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Will Glen Wolsieffer Ever Tell The Truth

~~Tuesday, March 11, 2014

London’s calling from “across the pond,” as the young woman television researcher puts it in her emails from England.

They’re interested in Betty Wolsieffer’s murder, she says, mostly in giving a voice to the victim whose death so many years ago has been forgotten by too many, a death that occurred before the researcher was even born.

That’s why I agreed to talk with the television people from the Discovery investigation show when they come to Wilkes-Barre at the end of the month.

After I agreed, though, I had second thoughts and told them I wasn’t interested in speaking with the director, reporter, researcher or anybody else who showed up with a camera crew.

Time had not healed all wounds and I didn’t want to continue to open the cuts.

A few months ago, after talking on the phone to Betty’s killer, her husband, Glen, for the first time in more than 20 years, I wrote a front page newspaper column in The Times Leader, the newspaper where I worked and wrote columns for 17 years.

Killer Glen was up to his old pathology of trying to manipulate public opinion about his innocence. After telling prison officials that he “took responsibility” for his crime, Glen told me that he only admitted guilt to get out of prison after spending 13 years inside. He faced a maximum sentence of seven more years.

Sicko Glen lied to get his way.

So what else is new?

People needed to know that he was back on the street and up to his usual bad behavior.

I must admit that I was disappointed at the lack of interest in the column. I expected more. Of course people read the story but I wanted more public outcry. I wanted people clamoring for Glen to come clean. I wanted real justice. That didn’t really happen and probably never will.

Telling the story is something I always do and this story needs to be remembered. That’s why I changed my mind and agreed again to talk with the British broadcast journalists.

Actually, another force, a force of evil, pushed me.

Glen’s talking to us, too, the British researcher tells me.

The killer's continuing spin creates a major problem.

I have no doubt that Glen will try to resurrect the mystery “intruder” theory for the brutal strangulation dearth of his wife. A jury found, however, that Glen left Betty’s body on their bedroom floor when he was through with her on August 30, 1986.

For me to turn away now would dishonor everything I have fought to achieve as a journalist. To ignore his brutal power play would disrespect the memory of the woman he murdered and the pain her family still endures at his hand. To remain silent while Glen gains international attention for once again, using and abusing his wife – even while in her grave - would be unforgivable.

So I plan to talk with the crew.

Maybe I’ll suggest that we stop by Glen’s house together. As I have done in the past, I’m willing to knock on the door at the little house on Magnolia Avenue where he lives with his mother. I’m willing to face our wicked has-been husband and ask why he not only killed by why he persists in living the lie that keeps attacking redemption while continuing to hurt him and others.

Glen is frail nowadays.

Glen is fragile.

Glen is broken.

But Glen is still dangerous to himself and others.

No matter what bogus yet confident drivel he posts on Facebook, Glen, according to police, was seen several times sitting alone in his car at night, smoking cigarettes at the end of Birch Street where he lived when he became a murderer.

I told Glen when we spoke that some people worried that he might kill himself. I told him that he might feel better if he talked and explained exactly what happened and why he did what he did. Instead of facing facts and reality, instead of truly facing himself, Glen floated off to the netherworld where he lives with the devil in his personal piece of hell where lies always come to the rescue until they explode in great balls of fate and fire.

Glen still believes that his delusion will set him free.

I am not alone in seeing through the charade. I see fear and insecurity, weakness and indecision. I see Glen trying to fool himself that he will be able to persuade knowledgeable people of his innocence. I see a pathetic attempt to mislead that has always failed in the past.

That’s why I urge you to look for the British film crew when they come to town. Welcome them into your lives. Talk with the, Tell them the truth. Speak for the good wife and mother who can no longer speak for herself

That way we will do our part if we are able in setting the record straight each time Glen tries his murderous manipulation on a new set of victims.

I don’t want Glen to suffer any more than he already has.

I don’t want anybody else to suffer, either, especially Betty’s family whose prison of pain is a dreadful life sentence of loss.

If I have to choose, I choose them.

So must you.



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03/11/2014 11:53AM
Will Glen Wolsieffer Ever Tell The Truth
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08/23/2014 1:15AM
glen wolsfier
His dad was mentally I'll..
10/25/2014 10:39PM
He is a dangerous man who should have rotted in prison. Manipulative people will admit guilt to get what they want. Justice system needs to change.
10/29/2014 2:26AM
Betty Tasker Wolsieffer
Thank you Steve Corbett for honoring Betty Tasker's memory!
11/12/2014 1:24PM
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie...Leave The Man Alone
I think when you did not get the public outcry you sought, you should have let sleeping dogs lie, so to speak. If it is true that he's been seen on his old street looking at the house, it seems to me, he actually is dealing with his conscience. Youare not God. I am not God. Let the man alone to deal with him demons.
02/11/2015 5:24PM
dirt bag
Why should this murderer be left alone when he ruined the lives of the Tasker family and took away his daughter's mother? He is a pathological liar and should still be in jail and should not be walking free when he admitted to killing her. And, heis a danger to anyone who disagrees with him. I live in the valley and have mutual friends on facebook and see his comments. He should not have his freedom!
03/01/2015 8:25PM
What God?
If there was a true God he retired when this Glen piece of garbage was conceived
05/04/2015 3:45PM
big picture cause
Look at that evil dentist's support system, his mother, daughter, siblings, etc that was the causation of his evilness - spoiling the unbelievable truism of his human weakness and evil. Isn't that the reason he existed as he could so long and even today.
08/12/2015 7:16PM
Nobody mentions his brother and the loss his family and friends have to endure. I don't know how his mother can stand looking at him
02/02/2016 2:29PM
If Carol wasn't cheating on her husband
His ego was probably so big due to his success with cheating with married women, etc, that he thought he could get away with it. And then his mistress leaves her husband and runs away with the murderer. How desperate was she?!
05/04/2016 11:14AM
Name calling morons.
Aren't we so fast at name calling and fast judgement all due to media hype. Do any of you know this man personally? You all are judge, jury and God rolled into one big cluster f--k. Is there one brain cell among you can that may consider what he's been through. I have known Glen over a span of 40 years. We had a strictly platonic friendship. This is a tender, caring man and the word killer does not fit his personality. I had never met Betty however, while visiting my parents I could hear her screaming at him through the phone over going fishing. An unhappy cheating husband is not a murderer. Take your unjustified theories back across the pond. There's plenty of trash in the UK for you to sort out.
05/19/2016 3:32AM
Trash should have rotted
Where he was in prison
10/27/2016 9:41AM
truth and zero justice
Wow all the Glen lies & BS ruined so many people and killed his brother too. He wasted so much time, resources and money and to top it off they didn't even keep the creepy homicidal murderer in for the 20yrs, the justice system just don't work for some. And I hope he is YOUR neighbor "name calling morons" fyi, he was a cheater AND a murderer OMG some are really just that stupid!! RIP to real victim BETTY
10/31/2016 11:38PM
Corbett It is you that has a problem.
Mr. Wofsieffer was judged and paid the penalty laid down by the legal system. No doubt day by day he struggles with inner peace. Your comments reflect one a sick soul / black heart. It is you that have a serious personal defect. Your intentions appear to apply infinite torment. Mr. Wofsieffer has done his time in prison. Allow him to find inner peace. Same token allow yourself some time to get help and free yourself from that black heart that makes as a prisoner of you.
03/05/2017 7:40PM
Why doesn't someone just kill him? If my sister or mother or friend was murdered and the murderer was walking around stealing air i would find a way of ending this injustice. The system failed so time to fix it.
03/07/2017 6:36AM
I hope Betty haunts him everyday I would
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