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Wednesday, June 14th

US Congressman Lou Barletta (R-10) with WILK's Sue Henry on the shooting in Virginia


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Spring the time on women must be a very troubling morning for you and your colleagues. Council's social. Actually use these different environment and not. You know this is this is sort of a baseball games are played every year and passions are so transparent congress senate and this is first year I decided. I'm not a player also I would have been parent and you know it's. 1 along this morning traditions. Here in. In congress Democrats Republicans play this game for. For disadvantaged children to we're gonna raise 650000. Dollars for Boys and Girls Club of DC in the children's literacy. Groups and now. You know it's. It's the work wasn't there. Because he's in leadership he has some security detail. But nobody else does it's it's people wasn't there. And this would have been a massacre took her there would have been nobody there to fire back and members of congress would have been sitting ducks. Standing up standing on the baseball field from what I understand he. He and voted his rifle. Over the third baseline then and now. Went to have a building and have another weapon which see who voted obviously there was 5200 shots fired. And last for about ten minutes. There's members sort of over the dugout and should behind batting cages. Whatever they're everywhere they turn its peace after being charged. Tried to crawl out into the outfield to get out of line of fire. I thought it was a dumb wasn't it again but to capitol police officers were hit. Shot as well as soon as an aid. For the tour officers that were shot. Continue to pursue. That the government and one of them virtually shuttle. From my your own perspective. As a member of congress Lou. Now what does this make you think about your own personal safety day in and day and I'm sure you've thought about this before because this is not the first time. That. Colleague of yours has been attacked but so what are you thinking today. And what do you think. And could be done to perhaps in improve feeders safety security measures for. From holistic way I guess as a country because a there's a lot of Rinker. Against lawmakers as she now. You know my emotions are running very high right now so. And please take that into account for. This is a member of congress that's been shot now at six years. You know I just think that. We don't know the motives of the shooters so you know I can't say for certain why. He did this but I do know there have been a very concerned about the rhetoric in this country. You know the safety of our men and women who were trying to search and it's not easy you know whether people. Like and you know certain there that are members of congress or not it's not easy because you're away from home near out of the public if people when your whole we are not home here. You're traveling around tribalism and into into people's concerns and and and come here to work and and hear your very easy target for. For for anyone. We we don't have any kind of security. And the rhetoric in this country is it is so very very troublesome to me when you see Hollywood. Personalities holding. About Heather the president as a postscript to you know cut off to an end and there Broadway plays showing the stabbing of of our president and the rhetoric of hatred. Very very very discouraging. And and that's troubling took it. You first scene that some of the town halls earlier this year were contentious and come may be some of the acts contention may have been fomented some by groups. Or how you feel about that. Perhaps so we agreed that so we need to be more civil. Oh I think absolutely and you know there's there's no question I've I've been at the other the end of some photos. Some postponed holes were where the please China you know carry people out and I get concerned not only for your own safety but for the safety of the people toward there who actually com. Two. You know took that to it took to be herded and even even if you have an opposing opinion. That's great that's what do these events are for but there's a level. You know when people cross the line. Two. You know to do actually inciting other people and and 111 individual safety. Becomes. An issue. Over then it then the purpose of doing it is it is dislodged. You know they don't become beneficial anymore or don't don't become helpful anymore and I. I try to find other ways to do that to make sure that I'm about their listening to people are hearing moment. And doing it in a way that that is beneficial and helpful to not only took them to the people that want to talk to me but also to myself that I can. I could do here their their concerns are and come back to Washington but he's helped although it probably to become such. Really just just targets for for for people to try to incite. Other other people on its not good to you know we're we're seeing the violence that's going on around the country and you know again these are men and women were trying to serve and I cannot forget people that I wanna serve. You know if they feel they can't. They can't do so without the risk of being shot that or having some real Turkey because of an apparent that you have to. We had a representative. Democrats or Republicans are on the field have you heard about I. Did I don't Rwandans in the and I did hear that that you know moments later seriously. There won't Slater began carrying a gun turn in less than a man advancement of these Democrats or Republicans and and I can simply don't we don't know the motive dipped. Shooter was so was shot but is not dead and hopefully Wohl. We'll find out what what the motive is spent nonetheless. You know it's. Could've been scoop it. Literally a massacre. Form of members of congress sewers you know try to do something good and and actually help other people have and the very sad day for me. And now you you did point out that feeling that the reason why there was a security detail on me one member of congress who was shot is because this person is in leadership. At everybody else doesn't have a detail like that. That's right that's right and and we're also would have been nobody there to fire back and and you know we have been talking about a much force situation. Today. It was a trustees and prefer government and and and and the capitol police to a who were shot and in the one aide who was also shot but. That's a little forced these in the heat he evolve people who were there was one little one of the polish who was wounded but wasn't for him. And so this would have been a massacre members would have been sitting ducks were. The merlot thanks very much for predicted yesterday and speaking about this we appreciated that shall.