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Sometimes You Feel Like A Nutter

Monday, December 27, 2010

At least the Philadelphia mayor has an excuse when critics call him a nutter.

That’s his name.

But Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has no explanation for his cracked opinion and irate insults to Mayor Michael Nutter, the National Football League and countless sensible people who understand and agree with the decision to reschedule last night’s game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings.

An irate Rendell said in a television interview last night that the decision was a “joke” and that legendary coach Vince Lombardi would be spinning in his grave. Rendell even took issue with the number of inches of snowfall provided by meteorologists.

Rendell’s temper tantrum tells us everything we need to know about the ruling class snobs who want what they want when they want it. Instant gratification is part of the problem facing Pennsylvania and the rest of America.

Elitist government and corporate “leaders” no longer have a sense of longing. Instead they get what they want when they want it while the rest of us have to wait – sometimes forever. To them, patience is no longer a virtue. It’s what the servants become when they hurt themselves waiting on the aristocrats and wind up as patients in the ER with no health insurance.

Fast Eddie wanted his football and he wanted it now, no matter who got hurt in the process. Had kick-off occurred as scheduled people would have no doubt gotten hurt and maybe even killed.

Nutter declared a state of emergency in Philadelphia as of 2 p.m. because of the increasingly dangerous public safety hazards caused by a very unpredictable storm.

With thousands of additional cars on the roads explicitly for the game, there’s no telling how many vehicles would have gotten stuck, slid off icy roads and overturned. There’s no telling how many drunk drivers would have jumped behind the wheel, no telling how many accidents would have taken place because Rendell was ready for some football.

But that logical line of thought apparently never crossed Rendell’s mind. The implication is worse if Rendell did, in fact, think about the potential danger and dismiss any and all hazards because he wanted to root for the home team.

We now have to wonder if Rendell is really as smart as some people say he is. I’ve always considered Rendell a bright guy. But occasionally I’ve wondered about some of the stories about our outgoing governor and pondered if he has the clear common sense that distinguishes a true leader from an egotistical political hustler. Now I wonder if he’s cut more backroom deals and corners than we know about for his own personal, instant gratification.

Yesterday’s tantrum was no way to polish the legacy, governor.

“This is no way shape or form a blizzard,” Rendell told Fox 29 during the interview.

No, it was not a blizzard. But Rendell’s gubernatorial snow job provided whiteout conditions that hurt many people nestled in the warmest, safest home for the holidays. With all the reasons for outrage in these troubled times, Rendell picks a game over which to throw a fit. Pennsylvania will be digging out from a variety of storm fronts for years after Rendell is safely ensconced in a new job somewhere. As a consultant or executive plutocrat or whatever fancy title Rendell decides to accept when he leaves office, most people in this Commonwealth will not have the luxury of his lifestyle.

The governor’s childish outburst shows something of the real Rendell. Maybe for all these years as governor Rendell didn’t really care about anybody but himself. That’s a harsh thought, but for him to get so worked up over a football game that is rescheduled for tomorrow night indicates a deep personality flaw.

And remember that Rendell is still on the public payroll and is duty-bound to put our best interest ahead of his own.

I wonder if Rendell was planning to attend yesterday’s game. I wonder if he’s planning to attend the game tomorrow. And if he was or does, where exactly was his seat?

Does tough guy Eddie Rendell sit wearing construction boots, jeans, a fatigue jacket and a black watch cap in the frigid seats with the rest of the hardcore Eagles fans? Does he tailgate in the parking lot, yell “Yo, cuz” and slap high fives with the boys from South Philly? Does he bring his own hoagie or cheesesteak into the stadium?

Or does our pampered, pompous governor get dropped off by his state police driver and walk with bodyguards a few steps to a hot luxury box where he is a guest of executive swells who care little if at all about Pennsylvania’s good citizens who have to struggle daily to make ends meet and maybe get lucky enough to one day see a live game?

How about a little more Cheez Whiz on your credibility, governor?

Talk about a nutter.

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