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Tinfoil Hat Tuesday


4-14-15 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

It's okay if you don't have foil made of tin, aluminum will work. Just wrap some around your head so the government and the aliens won't know what you're thinking then listen to Tinfoil Hat Tuesday, 6:35am and 8:35am on WILK 103.1FM,!

Image William Cho

In a story at, a veteran pilot who has flown President Obama says he's seen a UFO and so has nearly every other pilot.

Image dѧvid

Little green men? Are you kidding? Aliens are ENORMOUS! So says cosmologist Fergus Simpson. Click the link for the story at

Image Quint Baker

"They know where I am. Again." Josie says the abductions are always the same. They've happened more than two dozen times. Read more at

YouTube video as posted by RT

There was one reported in the US back in the '50's. Turned out to be part of a nuclear detonation test. So what was the black smoke ring hanging in the sky in Kazakhstan doing there? Read the rest at

Image Anonymous Submission to MUFON

Is the unusual phenomena in the Price Chopper parking lot in Dunmore, PA going on outside the truck or inside it? See pictures and a video by clicking MUFON Search the UFO Database then click Pennsylvania and submit!
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4-7-15 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

Gimme a T!

Gimme an I!

Gimme an N!

...etc., etc. It's Tinfoil Hat Tuesday, listen at 6:35am and 8:35am, WILK 103.1FM,!

YouTube video as posted by Mister Enigma

Mister Enigma says it's aliens and ghosts, the strangest photos ever seen!

Image pickled_newt

Are aliens trying to get our attention? The story is on Huffington Post.

Image thethreesisters

In one city, it was 'raining' dead birds. But in another? It was cash! Read about it at

Image Jacob Haas

"Suddenly a cylinder of bright blue light descended from above...", this and other 'Unexplained Eyewitness Accounts' at

Image Sebastian Brinkenfeldt

He thought he'd found some part of the wreckage of a sunken boat. Now he thinks it was a cocoon. Nikolay M. lost consciousness and when he awoke, discovered he'd also lost part of his hand in this story at

Are Ghost Sightings actually hallucinations caused by toxic air? That's what some scientists think.
Read about it HERE

Robin Ducker- flickr

Alien FAQ: 6 questions about strange cosmic radio bursts

Full Story HERE

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