Don Williams

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Thursday, July 13th

Don Williams, the father of slain Corrections Officer Eric Willams with WILK's Sue Henry on the outcome of the recent sentence for Jessie Con-ui.


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We have all of then. Touched by this I say the courage of the Williams family album cents through February 25 of Tony thirteen. When Eric Williams who was working in the US penitentiary at Kenan. Was killed by a a gang assassin named Jesse con we. It was a brutal killing in. The Williams family was stunned the community was done and then they waited a long time can you imagine in your own life winning four years. For justice and then the conclusion was not satisfactory to many. As it was a lone holdout on the jury. And Jessica on weed was sentenced to life in prison but a lot of people feel that that's kind of hollow because he had already been sentenced to life in prison. Don Williams is the father. Of Eric Williams and that true pillar of strength tied down. Our group didn't do what I'm doing well done him again I apologize say for this Lawson it's just I'm so sorry for your family because. I think the world you guys. I wouldn't know. Really appreciate that too and I know you have always been very supportive American women don't don't think either march. Well I just admire somebody who in their darkest time like yourself and an Aussie family. Has the strength and courage to. I'll look out for future corrections officers and a neighbor diligently to change things and then I do wanna talk about maybe what we can do together in the future to support and help you. Led I can't help but ask you to reflects on on the moment to in court on Monday. And the year your terrible disappointment. Yeah I mean I have to say that. I was honestly shocked. And the in this beliefs are. I mean via. This is the gravity. Of these you know this this crime against my son was was so great and in the needed he. From but he mutilated him and everything and in our I want to say to anybody who. I about it in the in the just. You know were appalled and I and I am appalled to sir. Let's look at ten normality. You and your family attended this trial. Day in and day out did you attend the jury selection. We went. A few times who has. You know it was a rather repetitious. Conscious. Drawn down in the these you know we had no in putter so fortunate we went to see I guess. Just curiosity how it. How that took place that we have some respect and understanding others but I I didn't attend their recent and they know. Because a lot of people Don and and since I do I regret I wasn't there but a people have questions about. Powell via the forewoman of the jury. Actually down on the jury in the first place bill and we we we like to non you know the answer we'd love to know. Was their questions in the questionnaire about family members who were incarcerated. But I don't know in it and trying to find that out myself to whether there was a big questions specific to that. Yeah I think perhaps there may have been. Okay question and it at least relates to do they have any ties to deal penal system in some way. So I do believe there might have been something near a belt that. But I can't confirm that for sure. And we know that lawyers on both sides have the option to to choose your striking jurors so it it's not it's. On impossible. That. The good the prosecution mayor or may not have no we don't know and I'd I'd love to know if you do China. Because people are curious about that because they. It seems to be wet today which kept her from voting for the death sentence is that to one of her children. Was or is incarcerated. You know. That's what she told the other jurors but it balance her reason then you know on later on she says something about. She felt she was appointed to be either by god show. You eaten it truthfully it might take on it to. Is that there's this jury did not have the same agenda as the other eleven. I don't think she was. Totally focused on arriving at a at a just birdied but I think she was you know. Caught up in her own concerns about her own personal agendas the cabinet do occur. Her own personal baggage I thought I really think in watching her. And yeah he'll handle on kind of watched the jury. And their reactions to things in the in this woman. Did just didn't strike me as somebody who was present to do proceedings she was Herbert. Not present. Which there is that your people concerned. Let my wife picked it up very quickly. Quicker than I did in and kind of player to help them. So. I'm not sure we weren't left to all of us sit there for weeks on end and go through a grueling torture. What someone looked online in in just had already made up their mind no I'm I'm not going to trapped. And which would sent unconscionable that. And I think they did based on what did that in these these trials I know hour of their their long. The are there filled with. Explanations of yours should do and what they shouldn't do. An error in the instructions I would I would believes that the judge must have said. To. Put any kind of personal feelings aside in and focus on just this. Yes they have let immunity instructions to the jury you know you're told to put any of your own personal assessment of solid and and you don't go well to carry out the these mandates that a court. He and a in in the womb obviously took that route. In the my question was during your recourse that. You can turn around and say well I can't do this right I want you to listen and so forth. I think it's a whole harmless climbed. This is so little when trying to find out if you know but I I heard complete people been in the system. That doesn't hold on hold harmless clause on that. Questioner that he did it take away any any pushed back that if you don't do something writer you'll meet incrimination or. Misrepresent yourself there's not they can do about it. So I don't know if that's true. But it it seems to me it is. We know there's a woman who has started a petition. I'm changed out of Oregon and she would like to see. The the outcome obviously different in the future but we're we're wondering if it's even possible I mean she would like to see. An automatic death sentence. If found somebody is if that corrections officer or a law enforcement officer. Is killed and murdered. I mean I think it hurt her hurts in the right place but I don't know if that's a possibility. He accused way I look at that. To me if we want an economy surname. CIA and it'll also play I don't know personally at all. But it started that the creation I'm trying to make it an automatic yes sensor to kill law enforcement altered. No crystal had a lot of gratitude. Forehand you know all the people who sign the petition. To make legislators aware. Is this question of constitutionality. Obviously. Good something of that nature would. Probably. Not fit within the constitution I don't know. That you heard what makes me happy about that though I think any kind of petition of that nature. Wheels started dialogue. What our legislators about sentencing reform. And I think such a dialogue needs to start to take place so. Will this petition. Have an impact. I believe will who would come out exactly the way it's written again Ike enters constitutionality. Issue there it is. They'll certainly we can't have a built. Sentence handed down by anything other than a jury. You know according to commit to our constitution at least the way I understand. But again he is in the spirit of the petition I think it will start and I'll. Tend Chris and extremely grateful. So. Yeah and and I am to an IV I think you're right them this issue obviously has been. Reported across the country done and I'm just wondering. You know what that's meant for you and I know you've done some work to already. Improve. Conditions for corrections officers inside facilities and no you I worked very very hard. To get them to the point where they could protect themselves with pepper spray and a lot of people think. That that is so it it seems like a no brainer right but I guess Rick that they were very worried about an inmate seizing the pepper spray and great ally in me in doing harm to an officer Bert are you worked. Eight EU EU pounded the men in Washington DC and you didn't take no for an answer on that one I'm really really pry you for doing that what else would you like to see. As a change that comes out of this terrible situation but as positive for the men and women. Who walked the block every day. Well it's a couple things number one but it is disappointed and upset. That I was. I'm still resolve to. Continue you know with this group that started polices of guilt to. We're you know safety. Critical that you don't do you think you know certainly milk that we got to. And in many. Walk away having a little corrections officer. He and Lee you know for all intents and purposes leading one knew that it. That's in this resonate through a hole. Bureau of Prisons inmates. Condit you know what you're doing for you you. Killer corrections officers there's not a whole lot to worry about it and he and so now we go campaign at a target on them so this work on trying to do preferred. To promote sink in for the corrections officers actually. Has been wrapped up by their. Lou and how they. Roundtable next week. Open my corner county. It'll be attended by representatives dose of certain rules they. County legislators. Different unions and stuff like that could go out there are concerned there's there's a multitude of things. You can lead them down radios that have been paid for by people's taxpaying money. And have nots still been put to this system. Public crusade once the blight. So there's an awful lot that happened here and I'm not gonna rest until they do. To change it at all. That's like them when it. Where's that form on next week and Matt Bonner county. It is. It sent the Lachlan and 911 center. That's in the the value driving yes look it's 7 o'clock. With. Wednesday next Wednesday. Yeah limited there's going to be about certified people in the round table that created the discussion like glee we usually do it and then. Our nose syndrome that did people wanna sit and listen to a limited but it's paper that. Yeah well anything that we can do in the future in any kind of messages that you need to get out I know that a year. ET you have the bureau of lawmakers and know that on. And I I think that they respect you and I think that they've tried to be as responsive as possible that if there's ever. A moment when you think you need the public Kalus now because. It would that we know people are standing behind you John and ran again for him and just can't imagine. What you're going through your a courageous individual and it is is so selfless to look out for other people. Really appreciate that too and I appreciate YouTube review we're. Myself and and other since the beginning of our effort here satirical killed and you know yeah and then. We have the deepest gratitude for you all you've done through you know without it down so thank thank thank thank you very much. Right I see up there in McLean canny next week to have done lions and thanks to Thomas about that because that's important. OK look like you're.