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    It's been some time since she's been in a movie that anyone's paid attention to, but who said Daryl Hannah can't even get arrested? She and about a hundred other people were rounded up in front of the White House earlier in the week. They were sitting on the sidewalk and refused to move when ordered by police. The group was protesting the Keystone XL pipeline, a proposed 1600-plus mile oil pipe that would run from Canada to the Gulf Coast.

      She was fined $100 and released.
     Margot Kidder has also voiced her opposition to the project. You remember Margot Kidder. She played Lois Lane in a 'Superman' movie. As far as I know, and I don't follow the goings-on in Hollywood all that closely, she can't even get arrested.

     I'll be honest. Most of what I know about the Keystone XL pipeline project I've learned in stories about this recent protest so suffice it to say I'm not even remotely qualified to judge whether or not the project is the best thing since short-sleeved shirts or whether it's a huge enviornmental catastrophe just waiting to happen. 

     Thing is, as little as I know about the project, I'm always fascinated when I see famous people...actors, musicians, athletes...voicing their opinion on social, environmental, or political issues. Take Alec Baldwin. He wants to run for an office. Not sure which one yet. 

     Of course we're all entitled to our opinion. I'm just curious about what it is that makes famous people think theirs carries any more weight than any one else's. I get that they're famous so they have ready access to cameras and microphones and the attention of those who wield them. What I don't get is what makes them think that because people will buy their songs or pay to watch them hit a ball pretty far or buy a movie ticket to see them pretend they're someone else, what about any of that offers such imagined validation?

     As I mentioned, I didn't know all that much about this pipeline project before all this. But now that I know how Daryl Hannah feels about it...


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08/31/2011 3:52PM
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09/21/2011 10:39PM
Carpetbagger Stevie
Hope everyone keeps supporting this radio station that enables this Pig Corbett to say and do anything on air for ratings.Ask the citizens of Duryea or Forty Fort who actually helped them more, Rob Mericle,or Stevie the scab. And when people give Mericle credit, Stevie acts like the ignorant pig he is and crys liken a baby. Does Stevie hide in the corner because he got out of a DUI years ago while working in WB as a scab reporter for the Times Leader? No, he condems everyone who makes a mistake in life. If I had to be in a foxhole with Rob Mericle or Stevie whiskey nose Corbett, I would take Mericle anytime. And the people from Bidens crew who were soo ignorant to poor wittle Scabby Stevie, thank you for doing your job keeping a goof away from the VP!
10/07/2011 1:16AM
Good Points Carpetbagger Stevie
We watched how the newsguy organized his lunatic fringe to protest in Scranton, count them on one hand union officials and radicals were out. Very Impressive. Everyone would be more impressed if he had those 5-10 people roll up their sleeves and pitch in like Mericle did in the flood zone. Steve Corbett likes to tear down others and not contribute to society - HOW SAD
10/08/2011 3:56PM
Right on Carpetbagger Stevie
I agree totally. This self-proclaimed "Newsguy", is not even from here. WILK should be ashamed of themselves for bringing this freak show here. And yes, he did cross a picket line at the Times Leader, I saw it. He can lie all he wants, but this makes him a SCAB.He wants to be a Union guy now, but once you cross that line, you are a SCAB for life. Also heard he got out of a DUI years back, may have been from a cop buddy he now trashes on a regular basis. Also heard Daddy was a driver for Big Russ. Maybe thats how the SCAB knows Big Billy so well. This puke is a HYPOCRITE! Dump him now and try to reclaim some respect WILK, or your idiot sponsers will soon be losing business from advertising on this hate radio freak show. You better listen, what a CLOWN!
10/12/2011 9:33PM
Stop whining
He isn't from here? What's your point? If a person's parents did not raise their children here, they can never become part of the community? A huge number of people grow up and leave this area. I hope their neighbors don't hate them because they're not natives. Why so much venom? If you don't like the guy, change the station.
01/10/2012 11:54PM
Stop Winning
WINNING - WILK Continues to fail look at the latest ratings. PS tell all their advertisers what you think of them. http://www.radio-info.com/markets/wilkes-barre-scranton
01/23/2012 9:30PM
Freak Show
Hope all readers remember the sponsors of the Stevie freak show .All time low,even for him. How can this station allow him to rant about Joe Paterno all day, just trying to stir people up for ratings. What a low life disgusting excuse for a human being.Shame on you WILK!
02/23/2012 9:57PM
Boycott overdue
Now our favorite lowlife,Stevie the News Guy,is after Bill Amesbury. This man,Bill Amesbury has done more for his community than Stevie the Pig could dream of.Bill Amesbury, in his capacity as a Private Citizen, spoke out at a meeting to keep Meyers H.S. Open. Bill Is a person who always stands up for his community.He cares about his community,He is an alumnus of Meyers H.S. He lives in the District, is a taxpayer in the District,is a good neighbor, has been a coach,and is a great individual. It is about time for people to boycott the business's who advertise on this Clowns show. That may be the only thing this sick excuse for a "news station" understands, hurt them in their wallet. We were rid of this egomaniac hate filled agitator until this station hired him after he was run out of California, after being run out of P.A. He cares about nothing but his ratings. He is a disgusting,rude,bully . But then again,if you had to wake up and look at that whiskey nose ugly mug everyday, I guess you might be filled with hate. Get rid of this Clown.Boycott the businesses that advertise on his show South Wilkes-Barre.Bill wants to save your school and help your community. The goof wants HIS ratings to be high by creating controversy .Who actually cares about your school and community!
02/28/2012 4:51PM
Corbett rocks!
I think Corbett is awesome. If you don't like him, it's because you are a part of the cancer that has stricken this valley and driven out most of the talented and educated people. What's left are primarily political hacks and people wholive off social services. If not for Corbett and media people like him, it's likely we would never learn just how corrupt this area is.
03/11/2012 8:37AM
Rock Head
And if you like him you are sick. If you believe this disgusting egomaniac is doing anything to benefit this area with his personal attacks and hate mongering,you can have him. Ask your hero to explain the disgusting act he did years ago on Public Square, think it involved as they say, whipping it out. Or the DUI he got out of,helped by his ex cop buddy.No,you would rather sit back and wait to see who your hero can tear down next.
04/14/2012 12:39PM
King Hypocrite
Stevie Corbett is the biggest hypocrite in this area! Anyone who listened to his interview of Patrick Murphy understands. Softball questions because the puke doesn't, like Kane. Just goes to show what a gutless puke he is. Corbett is a phony hypocrite.This station is a joke to have him on air. And next time he has that whack job Stilp on, ask him why he was fired from his State job. Roller skates ??? Another clown in the puke circus.
04/18/2012 2:50PM
-Stop Whinning
Point, if you dont like the man, CHANGE THE STATION!Steve Corbett talks nothing but the truth& he steps up to say it, if you guys dont like that, then don't listen!!
04/25/2012 11:54PM
Sorry he is a looser and misinformed
http://citizensvoice.com/news/ex-magistrate-gets-probation-for-theft-1.441277#axzz1t6tbpz83 Here he thought he was breaking news and was not bum bum ba bum..... whaaa. Thanks Tom Woodsie
12/07/2012 12:56PM
Is Rusty shoplifting again? If so please tell him I need a good pair of winter pajamas; a good quality microwave (at Walmart they're conveniently placed for easy taking); some quality winter blankets, and a gross of Trojan Brand condoms my girlfriend is absolutely insatiable! Bye Rusty... Bye Rusty... Bye Rusty... DEF OLD FORGE
08/29/2016 6:57PM
steve corbett bully
Steve is so wonderful insulting Donald trump , but god(oh he does not believe in god)forbid y0u talk about Hitliary Clinton you are a lunatic or a racist. Steve is a hater and racist he hates any white person who disagrees with him. And please do not mention hitliary's emails or cheating husband or the woman she help humiiiate because they spoke up. Steve Corbett is hitliary's puppet slime thrower
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