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Too Soon for Enough Already?

     Cabin fever doesn't usually rear it's ugly head until a reasonable amount of calendar winds it's way through the winter season. But the weather we've had the last few days...under 30 degrees, gray skies, and continual though amounting to nothing flurries has somehow accelerated the process. I got it. Premature cabin fever and we're not even stuck indoors as yet.

     Maybe it's not cabin fever so much as just annoying monotony.

     Regardless, if nothing else it's been making me look forward to the cruise that Nancy and I will be going on in March with Triple A North Penn Travel.

     I've only been on one cruise before. It was probably twenty-five years ago. My wife and I went on something called a "Cruise to Nowhere". Essentially it was a three day boat ride. We headed out for a day and a half from New York City and then we turned around and came back. No stops along the way. Just three days worth of cruising, relaxing, dining, gambling, fantail skeet shooting, and an occasional beverage along the way. And even without stopping anywhere, it was a blast.

     So when we cruise in March, we're headed out for nine nights and headed to the eastern Caribbean. St. Thomas, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Labadee, Haiti are all on the itinerary. And something not too many people I know can claim. We'll be on a cruise for St. Patrick's Day!

     So if you're like me and already starting to get a taste of winter weariness, imagine how you'll feel come March! What a perfect time to head out for a luxurious warm weather getaway, don't you think? 

     The prices have just recently been reduced which is the icing on this cake.

     If you want more information, click the Cruise link here on or just call Triple A North Penn at (570) 348-2511!

     (Oh and may I take this opportunity to congratulate Ruth Nole of Tunkhannock who was our Cruise for Two prize winner and will be coming along with us! Way to go Ruth!)

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