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Paterno had to go

Your first reaction is always the best course of action. Too often we talk ourselves out of doing the right thing. Many times, other people will talk us out as well. I don’t know what happened in Mike McQueary’s mind when he allegedly walked in on Jerry Sandusky raping a boy, but we all know it took too long for him to report it, never mind try to get help for the kid.
Psychologists call it ‘group think’. It’s defined as:
Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within groups of people. It is the mode of thinking that happens when the desire for harmony in a decision-making group overrides a realistic appraisal of alternatives. Group members try to minimize conflict and reach a consensus decision without critical evaluation of alternative ideas or viewpoints.
I don’t want to waste more time stating the obvious, all the players in this saga were more concerned with selfish motives, than the young people who couldn’t defend themselves.
As for the people outraged at Paterno’s firing, you are exhibiting the same thinking process that McQueary did. You are seeing something, and someone who you put on a pedestal, and you don’t believe what you’re hearing or seeing.   It can’t be this or that, there has to be a reasonable explanation. It’s too difficult for you to accept the possibility that the man you thought cared so much about our kids, didn’t care enough in the most horrible of circumstances. 
For our legislators, get with it already and put some teeth in the law. Let’s make it mandatory that all witnesses to child abuse MUST report the abuse to the authorities. Enough of the excuses. Time to put children first.

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