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Obama Makes Me Sick

Thursday, June 28, 2012

James Brown sang that he felt good like he knew that he would.

James had health insurance.

As for me, I feel bad like I knew that I would. And I’m alive and well with health care insurance.

I’m no lawyer, scholar, doctor, insurance company bloodsucker or any other kind of expert in the health care field. I’m a 61-year-old white male in excellent – for now – physical condition who has a full-time job and full-time health care benefits for which I contribute cash from my paycheck.

My company changed providers, by the way, and I’ll find out down the line whether my health care program treats me compassionately, fairly and professionally. The outcome might one day save or take my life. But at least I have health care.

Now, since the U.S. Supreme Court this morning upheld the mandate for most Americans to obtain health care insurance, most Americans will have health insurance, too.

My confusion, however, is what the Health Insurance Reform Law will do to people – not for people - who still simply cannot afford to buy what they must now buy.

A tax penalty will be levied against offenders, according to the law. You will be penalized. But what if you still can’t afford it?

Debtors’ prisons no longer exist.

How about medical prisons - for-profit medical detention camps for vulnerable people who are too sick and too poor to care if they get locked up because they do not follow America’s orders to turn over their pennies to for-profit corporate millionaires who not only want to feel their pain but profit from it as well.

What do they have to lose?

Medical prison camps will feed, clothe and treat these despicable social offenders.

Millions of these traitorous American citizens who have the nerve – assuming their nerves are not beyond repair because of untreated disease – will now become a burden on the system rather than good capitalists paying their own way on the road to insurance company heaven.

But, as a patriot, I have faith that the free market will prevail.

We will build more prisons.

We will hire more Americans to work these frail farms where massive paupers’ graves will turn into compost fields where the bodies of criminal citizens will at least help fertilize the soil and grow broccoli and other vegetables to feed the prisoners – and the help, as well.

Our nation will become stronger because the weak will be out of the way.

As many a good Third Reich doctor said, “We “vill” treat your sickness. Today, in America, you “vill” carry your papers. And you “vill” do as you are told or suffer the consequences.

If today’s so-called victory for Barack Obama and his administration is about anything, it is about suffering.

National, good-government medical care is what America needs and deserves. We can do without insurance company executives who have turned human rights into beach house vacations for themselves and the one percent who dictate the rule that the general bad will overwhelmingly overpowers the general good.

As bad as anything, single-payer health care - Medicare for everybody - is dead on arrival. No hope exists for a crucial system where American duty to Americans loses to American duty to the free market.

I see no difference between selling your kidneys on the black market and Obamacare. Poor people will still face holding hoagie sales to finance body parts for their children.

The justices – including the so-called four liberals – sold out countless needy people. Granted, fewer people might suffer and die than without the mandate. But Obama did not do nearly enough to help save lives of the people he swore to protect and serve.

Citizens in civilized nations, those with sound economies even in the face of depression, will continue to give thanks that they do not live and face death in the United States.

Obama will never risk fighting for the real poor and the real sick now that he has won this benefit for some people who needed help. America is liberty and justice for all, Barack, not liberty and justice for some.

It’s enough to make you sick.

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