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Pizza Kings Rule!

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Pizza Kings don’t have the custom-made suits yet. And we’re still looking for a used Caddy to use as a Pizzamobile. But we got pizza soul unlike any other. And that’s what makes us perfect.

In case you’re wondering, we’re the Pizza Kings because we said so. Got it? Simple as that. Nobody can touch us. Pizza Kings rule.

And we’re officially looking for nominees to the Northeastern Pennsylvania Pizza Hall of Fame – the original and only hall in hard coal country. When it comes to pizza, no place in America even comes close to our propensity for pizza. Pound for pound we’re the heavyweight pizza champions of the world. And that includes Italy.

Our pies are priceless.

Pizza perfect – which is actually the name of a Hall of Fame nominee put forward by a longtime fan of the pizza parlor in Trucksville in Luzerne County – is our motto. So is “We’re one slice short of a pie – and proud of it!”

Of course not everybody is Hall of Fame material. Most NEPA pies are good. But some are better than others. And some rise to the level of Hall of Fame material. So we need you to nominate. Owners need to have a story, a history. And the pie has to meet the standards of the Pizza Kings. We will not give away our secrets of admission process, either. A lot goes into our decision to induct a monthly winner. And that’s our business.

The rules are simple: We take nominations and contact you if you are the monthly nominee. If you accept our invitation to audition, you or your representative delivers a pie (usually a variety sampling of two or three pies) to the Pizza Kings at the WILK News Radio studio on Route 315 in Pittston Twp. at 1 p.m. on the designated Thursday at the end of the month.

The Pizza Kings eat the pizza.

Then we let you know if you’re in.

At the end of the year we have a big blow-out pizza bash at a social hall somewhere in NEPA and invite people from all over the place – Old Forge, Minooka, Italy, Sicily, Poland and beyond.

You deliver.

We eat.

Everybody’s happy.

And the rest if pizza history.

Of course, the Pizza Kings hold the town of Old Forge in sacred high esteem. After all, Old Forge is “The Pizza Capital of the World,” as determined by somebody in Old Forge. When did that happen, by the way? Who deemed the town the capital, anyway? We need to know because that person is absolutely honorary Pizza King material.

I bet Angelo at Arcaro and Genell’s on South Main had something to do with it. If not he should have. He’s a nominee, too, by the way.

So far, we’ve officially inducted Ellio G’s in Old Forge, Savo’s in Pittston Twp., Ruby’s in the Hanover section of Nanticoke, Cebula’saCafé in Dupont, Senapes in Hazleton and Sanitary Bakery in Nanticoke.

We got carried away in the beginning and slid Senapes and Sanitary in because they’re specialty pizzas meant to be eaten cold. We also forgot to officially notify the owners. That’s in the works. Maybe they don’t want in, Hard as that might be to believe, some people might not approve of the Pizza Kings.

Too bad.

Most pizza makers will be honored. We’ve already inducted world-class pizza masters and all others should aspire to their greatness.

We even found a place in on Blackman Street in Wilkes-Barre yesterday called “The Pizza Kings.” But when I called, the woman who answered the phone said her brother runs the place and that she’s from New York and never heard of us.


We’ll fix that.

They even offer Mexican food. Mexican pizza? Sounds to me like it could be Hall of Fame comida.

Muy bien.

El Pizza Kings para siempre!

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08/19/2011 11:51AM
Pizza Kings Rule!
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