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What happened during deliberations?

Casey Anthony will soon be a free woman. Free to party, free to fall in love, free to have more kids. What a stunning turnaround for a woman who a week ago was facing the possibility of the death penalty. While I didn’t watch the trial closely, I followed it regularly in the news, reading about the witness testimony and what was going on inside the courtroom. Like many other onlookers, I was shocked with the panel’s not guilty verdict.
I have never had to do jury duty. Call me lucky I guess, but truthfully I wouldn’t mind doing my civic duty. They just don’t seem to pick me. I’ve watched more than my fair share of trials while working as a news reporter. You can absolutely convict someone of murder without a cause of death; there have also been convictions without a body. We’ll have to hear what the jurors have to say to understand their thinking process.
One juror who asked to remain anonymous did speak to a reporter in Florida. That man said that the first poll of jurors on the first degree murder charge was against it 10-2. What happened to those two jurors? Obviously, they were persuaded to change their minds. What’s even more interesting is that the panel was split 6-6 on the voluntary manslaughter charge. How do you get 6 people to change to a not guilty verdict? You either have some very strong sales skills on one side, or a bunch of jellyfish on the other. 
There’s a story to be told here. The most interesting, in my opinion, will be the 10 hours of discussion that went on during those deliberations. I blame the sequestration for a lot of what happened. You get a group of people, shut them off from most outside contact, and a strange dynamic takes over. It’s us opposite them. We share a bond of estrangement from our loved ones, and the connection we usually have to the outside world.  We feel cozier in each other’s space. One plays the leader role, another the nurturer, the comic, the elder, you get the picture. Everything is magnified. We’ll do things together, and we’ll stay unified. Don’t want to rock the boat because now we feel like family. I can easily see that happen. Don’t be surprised if down the road a few come out and say they regret their decision. Maybe they should have fought a little more or stood strong; maybe they should have asked for some evidence or asked the judge a question. 
Will Casey Anthony slip beneath the radar and become just a bad memory? I doubt it. I believe it’s going to take some time before the public will let her get rich off Caylee’s death. A lot of other people are going to get rich though. I see books on ‘what really happened’ from crime writers, Montel shows with psychics, attorney’s on what went wrong with the prosecution and new TV talking heads being born from this tragic case. That’ll satiate the public until the next whodunit whets the appetite.  

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