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Thursday, July 13th

House lawmakers passed significant welfare reforms to reinforce the safety net for those most in need while helping more Pennsylvanians escape the cycle of poverty and move from dependency to self-sufficiency. Elizabeth Stelle Director of Police Analysis with the Commonwealth Foundation gives details to WILK's Sue Henry.


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It instead of the commonwealth foundation islands that. I have hi Dylan. How are the morning you know I'm living the dream is a big hits. It's a great beauty to join us today it's about a topic that I know. At least one of our only lawmakers. A guy named iron copper. Has been very very very persistent and in and you know do you know Erin conferees estate wrap. Yeah there in copper defensively on somebody your farms that are now coming to Croatia and said he didn't. I'm like camped in the legislature and had making sure that. But the pitching continues over. A part of our budget at a peak of 40% of spending didn't really really critical any ten year trying to figure out how well at the Baikonur fountains but do without hiking taxes. OK so. 40%. Of the budget goes to. A wealth welfare programs. All right and under and it OK so that's under the umbrella of human services. Because it is often when we try to have conversations about any kind of welfare reform and I just weigh in Iran of the bat. And you probably feel it too there's a lot of blow back. Because people say that you're trying to. Poor shame deprived. People hurt them etc. etc. how do you see it differently. Yeah well and did you need to make sure that probably he had beaten them at higher risk and any remains. We're trying to protect these symptoms. Because now. They actor didn't. Right now we're looking at it do any anywhere we depending different we're gonna have that money to continue. Exciting eat and it's it is therapy and record at the Betty really drastic cuts but now think any on north articulated. What we have got our program because we have you know others like before I felt we've tried taking a program to make them better. And moving people into an independent. Then I have to come back here later and make dramatic reduction. And we know that Elizabeth mania. Com. Is is a pretty generous. To it's status and. Absolutely. Loose and in the Big Apple and and that's how much we spend on our Medicaid beneficiaries. And we have really Jenner and eligibility and pretty much across the board and that it really is saying you know well and Il has. Yeah. Yeah I mean if you reduce eligibility you know or any any and on and let live match here that we be looking at you know it's. And I have been people it. I mean people other than that and to be languishing in the program. I think earning rink. I think bettering them now getting. On can you gate or where they don't need the part and you white that they're real measure ethnic groups and they're out their front and he talked about now and out and in the deep packet are about. Important people Latin about taking things the way. IRA and I think that they when you frame it up like that it it seems to be. None is as mean and nasty is something about you know some people are is gonna say if you take anything away from anybody your your being down a Scrooge but. In this case you're there're couple things that there are are being looked at in the state legislature. And and we can go over a couple mom including the a Medicaid. Work requirement. Weaver can you talk about to that Anke talked about domain B. Up modeling on another states what other states have done that seems reasonable. I think most people it greens and really do that the polling candidates. It do you any welfare program if you are getting potentially taxpayer funded health insurance. And you know where each kid contribute something. You know there there Arizona Yang and if you're able to get a part time job or did not Garrett. Each beat each kid in return to bet that the here at eating. That's basically what that labor is asking it only. Bullet likely. Target happy adopt without children at home so people can go out and get a job to encourage them to work. Considered the only way to ever going to mint off of Medicaid and be able to reflect I'd venture and it if they're working and didn't drink subject thank. Yeah I'll let him new FaceBook besides which it's reported that. I'm happy. This week let's that it then. It we are going to ask. Washington geeky. For a waiver for real change in a Medicaid program so that week and and income or age are healthy adopt Medicaid to go to work. And other states have done this and now I have received that kind of consideration. Yeah and so we want our crime and the people a couple of other president Bennett Nate. And eight and implemented a work requirement for Medicaid yet since. Didn't budge for crime but boy the cabinet change right now. They in the event but it's too early didn't eat what could be pretty hot to get at what's out but we did now. Looking to be exactly welcome in food stamps. And it said he 5% trap that population. Maine 86% cap for exorbitant. What's so bad that people are able and willing to get. Markets but never read then that means it encourages them not to deed and so what you put in Canada and up front working I think continue to receive benefits and enunciated. Very homeless income. RA and you're looking and also was some kind of folk cost. Overruns so provision can you talk about that a little bit. Yes in Pennsylvania are Medicaid program passionately. Although I did I get almost inevitably. We have a really great and I'm budgeting for Medicaid. And Bill Clinton would need it for academic I belly and said okay. And he went there did you need to be a little more accurate. On exactly how much he's kind of Mexican cop bad because if you go over your budget. Year and I think that there are aware of submitting a laborer. You constantly need speed out of our cost saving change it. Before even nine beacon that Eric giving me it would take on supplemental appropriation which is telling premiere before. We're about the credibility of four are fighting it would be. And about signing new. Innovative ways she you gave money with I'll get to mentally at technique any of the beneficiaries. How how is it that this can overrun all the time. We didn't think it is very difficult to predict how. It brick it got to predict you know your own accompanied the beginning of the year panel of health needs full alert millions of people crop. Pennsylvania. Well it's it's typical in point is bigger talent Medicaid and health care costs the black which is. Or can really hard to shop for health care. He'd eat you don't know with the prices safari can't repeat your typical to tell what temperature EG need. I think that's an indicative of a lack of public health care which is the conversation for another blow today. But we did you really hurting McCain and you try to keep that within budget that weekend. Play and for me a year and we don't have to deep ball Q I act and act. I explore our our aid or anything else that just straight problem democratic. Here's one you in half to help me US because I don't even understand how this happens and I'm wondering how. Howard does see you have premiums. From well off families. Utilizing Medicaid how world do well off people. Ball club. Yet. So that's the target or should say at Tehran that is. And you have a child with a disability. And it Pennsylvania it's the of the tyrant with a disability you can qualify for Medicaid which makes sense because it can be very expensive. Protect our child special needs and bill and being monitored Beijing it simply that's eight the only if they make. A 1000% over the southern poverty line fourteen JB would pat on premium. For the Medicaid service is that the child is eating. And it really I think and because these families are paying nothing for Medicaid while other family but sorry to cut and are paying. That is being probably top chip which is another form of subsidized health insurance for kids. And it doesn't Safina had their share provisions and the only state. That looks fat wood they competent Arabic public easily be around. First is the only big when they did determine if they did indeed eat any premium. For it will be called as medically eligible to get them Medicaid. Arie and add the Adam released these sent over said that that would be fifty dollars. That's what they appear to be around a lot of that going Q. They're going to implement on I'm writing to Qiao. An accord which liberals. There are still getting done additional clarification. Fred let's figure out exactly. What fighting to get a look like but the number that's been done around at fifty dollars a month. Many get that only in Pakistan played if they're earning on 200 worried that 2000 dollars a year armoire. Apparent and notify you would like to see. And I guess our lawmakers would like to see. Mom and outside evaluate her. On some programs why why the outside evaluate her Elizabeth why can't these are programs police themselves at. A lot of ways that we typically about. I'm glad I did about it being Anna and their pay that later. Q&A. Daily evaluated that speak. We look into the right and the picnic and we haven't played actually working I think that you know that probably protecting Hadi. I really touching although we need to. And if not you know that they will provide recommendations to make an important part of that is because. Thank god they're only served for improvement. And eight critically important when we're looking at. You know tighter budget situation. That we're not leaking any money on people who aren't eligible for services. When are so many people that are. Even not waiting landed on TT received separatist and the. It just seems odd to me that the these these entities wouldn't be able to ascertain. The of fraud and waste to within their own divisions will would there be any kind of calm repercussions. If if they are found for my third party. Evaluate her. Gary mineralization at that point that will lead it would involve repercussions. I don't know if that would be part of that. But certainly cutting. Bid that. And you speak up on main blood hopefully generate found very interesting information tech could be shared publicly and then again we increased the more accountability for their argument service there a mixture. Their police beat each of these programs that that there penalty. I plant we've. Opt a lot of these programs are highly regulated by the federal government to fill it up and they're very complex. And that's another reason and why why are excited not about the work requirements. At wow what could not let obamacare repeal. And then towards the cost of the country really begin needs more flexibility in how they implement food and how they implement Medicaid. How to implement and that which it became an assistant. Because there's. Yeah Madrid paper now added that the growth even Q could be really good things like reduce try to keep it. Aaron Elizabeth still we know that the other question I have and then more almost such time as. And it. Well looking at. The problem and it can definitely it betting that the very dangerous precedent. Spending and spending plan before we. A way to pay for. That that is extremely dangerous and frankly unconstitutional. Now wait and hope that lawmakers and the governor will come to me that you could and Gary in. If not we know it's going to mean some really bad policies down the road. How they keep going keep create an even more difficult situation and and when we did go to each and allied and that he thought it appetite and and they're exit could be I'll kind of tactics right now. Like I'm cable bill bunch here energy consumption and I'm glad that that's how we even get it spending plan in place an odd that not only work towards reducing government spending. Elizabeth's Dell is the director of policy analysis from the commonwealth foundation ties of pleasure. To have you and the others in the commonwealth foundation Joyner show we sure do appreciate it. Thank you Aaron it's 223 at W while K here's a break. And now.