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Random thoughts 7-27-11

Sad to hear-that Amy Winehouse is dead. While not surprising, it goes to show just how tragic drug and alcohol addiction is. Be happy to be healthy, all the money and power doesn’t fill the emptiness that some people struggle with. It’s shocking but true, the prognosis for an opiate addict is worse than the vast majority of cancers. A family friend lost her two boys, and then herself to such an addiction. 
 When will the Republicans buck back against the Tea Party? They’ve allowed this group to hijack their party and hold the country hostage in the debt ceiling debate. Here’s an idea for the Tea Party- get elected to the majority and the Presidency and then you can hold the cards. Until then, slither back to your monied backers (see Koch brothers) and put together that plan.  Must be tiring to be a slave to the rich people. While they’re at it, how about the GOP try to work on getting some jobs for Americans? Oh, that’s right, they don’t want the situation to improve because that won’t help them come election-time in 2012. As soon as this debt debacle is done, the Dems need to get some work for our people. How about another WPA? Time to fix our crumbling infrastructure and put some people to work.  Another idea- term limits; perhaps that will stop our self-serving politicians from worrying more about their election than the people they serve. If our elected leaders don’t make the August 2nd deadline, how about making sure THEY don’t get paid.
 Did you check out WILK’s Animal House lately? It’s heartbreaking to see so many terrific pets without a home. What’s with some of these people who drop their animal off after years of unconditional love? We feature “Sweetie” the beagle this week and you couldn’t find a more loving, huggable dog anywhere. Turns out her owner didn’t like that she ‘was afraid of everything’. She may be a little shy, but she’s been at the SPCA in Luzerne County for many weeks now and they say she is well behaved and very loving. I’m afraid of what type of dog they were looking for. 
Speaking of pets, my wonderful 18 year old cat Ismene is hanging in there. She has kidney and thyroid issues and requires quite a bit of care. For some it might be easy to let her go, but despite limited mobility she still has time to cuddle on my lap and purr with contentment. I’ll be keeping her here as long as I can, as long as she is enjoying it.
A big Happy Anniversary to my parents, married 48 years TODAY.  To think that J Lo is already on divorce #3 and is only 42. 

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