Congressman Lou Barletta with L.A. Tarone

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Thursday, April 13th

Congressman Lou Barletta from Pennsylvania's 11th District speaks about President Trump, Syria, healthcare & immigration.


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Andy in round two is underway for a day is Thursday afternoon very happy. To look across the aboard here and missy Mia a lot of district congressmen. Some on you all know very well and some may get mad at me and has been an old friend and blue bar Leno lowly go after known good I was asked if there is as always our thanks Alan good to be here. Sky you then now very busy. In Washington and plus then all hundred days of mania of the new presidency I just the most spectacular thing. It happened was entrance action and necessary and I know you put out maybe a short statement. Thought about it when it happened for anybody who may miss a what do you think go but trumps bombed stop bombing the installation is here. Well I think though it had to happen in sort of happened a long time ago little. The imaginary line that everybody crossed the you know can bet not only wanna cross that they kick sand in our face as they did it. This is a complete 180 I think today was another example on the mother wall bombs it was dropped gal on on the crisis summit on tunnels sending a message not only to entice us. That they can hide even in tunnels but also a message to North Korea. You know that they're armed men pick on the wrong people they think the United States can be pushed around any longer you know LA. It's interesting because. You know and nothing has changed in the in the national media when you when you turn on the news say where you read newspapers. They are the army story wants to lead the Donald Trump's approval ratings are so lol well obviously there's still pulling the same people who said Donald Trump would never win. You know he's he's only there lighten the three months prior. Do you know that the border crossing illegal crossings at the morning at around 70% hasn't played one break down for the wall yet. Hamas at present and and I I guess there is a there was always something and that's. On the rhetoric in the words matter because Obama was very wishy washy about the border to necessarily say about enforcing it. Trump said he was gonna on fours and I guess everybody NA and on the other side at all okay. The timing of the Syrian. Bombings. It was interest think as we will with China and you know has soared deserted self owned by the way we just dropped sixty you know sixty missiles in Syria and now let's talk among North Korea right you know this is a different president and the United States one in the United States for. Flexes its strength its muscles are allies are more apt to. To stand up with us and they were in on this as one of the complaints that we had that a weak America my really made our allies. Not trust. You know standing with us and and so it is you know this is what has had to happen we all agree. It can't only be the United States we can't be the policemen of the world we can't go all over the world and can solve all problems but we can do. This show they unite it with so many other countries and and his meeting with NATO. He yesterday I believe was right and as that is another example. That this man whom they said would be divide every one is really. Really encouraging other nations to turn now stand up on wanna fight with us. If problems was assigned I I think that you can see if there was some day disputed 2013 as to whether he did it or the rebels to and it. I don't really think there's is serious dispute this time hollow I'm getting emails from a people saint. None and always a false flag it really was the rebels who was an Assad but there's. The existence of pictures of planes to just laughed and and things like that. It appears it is Assad was responsible why we're we trust our intelligence by right and we trust until now we've joined the chorus and he's got to always got to go yet Trent campaigned on no regime change is Eric conflict there. Well there is you know and you always confident column under the symbol of the there's a conflict but you know I guess the bigger question is replaced with home. And and and that that's what we don't know pride and and no I don't believe that's what what what went president trumps position will be that we need we're gonna get it involvement what would the message that he want to send is. You'll not use chemical weapons I don't care crime what country you are you wanna use chemical weapons on children and women. And and I think he made that message loud and clear and other people may be reading more into that then they wanna was bud. They if they wanna read more into it that's fine but it's certainly I've got a message across slowly to them but to Russia I ran into North Korea. And even to China after that dumb bombing we talked about it extensively here. And the mop my main thing was the whenever man accomplished it sent a message to the world that the United States is not a paper tiger anymore. And if an accomplished nothing else bad how long was accomplishing a lot. Then and that kind of followed him to be an innocent remarkable when you don't less than a hundred days. He's he's done so much to keep his campaign promises yes she really had in these as he has not backed down on any of them come. Dormant one example well he uses his talk about infrastructure and I never remember presidential candidate or former president president was running for reelection talk so much remote infrastructure as he has. And now he's elect that weren't when he could just bury it if he wasn't interest that continues to bring her back up. Well I do I really believe that he is so he is focused I'm. Our on defeating nicest that this is good. Something like I I was in I would sat in the national security meaning that he had during his campaign and in New York. And and then behind that closed door meeting he he. Was commit. That he wants to eliminate crisis from the United States that that people here in America while never feel threatened. By them and get some other mall moms and correct me if I. Are as well as well as with the media wanted to say the Muslim man which which ones who is we it was a ridiculous it was not a Muslim band that. There was there was so obviously travel ban from the from countries where we do not have proper screening described before is so for ninety days he he's not afraid to stand up and saying this is the right thing to do for America and take the criticism bother me because they're gonna find something wrong and after forest and I and and continue to do what he thinks is right. What dad dad travel ma'am we talked about it extensively on this program I think they've charged. Bond got his role in it all wrong he's concerned about the contents it was supposed to be the process did the president. Have the right the issue the rule he did I don't think there's any dispute about just. There's snack judge didn't like that content well but you're not supposed to be judging. Ruling on the content you're supposed to be ruling on the process and we have filed a bus in the Supreme Court. A personal experience of that with the US immigration you had a great deal of personal experiment where there is on the line isn't the only one in the third circuit bug half of and is legally buy circuit in Albany is illegal in the eighth circuit and not only is not legal in the moment where was it created. Animation guy infrastructure and this is kind of a round. Ball two are Mike getting there on congress so and how you guys are about to take on health care again. When you took it out the first time I screamed and hollered on in the this microphone over and over again. These guys are crazy why take this on first get a couple legislative victories before you go into Wade's. I don't replace. A 2600. Page monstrosity with a thirteen hundred page monstrosity in my eyes. That's what the house was dealing on and why not go for low hanging fruit like infrastructure Euro highway bill. Katsav they're not talking about what the comment on their but what about that why health care and why not infrastructure. Well our area have a lot of complaining and go as far as to how this was handled. My our party and him and much that I disagree with them and what we did you know I've been a critic during the the past six years in Washington. Has two world you know we we continue to vote to read because we know they're portable characters because there's a lot that's going to crash on its owners no doubt when people see their premiums this year. And even if it did give insurance cards for everybody but the problem is nobody and health care because you couldn't afford the deductibles right. So with that what good is that is the insurance. I got health care about a LC got a 5000 dollar deductible on my don't have five brand that's right so people stop going to the doctor because they don't have the money so we actually made a bad situation where there's gonna crash there's no doubt about it has to be replacing here's my complaint. We voted over 61 times to repeal or kill only Affordable Care Act. We need to have a replacement product. Ready to go seven years to build one lowly come on anybody could buy and wet whereas lead what we got lucky and actually killed during that time there at one point night wasn't I wouldn't be part of that at one point word when they're talking about. Shutting the government down if we didn't repeal the Affordable Care Act that's what islands the speaker Boehner is that I am I bonus so over 60 times I am not gonna vote to shut the government down. Good to prove one more time. That that being said. That being said and we have we did work on aspects of how of the replacement but it was never put totally together in a bill. The way the bill was rolled out. I didn't see it until. Everyone else thought. And then we were given a date to vote on it and that's when. You given a date to vote on fudged a hundred a day in day out on a day that I I don't for the week we can now okay. That that we had a vote on about a moment is to go through a bill of that magnitude. Thanks time if you really wanna go through line my time and understanding and what I found in and in doing so. What in in the Affordable Care Act obamacare. 750. Million dollars. I'll subsidies went to people who do not qualify. For either committing fraud or in the country illegally. That's language. That same language was in Arbil. I was appalled by this. How would president Donald Trump explain the American people we're gonna give. But you know maybe 750 million dollars of tax credits to people who were in the country illegally or other people who were just committing fraud. Had some discussions with the speaker about it. And I knew that I had to get this the president trump there was no way that that I felt that he knew this was the case. I'm the only way could do that LA is the same as some voting no one hold my ground and bring to a bench where we get a phone call from home now and about in a phone call got a meeting with them. And as I expect that he. Did not know that that was the case there was no verification. Of a Social Security number when you applied. So basically you can just put down any number and and you're gonna get tax credits some. That being said. Other members had other problems with with the bill. This you know the role the rollout of this was not a good word. Will get. We'll get through a consensus but this is what my. My message is too true tore up my colleagues and everyone in Washington we have to govern. You're not gonna have anything that's perfect town you know if it's 70% better than what the affordable care to of people have a thing give it to the people don't let them be stuck. What the Affordable Care Act give them something that's better Ronald Reagan did that all the time and you can always go back and fix it and tweak it and find the prize that aren't working I don't think Germany can always make changes are on tap for its money fine here's Louis here's just text. Please. Make. Mr. row and I understand the tax relief well help pay for health care that should be done now you've got population. Dad tell once a change in taxes. Minimum presidential candidate trump for his. Explicit about resign and always we're businessmen to us on a personal match. And frankly there are some good things and obamacare there are things and had become popular and obamacare and after seven years people aren't gonna give up willingly. Yeah obviously is you've just pointed out. It's gonna employ all we're down to eight carriers in Pennsylvania they're used to be thirteen is gonna be seven. On the gazette does drop announced that mixture there reserve chill. Competing things yet to have things that. Served congressional attention. A third of the counties in America do you know how one carrier one barrier island and many and some of those are are are now pulling out. So things like making sure people conflict cannot be denied for preexisting conditions. How does what the American people said they want it right so this is what we're working into Nolan trying to find a way. To be able to pay for it haven't paid for. Because you obviously insurance companies can't just take you know sicker people people of illnesses. The idea of obamacare was to get younger healthier people my insurance and that's why they were mandating them the buys an Iraqi People said that one at all this pay the fine and now it's gonna crash. So you know that's the trick is obviously getting younger healthier people. And buying health. I don't entice them to be well I. Engineer and astronaut I was funny eight. I didn't have health care I was super human I didn't need X and is something else you know I'm so I'm 61 years old I probably don't need maternity care any longer bat nice song I should be able to go out and buy a planned. That is just tailored for exactly what I want to let me go out of my for what. I want and and that's what our health care bill won't do and I don't keep some premiums down to answer the person's question I agree a 100% we have to get tax reform done. But the plan has an amounts and I agree with that I'm just saying this is what the plan as I. Is that we had to do health care first because they'll be savings in reforming the Medicaid program. That won't roll over to allow us to do the tax reform because we're gonna lower the taxes which means they'll be less revenue coming in and to the government. And we have to do tax reform. Because there's repatriation of money in taxes that would be coming back I hiding gathered that will allow us to do infrastructure so it's almost like a domino affect if we don't get Health Care Reform done. Then it affects our I was getting tax reform done which affects us getting interest from we have to get infrastructure done this is gonna put people back to work people make good money. That they spend a bank in our local economies not a world economy better plus we have to fix our roads and bridges. We have to get these three things done that which means people have to govern. They have to accept that you're not gonna get everything you want you don't get everything you want I don't get everything I want at home why would you expect that at work. Yes 70% of that's a pretty video director when they were threatening health care bill together there is one of change. That worked toward competition. In bringing prices down and it was not including game phase one that was held a pastry that was Trump's own idea. Of eliminating the state lines like I'm that they know similarly let me. So slowly explaining this was again. But typical Washington not explaining to the American people what they're doing. There are three buckets worth three phases. Phase one was who was called reconciliation. Or without getting into that. That with the weeds it's a simple majority not sixty right if you're only allowed we're only won't he had Tomei did do and limit their can only be certain things that. Then do that would be budget relay that they can they're only certain rules only allow you do certain things in reconciliation that was not one of them. So therefore that could not be included. Two to one do this because we needed. We needed. Sixty votes for for most of the week Quinn put the whole deal together because we would have gone sixty votes in the senate so their form. They were going to do as much as they could do through reconciliation. Bunker one. In where they only needed a majority. But good to. Could be done by a secretary Tom price Mike and doing a lot of the regulations and obamacare so add. That's bucket to bucket three. It would be the things that we talked about that will bring down premiums allowing people. Shop across state lines are allowing business to pull together so that they can shop for better deal. Health savings accounts. We're already doing some of that and some of them we already did pass. So it didn't mean that until three was next year or or or later it's just that it had to be done in three phases but that was never explained to people. So it's all three make up the bill. But it was just the way we did because we want to get one Democrat could come a long time unfortunately don't. Much in argue that you know I was Barea is very hard when you have to start explaining like I am cast two that the most people. I have managed to explain now as a first time anybody has heard an explanation Nolan because. I took calls on now this programme has mailed my show why wasn't bill lot thus they lines of including I say yeah I agree it should a man. On May. But but not that we weren't going ahead with seamless flow with doing it and some of that we already did vote to pass crap about how to be a boom wait what they called bucket three. Because they couldn't included in the reconciliation. Part because the rules wanna allow that to be and. Or 41 I'm not miss out Thursday afternoon our guest is our eleventh district congressman. All of our ladder and we got a ton of things to talk about if you talked about a what you may 1804370098. Or 883. 009. Halo you us sponsored die you wrote these Sanctuary City bill. What some of them I saw where Lansing mich again. As asset okay. We quit skating as repealed its Sanctuary City. But Dan I hear Jim Kenney and Philadelphia jumping up and down on the roof of our city hall of the shovel in his hand. Hill is something very personal introduce my gut congress yes I remember because I was a mayor that was. Drafted him I was sued and because I want to enforce federal laws. Now AM. No one maybe 300 cities that are can municipalities and there is that hurt our to our Sanctuary Cities safe havens form for a terrorist should say pay and that's thanks shoring colleges to no sanctuary campuses. So my bills were introduced the bill. That basically very simple you might get 1%. Of federal money if you. Declare yourself a Sanctuary City. He'll be reviewed by the attorney general. At the end of the year and in mount. If that's the case again federal monies will be withheld that's the only way you're going to stop. These cities even what what they're doing now taking some of the justice money away is. I was it's it's okay it's that might be a slap on the wrist but. They're asking me some real peace and stopping mayors from from the finder breaking the law then they are harboring. People who were in the country illegally putting. American citizens. Have risk. You know in Washington is sermons discuss them at today as I was when I got there. They're still talking about it you know it's amazing to me after I went to a task force that that we had no on national security and you know they said where you know we got to secure the border prompting an OK and Dick Tracy. You know thank god we have this task force we never would have figured that out right and this is why Donald Trump got allege that people are tired of here. And that's the thing you did there's no sure way to announce you're killing something announced the formation of a task force to investigate if jackass like to have the equivalent of Harrisburg sending him back to Canadiens tied. And you know remember we twenty Steinway in the third yeah. Sampras and everybody ran into the televisions what a shame Democrats and Republicans let's. You and thereafter that news two weeks later they're off on to something else people are sick of it prime they are sick of it kind frank is gone anywhere though I was I am a huge change I know. I I believe Washington lacks the backbone to do with the American people want it's gonna take Donald Trump saying okay here's the good news. Senator Jeff Sessions when no very well. Love them is attorney general I think he's nannies are riffs like he's already announced that it is Saudi announcement. He radio and I don't want to show or another race and I want people south of the border to see this the border is always don't come here well. Might as they said the border crossings already downed 770%. My conversation we're president trump is you wanna stop illegal immigration stop giving people character come. You can't give them benefits they shouldn't be getting tax credits. If people are not getting benefits check if if they quit not. If you it is illegal to hire an illegal aliens rank fifth if we stay if we enforce that law and we stopped giving people benefits. Trust me less people won't sneak into the United States if they can't get access cards if they can't get tax credits if they. You can't take a job away from a legal worker. If they if they you know if we stop depressing the wages of people can you wanna raise few people especially Democrats say let's raise minimum wage finally raised the war. Wages let's. Stop hiring people who are willing to work for less. I can't remember the name of the program. That investigates whether your higher is in the country legally or not verify verify and that's it. Trying to estimate was. You know I am going to we also into wants out. People coming in the country illegally nearly 50% of the people come illegally don't cross the border illegally become enemies obesity and Myers and they disappear and they'll go home time. You've mentioned something in passing him I think and say it's pretty good car questions governed. I'm particularly the Republican Party mentioned that in congress as a whole. But you know we heard as a Republican for years. We heard Dell will give us a house you gain douse the Genesis and again assists and instill love and happy dog day night match. Both houses of congress. Plus. The presidency. And there's a split in the Republican Party the freedom caucus against the moderates and and all arrest and that. If nothing is done it's time in the republic is that the Republican Party proving if kids golfer. Well the Republican Party is a big tent you have very conservative yeah you know come from very funny I remember Erin Democrats say this a one time and it turns out were actually in a big guy. Yeah we have you know come from very conservative districts you have you have moderate Republicans who come in Democrat. Majority districts. And and obviously they've those members all feel they're doing what's right for their district. And that's true but at the end of the day we have to govern which means that we have to find that common ground among ourselves. Because I don't blaming any help from the Democrats cannot go go along with anything that president trump wants to do they're gonna force Republicans have to do this themselves. Which means Republicans have to realize they gotta do this themselves and you have to govern you have to you're not gonna get everything you want you got to try to do the best to get the best you can and and get these things then this is a president that's struggling five balls at the same time he's high octane. He's gonna cable went on and he's gonna expect congress to keep up with him and American people want that congress they're tired of not we go ask as a Democrat controlled congress Republican. It who control congress are tired of congress talking about things. And not fixing the problems this president's gonna get fed up very quickly. If it's if this continues congress is gonna have to pick up the pace. Switch gears are completely UN Dunn mentioned it there briefly in passing a while ago North Korea. It's a serious threat I mean we used to laugh at this guy because he can shoot missiles and adults thirty miles and crash in the ocean. Cops. He's a definite threat to at least. South Korea and Japan. And it's so important is gonna be a threat to pull why eat and maybe even San Francisco when Seattle. What do what we end. President drop is not afraid I mean hate you know it looks like he's ready to golf. Charge an end to what. John mine John right now there but dobbs. You know China is behind amend end. He's a threat is a threat to the world and then again looking at the presidents. Strategy and tactical. Strategy. Then meeting with China. And an end to end. And that conversation that we would rather it be you. Put this guy and you know under wraps if not then it's going to be us. And it and the president following. But that threats for those words by sending a warship. There death is the last thing China wants the same thing you do not wanna see the United States. Enter the Pacific rim and and and and and so. You know it's really a strategy that then I hope it works. That China's. Realizes it better be China if not the United States is going to be in their neighbor Jordan in their backyard and that's not what they want so. We'll see what happens but something has to be done with him LA I don't think this guy's just doing this to play. He's a Big Easy saying the first of all my dining. Give dangerous and insane man. Capable weapons and you got a EI a real life stretch and in the final irony was. The night dead that we bond C area trump was having a dinner with the Chinese president. And I'm sure between now champs of the hour fried chicken or something you said oh by the way we just bomb Syria for. It's on the money down right exactly yeah. Well what he saw in Afghanistan again America's might. And that America's not afraid to do to defend itself. Jim Rice. Following this story can any dents and long. Complicated. I drive the lefties crazy every time I say or post on FaceBook that trump was right. When he said I was wiretap but he was right aids. Susan Rice as kind of admitted this you're not on the Intel committee are in Phnom Homeland Security. Well that's a committee that would dead be involved although it's not the one that's holding the hearings I heard I saw a quote from somebody any Intel committee today saying. Baghdad this isn't right situation had drawn toward full blown investigation. What do you think it what are you things coming out it was. I think investigator. Is ice and the letter along with Marsha Blackburn and Chris Collins three of us who are on. That trumps. Executive core on the trump executives transition team how we want to explore an explanation. You know I'll we want to know who you know who who gave me the isn't. And those orders food Howell who knows who knew what did you decide by ourselves to our requests the financial order that's who that's right and end up. You know this is the person who. Yoko sending ring Garcia was I was a video or video. You know. Heard all this mother and you know it's our pleasure out of my back on on and don't forget don't forget you know they solve the problem in Syria by getting all chemical weapons cannon without any military action we have nothing to worry about him now all these children. And women who have died. Because of that she has very little credibility if any at all. She needs to come before. I hearing and investigation and we gotta give. We have we need to find out how far did Disco house who else knows about this who else knew that this was going to happen. And prefer to say it wasn't for political reasons I don't know who believe sound she could be my eye. I certainly don't now what to what complicates this is just Carner age. Situation I don't remember I remember it being announced that he. Was added to that campaign and then maybe about two months later in like September October he departed. Obama campaign. I read a story this morning no one of my colleagues have put on line from some publication I'm unfamiliar risk. Condescending and a Faisal warned there has to be some evidence Darren may tracked down the end and instant Carter page may have been a quote unquote Russian agent. How much does that complicate things is that any add any fuel to meet. Fire a bean the alleged Russian collusion which I think the Democrats getting used the way they used yeah October surprise theory against Reagan in eighty. Hill it's it's it's amazing. In other than the accusation of of brushing collusion with the with the trump came as as as well trump just dumped sixteen missiles. Yeah Syria which would be against what. I'll shiny flat very this this is coming from. Fred you know former administration that allowed Russia to escalade and and and do what it wants. Hillary uranium deal don't forget exactly. I mean it really that bad. You know that dog doesn't hunt anymore they need to find another thing why they hate Donald Trump the way the world should pay them to that no one no longer are. I guess at that dog doesn't hunt. Got there is I I do CNN I saw some of the younger people in the room Bowen once October surprise. On that what is via ferry that. That's the have you got the Reagan administration award that this deal with the Ayatollah. Too well released the hostages only after he was already inaugurate did you Peter Rodino spent. Twelve years and god knows how many millions of dollars investigating it believe them compensate. Pope we don't have any entity evidence to back up this claim I got a told you that today's Abdi has started it. I got forty seconds left. What do you wanna say and forty seconds yeah are you working on any. Change her own mark on obviously on an ongoing getting this infrastructure bill across the line million dollars in as the chairman of transportation committee on. Continuing to do the work that that we're doing there are around. Trying to save taxpayers' money would now say the 3.3 billion dollars in just moving federal agencies into a smaller spaces. Something that the private sector would do all right time I'm very excited about common sense in government isn't very common. Not common at all but you know I'm I'm really excited about the meal the opportunity we have to get people back to work. Fix these trade deals so that you know again we put America first then and you know I was all men in what president trump wants to do long ago Washington trying to open though it. Our thanks congressman little bar allowed what is what this for a male last hour we really appreciate it makes them have a few minutes wanna stop and stores open any time great to be ill and died thank you very much.