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Tinfoil Hat Tuesday


Tinfoil Hat Tuesday 11/05/13

Pictures, links, and videos that made it (or almost made it) to this week's TInfoil Hat Tuesday on WILK!

You've heard about the movie "The Conjuring", now read the real story of the Demon Doll!  CLICK HERE

Don't worry, if doomsday comes, our seeds are protected.  READ about it HERE

A RC 'Grim Reaper'? Click HERE!

An Army helicopter and a UFO mystery 40 years old. Read it HERE.

Have you ever had a dream that featured 'this man'? Seems a lot of people have. Click Thisman.org!

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10/28/2013 10:12AM
Tinfoil Hat Tuesday 11/05/13
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11/16/2013 1:23PM
Another creepy moving doll
Another creepy moving doll in Texas: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151846772458122&set=pb.7527398121.-2207520000.1384625874.&type=3&theater
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