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Monday, May 1st

 President Judge Emeritis Correale Stevens with WILK's Sue Henry about a local session of the State Superior Court this week


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And if you worry cynically minded individual who wants to see some court proceedings happen. That are not Tony based but state based and the loser in Kenny cart passes though placed in these this week. As there is a session going on involving the superior court of the states. And Chris Stevens he knows a lot about that courthouse dispenses some time minute as the Lucerne county. District attorney and now he is president judge emeritus. Of that court. And Corey it is so great to hear from you about this event to which gives people a chance to see how things work up close and personal something to do Michelle. I believe this truly knew that there we can be taken call. We have an exciting and a couple based plans are. Politicians get accused they've got is in the court truly are the people scorched. We have almost a hundred elementary and high school students come to the court after SharePoint or reporting at 10 o'clock. Okay what is happening here is there's going to be a three judge panel. From the Pennsylvania superior court and the panelists will be here on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday. Explain how this works do you take this to other counties as well. To show people how justice works up close and personal as you said Corey sometimes. The judges that we see there's there's simply names on a ballot in we don't think too much about them after Election Day but we know they're there. Talk about don't know why this is being done and and other venues were you taken. This record to state line appellate court that our escort churches should Harrisburg. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and I think it's important since we are elected by the people that we kicker courts back capped at a community. I think the opportunity to have a court session that they hit a period high school at gala tried school called it a lot schools across Pennsylvania. We handle all criminal appeals to most civil appeals. It's your responsibility to protect our law enforcement. To protect constitutional rights of citizens and the people the right to have their day in court it's a peaceful resolution. Of disputes. So we'll have ceremony at 9 o'clock to beat can apply. Or county judges are our mass hysteria district that this is some elected officials and and some high school and elementary students. And down. This session will actually begin at 10 o'clock in courtroom. One on Tuesday and again on Wednesday judge Jackie Shelby and then kept kept Moulton will be in court with me. Procession will have a wide range of appeals from drunk driving conviction SS skier seeking money damages from getting hit by another gear. Cut city cleared for contact case this week we cover up a lack of education. And certainly this is very important to the people who. Are involved in this because some when something happens and that decision is that is not you're liking. That appeals process is extremely important. Yes completely like people to understand you know their deep public scorcher there to make sure that that everything. That their system is working fine him and most of the time it is. Something like almost 89 in 90% of what to trial court should do because we have we have really well qualified Trout statute and I should point out that the Lucerne county. Quick com please impression judged accuse. There was Leah about after expected. Crisis state or county impasse have artistic. Magistrates. So we just like people to know how works and what we do this week where an error correcting court so if people sitting on superior court. They will not see the witness has come and testify. They're looking at the layers. Make a legal argument one side will say why day. The other side should not want and then the other side will say what they should have struggled to build leaders in court not not a witness. It's it's it's an important court and I'm just happy that we got such great cooperation some. Art can record and from the bar association. I guess these proceedings and are a little bit more condensed than a full blown. Trial because you're not having no witnesses and it is it. How what's the timeframe like up on some of these cases. Well week we have we actually you. I have 45 cases in two days now. Well what happened is we we get to court record and we have G Lee corporation has the time so we'll. To get it on the panel maker I've been preparing for a couple weeks you know meeting our own. And then the looks could have. Either fifteen minutes per side or they can take that what's called an expedited appeal five minutes per shot. Five minutes or fifteen minutes only date date can give an oral argument. And to supplement what they've already given that most of our cases are done in our offices. Not with the oral argument but it or like him or in court and that's what people could come to actually. Okay when they these arguments are present it. Do you make a decision in in live time merges the Scola under advisement and then rule at a later date I just don't know on a cup that's not a stupid question now. That that's a great question because we want people understand it now works at the end of the the court argument gay. The team vessels sit by ourselves in the conference sure there will go back over to cases and Leach to make a preliminary vote. On how we feel we should rule. And then we'll go back trot which isn't over the course shook up a few months we will be true. Be responsible. For fifteen. Of the 45 Kasich. We will right our fire. Our analysis. And email it to the other judges and then the other two judges will vote on. And then we have dropped a majority leader through in order to unwind. Or reduce and we finally. So the whole process from the district court's stay on the schedule we cannot have a better Clark. But the process takes about easier because. Because for the time frame in the court record have to be typed. The lawyers have a certain number of days to. Make it legal argument in writing so it does take awhile but on actual decision process. We we are bound by certain rules of our own shall we keep that moved me. That's a great question. Now would you like for youth to come back. To that courthouse where you've spent so there's so much time as our district attorney won't what is it like to come back and I know you have probably a good relationship with these other jurists what do you plan to do when you have them. In that building which is which is known for many many. I'm cases that are historic and some of the the things so when you were the DA there were some really high profile cases that it's also beautiful building so what are you gonna do when you have them there. Well I love our courthouse has probably spent the night shift and one and I shift in the country and people agreed to work cared judges are great and my wife and Lisa and I appreciate it pork can usually give me. I love going back and we have the ceremony at 9 o'clock which are going to be a lot of ceremony because we of course it can. Boat tour and have not. The lamb and seminary Madrigal singers sing and we'll connect house. A couple of remarks from our president judgment children here pushed president bar association and and from the chairwoman and and I'm not sure can you name I hear from my key who is yeah. That sentence that chair of the young lawyers. Group and senate can actually win. We're gonna have little ceremony for the public in name won't get to work at court. The outcome of Greek laughter. All right but not that injunction and I goodness well thank you and for talking on that is there anything we missed here. Nine you you covered everything really appreciate the chance to say hello to you when you listen tactile actually whenever I have the opportunity. Well it is good to know that you're out there curry Stephen's and if if people are interested they can come and to view these. I'm proceedings at the loser in county courthouse of course you have to be careful and respectful when you're attending them because. They call for a lot of decor around me and we people can't just wander in an hour rated it's one of these things where they they should know if you're going. You're gonna sit there for that whatever the five minutes of the fifteen minute sixty here in the cases. Yet it it it can actually come whenever they want only whatever they want it quickest. That they wait until the lawyers are done talking you know they have to stay for a whole day out gosh and the end again you know that did voters get to choose their judges and and we have to be responsible to back to the community and I look forward to a. Eric Corey it's great to talk to you thanks a lot for coming on the show and speaking of it. I think you have a.