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Tinfoil Hat Tuesday


Tinfoil Hat Tuesday 06/17/14

You want your tinfoil? You want your tinfoil? I got your tinfoil, right here! Listen every Tuesday, 6:35am and 8:35am for TInfoil Hat Tuesday on WILK 103.1FM,!


Crop circles, is their origin mysterious or man-made? And what do they mean? This one has a message. Read about it at!


A Russian scientist says there isn't one, there aren't two, there aren't fifty, there are TWO-HUNDRED Yeti living in Siberia! More in the DailyMail!


Are the Russians 'secretly' trying to create a 'superhuman' with psychic powers? That's what a former KGB agent claims. More at


Did human beings evolve elsewhere? One leading ecologist/environmentalist says he can point to evidence that says the human body makes do with conditions on planet Earth, but this is not our home. Read about it at


What would YOU do if you got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and you saw 'something' run past the door? Read more at!


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06/16/2014 9:48AM
Tinfoil Hat Tuesday 06/17/14
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