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Tinfoil Hat Tuesday


6-21-16 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

Here it is. The Tinfoil Hat stuff you've been waiting for. Maybe. Check it out on WILK 103.1FM, each Tuesday at 6:35am and 8:35am!

KILLER ROBOTS ARE COMING. Expert warns that we have a year to ban them or face doom. READ MORE HERE.

If you spend some time wandering around 'Google Earth', can you really find a picture of 'the Kraken'? See the picture and read more at TheForteanSlip!

A quick run to the coffee place in the middle of the afternoon. Isn't the last thing you'd expect to see a car being driven by someone without a face? Read the story at

Some people think the picture is just the dirt disturbed by the Mars Rover drilling test. Others think it's a space worm. Irish Mirror has the story of 'Secure Team 10'!

So far the search for extraterrestrial intelligence has had no luck. Now astronomers say while we're very likely not alone, we may not hear from anyone else 'out there' for another 1,500 years give or take. Click on WorldUFOPhotosAndNews for the story.
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6-14-16 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

It's Tinfoil Hat Tuesday time again! Listen to WILK 103.1FM, every Tuesday at 6:35am and 8:35am!

Sasquatch sighting in Maryland, and there's pictures. Check it out HERE.

An orange orb just above the tree line, a report June 11th from someone in Bloomsburg, PA at!

Joel was in the hospital recuperating from an operation, killing time watching the reflections of people in the hall reflected on the TV in his room. Then he saw the shadow of a man who stopped and stared at his door. Stared with yellow eyes. Read the story from Darkness Radio at

Remember the movie 'The Amityville Horror'? The house is for sale. If you're interested in moving in, click this link to

Australia, camping. Strike up a conversation with a woman in the camp launderette. Guess what happens? It's on the website dedicated to coincidence and synchronicity,!
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6-07-16 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

It's Tinfoil Hat Tuesday time again! Listen on WILK 103.1FM, each week at 6:35am and 8:35am!

Mysterious craft cause 'explosions' in night sky over London strong enough to shake homes


They came up with a protocol in the '80's. What do we do and how do we do it if we receive a signal from an extraterrestrial civilization. But there was no widespread, global, instantaneous communication in the '80's. So it might be time to rethink how the word should get out. Read it at

"Oh deahhh...", did they really ask the Queen if it would okay to name the Loch Ness monster after her? There's a new book that says so. The story is at The Telegraph!

It's not a scene out of 'Jurassic Park' but some folks say it could be! There's a 15-foot alligator wandering around Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida. Huffington Post has the story AND the video!

If sightings in Texas and Antarctica are any indication it seems UFOs now come in a cube shape. See the pictures and find out more about the 'strange alien cubes' at

The Incredible Coincidence of a Poisonous Tree Growing Next to Its Antidote

These trees, found in Mexico and other parts of Central America, are an arborlogical wonder. READ MORE HERE

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