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Tinfoil Hat Tuesday


01-20-15 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

Here comes a short stack of stories you'll want to don your tinfoil for, listen to Tinfoil Hat Tuesday each week at 6:35am and 8:35am on WILK 103.1FM,!

Image DragonRal

The USAF 'Project Bluebook', every UFO investigated from 1948 to 1970 is now available online. Read about it at The Mirror and click the National Archives link HERE.

YouTube video as posted by Top5s

Five creepy ghost sightings caught on tape. Click the video above and read the description on

YouTube video as posted by AlienCodeTV

What have American Presidents known about extraterrestrial visitations? The video above and more at AlienCodeTV.

Image Andrew Moore

She spoke like him, she signed his name in his handwriting, and she accused family members of killing him. A little girl from Ghana possessed by the ghost of a man who died mysteriously? The story at

Image Jon Haynes Photography

A village in Russia whose residents fall asleep without warning and for days on end. Read more in the Moscow Times.
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01-13-15 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

Tuesday tales of tinfoil hattery or some other quasi-alliterative reference to the fact that it is Tinfoil Hat Tuesday, listen at 6:35am and 8:35am, WILK 103.1FM,!

Image Jason Pratt

A Utah Boy Scout camp. The bugler was just getting ready to play taps. But he felt like someone (or something) was watching him. Read it at

Image MIKI Yoshihito

The DNA in European cultures as far back as 7,500 years was working just fine, thank you. But about 5,000 years ago something happened. The DNA changed. And no one knows why. There's more at

YouTube video as posted by Weas Virales

Someone takes a video of a street race in Chile. And as the cars pass, a dog appears in the middle of the road, seemingly out of nowhere. Click the video.

Image vintagedept

Does something found in a 2,600 year-old shipwreck prove that Atlantis did exist? The with a story that says marine archaeologists have found orichalcum!

Image Evelyn Lim

When a famous Egyptologist died, some things that were hidden in his Jerusalem home are claimed by alien and UFO devotees as proof of an alien-ancient Egpytian connection. The story is at World
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01-06-15 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

It's a new year but things are just as weird as usual on Tinfoil Hat Tuesday, listen at 6:35am and 8:35am, WILK 103.1FM,!

Image Luis Carlos Florez

What wandered across a Lancaster County sky early one morning last month? Details at

Image Veni
Former President Bill Clinton has weighed in on the matter of extraterrestrials visiting Earth. That and the highlights of the UFO stories of 2014 at

Image NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Does our government know something they're not telling us? Are they really stocking underground bases for those who will remain after the ELE (Extinction Level Event)? Read morel at

Image Amaury

She was 2. She was practicing her 'nun chuks'. Adam told her to practice. 'You know him Mommy, he died of a headache.' This story and more that you shouldn't read before bedtime at
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