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Nancy's Notes

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Tremor Envy

 Hi. My name is Nancy, and I have tremor envy. At 1:53pm on Tuesday August 24th I was in the car, enroute to an appointment with the veterinarian. I was driving on a road that was under construction and being sprayed with fresh oil. Having just purchased a new car under a week ago, my biggest concern was getting my car dirty. When I arrived at the vet’s office, the dogs in the waiting room seemed a little wound up, but that’s not unusual there.
Within a few minutes in the office, my phone rings. My son is home alone, and he says he heard noise in the house. He’s afraid it’s an intruder. Vet tech opens the door and it’s my turn with kitty. Text arrives, friend tells me there’s been an earthquake in Susquehanna County. I immediately think it’s something to do with gas drilling. I call my husband, he needs to check on the kid. Can’t get a call through. I’m wondering who are all the dummies jamming the line. Vet tells me kitty is doing good, she gets some fluids. I’m on phone again, calling and calling radio station. Why won’t Lucas answer the phone? Who are all these dummies jamming the line?
Long story short, my son was okay, the earth did shake and I didn’t feel a thing. Instead of relief, I’m kind of ticked off . I didn’t feel anything. I find myself thinking back to the drive, was there anything unusual? I feel cheated. The earth moved and I didn’t know it. 
Maybe you were sleeping and the bed shook, or a picture fell off the wall. Perhaps you were told to run and ended up out on the street. If you tell your story, you may notice some of us look disinterested, or annoyed. It’s hard to mask our disappointment. We suffer from tremor envy. You just don’t understand.

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