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While I'm thinking about it...

     In Scranton, the parking meter rate will soon go up to $1.50 per hour. Much of New York City has parking meter rates that are lower. Good luck with that revenue building, bring-the-folks-downtown plan.

     In her post-concussion days it seems Hillary Clinton is sporting new eyeglasses and some medical experts say it's because she suffers lingering effects from her knock on the noggin. Evidently close-up pictures of Hillary reveal her glasses are outfitted with something called a 'Fresnel lens'. I know, I had to look it up too. It's pronounced 'freh-NEL' and it's something eye health professionals prescribe for patients who are suffering from double vision. Guess she took a pretty good shot when she fell. I'm sure that besides the double vision, there's nothing else we need to know.

     Despite the dire Sunday night predictions, there was no snow or ice on the ground when most of the schools in northeast PA had called off by 5:30 this morning. Better safe than sorry? It's about the kids? I wish I believed it was about the kids but I believe it's more about superintendents worrying about how hot the phone lines to Metzger and Wickersham would get with the first school bus to do a 3mph slide into a stop sign at an intersection that got short-changed on road brine.

     Lackwanna County commissioners Jim Wansacz and Corey O'Brien are throwing a cocktail party nexy month and you're invited! That is, you're invited if you have $500 per person to plunk down for your ticket. And the little boy said, 'Dad, what's the difference between Democrats and Republicans?' to which his dad replied, 'Son, the Republicans are for the rich people and the Democrats are for us.'


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01/28/2013 10:17AM
While I'm thinking about it...
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