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'One for You, Nineteen for Me...'

I put it off as long as I felt comfortable with putting it off but I finally got my income taxes filed this past weekend.

I use a popular tax program you've probably heard of, TurboTax.

It's the one our former Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner claimed tripped him up on filing his taxes in a timely fashion.

Call me wacky but I think a former Treasury Secretary and president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York would have a better handle on a hold-your-hand, fill-in-the-blank tax program but that's not important now.

I've been using TurboTax for about ten years and the nice thing about it is, each year the program takes your pertinent information from the previous year's file and fills in a lot of blanks for you. That's a time saver when it comes to things like 'Dependents Social Security #'.

My wife and I file a joint return and the bank where she works has provided online access to the TurboTax program so that all the information on her W-2 is also automatically loaded into the program and all I have to do is doublecheck for accuracy. Maybe we'll get that next year.

Anyway, so the taxes are done and e-filed and that's a relief to have that behind me for another year even with the program doing most of the heavy lifting.

I was a little bit disappointed with the outcome though.

Two years ago I got back $3600. Last year it was a $600 refund. This year I owed the federal government 72 bucks.

In the grand scheme of things, what's $72, right? That's about what it takes to fill my gas tank when it's on empty. Still, I'd feel a lot better if I thought the money wasn't just going to be tossed along with the rest of our taxpayer dollars into a gaping maw; that pitchblack bottomless abyss of federal overspending and unaccountablity.

I would have gotten a bigger kick out of putting a match to the $72..

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03/25/2013 9:51AM
One for You, Nineteen for Me
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