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Where Are You, Scaredy Cat Lou?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Town hall! Town hall! Town hall!

And we’re starting with Lou.

Yes, I’m singling him out. Yes, I’m picking on him. Yes, I’m a terrible radical, revolutionary member of a ragtag people’s army called taxpayers.

Just like Thomas Paine, I’m a pain in Lou’s comfort zone – and proud of it.

That’s really too bad for Lou because unless and until he grows up and understands that the people have every right to track him and accost him and hold him accountable for his part in not solving the nation’s ills, Lou will go down in history as a timid whiner who thinks more highly of himself than others. Until Lou holds a rough-and-tumble, two-fisted rock ’em sock ’em town hall meeting, he’ll be considered a scaredy cat.

Lou’s campaign war chest becomes Meow Mix.

And I’m not talking about a meeting in which everybody is kung fu fighting.

Lou called Webster and Nancy this morning to attempt to defend himself and his failure to meet publicly with people other than specially invited guests or those who pay for the privilege of seeing pay-per-view-Lou.

Although Lou refused to outright schedule a meeting, he sounded like he might consider a raucous coal field rally where people from all walks of life can shake hands and come out talking – just like what we do on “Corbett” five days a week.

But don’t lay any money with your local book on a date.

As expected, Lou didn’t do well on the air. After Nancy prodded for a meeting date, Lou whimpered like a four-year-old complaining that the other kids did it, too, but you didn’t yell at them.

For the record, WILK News Radio favors town halls for every state and national elected official who represents Northeastern Pennsylvania, including Congressman Tom Marino, U.S. senators Pat Toomey and Bob Casey and the rest. And, contrary to what Lou said this morning, I have, indeed, mentioned this on the air.

But since Lou made such a scene during the campaign about his opponent and longtime veteran congressman Paul Kanjorski’s unwillingness to hold real town halls, Lou has clearly become a priority for all citizen activists intent on holding public officials accountable.

Lou doesn’t like it one bit. Not good at thinking on his feet in the first place, Lou is scared. Don’t ask me what he’s afraid of, because Democrats have not drafted anybody of substance to face off with him in Lou’s 2012 run for re-election. One candidate, Bill Vinsko, has surfaced but he’s related to morally corrupt mayor of Wilkes-Barre Tom Leighton, works at City Hall and wears saddle shoes. Unless Democrats do better, or Vinsko quits his part-time job, disowns his cousin and invests in a nice pair of black wingtips, Lou’s a shoo-in for another two years in Washington.

Lou seems to think he should be allowed to get by on his bright toothy smile and campaign contributions from the right wing lunatic fringe that wants to build a wall across the southern border and a stairway to heaven.

In the 11th Congressional District that’s just not good enough. Here we’re talking Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, veterans’ benefits, out-of-control unemployment, crime, massive political corruption, low-paying jobs, disappearing manufacturing and more massive political corruption.

Lou believes he can ignore desperation. Lou believes he’s not obligated to answer questions.

Neither Lou nor his staff will even answer my simple question put forward in a recent email asking if Lou owns a beach house in Delaware that he bought for $1.3 million in 2002 and whether he spent any time there during his current summer vacation from Congress. Lou’s staff also ignored my request for an itinerary for the congressman so the people could know his whereabouts.

Lou got so flustered this morning that he started speaking of himself in the third person and told Nancy that Capitol police have instructed members of Congress that they want to know their whereabouts. Frankly, I don’t believe that for a moment. Lou then disingenuously referred to his colleague who is recovering from a severe gunshot wound suffered during a public rally.

If Lou needs motivation for a profile in courage, he needs only to reflect on the Kennedy brothers who died during their very public public service.

Lou takes serious umbrage at the notion that he’s cowering. But, the sad truth is that he’s cowering. A $30- per-person breakfast with CEOs and other bloated plutocrats at the hoity-toity Westmoreland Club in Wilkes-Barre doesn’t cut it. Neither does a meeting with special interests and Republican militia cheerleaders. Neither does his controlled meet-and-greet stops with the brainwashed.

An old-fashioned, All-American town meeting really is not too much to ask. If Lou fears his own constituents, how is he going to deal with the threat of terrorism? If Lou can’t muster the gumption to face his critics, how can we place faith in his ability to face off with those who truly want to destroy democracy?

We can’t trust his ability to do much other than smile, pose and hide in a cult-run safe house or beach house or Tea Party-controlled House of Representatives.

When it comes to the re-election campaign he must remember one very important fact of long-term political life that will become more important as the days go by.

Lou can run, but he can’t hide.

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08/24/2011 10:07AM
Where Are You, Scaredy Cat Lou?
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