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Tinfoil Hat Tuesday


8-25-15 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

Protect your brain waves from government and alien intrusion, wrap a roll of foil around your head and get ready for Tinfoil Hat Tuesday! Listen each week at 6:35am and 8:35am, WILK 103.1FM,!

Image r. nial bradshaw

It may make up as much as 90% of the internet. But you've never been there, you've probably never even heard of 'the dark web'. Read about it at

Image Cliff

Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't meant they're not out to get you. Five CIA conspiracy theories that are actually true, read about them at

Image micki.

Seems kind of random but a man in Minnesota claims that ET showed up in his room one night and cured his ulcers. It's on

YouTube video as posted by Sean Strygg

More than two miles long, the carving more than a hundred feet wide in places, and it's only sixteen years old. Yet no one knows how 'Marree Man' got there. More at UFO Mania - The Truth Is Out There.
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8-18-15 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

It's time for another steamy, hot (I'm talkin' about the weather) Tinfoil Hat Tuesday! Listen every week at 6:35am and 8:35am (on Tuesday, the Tuesday is in the name, right? I didn't have to tell you that, right? RIGHT?!?) to WILK 103.1FM,!

Image woodleywonderworks

The sixth man to walk on the moon says we have extraterrestrials to thank for saving mankind from nuclear war. The story ran in the NY Daily News!

Image jason jenkins

Dozens. Dozens of extraterrestrial species are here and eager to say hello according to Dr. Steven Greer in a article at UFOTheTruthIsOutThere.

Image Bird Eye

Nothing out the window. That's because it's not outside any more. The story of the 'pale man in black' at

Image Mr Seb

The Hoia Baciu forest of Romania. UFO hotspot? Haunted? Or both? Read the story at

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8-11-15 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

It might not be as weird as a Presidential debate can be, but it's still kinda weird. It's Tinfoil Hat Tuesday, 6:35am and 8:35am, WILK 103.1FM,!

Image KillamarshianUK

Pluto. It's a planet. It's not a planet. It IS a planet but it's a dwarf planet. Now one man says the latest pictures of Pluto say it could be something else entirely. Read about it at

Image Christopher Michel

The US Navy says, "Video? What video?" But a California video production company says the video shows a massive archaeological dig going on two miles beneath the ice in Antarctica and the Navy took it! Here's the story at UFOTheTruthIsOutThere.

YouTube video as posted by BrockHCTP2

If it's a hoax, no one has claimed responsibility. And no one has proven that it is a hoax. Is this a video of an alien interrogation smuggled out of Area 51? Read more at

Image Olin Gilbert

The CIA has been conducting 'remote-viewing' experiments for decades and the results have been a success. Or so the story goes at
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8-4-2015 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

Listen every week for Tinfoil Hat Tuesday, 6:35am and 8:35am, WILK 103.1FM,!

Animal Communicator and Psychic Karen Anderson says she's made contact with Cecil the Lion and was moved to tears by the message he had for humanity.


Did a Scranton police officer really have an encounter with Bigfoot at McDade Park in Lackawanna County? The story was reported at
A nearly identical story was published on in 2009!

Image Photo

A tsunami bomb? They say we've never used it but we could if we had to. The story at Telegraph.

Image Disco-Dan

The acronym is DUMB. It stands for Deep Underground Military Base. And there are more than a thousand says a former government geologist. Read about four of them at

Image russellstreet

Bread and circuses. How few even realize it. The oldest trick in the book. Read about celebrity and distraction at Waking Times.

Image Jannis

A live television exorcism in the house that inspired William Peter Blatty's 'The Exorcist'. Read about the show and the real-life exorcism in 1949 on which it is based at

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