist in a vacuum it does have side effect. And it can be harmful especially in people they had hail an active and and humor that they didn't know about because they didn't see doctors. Or hyper sensitivity. What I get that diabetics can't use that anybody with a remote history of cancer shouldn't be using message. Can close it out you kind of have to have somebody that isn't. The baby up by the fact. Okay and how look how can people get in touch with its they would like to do that. I'm myopic is located in Scranton across from regional hospital on Jefferson avenue. How are also members 5703. Or 499911. Or we are online also ahead doctor Barbara Bachman dot com and I'm and we would love to be able kill you know help you out with any of the symptoms that you're having do you believe you have. You know. Aging related symptoms or growth hormone deficiency and had. Okay that's how good and thank you for being with us today and have. Make sure that happened hey what Laurie would pay TV. They have and Dina I'm fine and I.