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Saying goodbye to our 'stories'

Not too long ago there was a study done that showed many of us become affiliated with the political party our parents belonged to. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how that happens. Sure there’s always the occasional little bugger that rocks the boat and ends of in the middle of heated discussions at the family table. 
Like politics and religion, there’s something else you are most likely to inherit, and that’s the soap opera you watched. I remember my Grandma watching her ‘stories’ on tv. Looking back now, it’s so strange to think of my sweet old, innocent, widowed, religious, grandmother watching all the sex and scheming on the soaps. Her favorite was “The Young and the Restless”. I watched Katherine Chancellor and tried to keep up with Nikki and Victor. As I got older I watched Y&R, and also started watching Guiding Light. They were on the same network, CBS.   Now there’s team Team Edward and Team Jacob for Twilight fans. Back then there was Team Luke & Laura and Team Beth & Philip. 
As I got older, it sounds silly, but there was something constant and reassuring when I’d pass by and still remember the faces. Sure, the stories changed, but the people didn’t. They got older, just like me. Of course they dressed far better, had boob jobs and facelifts, but we were getting old together. You don’t get that very often in the movies. Women turn 40 and suddenly they stop appearing on the big screen. Not on the soaps. They usually got bigger hair, and bigger problems, but they didn’t suddenly vanish.
It’s sad to hear that the last of the soap operas are going. All My Children and One Life to Live will end soon. All that’s left is General Hospital. That shows days are numbered as well, a hospital on life support. How did daytime tv habits change?   Is it because more women are working and not watching daytime tv? I can’t believe that, since someone’s watching “The View” and reportedly ABC wants more shows along those lines. Did we stop believing in the ridiculous storylines? I don’t think we ever believed them in the first place.   I’m guessing that younger people aren’t tuning in. I stopped watching them after I got out of college, so my daughter never had the chance to watch the ‘stories’ that Mom was watching. We stopped passing along the book, so to speak.  Who will grow old with us now that the soaps are gone? Looks like Whoopi, Joy, Elizabeth and Barbara.

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