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Tinfoil Hat Tuesday


10-14-14 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

Wearing a tinfoil hat can protect you from aliens taking over your brain and/or protect you from the government controlling your thoughts. Right? Listen each week at 6:35am and 8:35am, it's Tinfoil Hat Tuesday on WILK 103.1FM!

Image on Paranormal.About.com as posted by Kyle Einertson on Pinterest

A game camera picture from Oklahoma. Who's the little girl and what is she doing in the woods in the middle of the night in her nightgown? Or is it a fake? Click to read the story at Paranormal.About.Com.

YouTube video as posted by Mister Enigma

'Sky trumpets', 'UFO booms', or 'sky quakes'? What are the strange sounds being heard from above in Albrightsville, PA? Read it at BeforeItsNews.com.

YouTube video as posted by Paranormal Crucible

Ten spooky pictures that can't be explained. Can they? Click the video and decide for yourself.

YouTube video as posted by Alien Disclosure Group

A rare medical condition or a human mutation? Why can a young Chinese boy see in the dark? Read more about Nong Youhui at OddityCentral.com.

Image as posted on PhantomsAndMonsters.com

"It came close, it came pretty close", said one man at a New Jersey treatment plant who saw this metallic something-or-other fall from the sky there last week. What is it? Read about it at PhantomsAndMonsters.com.

Image ryan remillard

Died and buried in the 13th century. With a stake through his heart. Did a Bulgarian archaeologist unearth the grave of a vampire? Find the story and pictures at The Telegraph.
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10-7-14 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

It's Tinfoil Hat time again, Tinfoil Hat Tuesday, each week at 6:35am and 8:35am on WILK 103.1FM, www.wilknewsradio.com!

Witness image. (Credit: MUFON)

Roger Marsh from MUFON posts this image and the witness account of a UFO reported in Potter County, PA last week. Click OpenMinds.tv for the enlarged photo and story.

Image Wonderlane

'Beam me up, Scotty!' Well, not quite there yet but a scientist in Geneva is working on it. The story is at UnknownCountry.com.

YouTube video as posted by KEVINNOAD1

Did this little boy sneak up on a Bigfoot and get a picture? Click the video for more.

YouTube video as posted by Rás hjorturkjerulf

Did Hjortur E. Kjerulf get a video of the Loch Ness Monster? The Icelandic Commission says it's authentic. Yeah but who's the Icelandic Commission? More at DNAIndia.com.

YouTube video as posted by The Kepler Telescope Channel

Al Bielek jumped off the USS Eldridge in 1943 and landed in the year 2749. Click the video to see what Al reports is ahead for us all. And for more, visit UFO Mania - The Truth Is Out There.
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