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4-17-15 WILK Friday Beer Buzz



ABV: 5.7%

IBUs: 55

Style: Stout


Brewery: Rogue Ales & Spirits, Newport, OR

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Taking Hillary's Message To Heart

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Shining solid gray in the warm spring dusk, the Rodham family headstone toppled sometime over the weekend near the edge of Scranton's Washburn Cemetery.

How the heavy stone fell remains a mystery.

Did fanatics drag it down a day or two after a local television news report showed it for the world to see?

Did the wind blow it over, as the kindly undertaker suggested Monday evening while standing on sacred ground? Did vandals overturn it on purpose or did the earth above our abandoned coal mines shift in a natural gasp of living soil?

Whatever force sent that heavy marker on its back must have been substantial. More significant, though, is the power that righted the wrong and worked to raise the stone to its original dignity.

Virtue still lives in that old Scranton graveyard. Strength breathes as testament to a legacy of life, love and commitment to what is just. The Rodham family stone anchors an indelible spirit that remains so much a part of this city. So, too, does the family memorial mark the presidential campaign of a special Rodham daughter. Like those who came and went before her, Hillary is part of this town, her father's town, a town that helped shape her and her family.

The Rodham signature remains part of Scranton's past, present and future.

Family history provides identity to us all.

That's one reason why, born of good stock, Hillary brings the Rodham character of discipline, purpose and honor to her pledge to help people and a country in need.

Little about life is easy – especially in Scranton. Mystery clouds tomorrow. But what we know for sure is that when trouble arises, the chance to help people makes for better people. The chance to make a difference in people's lives turns bad into good in any town.

A man and his wife had spotted the downed Rodham headstone Monday afternoon while walking the cemetery where the man has family buried. So he went home and quickly made a call. The man he called listened, hung up and made a call of his own. Other calls went out as well.

By early evening, four men and a woman stood by the Rodham family plot, talking in quiet tones the way good people have stood around talking at Scranton burial grounds for centuries. Then they shook hands and went to work to solve the problem.

The undertaker called a crane operator who said he would show up at the cemetery the next day. Police would be notified. A Rodham family friend called Hillary's brother, Tony, to tell him that everything would be okay. Another person called the man and his wife to thank them for their concern and promised to keep them up to date.

People looking out for each other, neighbors watching out for neighbors, good citizens helping anybody who needs help. Money or no money, black, white, Latino, citizen, non-citizen, gay or straight - just like the video Hillary released Sunday when she officially announced her presidential campaign.

"Hillary for America" translates into exactly what happened in Scranton yesterday.

Helping, not hurting, creates a new day in our lifetime as sturdy as a toppled headstone raised again in dignity, stability and love for all that's good.

At our best, in Scranton and elsewhere, we're simply people helping people.

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4-14-15 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

It's okay if you don't have foil made of tin, aluminum will work. Just wrap some around your head so the government and the aliens won't know what you're thinking then listen to Tinfoil Hat Tuesday, 6:35am and 8:35am on WILK 103.1FM,!

Image William Cho

In a story at, a veteran pilot who has flown President Obama says he's seen a UFO and so has nearly every other pilot.

Image dѧvid

Little green men? Are you kidding? Aliens are ENORMOUS! So says cosmologist Fergus Simpson. Click the link for the story at

Image Quint Baker

"They know where I am. Again." Josie says the abductions are always the same. They've happened more than two dozen times. Read more at

YouTube video as posted by RT

There was one reported in the US back in the '50's. Turned out to be part of a nuclear detonation test. So what was the black smoke ring hanging in the sky in Kazakhstan doing there? Read the rest at

Image Anonymous Submission to MUFON

Is the unusual phenomena in the Price Chopper parking lot in Dunmore, PA going on outside the truck or inside it? See pictures and a video by clicking MUFON Search the UFO Database then click Pennsylvania and submit!
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4-10-15 Boak's Flamethrower Wheat & Wooden Beanie

Boak's Flamethrower Wheat & Wooden Beanie & Abbey Brown
ABV: 4.2% / 7%
IBUs: / 28
Style: Witbier / Barrel-Aged Belgian Ale

Pompton Lakes NJ
Brewery: Boaks Brewing Co
Size: 1000 gal fermenter
Brewmaster: Brian Boak
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"Badfella" Paul Sorvino Owes Us

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Washed up mob movie actor Paul Sorvino needs a nickname.

After his sniveling performance on my show last week, his feigned outrage over the fate of his latest film was less than memorable. Sorvino's real-life role as victim was also far from convincing. But his whiney whimpers were impressive.

How about "Paulie Sniffles?"


"Paulie Sniffles" it is.

And you, Paulie Sniffles, better be ready for what's coming. Because we're going to the mattresses, as the goodfella goons say, in our fight to get what you owe us. We're the victims here, not you, Paulie Sniffles. But we're victims unlike any you've ever met.

You want Scranton, "Paulie Sniffles," we'll give you Scranton. Our Scranton, though, the real Scranton, is unlike the prissy, pampered place of privilege you know and claim to love.

If you love us why stick us for the half a million in taxpayer money you grabbed and sunk into that flop, "The Trouble With Cali," that you created here and now claim nobody wants to distribute? If you love us why blame us for sinking your so-called movie? If you love us you wouldn't blubber and crybaby your way around town with your failure film following you like the ghost of our late great hometown actor Jason Miller, who gave you your break and opened up our town to you?

No, Paulie Sniffles, you only love yourself.

That's why you cheated us.

So give us our movie.

We're partners, remember?

You said it yourself, Paulie Sniffles, when you called the show and blamed me, Times-Tribune columnist Chris Kelly and other critics for destroying your movie distribution deal with an unnamed Canadian company.

You never had a deal, ya lug, ya.

And the two goofs who signed over the 500,000 clams that you skimmed off the top of their chowder heads never had our approval to give away our money in the first place. Both guys, former Republican majority Lackawanna County Commissioners Bob Cordaro and A.J. Munchak, are currently serving federal prison sentences on unrelated public corruption felonies. Cordaro is even listed as an executive producer on your - I mean our - film.

That must have impressed the Canadians and anybody else foolish enough to give your family enterprise – written by one daughter, featuring another – credit for anything except finality.

Final as in croaked.

"Cali is dead," you told me on the air in breathy dramatic tones before trying to pull a fast one and hang up on us. I sensed your final curtain falling and had to throw a couple of fast body shots that doubled you over.

"You stick us and we're supposed to feel bad for you?" I asked.

"You son of a bitch," you said.

And the whole world suddenly saw through you, recognizing you for the loser you are, the failure you have become, the hustler who never cut it in Scranton and killed his – I mean our - movie. Then you turned and ran, leaving a dull roar in your wake like the frothing waves of a tramp steamer full of holes going down for the last time.

So here's the deal, champ. Kelly and I will meet you at a saloon of our choosing – New York or Scranton, take your pick. You hand over the movie. And we show it for free in Scranton and then we show it again to benefit charity. I doubt that anybody will want to see your "masterpiece" more than twice.

Of course you're welcome to attend although I would advise against it.

Some of us carry a grudge in Scranton the way you beautiful people carry a canape.

So dry your eyes and give us our movie.

We're not through with you yet, "Paulie Sniffles."



4-7-15 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

Gimme a T!

Gimme an I!

Gimme an N!

...etc., etc. It's Tinfoil Hat Tuesday, listen at 6:35am and 8:35am, WILK 103.1FM,!

YouTube video as posted by Mister Enigma

Mister Enigma says it's aliens and ghosts, the strangest photos ever seen!

Image pickled_newt

Are aliens trying to get our attention? The story is on Huffington Post.

Image thethreesisters

In one city, it was 'raining' dead birds. But in another? It was cash! Read about it at

Image Jacob Haas

"Suddenly a cylinder of bright blue light descended from above...", this and other 'Unexplained Eyewitness Accounts' at

Image Sebastian Brinkenfeldt

He thought he'd found some part of the wreckage of a sunken boat. Now he thinks it was a cocoon. Nikolay M. lost consciousness and when he awoke, discovered he'd also lost part of his hand in this story at

Are Ghost Sightings actually hallucinations caused by toxic air? That's what some scientists think.
Read about it HERE

Robin Ducker- flickr

Alien FAQ: 6 questions about strange cosmic radio bursts

Full Story HERE

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3-31-15 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

We narrow down a pile of Tinfoil Hat stories THIS thick every week and pass the tinfoil on to you! Listen to WILK 103.1FM, every Tuesday at 6:35am and 8:35am for Tinfoil Hat Tuesday!

Image Wikimedia Commons

It shimmered like 'Star Trek cloaking'. A huge V-shaped craft, fast and silent, in the nighttime skies over Palmyra, PA. Read more at

Image Alex 飯野

The skull is 125,000 years old. It has a bullet hole in it. has the story.

Image That Hartford Guy

His father saw a blue light in the sky the night Elvis was born. And Elvis believed 'the truth is out there.' Read the story at

YouTube video as posted by Trevor Wozny

Balloons, birds, airplanes? Or a massive UFO fleet caught on tape over New York City? Click the video and judge for yourself!

Image Frank Lindecke

'Four-and-a-half feet tall, orange-gray skin, but remarkably human-like.' The deathbed confession of US Army Master Sergeant Paul Epley. And there's more at!
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3-27-15 Jack's Abby Coffee Barrel-Aged Framinghammer

ABV:  10%-AbV
IBUs:  55


Brewery:  JACK’S ABBY

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3-24-15 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

Every Tuesday at 6:35am and 8:35am we run through a short stack of stuff we like to call Tinfoil Hat Tuesday on  WILK 103.1FM!

Image r. nail bradshaw

A story at says Bigfoot's not the only bipedial cryptid wandering around out there.  Don't forget Yowie, Barmanu, and Orang Pendek!

Image reivax

His assassination marked the start of World War I. Was it just a coincidence that the license plate on the car he died in marked the end of World War I? You'll find more creepy coincidences, 13 in all, if you click!

Image Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston

Did Pope Francis hint about what he believes his place will be in the Prophecy of the Popes? Does he believe Judgment Day will come soon? Read more at

Also, did Pope Francis perform a miracle when dry blood of St. Gennaro partially liquefies?  Read more at Huffington Post.

Image Alan Levine

The do's-and-dont's of the lucrative 'haunted doll' market. The story at

YouTube video as posted by Bigtruth

is Mike Deis the most enthusiastic 'Bigfooter' there is? Click the video posted by Bigtruth.
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3-20-15 Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA

Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA
ABV:  6.2% ABV
IBUs:  60
Style:  American IPA
Chico, CA & Mills River NC
Brewery:  Sierra Nevada

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