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The real tragedy in Whitney Houston's death

 It was sad but not surprising to hear the news of Whitney Houston’s death this weekend.  Whether you like the type of music she sang, no doubt she was one of the most gifted singers we’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing.  What was most disturbing to me in all the coverage is the comments her friends and some tv commentators made about how sad it was that Whitney could never make a comeback.  As if the only importance of her life was how nice her voice sounded.  It’s that type of thinking that may have led to the depression she was suffering in recent years.

No, I’m not absolving her of her part in her vocal and personal decline.  Of course she chose to take drugs.  I have no doubt it was drugs that killed her singing.  Unfortunately, with a gift such as hers, it would be hard to have to continue to live up to that level.  However, there are many gifted singers who still have it after many years.

I have a feeling that many around Whitney Houston, wanted her to be the Whitney of 20 years ago, for their own selfish reasons.  The truth probably is that she would never be able to sing again- and that would be ok.  Why wasn’t it ok to do something else?  Why did she have to ‘come back’?  The people who are so heartbroken over her death don’t realize that the thinking  that ‘she never had the chance to rise like a phoenix from the ashes’ could very well be the reason she had such trouble.  Everyone wanted her to be successful again.  We like the happy ending where the boxer who’s down for the count comes back for a thrilling knockout, but those things in life are very rare.  You can create a different happy ending.  Perhaps getting up off the mat and leaving the ring is the right choice.  Moving on to something else, something that might make you uncomfortable, can be a good thing.  You need positive, supportive people around you.  You also have to want to make it happen.  

I try to look for good in the bad things that happen.  I probably think too much of stuff like this.  Every day people are dying.  Every day people are facing tough illnesses and uncertain futures.  When you face your own mortality, you realize what’s important.  It’s nice to think of others, but you have to think of yourself.  Whitney Houston made people happy with her music, but she didn’t seem to make herself happy.  That is the tragedy in her death.

 Did you make yourself happy today?

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