Curfew in Jermyn

There is a new curfew in the Lackawanna County community of Jermyn. The curfew on those under 18 will be from 11pm to 5am. Council also approved a new property maintenance code to go after those who have problem properties. 

DNC Wraps Up In Philadelphia

The 2016 Democratic National Convention is over. On the final night of the Democrats' event, Hillary Clinton accepted her party's nomination to be president. and gave a shout out to Scranton.

Trump in Scranton

Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump in Scranton yesterday addressing the crowd at Lackawanna College Student Union. He wrapped up his visit along with his VP pick Mike Pence in about an hour.

Prosecutors Appeal Galli Ruling

A recent ruling by a judge in Luzerne County to grant Helen Galli a new trial is being appealed by prosecutors. A judge ruled last week that Galli's lawyer was ineffective during her trial. The appeal could take months to hear by State Superior Court.
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