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They're Out There

It is a fact that there is a tight little knot of listeners to our show in the morning (and in fact who probably listen to the radio every waking hour) who are, clinically speaking, half a bubble off plumb.

Pardon the medical jargon.

I'm glad for every listener we have even the ones who, if you could ask them 'What is 2 + 2?' once a day every day for a week, you might expect to hear a number that isn't 4 at least twice.

But they're not the listeners I'm talking about.

And I'm not talking about the majority of listeners who are normal and who listen because they enjoy if not agree with the things they hear and who, when they call or write, express themselves in a civil manner.

I'm talking about the ones who send vitriol-laden emails (sometimes signed, other times written behind the cowardice of a phony email address) and the ones who call and leave nine minute voicemails excoriating something they heard or think they heard on the radio.

Not sure that any of that select group will ever read this but if you do, please know that I tap '1 to delete this message' no more than ten seconds deep.

For those whose imbalance is expressed via the written though often anonymous word I have set up a rule in my email client that sends all yours directly to the Delete Folder marked Read.

Does that sound unreasonable? Mean? Dismissive? I'm not mean or unreasonable. I guess with you I am dismissive. Sorry.

Simply put, your problem is your problem but it's not mine.

Keep those cards and letters coming if you want. I get blowing off steam but better advice would be to find something constructive to do with your time.


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02/25/2013 5:51PM
They're Out There
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09/20/2013 10:07AM
Ig you are interested in seeing lines of people waiting for something.....try visiting the local soup kitchens ...its almost inhumane for I Phones to make news when there are people standing in line for a meal and wishing they could walk out of these soup kitchens with a bag of left-over day-old bread...that is the reality of our towns...not you Social-elite who must have I-Phones 1 2 3 4 or whatever....you make me ill
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