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Say, "Cheese," O'Malley, And Show Us Your Resume

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Patrick “Cheese” O’Malley wants to stay put as a Lackawanna County commissioner.

He has already served as a do-nothing minority Republican commissioner, switched to Democrat where he served as a  do-nothing commission and now is on the ballot with another do-nothing Democratic.

Neither man has a college degree.

But O’Malley thinks he’s a shoo-in for the job.

And he probably is.

But that doesn’t  mean the people should make it easy for him to pull another fast one and slide into another cushy, over-paid job loaded with perks and benefits that the overwhelming number of taxpayers never receive.

But, because O’Malley worked for about 15 years as a county prison guard, we can at least ask to see his job performance evaluations.

We hereby demand to see any disciplinary write-ups or reprimands he might have received for poor job performance. If they exist, we need to see what he did to get reprimanded. If they do not exist, we will at least know that he walked the cell block line to the point that he never got a write-up.

Some thick deadwood public employees never receive reprimands, anyway. But some just can’t keep out of their own way. I’d like to know and want voters to know if O’Malley stumbled his way through a prison career, has a file thick with scolding or a clean card.

Show us your personnel file, O’Malley.

We paid your way so we have a right to know how you did before you jumped on a speedier public gravy train and raced into another public service job where you performed like a fourth-grader.

We know that the Lackawanna County Prison has been a political nest of smirking partisan cronies and those with family or other connections to the corrupt business and political machines that have historically run county government.

And we demand to know where you fit in that nest.

Who were your references, by the way? Who vouched for you when you went hat in hand looking for a job in a hard luck community where you qualified for few jobs of skill?

Who held your hand at the interview? You had an interview didn’t you? If so, can we see the results? Promotions? You get any? Tests? You take any promotional exams? If so, how’d you do? What were your scores?

If so, please provide the paperwork so we can see what your supervisors said about you when you weren’t smiling and glad-handing your way around town looking for your next political hand-out.

Many political candidates do not come from public service jobs where such information is available. We’re fortunate that you did.

And, yeah, we know that your personnel file is not public record – unless you make it public record.

It’s a fair request.

So I hope you agree that the people who already pay your salary have a right to know how you did in your old public payroll job before they decide whether to vote you into a new public payroll job.

We need to know that you’re not just some political hack with no track record of achievement in your former job.

You’re still a political hack, Pat, whose only skill is posing for pictures and sending hundreds of congratulation letters at taxpayer expense to members of the community (you’d send them to dogs and cats if only you had thought of it) to firm up your position as a see-through politician desperate to cling to the public payroll.

We want to see your record.

Cough it up, champ.

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