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     The inauguration of the President happened this week. Here's what I took away from it:

1) The President of the United States doesn't realize (or care) how impolite and ill-mannered it looks for a President of the United States to chew gum on television.

2) George Stephanopolous' inauguration coverage included these words: "And there's Morgan Freeman!" It was Bill Russell.

3) Beyonce lip-synced the National Anthem.

4) Michelle Obama, in that now-viral eye-roll video with John Boehner that occurred following the public inauguration ceremony looked like she was really enjoying lunch.

5) And I got the feeling from the President's inaugural address that he is one step closer to just doing his Obama imitation when he delivers speeches. Just not feeling it. Seems put out to have to put on the show for us.

     If you're an Obama supporter I'm sure you won't be crazy about those observations. Nothing personal.

     In other news, our daily TV shot on FOX 56 is over. It was fun in a kind of 'if we have to' way.

     As far as I know the parting was on good terms. That said, I'm glad we don't have to pay attention to cameras any longer. The TV thing was a distraction to the radio show and frankly, it looked like a closed circuit broadcast from the '80's, didn't it? I occasionally wondered what someone passing through 'nort deest Pee Yay' and spending a night in a hotel thought about what they were looking at when they turned on the TV in the morning and saw that local television offering.
     Anyway, if you watched, thanks. You can still listen!

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01/22/2013 4:12PM
So far...
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01/24/2013 12:01PM
Common table manners
What about his wife who was shoveling food into her mouth like it was her last meal, using her fork as a spear with her elbows on the table, all so very lady like!!!!
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