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Wednesday, May 17th

Republican for Lackawanna County DA Gene Talerico with Webster and Nancy


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I'm looking at WNET that common and there headline on the DA. Race in like one account he says. Salary go edges out Scanlon and raise for like when a county DA but I think the newspaper got a little more accurately says teller Rico crushes can and I think it was a pump and that's at George W. Bush with sex and joining us this morning is Jeanne tell Rico congratulations mr. Tariq Al. Good morning thank you very much thank you very much. Just let nobody know Jean Telerate dole winner on the Republican ticket in Michael mechanic for district attorney beating the current DA. Chains Scanlon now other numbers are where I was a bit surprised now yourself were you surprised with. The how big the margin was. You know that's it's it's one of those things you you you feel good you feel positive return and no. The energy and effort you put into it but there's no way to predict an unpredictable outcomes so we are cautiously optimistic that we were gonna cart come out of this okay. But I actually was flattered by the margins and truly flattered by the folks that did turnout and vote. Now did you ever hear from Shane scale and I guess there's a report that he tried to call last night but I just didn't know if he had done talk with you. That's correct it was actually when I was addressing the folks at at my gathering he had called and and I I had to return his own cause look in the message and not. And told them that we would doubt checked in the next coming days. Married so obviously you'll be up against mark Howell come November. It's oh how you got a whole other race to prepare for rape. True very true I guess we get the very opposite. And that sort of thought I'm. You before his sick concessions. Remarks last night mr. Scanlon said that he would take the Winchell to mark try to figure why you are he had not had time there and figure out why he lost. When he got the nod originally I think a lot of people did a double take because that seemed unexpected to a lot of people. But a dual what do you think was the turning point was that the fact that he would couldn't find a date to debate you or or what what do you think did it. I'm not really sure exactly what was what was the key. I'd like to think that it was a physical level support that we had and the type of committed support I went right so you we have hundreds of people yesterday. Fourteen holes and other folks that are so committed to the message of our campaign and that's really what we're made. This experience so humbling and flattering for me than we've had look at folks from part of the state that. I had met. During the course of lightweight fighters come back to quit and go back elect or returning to work at a poll from. Yeah when I sat back last night and actually thought about that. People interrupt their lives have been drilled 300 miles to stand at a poll and talk to people about me in the candidacy that we are putting forward. He you know he can't be anything but and humbled by the hour. Right now I tech I have to bring up just what it happened because. When you're talking about how you won in the you know was it anything that chain Scanlon did it did and I'm not in an I've only heard good things about James Gammon but I I've I really believe a lot of people were shocked. Because I your roots were so deep with the district attorney's office in you had done so many things even outside of what your job was you know working with Marlys mission and and other things. Deep some of that was at the motivation people went out was they felt that it was unfair what it happened when you were passed over to be picked for that position. You know I'd I don't know I I I don't have any real sense of what it is that may have been a component of it and and let me just say this just be crystal clear. Cameron has has been dedicated public servant for fourteen years he's carried himself very well as district attorney and and I appreciated and thank him for that service. But as to why people were motivated I think we had a variety of reasons across the board. Now why people turn out like people resonated well with the message that we had in its campaign. Kind well you've Mikey said he did it to finally take a break I'm sure it's been on nonstop parade up until this point so what do you know like it do for the next weekend. Don't go to Disney World I think. You know I can't afford it here right now I'll settle a third area sort. Are well thank you for checking in with us Jeanne calorie go we appreciate that and I'm sure will be talking to as we head towards November to thank you both so much sorry thank you gradually since teens calorie co winner on the Republican side so in November he'll be up against mark Powell perhaps than we talk and mark Powell as you move towards a November slot.