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Once A Rat Always A Rat

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Speaking of sewer rats, three admitted criminals and former Wilkes-Barre Area School District board members – including former board president and King Rat Frank Pizzella – might still be able to help.

In recent years, that little crime-infested gang of stoolies pleaded guilty to public corruption charges in the ongoing federal public corruption investigation that has so far netted about 40 elected and appointed public officials as well as a smattering of free market, private enterprise criminals.

Not only did this unholy trio admit guilt, they cooperated with the government. They willingly ratted to save themselves. And judges went easier on them for their effort.

Even though their ratting days are apparently over, let’s hope they soon return to “public service” and live to rat again. Let’s hope they voluntarily contact the feds and offer their expertise as degenerate criminals so authorities might again strike the school board nest of members, family and friends.

If our school board rats don’t step up as acts of conscience, let’s hope federal officials from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the FBI, the IRS, the Secret Service and others step to them.

Lean on them a little. Rats are not known for courage. Rats fold. Rats are rats. And, once a rat, always a rat.

Hard-working, taxpaying, honest law-abiding citizens of the school district now have all the more reason to hope for additional indictments, arrests, imprisonment and inquiry.

At last night’s board meeting, two Secret Service agents showed up like super heroes at the meeting, served subpoenas and then sat politely for the discussion, taking in the attempted public service that went on in the room. No one knows just how much true public service occurred but it’s fair to say that less rather than more occurred.

What really happened last night likely involved board members nonchalantly trying to cover their posteriors as they started to sweat under the collar and wonder if one day they, too, might have to turn rat.

Potential rats abounded in the room.

Scurrying and shuffling papers, outgoing Superintendant Jeff Namey seemed flustered when interviewed on television news and played dumb for the masses - not hard for Namey since he went to college in his pajamas, obtaining his doctorate degree during the pioneer days of online “education,” an experiment that allowed him to work in Wilkes-Barre while receiving credit in Philadelphia. And a once-respected school helped inflict “Dr. Namey” on the people of his hometown, by and large good citizens who really deserve better.

But no matter how hard Namey tried, if he ever tried at all, he never crawled out from beneath the legacy of his convict father, a crooked union official who served his federal prison sentence in his pajamas, since some lackey partisan judge allowed the seasoned criminal and Mafia associate to serve his leisurely sentence with a comfortable dash of home confinement.

Now junior is retiring.

His own legacy will be his ability to express shock and surprise at his former colleagues’ crimes.

Namey even complimented Pizzella, a former Plain s Twp. Police officer and township commissioner, who should never been elected to the school board let alone the presidency. Pizzella, if you recall, had been accused of spousal abuse, punching his father and threatening to kill his daughter. In 1980, according to the Citizens Voice, police accused Pizzella and a friend of hiring a hit man to break the legs of a political rival.

Where’s King Rat Pizzella when we need him? He might easily offer insight into the remaining board members as well as into Namey’s behavior, whose every move as Superintendent must be scrutinized if we ever hope to find our way from the underground networks and back into the light.

Notorious Wilkes-Barre tow truck operator and community agitator Bob Kadluboski peered last night from behind his ever present sunglasses and told board members that they leave a lot to be desired.

“Youse are worse than sewer rats,” he snapped.

When the meeting ended they scampered for the exit holes and into the darkness where corruption thrives.

Like Winston Churchill said, “Anyone can rat, but it takes a certain amount of ingenuity to re-rat.”

Let’s hear it for the rodents.

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