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With about a month’s worth of experience on a news/talk radio station under my belt, some things come as no surprise while others? A little bit.

No surprise? I’m having a great time.

I love using my brain again. They say if you don’t use it you lose it. Well I still have some fair-to-middlin’ eye-hand coordination left so I hope I haven’t lost too much in the way of brain cells but I do think I’ve needed to apply some heavy doses of lubricant to get the gears spinning again after so many years of being comfortably numb. Feeling those cogs start to turn more freely fueled by the news of the day and what we all think about it and have to say about it is great fun!

Contributing to the wonderful experience this has been so far are the many listeners young and old and new and renewed who’ve called in during the show or sent email ( or Facebook messages, stopped me at the mall or in a restaurant or on the street and have been so kind and receptive and welcoming. That’s really nice and thank you.

And most of the folks I hear from seem to have all the cards in their deck!

Of course they do. I mention that only because a tiny little minority…I think…maybe might be…shy a joker or two.

It’s okay, I don’t mind. Hey, I don’t claim to have the market cornered on normalcy by any stretch of the imagination. I think we all, in our own way, have some weird little thing about us. Part of what makes us unique. And while most of us DO have some weird little thing, some of us have one or more weird BIG things. Another surprise!

I routinely get long, rambling voicemails from listeners who seem nice enough and seemingly mean well, but they do go on and on…and on. Some of them have been, at least in part, the inspiration for our Tinfoil Hat Tuesday segments. I’m talkin’ some far-out subject matter.

But a long, rambling message makes no difference to me. I listen to them all. Because you never know when that little nugget of heartfelt truth will bubble to the surface.

Even the haters who have a monumental problem with such weighty and consequential matters as the lighting on the TV thing we do everyday. “You look like you’re in a cave!” Or the ones who miss the way things used to be, to me it’s all good.

In fact probably it’s a weird little thing of mine that I get a kick out of hearing from the malcontents. Here’s one exactly as it appeared in my email:

“Wepster, u should of stayed on rockin roll. hiring u was a misteak for sure.”


Whether hiring me was a “misteak” or not remains to be seen but why do I think that kind of thing is so funny? I don’t know. That too was one of the surprises!

Thanks for reading and most of all, thank you for listening. I appreciate it very much.

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05/20/2010 11:39AM
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06/05/2010 5:48AM
thanks for the memories
I started listen to you in 198? something I really miss "they call me Mel" and the scranton dopes. I can't believe the Times idiots are fighting you on your characters and on air name Maybe you can start a new serires called the "Times Dopes"
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