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Time to pull up the roots

Time to pull up the roots

President Obama’s 2:09 campaign ad rolled out on the internet today and it’s as phony and pretentious as his presidency. Surprise!
By the way, Nancy has been strongly “encouraging” me to blog more…a lot more. I keep telling her I left the newspaper industry to avoid writing sentences, but she’s just not having it. Hopefully, she’ll not have a fit over this one.
President Obama’s web ad begins with a Norman Rockwell type shot of a family farm. Strangely missing is the Monsanto logo. It also contains a few frames of a church, which cracked me up to no end since our president spends little time in a pew. Then, there’s the American flag, flying in the breeze and representing all 57 states with pride.
Next comes the cast of Obama supporters who believe so strongly in their president that not a one will be identified by last name, which leads me to question their authenticity.
 “Hi, I’m Ed from North Carolina.” Hi, Ed!
Then, there’s Gladys from Nevada, home of the Cowboy Poetry Festival that people adore. More gals appear with the arrival of Katherine from Colorado. Mike from New York and his plaid shirted buds represent. And, more ladies make the scene with Alice from Michigan making an appearance.
The president appears on the screen briefly, described as the “underdog" of the 2008 race. Katherine says nobody thought he had a chance, and now he’s the president. Sounds a little like revisionist history, but whatever.
Mike from New York makes an intriguing comment on helping the president get re-elected (hat tip: Arlen Specter). “Even though I couldn’t exactly vote at the time….,” Mike says, he love to lend a hand this time. So, could he vote or not? I’m not exactly sure. Maybe he should have consulted with the SEIU or some other “citizen” group regarding his eligibility.
Alice of Michigan astutely points out, “Obama is one person….plus he’s got a job.” Well, Alice, he does for now and he’s very lucky to have it. I had dinner over the weekend with two highly educated people in their late 50s who are not as fortunate as the president. They are mired in a tough circumstance that has them days away from losing their health care. They’ve also discovered any kind of policy will cost them over $1,000 per MONTH. How’s that healthcare reform thing working out for you (hat tip: Sarah Palin)?
Alice claims the people are going to have to pick up the slack because the president doesn’t have time to campaign, another statement that reeks of dishonesty. He’ll be campaigning up a storm and some say he never stopped.
There is an assertion in the ad that politics is grassroots. Well gang, get the Weed and Feed because it’s time to pull up the weeds, the grass and anything else that strangles our country. In my opinion, this president’s strengths include a strong leisure ethic, an awesome bow and curtsey to other leaders so people like us more and a photogenic presence.
However, the Republicans aren't "winning" (hat tip: Charlie Sheen). Newt Gingrich, anyone? I guess we’ll have to see what kind of answers they’ve got, as Americans stare $4 plus gas in the eye and watch the price of hamburger shoot to exciting new levels. Maybe you should get ready to eat grass.

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04/04/2011 10:08PM
Time to pull up the roots
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