New Airport Director

The selection has been made. Carl Beardsley Jr will replace Barry Centini as the new executive director of the Wilkes Barre Scranton International Airpot. Beardsley has served as commissioner of aviation for Broome County New York.

Changing the Gavel

The new president Judge in Luzerne County is Richard Hughes. The 53 year old will replace Thomas Burke. His 5 year term as president Judge will end in January.  Hughes will be sworn in January 5th.

Shooting Update

Authorities say it was an undercover drug deal in a parking lot on Carey Ave at the Wilkes Barre/HanoverTownship border earlier this week. Bong Bob Kim of Wilkes Barre the suspect, was shot by a police officer.

Change in Exit 175 Traffic Flow

The stop sign at the end of the exit ramp from I81NB exit 175 will become a Yield sign later today. The stop sign will be moved onto Rt 315 so traffic there will now have to stop.

Boy Waives Right to Hearing.

The 10 year old accused of killing an 90 year old woman last month was in Court yesterday to face the charges against him. Tristin Kurilla is facing a charge of homicide, charged as an adult,  in connection with the death of Helen Novak. The boy'